2007 LM History


Lincoln Electric<br />
Lincoln Electric
    January 2, 2007


    Elliott Racing is proud to anounce that LINCOLN ELECTRIC has signed on as an associate sponsor for the 2007 season.


    Please visit their website at www.lincolnelectric.ca for the finest welding equipment and supplies.



RAINX<br />
    January 3, 2007
    Hot off the rumour mill!
    Elliott Racing will be announcing a new and exciting sponsorship program for the 2007 season involving RAINX, Elliott Racing and Flamboro Speedway in the near future.

Stay tuned for this and other exciting news coming soon.



    January 3, 2007
    Hot off the press!
    Gary would like to invite all his fans to check back soon for a very exciting announcement regarding QUAKERSTATE and ELLIOTT RACING plans for the 2007 season.
    Also visit the Quakerstate website at www.quakerstate.com for a full tour of their products.



AutoSpa<br />
    January 3, 2007
    Elliott Racing is proud to welcome AUTOSPA – JIFFY LUBE to their family of sponsors for the 2007 season.
    AUTOSPA is the worlds largest tunnel car wash with many other automotive products/services at their location.
    Please visit their website at www.auto-spa.ca



1974 Poem
1974 Poem
    January 1, 2007
    This poem was written by Gary and published in Tex Swiston’s “CAR WEEKLY” racing publication in 1974. Gary wrote a weekly column called “IT’S MY HOBBY” for the paper.
    I didn’t know Gary then but I can tell you that this CREDO is still very valid for him today. Gary is already pumped for the 2007 season and has made a commitment to try very hard to win the 2007 Flamboro Speedway Championship for his fans and sponsors.


Reconditioning Work Begins

Work Begins
Work Begins

March 1, 2007

    After a two month delay reconditioning work final began on the Quaker State Dodge.
    Note the new rims and tires that Gary put on the car just in time to be covered with dust, grease, oil an every other form of dirt in the shop!!!


Completely Stripped Down

Stripped Down
Stripped Down

March, 2007

    The engine, suspension, fuel system and body are all removed so that repairs can be made to the chassis and all items can be cleaned and repaired/replaced as needed. Thatcher and Jr. Hanley expertly repaired the rear end. Jason Big Jim and Dave worked on repairing the chassis and body mounts.


The New Body Takes Shape

New Body Begins
New Body Begins

March, 2007

    Once the body mounts were welded in place the process of fitting the new body began. This is a time consuming process with much care being taken to achieve aerodynamic advantage. If you ever wondered if aerodynamics really mean much on a short track race car just drive your street car down the road at 100 km/h and stick you hand out the window. When you feel the force on your hand it will help you to realize how important a slick smooth body line is.


Body Mounting Is Complete

Body Mounting Complete
Body Mounting Complete

March, 2007

    The body work is completed. Note that the body is being held in place by a series of small pins called clecos. These allow for temporary holding of the body in place and are easily removed with a special tool.
    Once the team was satisfied with the body it was completely removed from the car and sent out for painting. Dave and Jason then went back to working on welding the body mount braces in their proper positions.


Midtown CARSTAR Joins Sponsorship Family


March, 2007

    Gary is proud to announce that Midtown CARSTAR Collision Centre is joining the Elliott Racing Team family of sponsors for the 2007 season. Midtown CARSTAR Centre boasts the best state of the art collision facility in Hamilton. Please visit the CARSTAR website site at www.carstar.ca




March, 2007

    Midtown CARSTAR has added a new level to the excellence that usually is applied to the appearance of Gary’s cars. The body parts came back from CARSTAR with a deep lusty paint job and once mounted on the chassis it looked even better. Thanks CARSTAR for a truly spectacular job.


Creative Edge Graphics Letters Car

Creative Edge
Creative Edge

April 1, 2007

    Once the new shinny body was mounted to the chassis Gary and Dave took the car to Creative Edge Graphics in Kitchener, Ontario for lettering and graphics.




