1969 MiniStock History

My First Race Car V. W.     Cayuga Speedway introduced a new stock car division called Mini Stocks. I wanted badly to race and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. I was living at Nonies place at the time. We weren’t married yet. We basically built this car in their back yard. Mr. and Mrs. Bow were very gracious and put up with a lot. This however would be just the start of me agravating a lot of people in the west end of Toronto.   My First Race Was On The Dirt…..Merrittville Feature Line Up     Nonie and I went to Merrittville Speedway to run on the dirt in the Mini Stock class. Here is Harry Cooper #38 driving a Mini and Larry Benjamin #16. They both ran very competitive.   Cayuga Speedway….Mini Oval Feature Race     It didn’t take us long to want to race only at Cayuga or other paved tracks. Here we are on the back chute at Cayuga racing against #47 Doug Sutton and #5 Art Bird. These guys were good runners also.   Cayuga Speedway….My First Roll over Feature Turn One     I struggled quite a bit in the Mini Stock class. We ran on less than … Continue reading →

1970 MiniStock History

Preparing for Opening Day Roller Painting     In 1970 Nonie I got married on February 21st. She didn’t want to mess up racing…perfect…we still used Nonie’s dad and mom’s back yard for working on our car. I always painted the car with a roller. We used that on all our demo derby cars and it worked. We build another VW after the roll over’s from the year before. My dad said there were so many Volkswagons in Mr. Bow’s back yard that he was starting to get a German accent…..   Don Roth Does Lettering Bo Bo The Clown     Nonies uncle Bill was a clown and agreed to give us $50 to put his name on the car. No problem. That probably coverd the cost of the car and dad’s welding. Don Roth lettered my cars the first few years and did an excellent job. We went ot this paint scheme for 70 and 71.   Cayuga Race Ready     Bob Slack was a great man and no matter what I would always support his track first.   Cayuga Road Course Race Slicks     Cayuga had a special where they used part of the mini track, the pit entrances and the pits to … Continue reading →

1971 MiniStock History

Nonie Loads the Pick Up Tow-Bar     We went to a pick up truck to tow our VW. The paint scheme was the same again only I had Hills Roofing for my main sponsor. That was my uncle this time who would help us out. Nonie packs the truck as we get ready for a trip to Cayuga that would be a night mare.   The Incredible Journey…Talk About Dedicated Leaving Home     The Incredible Journey It was about 4 PM on a hot Friday night in July 1971, that Gary and Nonie Elliott left Toronto to race their Mini Stock at Cayuga Speedway. This was Gary’s 3rd year in racing and they finally had their own tow vehicle a 1960 Ford one ton pick up. The Volkswagon was hauled along by tow bar. All was well as they cruised along the QEW in rush hour hoping to get to the track for pre race practice. That wouldn’t happen. Half way up the Skyway Bridge in Burlington things went wrong However, without this incident we don’t have a story. Suddenly the right rear tire blew on the pick up. Stuck in bumper to bumper traffic at 50 mph, the two kept going … Continue reading →

1967 Demo History

My First Demolition Derby..July 29th 1967…Win!! 55 Chev     This was my first time ever on a race track. It was at Flamboro Speedway on July 29th 67′. I always painted my cars with the name “Color Me 1st”. On this one, I put powered by Honda on the front fender and yeah Dodge on the back. I guess that’s where it all started for me and the multi representation of car manufacturers. In a few years I will run a 36 Dodge with a Chev motor sponsored by Dixie Ford. There were 34 cars in this race. I use to watch Wreck-Em races and always cheered for the car who smashed everything in sight. No one liked the driver who hid from the action or faked stalling so others would be eliminated while he played possum. Usually those guys got booed. After the smoke settled there was nothing left of this 55 Chev 2 door hard top…did I say 55 Chev?…It’s true they were very popular at that time, but don’t worry this one was severly rusted, and for the restoring buff there were tons to pick from….4 months after this race I woul ask Nonie out on our first … Continue reading →

1968 Demo History

Flamboro Speedway….1968 57 Chev     This Chev let me dwon. It quit and wouldn’t restart. There were always lots of cars in the Flamboro Wreck Em races and unless you had a good running car you were beat. I bashed with many guys who liked the big heavy tanks, Mecurys, Buicks and full size GM’s. They were good for hammering other cars but they overheated quick.   Flamboro Speedway….1968 57 Chev     Always Color Me 1st…didn’t always finish first.   Demo car for Pinecrest… 59 Ford     I tried using Ford for awhile. This Ford was sponsored by teh Samaritones. They were a musucial groukp that went around to nursing homes and hospitals playing for the patients. I was asked to play by the Minister who organized it to try and get kids off the street. My main reason for joining was so I could be with Nonie who also was a member of this group. I asked Nonie to go steady in February of 68 and she said yes. Later on the Samaritones would put $25 into getting this car ready. It didn’t do to well. … Continue reading →

1969 Demo History

Demo Derby Win at Acton Speedway Fall 69′ 59 Chev When I got to Acton Speedway, this 59 Chev was for sale for $50. I bought it and won $125 for the Wreck Em race. The reason I took Chevy’s with sixes was because they always started when they got hot. My goal was to destroy the car so bad I coudln’t take it home with me. Color Me 1st…Acton Speedway 59 Chev   Acton Speedway…1969 56 Chev     This Chevy didn’t last either. It was beat up pretty bad.   Acton Speedway…1969 56 Chev     Late summer 69.   Pinecrest Demolition Derby 59 Ford     First win with a Ford….This car had no lettering on it. I must not have had time to get it done. I always put Color Me 1st on th side and UFO on the door.I got warned for speeding in this race and we ended up winning it.   Pinecrest Demolition Derby 59 Ford   Pinecrest Labour Day Wreck A Rama…$500 to Win Hillman Pinecrest had an annual Labour Day wreck em’ race event. It lasted all day with heats and a feature. The grand prize was $500 to win, that would be about 2 months pay. … Continue reading →

1970 Demo History

Barrie Ice Carnival…1970 63 Ford     Nonie and i went to Barrie and entered this race plus a demo derby. I was miles out of their league. Every car but one or two had bolts coming through their tires. I had plain wore out snow tires. We had heat races on the ice and naturally I didn’t do well. I will say this dirtis better than ice and snow. … Continue reading →

1971 Demo History

We Make Front Page of the Pinecrest Program Pinecrest     The 1971 labour Day Wreck O Rama featured me on this program. I would end up qualifying again in the appearance category but after a few minutes the gas tank was knocked out of my car.   Pinecrest Write Up Won 6 out of 20     I had a great average in demolition derbys. I had won 6 of the races I was in and finsihed 2nd or 3rd in a few others. I had a 30% win ratio, and 50% in the money. I would have loved to take that winning ratio into stock car racing. … Continue reading →