Motorama Custom Car Show…Great Success

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Thanks to my crew, Louie, Lloyd, Stephen, Lucy and Randall for helping with set up and spending some hours at the show this past weekend. It was a great show, lots of beautiful race cars and the usual amazing classic hot rods and custom cars and trucks. Many friends and fans dropped by commenting on our car. It looks awesome and I’m so glad we were in this years car show. We have a lot to do on the Late Model to get it ready for practice, mostly in set up. The Modified also needs set up repairs as well as a leaking release bearing fixed. Practice day is less than 6 weeks away. Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

2017 Version of our Quaker State Pro Late Model

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Got the car back from Steve Lyons at Creative Edge Graphics and it has quickly become very popular with many of our fans and friends of racing. We still have some things to do before the Motorama Custom Car Show next week at the International Building at Derry Road and Airport Road, Mississauga, but it is 90% race ready, and that puts us a million miles ahead of 2016. Special thanks again to my crew Louie, Lloyd, Stephan and Randall for helping get us ready for the show….and to Steve Cashmore for his amazing help. Also to all my sponsors who are on board with us. We are still looking for one or two more sponsors and we will be set. I thank God for all He has done in my life and giving me the opportunity to race and sending me so many great people. Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

Body Complete…Off To Creative Edge For Make-Up

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Thanks to Louie Halliday, for amazing dedication, spending a ton of time helping me with rebuilding our Pro Late Model starting on November 27th. Louie loves what he’s doing but has been a huge blessing to me. My other crew members have also helped a lot. In the past few weeks Louie, Stephan, Lucy, Lloyd and Randall have all helped when they could, getting our car ready for lettering this week. Stephan and Lucy have been very good making it here many times in the past few weeks, contributing anywhere they could to get our long long list down to just a handful of items. This Monday Feb 27th, Steve Passmore also chipped in a lot helping Louie and I finish most of the final few things left to be done on the car. The only things left are…the exhaust out the side door, it’s 75% done, the engine location, it might be too low or high, not a lot of rack clearance….and finally, setting up the chassis for practice sometime in April. I am miles ahead of where I was last year and very thankful to God for sending me awesome help, providing me with generous sponsors and taking … Continue reading →

David Sets Timing On Our New 604 Engine

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On Wednesday Feb 23rd Louie and I got a lot done on the car. I had a fairy aggressive list of things to do on this day and we worked well together getting it all done, and prepared the engine for David to come after his work and set the timing. Here David, in his non mechanic attire, adjusts the timing for a short break in period that will be done on the weekend. All that is left to do on our car is mount the body, and install the rear bumper. Hoping we get enough crew to finish this task so the car is ready to head to Creative Edge for lettering. Thank you Louie for a great day Wed, and to David for coming after his long work day to get the engine fired up and set…..more news soon. Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →

Crew Working Hard To Get Car Ready For Motorama Custom Car Show

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We have been busy since mid November working on the Late Model getting it ready, not only for Motorama Custom Car Show, but for the race season as well. The things we have accomplished so far will give us a race ready Pro Late Model by late March. Special thanks to all my crew, especially Louie who has lead the charge in helping me get the car ready for this show. Randall, Stephen, Lloyd and Lucy have been a great help as well. Special thanks to Josh Watson, of Watson’s Garage, for getting the painting done on schedule. We also had our engine fixed at Stefco Engines, and we got that in last weekend. David is coming over tonight to set the timing and help with the break in of the engine. Our plans are to have the body on for February 26th, this coming weekend, and then load it to head to Creative Edge for his masterful touch. Thanks to all my sponsors for their awesome support, as well as my crew. Thanks for visiting our site….more to come soon. … Continue reading →

So Thankful For All Those Who Helped Make It Happen

JPEG Ad Flamboro Hall of Fame Inscapes

I am very thankful to God, for His graciousness to me, giving me a beautiful family and great friends. I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His love and mercy in my life on this planet. I am truly blessed. Over the years my family, friends and sponsors have made it possible for me to have such an awesome racing career. It’s been a great journey. Our two Championships and 39 feature wins to date are still awesome achievements for my team. I want to thank my family, Nonie, David and Shirley for their constant support over the years. My current crew, Lloyd, Louie, Stephen, Doug, Randall and Paul have been incredible this year. In the past many men, and sponsors, since 1969, have given me the opportunity to race hard for 1226 race nights and make the past 777 events without a miss. We hope to hit 800 consecutive starts this year, or early 2018….God willing. We also have 3 other goals to reach. We are sitting on 39 different tracks raced, 39 feature wins and 39 seasons of 100% attendance. Reaching 40 in all those would be a milestone for our legacy. 2017 should be an … Continue reading →

Inducted into the “Flamboro Speedway Hall of Fame”

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I am more than honored and very proud to have been nominated and voted into the Flamboro Speedway Hall of Fame 2017 group. There were 6 of us inducted besides me including Bill Grisdale, Harold Brown, Bob Beck, Dave McKee and Scott Lyons. I watched Harold Brown race, worked for Bill Grisdale, just got into the Hobby’s when Bob Beck was leaving, we raced at least once, and I did race with both Dave McKee and Scott Lyons. This is the second Hall of Fame to be inducted, the first was the Hobby Hall of Fame in 1997 with Roger Downey and Ray Hughes. We have much more to announce soon and will be doing that later this week, news that will include our sponsors, crew and schedule. GEM will have a busy schedule in 2017, more on that soon. Thanks for visiting our site. … Continue reading →