Quaker State Team Has Great Run at Sauble SpeedwayLate Model History2017Quaker State Team Has Great Run at Sauble Speedway

Wow, all the work we did to improve our car paid huge dividends on Saturday night at Sauble Speedway. We got the car close at home during the week and made a few changes to improve the Mod for the feature. It was the first time in years that we were this strong.
This photo by TW Robarts shows Cory Horner #79 leading with AJ Emms right on my tail and this photo was how the race went for the final 18 laps.
I believe, had we changed gears like I thought we should, it would have given us more power, but I am very happy to finally have a competitive race.
Thanks to my great crew and sponsors for their tremendous support.
The full story is on Diary of a Season 2017.
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