April 9, 2007

    Gary is currently at Shell Headquarters in Texas for three weeks. Unfortunately Nonie was unable to accompany Gary. This is the first time they have been apart for this length of time. I would bet that by now Gary is referring to Texas as the Lonesome State.
    David Elliott and Dave Watson picked the up the Quaker State Dodge from Creative Graphics and they were blown away by the job that Steve Lyons had done. The new Quaker State Logo “Unleash Your Horses” looked spectacular on the hood.


United Way Display for Quaker State

Mall Fund Raiser A Success
Mall Fund Raiser A Success
April 21st
    On April 20th I returned from Texas to have my car ready for our commitment with Quaker State at Eastgate Mall. It was a great day weather wise, and we had fun letting young fans get in the car and get their picture taken. All revenues from photo’s taken that day were donated to the United Way.


Now That’s A Nice Sign

Eastgate Mall April 21st
Eastgate Mall April 21st
Eastgate Mall Sign April 21st


Opening Day 2007

Heading For Tech
Heading For Tech
A Good Start
    Opening Day May 5th Tonight was a much better start than opening day 2006. We managed to finish every race, turn some decent lap times and finish without incident. Our crew worked very efficient throughout the night. The chase for the Championship will need nights like this all year long. There will be many contenders for the title in 2007, but the same faces will be there in the end, it’s our goal to be one of them.
    To view how the night went, go to our message board and click on “Diary Of A Season”.


Waiting For Hot Laps

Road To Flamboro Oval
Road To Flamboro Oval
Waiting For Warm Ups
    It’s always good to get some hot laps, but too many wear the engine, tires and parts. My idea has been to get the car very close and do minor changes as needed between hot laps and after the heat. The main goal is to be ready for the feature because if you’re not, theres’ no pit stops to get it right. Thanks to Thatcher we usually have the set up right on, and thanks to my crew, Jim Hulzinga, Dave Watson, Jason Chapman, Charlie Howell and Geoff Watson the car is prepared properly.


Houston Texas Late Model Driver Tim Spahr

Tim Spahr
Tim Spahr
Texas Friend
    While I was in Texas, training for Jiffy Lube, I went to a local Baptist church in Tomball. While I was there I met Tim and we talked about stock car racing. The description of his Late Model class sounded very close to that of southern Ontario. I wanted to visit his track, but they race every other week end and the week end I left they were racing. Tim is a great guy, teaches Sunday School and works with the youth program at their church.
    He invited me to come down to their track, bring my car and compete one night when our season is over. I think they race until the end of November. It’s just out side of Houston, and very likely out side of the reality of me going. Can you imagine after Octoberfest…”okay boys, let’s get ready to go to Texas”!! Somehow if this could happen, I may be going alone, no, I would be going alone. However! What if there were more training for me in Texas and I said I was afraid to fly, but I would take my truck (and trailer, and car). Tim, this may work! I will find the name of the track and put a link to it on our message board. Meanwhile to Tim and his family and crew, good luck this summer in all you do. God bless.


Heat Action May 27th Flamboro

David Wins Heat
David Wins Heat
2nd Win For David
     David started at the front and went on to win his 2nd heat in 2 weeks. He had some good company with Anthony Simone, last weeks feature winner, and Paul Howse close behind.


Scott Wins Heat

Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons
Lyons, Shaw and Me
    Scott Lyons battled Jason Shaw for the entire race. He would hold on to win but not without Jason putting on a show.


RAIN X Comes On Board

Brian McCullough Photo
Brian McCullough Photo
Racing With Rain X
    This year we made an agreement with our awesome long time sponsor Quaker State, to provide more coverage for RAIN X, a division of Quaker State. RAIN X has a great line up of products for your car. Click on the RAIN X logo at the top of the page to link directly to their site.
    RAIN X is the official sponsor of the Hard Charger Award in the Late Model division for 2007.


Where’s The Gas Station?

