Thankful & Remembering

God Bless All The Men & Women Who Have Kept Our Country Free….Here & Around The World
    Grandpa and Grandma, we thank you for your sacrifice, for going off to war, to stop the evil that was ever present in the world we live. Thank you for giving us the country we live in today……….I hope all Canadians, even those who are young, who don’t realize the bravery and courage of these men and women, who at the age of 17 and even younger, went to Europe to help stop tyranny as it moved across many countries with ambitions to take over Canada as well……..we live the way we do today because of these precious souls, many who are alive and just want our appreciation. We need to show them love and gratitude for all they have done for us. Show respect to all seniors and thank our veterans…….We have much to be thankful for and it is up to us to watch out for the ever present evil that invades us daily and wants again to control us. Be loving, kind, compassionate and gracious…….Also, thank you God for watching over us, for sending us your Son, who paid our debt on the cross at Calvary so that we could be free in a different way, so we could have the greatest gift of all…eternal life through Jesus……..”Lord please watch over the men and women who are giving of their lives even now as evil continues to dominate parts of this world. Protect your children and we ask you God to bless our troops, and all troops fighting oppression and evil.”

Sunset Banquet November 8th

11-8Night To Celebrate.

Sunset Speedway Banquet Tonight……….In her Rookie season, with a well used hand me down Mini Stock, Lauren did an awesome job driving the car beyond it’s potential. There wasn’t a night all season that she didn’t drive the car as if it was a potential feature winner. Her consistent, aggressive, clean, hard charging driving style caught the eyes of many Sunset staff and fans. Lauren finished 11th in the point standings, with 3 heat wins and many top 10 feature finishes. Her car was no match for many of the competitors she faced week after week, but that did not stop her from giving 1000% every race…..Lauren had a great attitude in spite of her car not being a contender, because she was, taking the Honda through the pack with 3 wide and side by side hard driving every time she was in the car. We really appreciate her excellent effort and can only say that she caught the eyes of many fans and competitors but also her Grand Dad who was very proud and amazed at her efforts. Laruen deserves to be in a competitive car and our hopes are to get that done in the next few years…….Gehrig also drove the Honda, but only on a few occasions and he knew the car wasn’t as good as it was when he raced it, a little more wore, a little more tired, but he still drove his heart out, again, in spite of being so out gunned by many of the high end Mini Stock teams……..Tonight is the banquet for the Sunset classes. I chose this year to run the OSCAAR Mod full time and missed many nights. I did miss racing at the very fast and competitive oval and will look forward to competing there again in 2015 in the Modified…….we are slowly getting sponsors on board for 2015 and have a few proposals out to be considered by potential new sponsors. I will up date our sponsor partners by the end of November……..meanwhile I would like to thank Timber Green Landscaping for being our first official sponsor to return for 2015. This will be there 8th season with us.

Welcome to Gary Elliott Motorsports

2014 race season is over. Our pit crew is getting some rest. I am busy with the task of getting our sponsors back on board for 2015. Most sponsors are, but I’m still waiting to hear from one proposal and two existing sponsors. They were very supportive in 2014 contributing to our best season since 1999. My crew was amazing this year. I wasn’t easy on them with such a hectic and full schedule. But they offered their help when they could and I am very thankful to them all….thank you to these men and their families Bob Pereira, Marty Hagen, Matt Smith, Paul and Jason Douglas, Dave Hennessey, David Elliott, Don Wierzswinski, Jim Hulzinga, Gehrig Halliday, Peter Shelton, Ken Stenhouse, Glenn and Patrick Ruelens and Tim Tolton….Ron Easton of Oakville Trailers for his amazing work and help. Note: Special thanks to Scott Wylie for helping us near the end of the season . High Lites 1) 3rd in OSCAAR Modified points…best points finish since 1999 2) 7 wins….most since 2007 3) Feature win in Modified….first in our own car since 2008 4) 34 nights raced…most since 1990…3rd most in 46 years 5) Reached 1132 total nights 6) Reached 721 consecutive nights….streak started June 5th 1987 7) 86 total races….breaks record of 80 in 1981 Thanks to all our competitors in 2014 for making this year a fun season, by running very competitive and with respect. Finally a special thanks to the FANS, the OSCAAAR staff, the track owners and promoters who work hard to give us a place to race and do their best to make us feel welcome and appreciated. Thanks to TW Robarts, Dan Little Jr, Donna Tolton and Morgan Amber for supplying photos. Looking forward to 2015 our 47th season

