David Racing The Late Model Tonight…..July 7th At Flamboro Speedway

Losing 3 races so far this season to weather, mechanical issues with the Modified and no Mods coming to Full Throttle Motor Speedway has knocked out some races for  my schedule, and because of that, our 50th year hasn’t been anything like we hoped. Still lots of racing left to make some career high lights though.

I get tonight off, (not use to saying that)  but will be with David and our crew at Flamboro Speedway to support our Late Model in action.   David won the feature his first night out, but in the second feature a broken rear axle shaft took him out of competition, he finished the race but wounded.   We currently sit in 7th in the standings after my race finishing 7th and 8th in the features. *got to do better next time for me*…..races start at 6:30 tonight.

Next weekend I will run a double header, racing the Modified at Kawartha Speedway on July 13th then the Late Model at Flamboro on the 14th……hope to see you there.
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First 50th Anniversary Win…Sunset Speedway July 1st

We finally had a good night of racing, but I still messed it up being dumb after the first heat race……explanation will be on Diary of a Season 2018, race #5 later tonight.
We got our first win of the season in the second heat race, beating Gary McLean as well.   See the full story of the heats and feature win on the Message Board, then General Chat and Dairy of a Season 2018.
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Sunset Speedway July 1st…On Display June 30th….See You There

We had to Sunset Speedway Saturday morning to put our car on display in front of the main grand stands to promote the OSCAAR Modified show on July 1st.
Races start at 6PM so hopefully it won’t be as hot…stay hydrated this weekend.
PS……I’m glad it’s hot, not a fan of the cold and we don’t get a lot of hot days compared to cold…..Buttons will be with Suzette this Sunday in an air conditioned home.
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Hoping For A 180 Performance Wise At Jukasa Speedway June 23rd

We found a few issues with the car after our race on June 16th.   We have already made some changes since that race , and going to make more.
We shouldn’t have been so far off, but we were and mostly due to no practice because of the leaking oil filter.   Plans are to get back to the basics.

The full story from last week’s race is on Diary of a Season 2018, found in the Message Board section of our site, click on Message Board, then General Chat.
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Jukasa Speedway Not Good For Us This Time…..Trouble Everywhere

This may have been the most excited I had been for a race, since going to Nova Scotia in 2016.  I was very pumped all day and looking forward to racing on the big oval.  I thought for sure we had the car to compete.   However mechanical problems plagued us every time we went out, a very bad oil leaks,   The set up was so far off we didn’t finish on the lead lap 🙁 ……that was very discouraging for me especially, but I’m sure it was for my team and fans as well.
We will make some changes this week, get back to the basics and hope for a better showing this coming Saturday as we return to Jukasa Speedway. I less excited now to go out on the big oval thinking I will have the same car.   Hopefully our car is good, we’ll know after the first set of hot laps.
Thanks to Ashley McCubbin for this photo…and the photo’s in Diary of a Season 2018
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Jukasa Speedway….June 16th…..OSCAAR Modified’s & Speed

Saturday June 16th we race at Jukasa Speedway for the first of back to back weekends at this amazing huge fast track.

I am ready, the car is ready, I’m hoping my crew are ready, it will be a long day, and we have to move everything in from outside the track.  It will be a chore, but once inside we can rest and settle down.  This is one race we could use lots of help.  It will be hot and a long day. I have prepared things to make it easy getting into the pits, as well. I have a large cooler of water and drinks and some refreshments.

Thanks to Dan Little Jr. for supplying this photo

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Flamboro Debut Not Bad…Top 8 In Both Features…..16 Cars

We had a decent run on Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway in the Late Model. It was my turn to drive it.   Got spun in the first but finished 7th, and got in the wrong lane in the second putting us 12th from 4th on a restart.  Overall it was a good run, I was finally competitive with the boys.  The full story will be on Diary of a Season 2018 soon.
This weekend we race the Modified at Jukasa Speedway……should be the fastest this car has ever gone, 200K plus. More later this week.
Thanks to Derek Smith for this picture.
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Pro Late Model At Flamboro June 9th…Plus 2 Shows This Weekend

This Saturday morning June 9th, I will have my car on display at the Canadian Tire in Waterdown from 10:30 until 2:30. This will be my first of two visits planned for this Canadian Tire location. We are supporting the youth sport drive “Jump Start”. You can make a donation to the store for this cause that helps kids get sports equipment they cannot afford.
Following the CTC show I will head to Flamboro Speedway, it will be my turn to race the Late Model this weekend at Flamboro Speedway. Of course there is a challenge. David won the first feature of the season on May 5th, his first time out, and I will be trying to duplicate his achievement. My goal will be an overall finish of top 5 for the night. I would love to win, looking for career feature win #40, and no time nicer than this weekend.
On Sunday I will have our Late Model on display at the Canadian Tire store, Burlington Mall 777 Guelph Line from 10 until 2pm.
OSCAAR Modifieds are off until June 16th when they race the first of two events at Jukasa Speedway….that will be wild.
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