2009 LM History

Bikes For Kids Eve Prentice Photo Gotta’ Do This Again in 2009     This photo, taken by Eve Prentice, shows a few of the 40 Bikes given away in 2008. We were fortunate that many of the bikes were sponsored. Our goal is to do this again in 09′, only instead of them being given through Gary Elliott Racing, I’m hoping the Late Model class will take on this commitment for the young kids that cheer for us every week. I’m thinking we would give away 2 a night, a boy and girl bike, and if we have 20 teams, that’s less than 2 bikes a night each, about $200 per team, maybe less if we can get a deal on the bikes. I’ll ask Late Model drivers at the rules meeting in January and announce the resuts here. I know the cost for racing is expensive, and with Flamboro not giving us a raise, it may be tough for racers to commit to this, but hopefully everyone has enough in their budgets to buy at least one kids bike in 09′. The annoucner would say “tonights Late Model Kids Bikes are presented by Paul Howse racing”…etc, and Paul and his … Continue reading →

2008 LM History

The Go Cart Will Win At This Point Two Tone Two Tone Chassis     For the first time in 40 years we painted our chassis two tone. I wnated the contrast and Dave Watson got it done. All the bolt on parts are either painted cleaned or replced. We will start assembly this week.   A Good Week Detailed Like A Model Car     What a week we had. Our crew of Jim, Dave, Jason and Perry worked hard on Monday and Wednesday to get ready for Saturday. Two of David’s crew came over, Marty and Dave, helping our team get a majority of work done on the car Saturday. We’re excited that things have gone smoothly so far. It was a huge commitment to strip the car totally and clean, paint or replace the parts that were put back on. It was like putting a model car together. The work we did was beneficial to my crew in understanding more about the car and how it went together. The picures on the wall were taken before disassemble so we would be sure to get the car back together exactly as it was when we stopped racing in 07′. A few changes … Continue reading →

2007 LM History

LINCOLN ELECTRIC SIGNS ON FOR 2007 Lincoln Electric     January 2, 2007       Elliott Racing is proud to anounce that LINCOLN ELECTRIC has signed on as an associate sponsor for the 2007 season.       Please visit their website at www.lincolnelectric.ca for the finest welding equipment and supplies.   RAINX ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON! RAINX     January 3, 2007     Hot off the rumour mill!     Elliott Racing will be announcing a new and exciting sponsorship program for the 2007 season involving RAINX, Elliott Racing and Flamboro Speedway in the near future. Stay tuned for this and other exciting news coming soon.   QUAKERSTATE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON! UNLEASH     January 3, 2007     Hot off the press!     Gary would like to invite all his fans to check back soon for a very exciting announcement regarding QUAKERSTATE and ELLIOTT RACING plans for the 2007 season.     Also visit the Quakerstate website at www.quakerstate.com for a full tour of their products.   AUTOSPA SIGNS ON FOR 2007 AutoSpa     January 3, 2007     Elliott Racing is proud to welcome AUTOSPA – JIFFY LUBE to their family of sponsors for the 2007 season.     AUTOSPA is the worlds largest tunnel car wash with many other automotive products/services at their location.     Please visit their website at … Continue reading →

2006 LM History

Some of the Boys From 86′ Champions January 3, 2006     While welcoming in a new year it seemed to be appropriate to reflect back on some of the past Champions of the Canadian Vintage Modifieds.       This picture was taken at Flamboro Speedway in 1986. Four of the drivers were Club Champions and three won either a Gold Cup or Flamboro Championship or both. Some were Champions years after this picture was taken.       Only one driver did not have the privilege or honour to win a Championship, however his racing prowess was that of a Champion. #12 Jim Collison finished 2nd more than once and missed out on a title before he retired. His best year was 1986.       The following is a list of some of these drivers’ accomplishments.       #12 Jim Collison….1986 Mid season, End season and Twin 25 Championship races.       #55 Jim English…..1983 Gold Cup Point Champion.       #84 Rich Farraway…1984 Flamboro, 1984 Gold Cup, 1984 Club Champion.       #65 Jeff Bedell…..1989 Flamboro Points Champion.       #19 Mike Witter…..1988 Flamboro, 1986 Gold Cup Champion.       #79 Charlie Beck….1986 Gold Cup, 1986 Club Champion.       #36 Gary Elliott….1989 and 1999 Club Champion.       #24 Ray Hughes……1998, … Continue reading →

2005 LM History

Welcome to the Gary Elliott Racing site Speedorama2005 Welcome to the Gary Elliott Race site     We hope you enjoy reading of Gary’s past exploits. There are some thrilling stories and many great laughs to be had by reading the history sections of Gary’s long and illustrious racing career.       This site is a work in proccess and is still being updated. The forum site is not yet complete but we hope to have it up and running soon. The history sections and others will be updated as time permits. Please visit our sponsors sites and and send them e-mail messages expressing your appreciation for their support.   Continue Story   Crate Motor A Pleasant Surprise Opening Day Flamboro A new season, a new divison, a new car, a new crew, a new experimental motor and alot of new things to learn.     So this is how the new season started for the Gary Elliott Racing Team on May 7 2005, opening day at Flamboro Speedway. By the end of the evening many of the answers had come. The competition in the Late Model Division was great, the Quaker State 2005 Dodge was good and full of promise, the crew was full … Continue reading →