This Can't Be Right
This Can’t Be Right
Running On Empty
    That may be a song from the 80’s, but it was the incredible truth last night. We ran out of gas on about lap 14. The night was a tough one, the report is on the message board under Diary of A Season.


Jason Dinsmore #62 Heading For Victory

Ernie Pothier Photo
Ernie Pothier Photo
    Jason went on to win this heat. We would run close together again in the 2nd feature, but with a sad ending.


Waiting For Warm Ups..#62 Jason Dinsmore

Ernie Pothier Photo
Ernie Pothier Photo
    This how we ended our heat…only not quite this close.


We Came Here To Race And Have Fun

Crew Supports CVM Show
Crew Supports CVM Show
Dedicated Crew
     I was happy that my crew came out for this show. They could have had the night off but supported me with this very important race. Pictured here beside me are, Jason Chapman, Charlie Howell, Geoff Watson, Jim Hulzinga and my wife Nonie.


Grisdale Triple Crown This Saturday…50 Laps

Steve Laking #44
Steve Laking #44
Expect The Best
    This Saturday night Flamboro will host the first leg of the Grisdale Triple Crown. The show should attract some of Ontarios best Late Model drivers, including long time runner Steve Laking who has become a regular with us this year. Steve is one driver who just needs some good luck in this division, He was a strong runner in his final years with the CVM and has had some good runs in the Late Model class. What he’s looking for is a strong night to make up for too many tough nights the past few seasons.
    This premier show is sponsored by Bill Grisdale of Grisdale Enterprises. Bill has been a tremendous supporter of Flamboro Speedway and there will be a dozen drivers looking to claim the title in this three race series.
    The qualifying format hasn’t been announced yet, but hopefully they use one that makes it fair for all the drivers. Draw for position (luck), double heats with the second being an inversion of the first(fair) and top qualifier to the front…no inversion. That should produce some excellent heat races, like we’ve seen already this year, and not to worry, if the boys come from Delaware, they’ll make it exciting because most of them don’t like follow the leader either. Should be a good show…do not miss it.


First Heat Win Of 2007

Heading For The Checker
Heading For The Checker
Heat Win Puts Us On The Pole
    We were lucky to draw a low number in the heat putting us 3rd at the start. Here, with five laps to go we lead Tyler Brown #91 and Jay Doer #43 enroute to our first win of 2007. The win put us on the pole for the Grisdale Triple Crown 50 lap feature. It was a thrill for me and our crew, as we celebrated gaining the pole for the first time in Late Models. It’s good we celebrated before the race, the feature joys lasted less than a minute for us and many others. That story is on the message board under Diary Of A Season.


David Slams The Wall…But He’s Okay

Hard Hit For 2006 Champ
Hard Hit For 2006 Champ
Never Give Up
    David, his crew and many other Late Model teams helped get the #37 ready for the feature. The boys worked hard and missed the consi by minutes, but were able to start 25th in the 26 car field. It was good to see so many teams pitch in, maybe old time racing is back. Their efforts brought them an amazing 5th place finish in the feature. The hard work they performed, coupled with their top five finish proves you must never give up.


Damage Mostly Body And Pride

On The Mend
On The Mend
Good Time To Start Hoildays
    It wasn’t planned this way, but it did come in handy to start our holidays after the remodelling job on our Dodge Charger during the Grisdale Triple 50. The damage was almost entirely body and body braces. We ordered new panels. They are currently being painted by Midtown Car Star in Hamilton. Steve Lyons will make up the left side decals. We’ll also try to salvage some of the broken parts for later on in the season…BUT!!…hopefully we got this one out of the way for 2007.


Jason Shaw In The Winners Circle…Go Figure!!

