Happy New Year To All My Friends and Families

New Years was a great time for Buttons and I. We had family over to play some music and bring in the New Year. Tom, Kim, Joanne, Uncle Car and cousin Mike were here.
In this picture from left to right is Tom, Kim Bruce and Joanne.
I will be posting pictures of the race car progress very soon.
Wishing you all a blessed 2020.
Thank you for visiting our site. 🙂

Truro Home Has Buttons and I Very Happy

I must say since moving here I have been able to complete the inside of my house, get it decorated for Christmas and finish my garage. Getting all my trophies, as well as David’s, Shirley’s, Gehrig and Lauren’s up given me a big sense of relief.
I am quite relaxed….if that’s possible.
My children just left after a great visit this past weekend. They loved the home they got for me and I think were very surprised how much was done in 2 months.
My cousin Kim Turchstra and he husband Tom as well as Joanne are coming on Boxing Day and will stay a week with me and that’s going to be awesome.
Here’s a picture of my Quaker State collection, well most of it. I do need to get caught up with my scrap books, they are way behind. I have up to 2012 complete….need to get on that very soon. Buttons, though happy, can’t help with that. 🙂
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Our New Ride For 2019

Before the end of 2019 I purchased a 2017 Distant 101 chassis from Cole Butcher.
Cole won with this car the last night it raced in 2019 in the CAT250 at Scotia Speedworld, in the very exciting Parts for Trucks Maritime Pro Stock Tour.
The car needed a seat and belts. I bought a great seat from Jared Butcher, Coles brother and belts from R&D Performance.
Cole is currently racing in the US and will enter the Snow Ball Derby in Pensacola Florida at Five Flags Speedway. The speedy youngster qualified pole for the All American 400 in late October. and really knows how to wheel a race car. We wish him luck.
This may be the best race car I have ever owned and I can’t wait to get to test it…but tons to do before then.
I hope to post pictures soon of this car and the progress that has been made to date.
You can see the progress if you go to our Message Board and click on General Chat and then Diary of a Season 2019.
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Finally Settled In Nova Scotia….House and Shop Done

Well it’s been too long since I have posted on here but I do have some updates, and will start posting more daily. I also plan to finish my last race report, though it won’t be long, but that’s okay.
Here is a picture of my shop, finally completed, I will post some pictures soon in Dairy of A Season 2019 of the move.
Thanks for visiting and I will be posting more every day 🙂

Buttons & I Deliver The Mod To The Wilson Family Day After ACC

I know many of you have been waiting to see something from me since ACC on Thanksgiving weekend. I will finish my last race post. It wasn’t as good as I hoped but I also wasn’t focused with so much on my mind, saving the car for the Wilson family, moving in 2 days, delivering the Modified on Monday after the race plus a huge list of things to do before the move on Tuesday.
Once I finish the final race, I will post the move, my home, garage and new race car. Thank you so much for your support, things are going great and I will post soon. 🙂

Octoberfest My Last Career Night Racing Two Cars

This Sunday Flamboro Speedway, it’s annual Octoberfest, will be the last time in my career that I race 2 cars in one night. I’ve done it many times. The most features in one night was 2017….5….Triple Crown three 50 lap features and 2 OMRS 30 lap features with the Modified, 210 laps and jumping from one car to the other. I was a lot younger then 🙂
I will deliver the Late Model to the Wilson family on Monday and that will be an emotional time for me. I will also prepare the Modified for it’s final race at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colors.
Tomorrow I will be racing the Modified, but driving the Late Model. I want to give it to the new owners with no damage.
I’m hoping we have a strong run in the Modified
The Wilson’s are a great family, I like them all very much. They have suggested I might be able to drive this car in 2020….:)
Full details on Octoberfest will be on Diary of a Season 2019 by Tuesday night. I will be very busy delivering the Late Model to Owen Sound and then Tuesday an engine to Mike Westwood for Jason Legge.
Thanks for visiting our site.