Modified Been Hot Lately…..Going For Flamboro Win July 29th

07-21 Kawartha  (6)

The past weekend we were supposed to race Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday was great, Saturday we got the first feature in, but lost the second to rain, and Sunday was cancelled late Saturday night. This picture was after the feature at Kawartha…we were very happy. This weekend we race the Modified at Flamboro. We are looking forward to running our home track, especially with the past 2 performances, a 2nd at Sauble, and 6th at Kawartha. The Kawartha race was just as good as Sauble. It sure is encouraging to have the Mod back in contention. We also worked on the Late Model trying to get it closer to the rest of the field, and I am convinced once we fine tune the bump stops we will be within a tenth or so……crazy to think that could be with this 12 year old car, but we have closed the gap from 4 tenths to 2.3 tenths and still have more speed to get out of the car. Special thanks to my crew and sponsors for their awesome support in 2017 Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

IWK 250 Huge Success….Big Crowd, Awesome Car Count…..And Now Our First Triple Header in Some Time…..Kawartha Friday Modified, Flamboro Pro Late Saturday…Sunday the Mod Goes to Full Throttle Motor Speedway For A Rain Out From Early May

Jerry Johnson

What an awesome journey for David, Jeannie, Lloyd, Louie, Stephen, Lucy, Don and myself. We did 3 shows and one big race. No trouble going to the races or coming home and all shows were a great success. There were 39 cars trying to get in the show, 31 made it. We got in through a provisional. The car just couldn’t keep up. We had a mishap on lap 3, the car caught fire in the fuel tank area. It was put out but we went down 10 laps. We did return and completed as many laps as we could finishing 19th at the checker. I have been very busy this week working on the cars, and doing show and race reports for my email base. I will update Diary of a Season 2017 hopefully Saturday. I have 2 races to update, plus the 3 this weekend. All good…..that’s what I love to do. Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

8 Races at 5 Tracks & 7 Shows In A Month….Including The IWK250 At Riverside International Speedway in Nova Scotia…..3 OSCAAR Mod Races….4 Pro Late

Nova Scotia 150

In my long racing career I have raced many nights in a short time. But the next month will be frantic, with 7 races and 7 show events from July 8th till August 5th. It starts with Flamboro Speedway July 8th, Pro Late Model. Then we head east to Woodstock New Brunswick to stay with my nephew and his family Sunday night. On Monday July 10th we are on display at his Canadian Tire in Woodstock. Then we head to Moncton for dinner, then to my cousin Bill Elliott and his wife Natalie, where we will stay. Tuesday we head to Halifax to drop off our wheels to have tires mounted for the IWK 250, they will bring them to the track. On Wednesday we are on display at the Canadian Tire in Truro, then practice on Thursday at Riverside International Speedway, and Friday we are on display at the Walmart in Antigonish. Saturday we head to the race track, Monday we head home. We will be home Tuesday the 18th. We have 2 days to get the cars ready for a triple header that weekend…..OSCAAR Modified Kawartha July 21st, Flamboro Speedway Pro Late July 22nd and Sunday July 23rd … Continue reading →

Quaker State Team Has Great Run at Sauble Speedway

TW Robarts 5

Wow, all the work we did to improve our car paid huge dividends on Saturday night at Sauble Speedway. We got the car close at home during the week and made a few changes to improve the Mod for the feature. It was the first time in years that we were this strong. This photo by TW Robarts shows Cory Horner #79 leading with AJ Emms right on my tail and this photo was how the race went for the final 18 laps. I believe, had we changed gears like I thought we should, it would have given us more power, but I am very happy to finally have a competitive race. Thanks to my great crew and sponsors for their tremendous support. The full story is on Diary of a Season 2017. Thanks for visiting our site … Continue reading →

OSCAAR Modifieds Head To Sauble Speedway for Canada Day’s 150th Birthday

TW Robarts (77) - Copy

We will be racing our Quaker State OSCAAR Modified on July 1st, Canada’s 150th birthday, at Sauble Speedway… permitting. This will be our 4th OSCAAR event, and 8th race of 2017. Our team made some serious changes to the Modified this week with hopes of being more competitive. Sauble is one of my favorite tracks to race, and our team is looking forward to having an improved night. If we get this one in, we will hit 785 consecutive nights. In this picture by TW Robarts, we are battling with John “Spider” Harper. Thanks for visiting our site

Heat Win At Flamboro…First for 2017….First as a 70 Year Old…..Sauble July 1st


We had a decent night at Flamboro Speedway on June 24th, taking a top 5 in all three races, including our first win of 2017, and my first win as a member of Jurassic Park, we capped that with a 4th in the feature…………….July 1t we head to Sauble Speedway for another OSCAAR Modified event. The full report from June 24th will be done shortly, we have been busy fixing our trailer and the Modified, trying to make one ready for our trip, and the other faster in the corners…..thanks for visiting our site.