We Finish 18th In APC Meineke 100


Thanks to my team, crew and sponsors for a good night running the APC Meineke 100 lap feature in front of the biggest crowd we’ve seen in a few years. We left the track with no damage, and though we didn’t fair that well against the very fast newer chassis race cars, we had fun and did our best. Congrats to Brandon Watson on his win. The story of the race is now up on Diary of a Season 2017. We have reached 782 consecutive nights now. Thanks for visiting our site … Continue reading →

Quaker State Team At Parts Source Friday June 9th

BBQ Sign

Lloyd and I will have our Quaker State Impala at the Parts Source store in Guelph for a customer appreciation barbecue Friday afternoon. Flamboro Speedway has donated a family pass for the APC Meineke 100, this Saturday June 10th. Drop by and say hello, and maybe win a prize. On Saturday the rest of our crew and I will participate in the APC race, it will be our first attempt to qualify for one of their very competitive series races………thanks for visiting our site.

Great Crew…..Car Needs Work…We’ll Get It

June 3 023

We had a rough double header weekend. The Modified was good first set of hot laps, but by the feature it was not the same car. We will work on it for the next OSCAAR event. Our Late Model had 3 features to run on Saturday at Flamboro. We got the car better each time out, that is until the steering went on it. We have a lot to do on the Late Model for the big APC race this Saturday at Flamboro. Special thanks to my crew for their hard work and dedication….and to Lloyd, who made both Friday and Saturday races, it was just him and I on Saturday. The full report is on Diary of a Season 2017….Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

Kawartha Speedway Friday June 2nd


We race the Modified this Friday night at Kawartha Speedway. I am looking forward to being back at this big smooth fast track. The last time we raced at Kawartha was in 2014. Our team was fortunate to win a feature at Kawartha in 2002 in our black 33 Chev Coupe. This Saturday June 3rd we race the Late Model at Flamboro Speedway in three features. The first will be the feature from May 20th, it was the second feature, postponed due to rain. Then we race our regular night. Hope to see our fans and friends at one or both of these races. Thanks for visiting our site … Continue reading →

Opening Night OSCAAR Modifieds

Randy  (3)

We started our 4th season with the OSCAAR Modified class. It was a good night for us, a good start to the season. We had all hands on deck. Lloyd, Louie, Paul, Stephen, Lucy, Randall, Rick, and Laurie. Everyone chipped in making it a very easy night for our crew and for me. The full story is on Diary of a Season 2017. Our next Modified race is June 2nd at Kawartha Speedway. Then Saturday June 3rd we run the Late Model at Flamboro Speedway, and that will be a 3 feature deal. The rain out feature from May 20th and then the regular night. Thanks for visiting our site…..photo supplied by Ashley McCubbin. … Continue reading →

Opening Day…….Was Okay……Thanks Crew

May 20th 013 - Copy

Our 2017 season begins Saturday May 20th at Flamboro Speedway. This is the longest I’ve had to wait to race since my Mini Stock days at Cayuga. This is season 49 for me and the boys and girls. We have a few goals to reach, I listed them on Diary of a Season 2017 on our Message Board. Hope to see you at one of our races in 2017. Thank you for supporting our race team and visiting our website. … Continue reading →