Opening Day May 20th Flamboro Speedway

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Our 2017 season begins Saturday May 20th at Flamboro Speedway. This is the longest I’ve had to wait to race since my Mini Stock days at Cayuga. This is season 49 for me and the boys and girls. We have a few goals to reach, I listed them on Diary of a Season 2017 on our Message Board. Hope to see you at one of our races in 2017. Thank you for supporting our race team and visiting our website. … Continue reading →

2017 Schedule

Final  2017 Schedule

Here is our 2017 schedule. After 7 consecutive perfect attendance seasons at Flamboro Speedway, from 2005 to 2011, we are happy to announce our 100% series will be with the Flamboro Pro Late Models. This will give us 40 seasons of perfect attendance if we complete the full season, and that’s our goal, Lord willing. We will run 8 of 11 OSCAAR Modified events and Rob Di Venanzo will run the other 3 so we support OSCAAR’s full season. I love running the Modified and racing against the Modified drivers. We are happy to be running 5 APC races this year. It’s a big jump to run that series. It’s much more expensive per race, but it’s also the best Late Model show in Ontario. My sponsors will enjoy these races with usually fuller grand stands, as APC draws good crowds. We will also be running the IWK 250 at Riverside International Speedway on July 15th, and hopefully get to race with Mark Martin. Looking forward to a fun season with our crew and sponsors. Thanks for visiting our site.

Home Depot London….4th Show of 2017

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Stephen, Lucy, Rob, Buttons and I headed to London early Saturday morning to do a show at the Home Depot for Quaker State. It was a good turn out, very busy with customers in and out all the time we were there from 10am till 3pm. Rob, our newest team member, was awesome greeting customers who came by our car. Kids got to sit in the car and we gave away many autograph cards. Mark Reed joins me in this picture by Stephen. Mark has been looking after me through my Quaker State sponsorship for many years. So glad he made it out. Diary of a Season 2017 has been updated…….Please consider buying a Hoodie or T-shirt to celebrate our Road to 800, reflecting on our streak of 777 consecutive nights, hoping to hit 800 this year……Thanks for visiting our site

Practice Day Good Considering All Our Work


After completely stripping our car, and carefully putting it back together, it was a pleasant surprise to find that our first set of hot laps were fair and the second not bad. There were a few issues with the car. The brake pedal was travelling too far in the first session, so we put the car on jack stands and bled the brakes. There was an oil leak, coming from the right side rocker cover, and the carb had a slight hesitation. All easy fixes for opening night May 6th. Special thanks to Lloyd, Louie, Stephen, Rick, Laurie and Rob for coming out to help with the track duties. They did a great job and our team has generated a ton of enthusiasm making this year look like it will be fun. I didn’t feel any performance difference in the car and that was disappointing. Maybe if we can keep up with some of the faster cars we’ll know how much our efforts moved us forward competition wise. We know this was just a test, but it was a good one and I am very thankful for all we did since November and how well the car worked after being … Continue reading →

2017 Race Team Apparel

2017 Hoodie & T-shirt design  (1)

Here is the design of our new t-shirts and Hoodies. Special thanks to Terry Dieter for his art work and Epic Race Wear for working with us to get the best price possible for our fans and friends. T-shirts are $30 each, including HST. Hoodies are $45 each including HST. If you would like a t-shirt or Hoodies, please message me on fb or by email You could also text or call me on my cell 905-928-8086 Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

Practice Day April 22nd

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This Saturday Flamboro Speedway will open the doors to the track for practice. Our team hopes to make it out. There are still quite a few things left to do and at this point we are not certain we’ll have the things done to get us to the practice session. If not we will get some laps in early on opening day. I don’t like to rush things, and though we are miles ahead of 2016, we are still a long way away from being ready to test our car. The biggest things is final scaling on the Late Model, getting the trailer loaded with tools etc. That will the biggest task of all. The trailer has had it’s annual safety, but needs a few hours to load everything, tools, parts and supplies…..and a good cleaning. The Modified is close, but it still needs 10 hours work on it to be ready for practice and that won’t happen for sure this weekend, although it wasn’t planned anyhow. I feel bad that we might not make practice day, but it takes a lot of hours to get ready for a season, and though we have done great, we are a few … Continue reading →

Race Time Radio……Listen Sunday’s 7 till 9


Thank you Joe and Sue Chisholm for having me on your program. I had a great time talking about our 2017 race program, our sponsors, crew, schedule, show dates and updates on our car. Joe and I go back a long way when he was owner of Sauble Speedway. His co-anchor, Jason Thom, owns Sauble now. It was a fun time with Joe and Jason. Updates coming soon on Diary of a Season 2017. Thank you for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

Late Model Getting Closer For Practice Day

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After the car show we had a long list of things left to do that included making sure we fit all the measurements and templates for APC. In this picture our challenge was getting the proper nose location, height and distant, out from the wheel. Louie and Jerry spent a lot of time on that, while Lloyd and Rick were busy working on the Modified. Our schedule will be released soon, and includes 5 APC races for 2017. We will also race the full Late Model season at Flamboro Speedway, the full OSCAAR Modified schedule, with Rob DiVenanzo filling in on nights we can’t be at the Modified shows. Our team came over last weekend and we got a lot done on both the Late Model. We have another list to do now, in hopes of having both cars done by April 10th weekend, as well as our trailer. Here is a picture from last weeks work day……thanks for visiting, and soon I will be updating Diary of a Season 2017.