2014 – 2011 Schedule

2014 Schedule

37 Races Scheduled
37 Races Scheduled
Modified To Support 100% OSCAAR Mod Schedule……Late Model 18 Shows….Modified 19
    AS we head into our 46th year of non stop racing, this season has a few exciting things to look forward to. We are very close to a milestone of 700 consecutive nights racing. We have a total of 1136 nights prior to the start of this season, and of those, 687 have been a consistent streak since June 5th of 1987. Our first priority this year is to hit the 700 night mark, and it will happen on the 13th race of 2014 schedule. If there are no rain outs, that special night will fall on June 28th at Sunset Speedway in our Modified. We have Frisbees for the fans and competitors for that night, as well as 2 bikes for kids, highlighting the 700 nights……….We will be giving our full commitment to the 13 race OSCAAR Modified schedule. Our plan is to race all the Modified shows to compete for the Championship. Our Mod will be the fastest car ever brought to the races by Gary Elliott Motorsports. We have also added 5 Modified races at the new Full Throttle Speedway, formerly Varney Speedway. I am excited that we will race our first ever race at Capital City Speedway in Ottawa……..We will dedicate most of the Late Model races to Sunset Speedway, however, we will not be points contenders because of the conflict in scheduling with the Modified. There are 4 nights where both the Mod and Late Model compete, and we will be supporting the OSCAAR Mod series first………..We also plan to continue our streak of perfect attendance seasons with the Modified. We are at 37 seasons now and the goal is to reach 40 before we do our final lap in this awesome sport 5 years from now, God willing………Our granddaughter Lauren will race in 2014. Lauren will compete in the full Mini Stock schedule at Sunset Speedway, Gehrig will possibly compete in some special events in 2014………Our schedule for 2014 includes all tracks in Ontario that are running, and I think this will be a first for us.

2013 Schedule

GEM Line Up For 2013
GEM Line Up For 2013
31 Races Booked For 2013
    We’ve set our 2013 schedule at 31 races. We ran 28 in 2012, in Late Models and the Coupe. We will race 4 CVM shows and 27 Late Model races this coming season. Most of our Late Model races will be at Sunset, however we’ll race twice at Sauble, twice at Flamboro and once at Peterborough Speedways, the remaining 22 shows will be at our home track. The four CVM shows will see two at Sunset Speedway, one at FLamboro and one at Delaware. ………Gehrig returns to Mini Stocks for one more year running Sunset most every race, but also going with us to specials when it includes Mini’s, and isn’t running Sunset……Lauren will race her Quaker State go-cart for the full season at Flamboro with her friends in the WKRC…..Our season will be full again as we promote our sponsors at various car shows, displays and apprearances……2013 is highlighted by our celebration of 40 years with Quaker State and we intend to once again promote the Quaker State brand every chance we get on and off the track, and of course all our loyal sponsors……it will be a busy season for us, but we look forward to getting back in the game after the 7 month rest in the off season.

2012 Schedule

Sunset Speedway Our New Home….Come Out And Support Us In 2012
    The 2012 race schedule is complete. Our new home track is Sunset Speedway. We are looking forward to not only competing at the newly renovated oval, but also bringing our sponsors and fans to this awesome facility……There is a great line up of specials at Sunset in 2012, races that will feature some of the best Stock Car drivers in Southern Ontario……Our schedule includes 2 CVM races, both at Sunset Speedway. We will post our grand son Gehrig, and grand daughter Lauren’s schedules very soon. We will also visit Flamboro Speedway twice, Varney and Peterborough once. There is a possibility we may try to make a race at both Kawartha and Delaware Speedways, we will announce those on facebook and our site when confirmed. We are looking forward to a great year in racing please join us when you can.

2011 Schedule

33 Race Schedule
33 Race Schedule
2011….33 Pontential Races
    This could be our 2nd busiest season ever. For that to happen will depend on some luck on the track and in the skies. Rain will play a big factor for any race team, track or series in 2011. The rain storms and cazy weather in North America could change a lot of plans. One thing we can hope, with so many races scheduled we should get in 25 to 26, enabling us to maintain our average per season since we started racing in 1969. Hope you can make some or most of these shows. July 9th and 10th are tentative only because I could be away for that week end. I would prefer to be at the races, however a special someone may be getting the high light of their year, and maybe one that could top the memory list. In order for that to happen I have to give up at least the 9th. The 10th at Sunset is still doable, depending on when we get home. If it was a Late Model points night, it would be postponed until the end of the season, and that could still happen. Hoewever, I really want to do this special thing for this special person, so the 9th is looking like a lost race, but for a very good reason. We’ll keep the front page of our site updated regarding schedule changes. Thank you for supporting our team and our sport.

2010 Schedule


Glen Schurr’s History

Story Behind…….

