799 In The Books…..Not How We Wanted But That’s Racing


We finished our 799th night at Flamboro with the car getting beat up pretty bad in the final feature with 15 to go. The full report will be on Diary of a Season 2017 on our Message Board, General Chat section. I re-injured my back and ribs, similar to 1999, so I will be very sore this coming weekend for Autumn Colors Classic at Peterborough Speedway…..our 800th consecutive night. … Continue reading →

798 Consecutive Nights After Sunset Speedway Velocity


We raced our 798th consecutive night at Sunset Speedway on Sunday the 24th of September. We have 2 more races to go to hit 800, Flamboro’s Octoberfest and then Autumn Colors on Thanksgiving Weekend. We had a great run in our Modified, starting 23rd and finishing 9th. I drove about as hard as I ever have in any race car. We were up to 7th and lost a few spots when I got sideways from driving deep and trying to get on the gas in a hurry. I was all but used up as well with the extreme heat. The full story, as well as the night before at Flamboro is on our Message Board, under General Chat and then click on Diary of A Season 2017. Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

Consecutive Streak Hits 797 Flamboro Speedway September 23rd


Of our 1243 total race nights, we will hit our 797th in a row at Flamboro Speedway tonight. Then it’s off to Sunset Speedway for their year end Velocity with the Modified. The Velocity is a 2 day deal with qualifying today. Rob Di Venanzo will quality our Mod for me to keep our points up. I will start scratch for tomorrows 40 lap event that will be 798…..Our streak started on June 5th 1987……thanks for visiting

Road to 800……..796 Complete


It’s been a long journey filled with many great memories. Also been a dedicated run to not give up at times. It started on June 5th, a return to racing after a 2 day suspension in the Hobby Club. That new start has gone without a miss is in its 31st season. We have accumulated 796 consecutive nights as of this past weekend, and with the hope of no rain over the next 4 race dates, we will hit our 800th consecutive night at Autumn Colors, Peterborough Speedway. There are so many people to thank and I will make that post when we reach 800 in a row. Meanwhile, I thank God for the tons of blessings. I do want to thank Nonie for being there for me for the first 26 years, my son David, and daughter Shirley, and Quaker State who is my only sponsor that has been with me since this streak started. … Continue reading →

Rob Di Venanzo Finishes 3rd at Sauble In Our Mod…Great Job


Early in the year Rob DiVenanzo asked if there was any races he could get from either of my cars. I had decided to race the Late Model more this year so I gave Rob 3 Modified shows to do, all OSCAAR. His first one was August 5th at Peterborough Speedway but he was unable to make that due to work. I changed my schedule from running the APC race at Sauble and raced the Mod at Peterborough. Rob’s next race was this past weekend at Sauble while I was at Sunset with the APC series in our Late Model. Rob did amazing, giving us a great points night with a 5th, 4th in the heats and a 3rd in the feature. Great job buddy, we all appreciate it…….our next race is this weekend, the biggest of my career, Twin 75’s at Jukasa Speedway. 44 cars are registered, we have to be on top of our game to make this race. We have lots to do this week but I have confidence we will make the show……..thanks for visiting our site.

Dairy Queen “Miracle Treat Day”….Special Event A Success

Dairy Queen 018

Buttons and I spent Thursday at the Dairy Queen in Waterdown, supporting their Miracle Treat Day drive to raise money for McMasters Children Hospital. All proceeds from the sale of Blizzards went towards a special project for the McMaster Hospital. The store was busy all day and had many attractions besides Buttons and our Late Model. We were there from 11am until 8:30pm. Buttons did very well, though she was super tired when we got home. Thanks to Jayne Scala for hosting this event and allowing us to be part of it. … Continue reading →

Good Night For US…..2nd Win of 2017….4th in Feature


It was a good night for our team overall. We didn’t win the feature, and we really wanted to, and we sure did try. Our 40th career feature win will have to be on hold for a while. The truth is, we have to drive so very hard with the HP we have, and it’s not enough. I would love to put a 604 in the car, add the weight and then run with the fastest cars. If our car is perfect, and I mean perfect in the turns, we can keep up but it’s a white knuckle ride. The good news is that we got our second win of 2017, both in the Modified. It was an amazing race. We’re now 5th in points. I will miss the next 2 Modified races, I do have a replacement, Rob DiVenanzo and he will fill in to keep our points up. The full details will be on Diary of a Season 2017. Thank you for visiting our site

OSAAAR Presents….Don Biederman Memorial July 29th Flamboro Speedway

Ashley  (12)

This Saturday, July 29th, the Don Biederman Memorial comes to Flamboro Speedway. Don was perhaps the most aggressive stock car driver in Canadian history, and was he good. Most would agree that he would rank in the top two of Canadian Stock Car drivers. This picture was taken by Ashley McCubbin in 2016. Last year we won the second of two features, and I was presented a Don Biederman plaque, very special for me and my team. After two great runs, Sauble July 1st and Kawartha July 21st, we hope to repeat 2016 with our first win of the season, but an even bigger milestone…..our 40th career feature victory. Hoping for a great run tomorrow night…..we are ready. All our Diary of a Season 2017 have been updated and are complete on our Message Board……Thanks for visiting our site…..