The Man To Beat
The Man To Beat
Jason Misses The Carnage And Takes The Gold
    The first year I ran against this classy racer was in 1987. He was a rookie and ran well, but his prowess wouldn’t show up for a few more years. He rolled his #82 Ford coupe in 1987 coming off turn 2. The car landed between the cement wall and the catch fence. By 1990 Jason was so dominate in his Hobby coupe, I gave him the nick name pack-man because that’s what he looked like starting at the back of the feature and passing almost all of the cars and winning an amazing 13 features that season. Jason went to Late Model and eventually to ALSTAR where he again became a champion. He is one of a handfull of Late Model drivers who have won both a Late Model and CVM championship. Others include, Danny Shirtliff, John Fletcher, Rob Maas and David Elliott. Jason is always the guy to beat. His team is the bench mark in excellent looking and well prepared race cars. He can be beaten, but most times, like in this picture, when the final lap is run, he’ll be holding the checker flag.


On Display For Fathers Day Car Show

Church Car Show
Church Car Show
Church Show A Success
    There were 65 hot rods and antique cars and trucks on hand for the June 16th Fathers Day breakfast and car show. Nina DeLeeuw catered the event. Also on display was Jay Hughes a former Flamboro Speedway racer who brought his Corvette drag car.


Heat Win #2

Front Chute Flamboro
Front Chute Flamboro
Heat Wins Are Good

We won’t be able to show anymore checker flag shots at Flamboro Speedway in 2007, there are none taken. The plan suggests the time saved in taking pictures will help move the show along. I agree the show is too long and maybe the place to start is finding a quicker way of getting the wrecked cars off the race track. We suggested the winning cars go to the center of the track and have their picture taken while the next race is on the track, or just take a quick shot with the driver in the car on the front chute while the cars are going around for the white. That idea was turned down. It’s too bad for some new drivers who don’t get a picture of their first win. Maybe this is a trend at all tracks, I hope not. Getting a picture in front of the grandstands gets more exposure for the racers sponsors, the fans get to see the car stopped up close, race teams have pictures to use for their race proposals the following year and if for no other reason…it’s part of racing. For more on Saturdays races go to the message board under the topic “Diary Of A Season”.


Richard Holmes #42 Late Model

Best Diesel Tech In The World
Best Diesel Tech In The World
Holmes Racing
    I had the pleasure for two years to work with Richard Holmes at Concept Ford. I have worked with many great mechanics in the past 25 years and he may be the overall best I’ve had the pleasure know in that tough industry. Richard is blessed to have his dad, mom and brother all help him each week. They are due for a win, hopefully it’s very soon.


Grand Son & Great Grand Daughter of Glen Schurr

Steve & Fayth Wilkins
Steve & Fayth Wilkins
36 For Schurr
    In 2002 a young man came up to me in the pits and asked if I was the driver who ran “36 For Schurr” on the hood of his car. I confirmed that I was and then showed him the hood of our Chev Coupe. He introduced himself, “I’m Glen’s grandson Steve”. I was honored to meet Steve, the grandson of my childhood hero Glen Schurr, the Flamboro Speedway 1966 Super Modified Champion. A few years later, in 2005, Steve came to the pits wondering if I put the slogan on our Late Model and I gladly showed him. This wasn’t a fad, but if it was it was entering it’s 39th year. Last week end Steve and his daughter Fayth, the great grand daughter of Glen Schurr came to see us. Nonie took this picture, it meant so much to us we wanted to share it with all our fans. Every driver has fans. I cheered for Glen Schurr when I was 14 years old. I use to watch him at the CNE in Toronto on Friday nights, and then at Flamboro on Saturday nights. When Dad and Mom couldn’t go to the races I took the street car to the Ex and watched with my friends. One night I went alone, as if sitting with 10,000 fans is alone. My friends always cheered for Harv Lennox #10 and Jack Greedy #110. That night in 1963 Glen won his heat, semi and then the feature. I went nuts, he won the hat trick. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell my friends when I got home. Now, 43 years later his memories are alive thanks to Steve and Fayth. When I was a kid someone asked what number I’d be if I raced a stock car. I answered “36 for sure”, and so was born “36 For Schurr”. I thank God for everything, the good and the bad, but especially for moments like this.


