Flamboro Pro Late Model Getting Prepared

We are working hard on David’s 2015 Championship car, getting it ready for our season opener at Flamboro Speedway on April 28th. There is lots to do, and now, man hours will be very important for us to get this car ready and lettered to start the season. My crew have been extremely helpful this year, and in this photo, David, Eddie and I get some things done.
My 50th year will have many high lites, but one is sharing this ride with my son in 2017.
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Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

It’s that awesome time of year again when bright lights and beautiful colors line the houses and streets. My team mates and I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2017.
Jesus is the reason for this season, He is the reason we celebrate. We give presents, gifts, and that’s okay because God gave us the greatest gift of all, His Son Jesus, who came to set us free from the power of death. Jesus gift to us is eternal life, and has made a home for us.
May the spirit of the One who came into this world to change lives and bring peace, joy and love, encompass10850124_3827940410643583_22050632170962727_n you and your family this Christmas season.
………….we will be back on the race car between Christmas and New Years to bring up dates…..thank you for visiting our site.

Making Progress On Our 2017 Race Program

This past Sunday we tackled more of the body fabrication. Both Louie and Randall are new at this, but they are doing fantastic. Louie works at Toyota on the assembly line for repairs giving him a good sense for any type of repair.
Once the body is done, and the front bumper finished we will strip the body off the car and start on the chassis.
We have a lot to do before Josh Watson will paint it but we are getting there.
The hood in this picture is our 2008 40th Anniversary hood, used to get our fenders lined up close.
More to report soon.
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2017 Rebuild Started

Louie, Randall and I started working on the Late Model today. We finally got a few parts to start first with the body, then once it’s done we will take it all off, have it painted by Josh Watson and work on the chassis, brakes, suspension bars and try to make it faster than this past year.
I will post pictures as we make progress. We intend to work up until mid December for sure.
At some point during the winter both Lloyd and Stephen will get out to help as well. Meanwhile getting sponsors on side and getting the car redone is priority to make the car show in March and that’s our plan for season #49, more pictures to follow soon…..thanks for visiting our site.

Final Race of 2016…..Grisdale Triple Crown….9th…Racing With My Good Friend #11 Dave Osborne

We ran our final race on October 29th at Flamboro Speedway, the Grisdale Triple Crown. The format was three 50 lap feature. The competition was intense and we were definitely outgunned, but we got a 9th place finish of the 20 cars that were in the race.
The full story is on Diary of a Season 2016.
We have already started the rebuild, namely our trailer being first up, replacing the damaged roof vents and wore out winch. There are a few more things to replace and then we start on the Late Model, the car that will need the biggest improvement. The Mod does as well, but our focus on power and handling will be on the Late Model.
Thanks to Ashley McCubbin.
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Grisdale Triple Crown…Oct 29th…Triple 50’s For Pro Late Models

This Saturday we complete our 2016 season with our 24th race, the Grisdale Triple Crown at Flamboro Speedway. The format is three 50 lap features. $5000 to win.
Our car was on display Friday the 28th at Grisdale’s for their Grand Opening of their new Hino store.
Looks like no rain tomorrow, so bundle up and come out and watch.
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