1982 CVM History

1982 Membership Card 11th Season Harry Nicholson President…Ding DeLeeuw Secretary   1982 Run Down 1982 Run Down 1982     This was our 14th season racing and 11th with the Hobby’s. This would be the year Ray Hughes came back, after a two year boycott, he was glad to see…”no more slicks”. “Hey Ray”, aren’t you glad we kept it going for you!!!! We gained a few cars in 82′ but lost some good runners who liked the soft, gummy, fast, replace every week if you want to be competitive, slicks. 1982 was good for Nonie and I. Steffon Zoskey and Paul Cornwall established their faithfulness to us, a relationship that would last for almost 20 years. We had 2 cars, a 33 Ford Coupe and 36 Dodge Coupe. The Ford we bought in 1977 from Don Cockburn, and the 36 Dodge we bought at the end of 81′. It was one of Bill Wakish creations. Dave Mogford, Harold Lawrence and Alfy Ryckman all had it before we got it. Harry Nicholson was President in 82 and worked hard to get the club back on it’s feet as we lost many cars when we went to slicks. One thing about the slicks, … Continue reading →

1983 CVM History

1983 Hobby Membership Card OARC Membership Harry Nicholson President….Ding DeLeeuw Secretary     This would be Harry’s last term as President of the Hobby club. He led the club through a fairly turmoil laden season. We would lose our major club sponor, Power Aid XPL Motor Oil for a promised $3,000 point fund. Late in the fall they closed their business taking away any hopes of a point pay out for the Hobby drivers. We received I.O.U’s at the banquet instead of cheques. The club struggled internally with rules and had many problems with on track episodes. 1983 was a pivotal year in many ways and could very well have been the last for the Hobby club. However most members stuck together to get through 83′ and when the dust settled on this season we were looking forward to the future.   1983 Run Down Another Tough Season Our 12th Season     What a season. The first 6 nights were plagued with rain and only one show was completed. We did get to run the features that were rained out, however, with all the rain we still ran 28 nights. 1983 was another tough season for us. We avoided wrecking alot although we … Continue reading →

1984 CVM History

1984 Hobby Membership OARC 13th Year With Hobby’s     The controversial 1983 season was not quite over when Ron Shaw a few other members asked me to run for President. I’d spent a few years on the committee but didn’t know if I was ready yet to take over the helm. Maybe it was the Hobby club who wasn’t ready for me because once I got nominated and voted in I wanted to get the Hobby club back to where it was in the mid 70’s with lots of cars and fun. My enthusiasm would take the club to a four race mini series in the Maritimes and Maine. When I assumed the leadership of this incredible club, with it’s history and legacy, it was truly an honour. Our car count had dwindled and to make matters worse, Harry Nicholson started a new class called CORA, a type of modified race car, and had hopes of convincing many of the OARC members to join him. Lucky for us only a few jumped ship. 1984 was a turning year for the Hobbies in many ways. It was a year for everyone to work together for the betterment of the club. When the … Continue reading →

1985 CVM History

1985 Membership Card Hobby Membership 2nd Year As Hobby Club President     This was my 14th season with the Hobby club and my 2nd as club President. 1984 was a good year for the Hobby’s, turning things around by staying close together, and bringing more awareness to our club. We started the Hobby Hall Of Fame in 1984 and would continue it again in 85 with Don Cockburn and Al Bowman the inductees. Off season events were busy with Larry Westwood and I going to the Canadian Promoters Work Shop where three institutions received achievement awards. The Hobby Club, OARC were one of the recipients getting recognition for promoting our sport. This was another historic season, as was 84 with our first ever East Coast Tour. The Maritime tracks wanted us back in 85’ but most members didn’t want to go east again. The first trip was quite hectic, and though I wanted to go, I knew it was a stretch to get the members to say yes, then consider booking holidays, making sure vehicles were fit and all that goes with a two thousand mile two week tour . So, looking for a getaway, I was able to negotiate races … Continue reading →

1986 CVM History

Hobby Club 1986…20th Year Membership Card Hobby Club Has Big Year….Me And The Boys Of #36?….Not So Much, But We Never Gave Up     Nonie and I started our 15th season with the Hobby Club in 1986. After our disastrous 1985 season we wanted to make a better run for the title in 1986. That meant rebuilding our car complete. We sent it to Jim ward, where Ray Hughes worked, and got a lot of repairs done. Half our 1986 budget was spent at Jim’s place. We also got a new engine built, went over our car very carefully and landed a great sponsor in Dixie Ford, my place of employment. Brian Pratt lead the Hobby club through a very successful season. It was the 20th Year for the OARC as a club. Brian was energetic and brought new ideas and events to make the year exciting, like the match race at Kalamazoo. Brian also worked on a deal for our pace car and was very good working with all the issues the club went through including dealing with John Casale. I remember Brian right in Johns face a few times over issues with the club but he always came out … Continue reading →

The Pit Crew

2012 Pit Crew Matt Smith, Paul Johnson, Bob Pereria, Kenny Wallace, Me, Justin Elliott, Jason Green     Here is our 2012 crew, except for NASCAR star Kenny Wallace, who was visiting Flamboro on this day, August 20th, for the Shoot Out, and graciously joined us for this picture…..Bob commits twice a week to help prepare the car between races and over the winter. Paul Johnson and Jason Green make it out whenever they can. I appreciate the help we get from all our crew. It is impossible for Ryan or Matt to come to Waterdown to our shop, because of where they live, over 2 hours away, however the car comes to the track every week race ready, and they help the rest of us keep it that way at the track. It was a tough year for us, maybe the toughest ever, but we climbed to the top 10 in points and competed our 44th season with our 36th of perfect attendance. Nonie and I appreciate the dedication from each and everyone of our crew members. God bless boys, next year our 45th and 40th with Quaker State.   2011 Pit Crew Bob Pereria, Gerry Lancaster, Gary & Gehrig Halliday … Continue reading →

The Cars

2011 Late Model  7th Season Late Models….40th Year With Hobby Club     2011 Impala….400 HP Crate Engine…Painted by Sweers Painting….Lettered by Creative Edge This was our 7th season at Flamboro Speedway in the Late Model division. Here are some high lites from 2011: * Ran 25 nights * Ran 3 in the Hobby Club and 22 in the Late Model * 6th in Flamboro points * 3rd in Grisdale Triple Crown * Won 5 races * Qualified pole in the first Pro Late Model race at Sunset Speedway * 5th fastest in time trials in second Pro Late Model race at Sunset Speedway * Voted most hard luck team in 2011 * 10 appearances in 2011 * Finished 5th in CVM feature at Sunset Speedway * Won CVM heat at Delaware Speedway 2010 Late Model & Vintage Mod 6th Season In Late Models     2009 Impala…400 HP GM Crate…Pianted by Carlisle Customz…set up by Mike McColl…10″ American Racer Tires…In 2010 we finished 4th in Flamboro Speedway points (5th year in a row to finish 4th). We finsihed 5th in the Grisdale Triple Crown series, 5th in the Octoberfest Classic Twin 50’s and we were the fastest qualifier on May 29th at Flamboro … Continue reading →