This Is Like Going Home

Art Work By Sue Chisholm
Art Work By Sue Chisholm
Favourite Track…But In A Late Model?
    First, a special thanks to Joe and Sue Chisholm for designing this picture. We used it as a press release for our sponsors and for this sight to promote the Sauble Speedway 75 lapper July 1st…. Over the years I have had some good runs a Sauble beginning in the mid 90’s. I absolutely love this track from every aspect. The packed grand stands, the green infield, the exciting announcing, the paved pits, the friendly owners and staff who always make you feel welcome. Other tracks fit most of these positive points but none quite like Sauble. Besides the above, Nonie and I stay with our friends Tom and Cathy Miskiewicz on the main drag near the beach. They’ve been friends since 1999 when I met their daughter Mary during an autograph session. That encounter led to a great relationship and an incredible chain of events that included all four children, the three girls and John Ross, racing Go-Carts. The latest and most important event to date was the marriage of their oldest daughter Amy to CVM racer #29 Daryl Henwood. Middle daughter Sarah helps me at times with my race car when she can and will be in the pits this Sunday. I’ve had good luck a Sauble in our CVM and usually had a good race car most every night. We won our first ever Mid Season Championship at the Beach in 2001 after 28 attempts. I relalize Tim Ellis, Jason Shaw, Kirk Hooker and the other 10 very fast cars attending,won’t be bringing Hobby cars, and most all of them have many more laps than I do in a Late Model on this sweet little oval. However this is one race that I have been looking forward to, and don’t feel the slightest ounce of intimidation because I like it so much. We’ll see how much that plays in how we do, but as of now, I can’t wait to get there.


This Was Not Part Of The Plan

We Are Going To The Beach
We Are Going To The Beach
Flamboro Wreck Almost Ruins Plans

It’s true we didn’t have to go to Sauble Beach, we could have loaded up and went home and then had all week to fix the car. The desire to head to the Beach was too strong and with all this help we were able to pull it off. David’s crew, led by Eddie, Marty and Dave, as well as my own crew, Jim, Jason and Charlie all helped get us on our way by 1:30 am. The whole story is on our message board under the topic Diary Of A Season.


Sixth At Sauble Beach….And We Will Take It

Scales Of Justice
Scales Of Justice
75 Lapper A Successful Venture
    We worked hard to get to Sauble and did very well. The top 5 in time trials were teched and we were stunned to find out our left side weight percent was not even close. We’ve never been over at Flamboro in 3 years and all season we scaled at 55.8% or less. When the judge told us we were 56.4% we couldn’t believe it. The penalty for this infraction was starting scratch in both heats. At the end of the night we finished 6th our best in Late Models for a special feature race. We will be back for the next race in August with less left side weight percent and more sleep.


July 7th Grisdale Triple Crown #2…50 Lapper

Steve Adams #41
Steve Adams #41
Steve Adams A Sleeper
    If last weeks feature is an indication of which under dog could pull off the surprise of the night, it would be #41 Steve Adams. He ran flawless and quick in every race last Saturday including a decisive heat win over Paul Howse and Jeff Stewart. During the past two seasons, he had not performed with quite the power and strenght he showed last week in his heat and feature where he placed 6th. Steve said he made some key changes to their chassis. Obviously for Steve and his crew they paid off. Look for the #41 to be a factor tonight, a possibility that might just fool most of his competitors who may not have been paying attention….we were Steve…good luck.


Scott Lyons Wins Grisdale 50 Lapper

Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons
First Feature Win of 2007 For Lyons
    Scott Lyons #52 won the 50 lap Grisdale Triple Crown feature, the 2nd in a 3 race mini series from the pole on Saturday night. Scott said it was one of his toughest wins. #8 Paul Howse hounded Scott for the final 20 laps. This was one of the most competitive fields of Late Models to run at Flamboro in the past few years. The fans were thrilled with some very tight side by side racing throughout the field. Read our race report on the message board under “Diary of A Season”, and make sure to click on the Flamboro web site in our links section and read the race report by Josh Paxton, an exciting editorial on this tough but very good race.