Super Modified Feature Win
Super Modified Feature Win
Glen Schurr A Hero And Inspiration
    My parents took my sister Bev and I to stock car races when I was 5 years old. The first time I set my eyes on those noisy cars I was hooked. During the early years I had many favorite drivers, no one in particular. Ted Hogan #7 was as popular as any NHL hockey player. Most fans cheered for him. I felt the same as the majority and quite often painted my bike with #7 on it. In my early teens, we would go to the CNE and watch the Super Modifieds and Hobby cars. My cousin Larry always cheered for #110 Jack Greedy, my friend Stewart was a Tammy 10, Harv Lennox fan and I cheered for #36 Glen Schurr. One night, neither Larry or Stewart could go to the races, so I hopped on a street car and headed to the Ex by myself. Even though I sat alone in the grandstands I was among friends of stock car racing, about 10,000 of them. This would be a night to remember for ever, one I would talk about for years. Have you ever been at an exciting event and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it? Back then there were no cell phones so I had to wait until I got home to phone my cousin and friend. Street cars were so slow and stopped every 100 feet, plus they couldn’t get out and pass anyone if traffic was slow. Why was I in such a hurry to phone them? Because on this night my hero won the hat trick, his heat, semi and feature. There was no doubt after that experience, who my favorite driver was. In 1969 I started racing Mini Stocks. A friend asked what number I was going to be. I said “36, for sure”. We started racing Hobby cars in 1972 and on the hood of the car was “36 for Schurr”. In 1978 Mary Schurr gave me a memorial trophy thanking me for putting her husbands name on my car. In 1989 we won our first ever Hobby Championship and got a beautiful letter and trophy from Rick Schurr on behalf of their family. Glen won the Super Modified Championship in 1966 at Flamboro Speedway. A few years ago Glen’s grandson, Steve Wilkins, came to the track when I was running Hobbies and asked if I was the driver who ran his grandfathers number and name on the hood of my car, I proudly showed him. Steve came again and didn’t realize we moved to Late Models. The question was the same “do you still have “36 for Schurr” on the hood of your race car, and again I showed him the hood. Every racer needs to know how important fans are, and the impact they may have on many individuals. Because of Glen Schurr’s attitude, how he raced and the effect he had on me, was a direct result in me having so much passion for this sport. Over the years it’s taken a long time to get to Champion status, we’ve tasted that joy, but never lost site of the fun and many great memories trying to be a Champion. Perhaps the most important aspect of this journey has been the people we’ve met and the relationships we’ve developed. Glen’s son Rick will again drive our Vintage Modified, I am honored to have him part of our team. I thank God for allowing me to race and for the many blessings He’s given over the past six decades. We will start our 44th season of Stock Car racing in 2012. There are many who’ve encouraged, and kept my racing going over the years, including the dedication from my wife Nonie, and children David and Shirley. Our 39 year, relationship with Quaker State, many good friends and crew members. But, is there one person I would say was inspirational in me getting into this sport? ….yes!….36 for sure….Glen Schurr!

1969 MiniStock History

My First Race Car

V. W.<br />
V. W.
    Cayuga Speedway introduced a new stock car division called Mini Stocks. I wanted badly to race and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I was living at Nonies place at the time. We weren’t married yet. We basically built this car in their back yard. Mr. and Mrs. Bow were very gracious and put up with a lot. This however would be just the start of me agravating a lot of people in the west end of Toronto.


My First Race Was On The Dirt…..Merrittville

Feature Line Up<br />
Feature Line Up
    Nonie and I went to Merrittville Speedway to run on the dirt in the Mini Stock class. Here is Harry Cooper #38 driving a Mini and Larry Benjamin #16. They both ran very competitive.


Cayuga Speedway….Mini Oval

Feature Race<br />
Feature Race
    It didn’t take us long to want to race only at Cayuga or other paved tracks. Here we are on the back chute at Cayuga racing against #47 Doug Sutton and #5 Art Bird. These guys were good runners also.


Cayuga Speedway….My First Roll over

Feature Turn One<br />
Feature Turn One
    I struggled quite a bit in the Mini Stock class. We ran on less than a shoe string but wanted to be there every week. The people were great and we had fun. Seems that would be the formula for ever…in the feature I tried going in real hard into turn one. The car pushed so bad that I clipped a guard rail and flipped over. #50 is Don Dunham, Jim Dunham’s brother. We didn’t do a lot of damage and were able to tow the car home.


Cayuga Speedway….My First Roll over

Feature Turn One<br />
Feature Turn One
    I struggled quite a bit in the Mini Stock class. We ran on less than a shoe string but wanted to be there every week. The people were great and we had fun. Seems that would be the formula for ever…in the feature I tried going in real hard into turn one. The car pushed so bad that I clipped a guard rail and flipped over. #50 is Don Dunham, Jim Dunham’s brother. We didn’t do a lot of damage and were able to tow the car home.


