2015 GEM Schedule

Gary Elliott 2015 Schedule

Please note…all Thunder Car races are cancelled….and on August 29th, we will be at Flamboro Speedway running the “rained out” rescheudled OSCAAR Modified race from May 30th….. 2015 schedule. Since 1969 Gary Elliott Motorsports has been averaging over 25 nights per season. This could possibly be the last year we will try to make this many shows. Not because of desire, but because of the expectation a schedule of this amount puts on our crew. I appreciate very much all those who have helped me over the years. Every year it gets tougher for crew members to commit to so many races. Most teams in Ontario race 12 to 15 nights in a season, most series run less than 14, and even then it’s hard for some crew to make a full season. One thought is to just race at one track, but that would eliminate one of my race cars, and that isn’t going to happen. The other is to reduce my number of shows to 25. If I do that, I should have enough crew to facilitate 25 shows, making it easier on them. I never expect my crew to make every race, so having 7 or 8 … Continue reading →

2014 – 2011 Schedule

2014 Schedule 37 Races Scheduled Modified To Support 100% OSCAAR Mod Schedule……Late Model 18 Shows….Modified 19     AS we head into our 46th year of non stop racing, this season has a few exciting things to look forward to. We are very close to a milestone of 700 consecutive nights racing. We have a total of 1136 nights prior to the start of this season, and of those, 687 have been a consistent streak since June 5th of 1987. Our first priority this year is to hit the 700 night mark, and it will happen on the 13th race of 2014 schedule. If there are no rain outs, that special night will fall on June 28th at Sunset Speedway in our Modified. We have Frisbees for the fans and competitors for that night, as well as 2 bikes for kids, highlighting the 700 nights……….We will be giving our full commitment to the 13 race OSCAAR Modified schedule. Our plan is to race all the Modified shows to compete for the Championship. Our Mod will be the fastest car ever brought to the races by Gary Elliott Motorsports. We have also added 5 Modified races at the new Full Throttle Speedway, formerly … Continue reading →