Fall Velocity…..Best Appearing Car….4th in Second Feature…Great Weekend For Us

What an up and down weekend for us. After a disappointing Saturday in both the heats and feature, David and Jim got the car right for the feature on Sunday. We won Best Appearing Car, presented earlier in the day, and I drove my heart out in the second 36 lap feature. We finished 4th in the Sunday feature, a great night after a 10th in the Saturday feature.
The full story will be done on Diary of a Season 2019 soon.
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OSCAAR & Sunset Speedway Honor Me, My Family & Sponsors This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday OSCAAR and Sunset Speedway will honor me before I go to Nova Scotia. This special event is called Ironman 72 Twin 36 lap features. It came to be by the genius of Dave Gainforth who used my age and the number of my car to create this memorable night for me, my family, crew, fans and sponsors. OSCAAR owed Sunset a feature after we got full pay for the Spring Velocity when the feature rained out. The agreement after that was to add 10 laps to our feature for the next 3 visits. We did for the next race, June 29th, but July 20th was cut short by the track due to a lightning storm in the Innisfil area. That wasn’t OSCAAR’s fault but still we didn’t get a full show in. Dave contacted Brian Toddish to present this proposed race, Brian agreed, and then Dave asked me about it and I was beyond shocked. I never expected that at all. How cool is it on my 72nd birthday a Twin 36 format is created…..couldn’t have been any other time in my career…..just amazing and thank you Lord for this thoughtful gesture. So quickly I said yes 🙂

The format will consist of double heats and a 36 lap feature on Saturday, plus a 36 lap feature on Sunday. The track will pay a purse for one feature but Dave decided to get lap sponsors for the second feature at $36 each. I was so excited about this I worked hard to raise $4000. I was thrilled that so many people I talked to said yes without hesitation.

I will post more about this including lap sponsors in a few days.
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Three Nights Left Before This Late Model Goes To The Wilson Family

My goal on September 7th at Flamboro Speedway was to make sure all functions were good
on our Pro Late Model. The last time out the car was terrible, and that was 100% on trying to get 4 nights on a set of tires……not good. My crew Louie, Troy and Wally did go over some basics and we found a few small things including the LF caliper needing to be bled.
With 3 new tires. and some minor repairs the car ran well. I kept clear of traffic, (weird for a driver) to avoid any damage to the car before presenting it to Paul, Steff and driver Wally Wilson, in this picture.
The Mod is a different deal because it has a lot of protection, but I am driving it cautious as well. Only 6 race nights left, and about 6 weeks before I head to my new home in Nova Scotia.
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Newfoundland A Beautiful Place

We didn’t fare very well on the track but we sure had a great time on the Rock. It was my first time in Newfoundland and I got to see some family and race on a track I never did before.
The racing part was tough, but it didn’t discourage me because the rest of the trip was A+.
Flamboro Speedway this Saturday at Flamboro Speedway.
I’ve been away for a week so my updates are behind, but I will get them done next week…I will have 3 to do.
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Mods At Delaware Speedway August 17th

We make our second trip to Delaware Speedway this Saturday.  We’re hoping for a better run this time. 

Since our last Modified race we have changed the engine, removed 150 pounds of lead and rescaled the car.   My 604 idea didn’t work because that engine isn’t suppose to be muzzled, but we tried. We were carrying too much speed into the corners to make the 604 effective. Thanks for visiting our site. 🙂

Fuel Cap Not Put On, Black Flagged, Loose 2 Laps….Fast Car

We had a great car Saturday night at Sunset Speedway. The chip and fuel issues were both fixed. Unfortunately a simple error got us black flagged and put us 2 laps down. We would recover and finish 10th in a shortened feature, scheduled for 50 but only getting in 34 laps.
The full story will be on our Message Board, Diary Of A Season 2019.
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