A Little Touch Up and We’re Ready

Beat Up But Okay<br />
Beat Up But Okay
    After the roll over we fixed what we could. I painted the fenders white. The next week we went to Cayuga and my car quit on the back straight in about the middle of the track. I got out and watched for a caution, but none came, I wanted to get my car off the track. I kept waving to the starter to stop the race in case my car got hit, cars were zooming by it every lap, but being 100 yards away and all the noise, he couldn’t hear me. Sure enough my car got nailed. The impact was hard enough to crack the engine and bend the sub frame. I was mad and hurt. We always got paid every night after the races and it was usually $5. I pleaded my case to Bob Slack that his starter could have saved my car if he had of stopped the race, now I couldn’t race anymore. Bob agreed Book should have stopped the race and asked me if $25 would cover the cost. I was making $1.50 per hour and so it was half a weeks pay. We gladly took the money (equal to a featrue win) and came back the next week with another car.


New Car for Cayuga

59 Volkswagon<br />
59 Volkswagon
    My dad helped a lot to get this V.W. ready to go back racing. We basically stripped the interior and dad welded in the cage. He bent the bars by heating with a torch and using whatever we had to pry bend the uprights. He gusseted every corner. We used the original seat. I had a trailer at the time and we used it to get back adn forth from the races. The trailer only lasted half the season, it was so bad. One time Nonie and I were coming back from Cayuga and we stopped into the ice cream restaurant just east of Haggersville. When we were leaving the car came off the trailer and stayed in the parking lot. That was lucky for us that it didn’t come off on highway 6. After that we started using the safer method, the tow bar…safer??.what!!!


Acton Speedway Win

Brian Hill<br />
Brian Hill
    Near the end of the season we stared going to Acton. Cayuga was closed and it was fun to race there. The back straight was up hill and the front chute was down hill. I won this heat race at Acton as we were pretty excited because we ran good here.


Acton Speedway…My First & Only Dead Heat

Dead Heat<br />
Dead Heat
    We ran well at Acton. Actually we ran good or bad. After winning this heat, our 2nd in 2 weeks we were very confident. This was my first ever Dead Heat and have yet to do it agian. Notice the parking lights on my fenders. They were legal. Later in the Hobby’s I would run imitation headlights and they were not legal. Brian Hill stands between us and I was very happy after this tie victory. That would all go away by the feature…see next picture.


Acton Speedway…Feature Roll Over

Don Roth Helps<br />
Don Roth Helps
    Don Roth helped me quite a bit, he was German like my car, but was a very good mechanic and friend. Dad was at every race and had some work to do after this wreck. We came back the next week and rolled over again in the heat. It was the first time someone rolled over 2 races in a row. The feature and then the heat the following week. This would be it for 69′ and we had fun. Time to rebuild. Our garage however was closed from November until April…it was Nonie’s dad’s back yard.

1970 MiniStock History

Preparing for Opening Day

Roller Painting<br />
Roller Painting
    In 1970 Nonie I got married on February 21st. She didn’t want to mess up racing…perfect…we still used Nonie’s dad and mom’s back yard for working on our car. I always painted the car with a roller. We used that on all our demo derby cars and it worked. We build another VW after the roll over’s from the year before. My dad said there were so many Volkswagons in Mr. Bow’s back yard that he was starting to get a German accent…..


Don Roth Does Lettering

Bo Bo The Clown<br />
Bo Bo The Clown
    Nonies uncle Bill was a clown and agreed to give us $50 to put his name on the car. No problem. That probably coverd the cost of the car and dad’s welding. Don Roth lettered my cars the first few years and did an excellent job. We went ot this paint scheme for 70 and 71.



Race Ready<br />
Race Ready
    Bob Slack was a great man and no matter what I would always support his track first.


Cayuga Road Course Race

Slicks<br />
    Cayuga had a special where they used part of the mini track, the pit entrances and the pits to host a road course event. I think it was put on by an outside promotion company. Anyway we did have the tires. I was towing with my 66 Dodge Monaco.


Cayuga Road Course…Caos at Every Turn

Caos<br />
    This picture just about sums up how the day went for most of us. I could hardly drive on the normal track without getting in trouble. This picture was in the newspaper and the caption read something like…”Where Are We Supposed To Go Next?


1970 Crew…Don Roth and Roger Lewis

Crew<br />
    Don Roth and my dad were the main reasons for me making so many shows in 1970. Roger Lewis also was a good friend and helped us every chance he got. I didn’t keep notes for stats like I did with the Hobby’s so I don’t have total nights run or races entered. In the Hobby’s I kept all those stats from day one.


1970 Crew…Don Roth and Roger Lewis

Pinecrest<br />
    This was the front page picture of the program at Pinecrest Speedway. Chris Bunting #0 was a very tough competitor and so was Doug Suton #47. But you don’t have to be a scientist to see that the Mini had one inch ground clearance and we had about 6 inches. The Mini Cooper was outlawed but the Austin Mini was just as hard to beat.