1970 Demo History

Barrie Ice Carnival…1970 63 Ford     Nonie and i went to Barrie and entered this race plus a demo derby. I was miles out of their league. Every car but one or two had bolts coming through their tires. I had plain wore out snow tires. We had heat races on the ice and naturally I didn’t do well. I will say this dirtis better than ice and snow. … Continue reading →

1971 Demo History

We Make Front Page of the Pinecrest Program Pinecrest     The 1971 labour Day Wreck O Rama featured me on this program. I would end up qualifying again in the appearance category but after a few minutes the gas tank was knocked out of my car.   Pinecrest Write Up Won 6 out of 20     I had a great average in demolition derbys. I had won 6 of the races I was in and finsihed 2nd or 3rd in a few others. I had a 30% win ratio, and 50% in the money. I would have loved to take that winning ratio into stock car racing. … Continue reading →

1972 CVM History

1st Membership Card..1972 1972 <div class=”maint”> In the early years the Hobby Secretary and Treasurer position was comblined, also that committee member would sing our membership cards.Bill Wakish #23 was the Secretary/Tresurer in 1972, Bill Lyons #9 was the President. 1972 Stats 1972 Rundown First Year In The Hobby Club   Dad’s Membership Card 1972 <div class=”maint”> Dad was my main man for as long as he could come out. He always wanted to race when he was younger but never had the chance. He took our family to Oakwood Stadium, Pinecrest and the CNE to watch. He liked the Super Modifieds, in the late 50’s, Ted Hogan, Jimmy Howard and the rest of the boys. I would love to go back to those days and watch a race with the Jalopy’s of late 50’s who became the Hobby’s and the Modifieds who became Super Modifieds. The Late Models showed up at the CNE and Pinecrest in the 64′.   My First Hobby Car May 1972 Model A Purchase <div class=”maint”> In mid May of 1972 Ed Hennesey and I picked up my 1930 Model A from Jack Shields(pictured with Ed). I paid $1000 for both the car and trailer. … Continue reading →

1973 CVM History

1973 Membership Card MembershipCard Continue Story   1973 Stats 73 Rundown Our Second Season Was Better     1973 was very tough for us in many ways. We had some very serious wrecks. A roll over during practice at Speedway Park was a true character builder. The car rolled 4 times before stopping in the middle of the infield. All I could think of was how badly wrecked the car was. We worked hard on the Coupe to get it ready for the Conis and we made it, as well as the feature. That night was a true character builder for us and from that point on we never quit working on our race car until the gate was closed and we weren’t allowed on the track. In fact for years after, when we were in a wreck or broke a motor, our first extinct was..How long before the next race? A stuck gas pedal at Pinecrest Speedway was one of the hardest hits in our career. But we also made some headway on the track with 5 wins and an 8th place finish in the points. Our first win was kind of ironic. It came during our 36th Hobby race entered. … Continue reading →

1974 CVM History

1974 Membership Card OARC Membership Card <div class=”maint”> Bill Wakish was the Secretary Treasurer in 1974. Bill Lyons was the President. 1974 Stats 1974 Rundown 3rd Year In The Hobby Club   David and I Backing Up The Driveway Kids ride <div class=”maint”> Our home property on Lydon avenue was 25′ wide, that’s 25′ including the driveway. I could barely get the car up the driveway, but both the trailer and tow vehilce wouldn’t make it. Here David comes with me as I back up the car to the garage. He looks quite concerned. Nonie took this picture from our living room window. Those East Coast mirrors came in handy for backing up a narrow lane.   Ready To Start Rebuilding Rebuild <div class=”maint”> My sponsor Hillmack Services Limited allowed me use the truck garage to rebuild my car. I also drove one of their 5 ton straight job trucks, picking up local freight. Max Hiltz was very good to me.   Gord Homles Still Lines Up The Bumper Gord Holmes <div class=”maint”> div>   Dad Welds The Bumper It will hold <div class=”maint”> Dad did most all of my welding in my early years. He had to because the … Continue reading →

1975 CVM History

1975 Membership Card 1975   1975 Stats 75′ Rundown 4th Year Hobby Club…Milestone Season     We hit a couple of milestones in 75, won our first feature at Speedway Park. We also had perfect attendance, and picked up 6 checkers for the season.   Preparing for Motion Car Show Nonie and I set up <div class=”maint”> This was the first Motion Car Show. Nonie I were happy to be in it.   !930 Model A Old Mill Pontiac   4 Hobby’s in Premier Show Nonie <div class=”maint”> Nonie stands in our display. The white car on the left is LeeRoy Hillis. He bought Danny Shirtliff’s car for 1975. The blue #23 is Bill Wakish. Rookie Don ramage was the 4th car in the club display.   Rookie…Don Ramage Don Ramage <div class=”maint”> Don and LeeRoy were friends and they were a great addition to the Hobby club. They were friendly and always helped wherever they could.   Rookie…Don Ramage Don Ramage <div class=”maint”> Don and LeeRoy were friends and they were a great addition to the Hobby club. They were friendly and always helped wherever they could.   The OARC Took The Car Show Serious Coupe   Best Appearing Car Was … Continue reading →

1976 CVM History

1976 Membership to OARC 1976 <div class=”maint”> Bob Kurtin was the Secretary Treasurer in 1975 and 1976 1976 Rundown 76 Stats Flamboro Only     The Hobby’s only ran Flamboro Speedway in 76′. Pinecrest and Satelite Speedway were both closed. We had engine trouble and missed 2 nights. The inline would become my biggest and most frustrating cost in racing.   Getting Ready for 1976 Model A   Preparing the Chassis Chassis   Preparing the Chassis Chassis   Preparing the Chassis Body Work   Race Ready New Scheme <div class=”maint”> The only difference from 1975 to 76′ was white wheels. The gold wheels, in order to look good, had to be painted every week (spray cans every week from Canadian Tire add up) There were no racing chrome wheels then either. These wheels were spray painted in the booth and had a baked finish. Old Mill Pontiac was our sponsor again in 76′, this would be their last year with me. They helped get me with paint and some product and Nonie and I bought a 1976 Grand Prix from them.   Motion Car Show Harry Nicholson <div class=”maint”> This shot is from the Motion Car Show hosted by Dizzy Dean. Harry … Continue reading →

1977 CVM History

1977 Membership Card Gary Elliott Secretary…..Me! Don Cockburn President OARC   1977 Rundown 1977 Stats Improving A Little Each Season     Another tough year, 1977 did have some highlites showing that we were slowly improving our race program. We got our firts and only ramp truck from Ken Jorgenson. A 1948 Chev 3 ton that was more than capable of getting us to the track. We had many stories from with that excellent truck. We did miss one night in 77′ due to an engine not being ready. We had 3 wins but only 4 top 5 feature finishes. We led the Mid Season Championship for most of the race, that is until my good friend Stewart Pitchford did an incredible flip on the front chute. We only had one points standing in 77′, we ended up 18th in Flamboro points….better than 19th.   1933 Ford Coupe, Bought From Don Cockburn 1933 Ford <div class=”maint”> After running the 30 Model A for 5 seasons I felt I needed to imporve my chances of winning. I sold my car to Stewart Pitchford and bought Don Cockburn’s immaculate Ford coupe. Ed Hennessey and dad came with me the day I picked up the … Continue reading →