The Driver: Gary Elliott

Racing has been a major part of Gary’s life from his childhood. His family attended stock car races at Pinecrest Speedway, Oakwood Stadium and the C.N.E, allowing Gary to cheer for his favorite driver #36 Glen Schurr. The desire and love to race was fulfilled in1969 and remains strong today. In 1970, Gary married his best friend Nonie. Last year they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They have two children, David and Shirley and two grandchildren from Shirley, Gehrig and Lauren.     Gary’s life changed dramatically in 1988 with his desire and need to live a better life. His faith in God through Jesus Christ has given him a hope and joy that he never knew before. He teaches Sunday school to 11 – and 12-year-old boys at Flamborough Baptist Church and plays piano in the Praise Team. Gary also takes his race car to various church meetings and youth events talking to kids, small and big, sharing his passion for racing and his love for Jesus.     In 2005 Gary made the move from the open wheeled Canadian Vintage Modifieds into the ultra fast high tech world of Late Models. To say he excelled is an under statment. Gary won two … Continue reading →

2014 LM History

Mod Taking Shape OSCAAR Mod Mike Westwood Doing Finishing Touches To Our New Ride     When I bought the Mod off Mike he had some work to do on it before he gave it to me. A new seat, front and rear bumpers, a few body panels and raising the fuel cell were just some of the things completed. I have the panels now and will get them painted by mid January. Once that’s done and the panels assembled the car will come back to our shop get a thorough going over before heading out to get lettered…..more on the Mod progress as it happens……..meanwhile our Late Model is set to go to Ron Easton’s as soon as he has room for it. He is working on other projects right now and will get our car in before the Mod comes home……our 2014 schedule is taking shape, but some things will determine exactly where we race this year with the Late Model. Our plan is to take the car to Sunset Speedway to give the first few nights a chance to get the car set up. If we are a non competitor like we were in 2013 we will only run … Continue reading →

2013 LM History

Loading Engine For Stefko CME Prep 2013 Program Moving Along     Bob and Gehrig secure our 602 Crate in the back of the pick up truck. On Friday Nonie and I took it to Stefko where John installed the double timing chain. This engine had the oil pan and balancer already on it and only needed the timing chain replaced. We are getting our car ready for this years CME show in February, part of our effort to promote our 40th Anniversary with Quaker State. We still have a lot to do on the car, the suspension, and engine must be installed before the body goes back on. The body is getting painted and should be done by Monday, then by the end of this coming week we send the car to Creative Edge for lettering. More pictures to follow today and during this week.   Stefko Engines John Stefko Crate Gets Final Adjustment To Make 70 More HP….Very Nice     Well maybe not 70, or even one HP, but John did install a double timing chain to help the engine stay together. This 602 only has one night on it and should be good for a while. John was very busy … Continue reading →

2012 LM History

Team Starts Reassemble Gordon Nicholson Photo Three Weeks Until Lettering Date     We are well on our way to getting our car put back together. In this photo by Gordon, Bob Pereria our crew chief, starts to assemble the suspension parts we got back from Mike McColl’s. Steve Bradt, you can just see his shadow, is working on other parts of the car. Our goal is to have the car assembled so we can get it to Steve Lyons at Creative Edge by the first Friday in February for lettering for the CME show February 9,10 and 11th. So far so good, but lots more to do. Our grandson Gehrig is also helping where he can, this is an exciting time for him as his Mini Stock should be showing up soon. Mike March is getting it ready to deliver to us and we’ll finish it off and then get it painted. Our grand daughter Lauren will run one more year in go-karts and then join us on the oval. More to come every day.   Green Side Up Gord Nicholson Photo Chassis And Interior Repainted     All the parts are slowly going back on the car. We had the interior painted … Continue reading →

2011 LM History

1984 CVM History Completed Flamboro Speedway Rich Farraway 1984 Champion     Rich cleaned up in 1984 winning both the Flamboro Speedway and Gold Cup titles. It was his first and only Hobby Championship. 1984 was an exciting season of rebuilding for the Hobby club. Go to the menu board on the left side and click on CVM History, 1972 to 1984 are finished. 1985 will be downloaded starting this week, and that was a very busy season as well.   Annie Saucier 1985 1985 History Going Up     I understand many of you have been waiting for me to get all of my history up on this site. 1985 is started with about 35 to 40 pictures and stories posted…and three times that amount still to go up. 1985 was a great season for the CVM, not so much for my team, except for the fact that we got to know John Saucier and his family. That came to be with little Annie being my biggest fan. She always cheered for me (she might not remember now) and her excitement brought us closer to their family. I’m sure there will be lots about her throughout 85’……I promise to keep at this over … Continue reading →

2010 LM History

Dirt Racing Here We Come Terry Bauman Creation Leading The Pack At Eldoro…El Paso?     Okay, we know I don’t like the dirt, but actually I am having fun with the on-line Sim Racing at Rolling Thunder Gaming and 3-Unit Racing. Both organizations race as much as 7 nights a week, (perfect) and one of the series is the “358 Mods”, in this pictures. Terry Bauman, a motorcycle racer from Michigan and a very good on-line racer painted this Mod making it look like our #9 from 2009. Terry does an amazing job in the paint shop creating and preparing cars for every series. We will race at least 7 different classes between the two series, but I will be limited to one or two nights a week once real racing starts. All the people I race with are awesome and help me try to learn this craziness. Some of the best racers are the kids, 12 to 15 years old. We should have a late series so they have to be in bed….wait, Nonie would be calling me to get to bed as well so kids and old people are in the same boat….as for 2010 real racing, our two … Continue reading →

2009 LM History

Bikes For Kids Eve Prentice Photo Gotta’ Do This Again in 2009     This photo, taken by Eve Prentice, shows a few of the 40 Bikes given away in 2008. We were fortunate that many of the bikes were sponsored. Our goal is to do this again in 09′, only instead of them being given through Gary Elliott Racing, I’m hoping the Late Model class will take on this commitment for the young kids that cheer for us every week. I’m thinking we would give away 2 a night, a boy and girl bike, and if we have 20 teams, that’s less than 2 bikes a night each, about $200 per team, maybe less if we can get a deal on the bikes. I’ll ask Late Model drivers at the rules meeting in January and announce the resuts here. I know the cost for racing is expensive, and with Flamboro not giving us a raise, it may be tough for racers to commit to this, but hopefully everyone has enough in their budgets to buy at least one kids bike in 09′. The annoucner would say “tonights Late Model Kids Bikes are presented by Paul Howse racing”…etc, and Paul and his … Continue reading →

2008 LM History

The Go Cart Will Win At This Point Two Tone Two Tone Chassis     For the first time in 40 years we painted our chassis two tone. I wnated the contrast and Dave Watson got it done. All the bolt on parts are either painted cleaned or replced. We will start assembly this week.   A Good Week Detailed Like A Model Car     What a week we had. Our crew of Jim, Dave, Jason and Perry worked hard on Monday and Wednesday to get ready for Saturday. Two of David’s crew came over, Marty and Dave, helping our team get a majority of work done on the car Saturday. We’re excited that things have gone smoothly so far. It was a huge commitment to strip the car totally and clean, paint or replace the parts that were put back on. It was like putting a model car together. The work we did was beneficial to my crew in understanding more about the car and how it went together. The picures on the wall were taken before disassemble so we would be sure to get the car back together exactly as it was when we stopped racing in 07′. A few changes … Continue reading →