Close Quarters In The Grisdale 50 Lapper

Photo By Ernie Pothier
Photo By Ernie Pothier
Please Don’t Stop Quick
    While many fans would have been watching the hard fought battle up front between Scott Lyons and Paul Howse, we had our hands full trying to stay with this bunch and not get hit or run into anyone. Yes in this picture we are very close, it appears #95 Anthony Simones tail may be resting on our hood. To our left is #43 Jay Doer from Delaware. These two hit each other quite often. Soon after this shot he and Anthony will resolve their feud when Simone gets spun around with 6 laps to go. He recovers to finish the race and Jay takes 9th. Close behind is #86 Kenny Forth also from Delaware. He intends on running the rest of the season with us at Flamboro. At some point this year we will have 30 cars.


Busy Schedule On The Horizon

Photo By Terry Osborne
Photo By Terry Osborne
Four Races In 8 Nights
    David and I are racing this Saturday at Flamboro and then again next Wednesday July 18th in the 100 lap race. If all goes well on Wednesday we will head to Delaware Friday night to battle, in my case to follow, some of the toughest Late Model drivers in the country. These cars run very fast on the big half mile. When they come to Flamboro they can be tamed a little, but we’ll extend them the utmost respect at their home turf expecially since they are in a points battle of their own. The next day, July 21st, I get to drive my Coupe again with the CVM boys, only this time I will have the newer tires and I am looking forward to that show. It’s the Old Timers Night. The good thing about that is that I’m not invited to run with the old timers, and that dosen’t bother me at all. I love the boys I use to run with, but for now, for as long as I can, I will run and play with all those kids younger than me….that would be everyone in the Late Models and all but one in the Hobby’s….#24 Smilin Ray.


Auto Spa Night A Success

Fred, Reada & The Staff
Fred, Reada & The Staff
Auto Spa Crew
    The 100 lap race, Wednesday night was a success for us on and off the track. Pictured here are some of the staff who came to Flamboro for the race. For some it was there first time ever to a Stock Car event. They enjoyed an exciting heat win, our 3rd of 2007.


Mike Bentley #99 Comes Close To First Win

Photo by Ernie Pothier
Photo by Ernie Pothier
Wednesday Night 100 Lap Heat Qualifier

We had a tough run in the first heat finishing 6th. In our second heat Mike Bentley #99 drove his heart out for the first seven laps trying to win his first Late Model race at Flamboro. He fought a good battle driving perfect until this lap. You can see his front wheels turned toward the wall as he corrects for a loose condition coming off the corner. That slight misque was barely enough for us to get under Mike and beat him into turn one with two laps to go. I would be the only one to get by. Mike dove in behlind me right in front of David who was moving in to take second. It was a good race for the youngster and for this veteran also. It was our 3rd win of the season. The night was good for us in many ways. We finished the feature in 8th, not overly exhausted and in good shape to run Delaware Friday night.


CVM Feature Win July 21st

Photo by Terry Osborne
Photo by Terry Osborne
1933 Chev….1947 Driver
    This was one of our most memorable victories with the Hobby club. Starting on the pole made it a little easier but it wasn’t that long ago that we were on the pole for the Grisdale Triple Crown race. I think we led for 34 seconds before all hopes of winning were crushed, along with most of the right side of our Late Model. This race was trouble free and the car was strong. I almost forgot how quick these little rockets get off the corner and how much fun they are to drive. Special thanks to my wife Nonie for allowing me to do this for 39 years. For being there for both kids when they started racing and all that we have been through the past 3 decades (we just ran 3 races in 4 nights)..and all that we went through in the past week. To our crew Jim, Jason, Charlie and Geoff who came out to be part of this great night. Also to Gerry Timm of Star Engines for building a very fast engine. It was good to see so many fans come to watch the Jalopy, Hobby, CVM veterans from the sixties to nineties put on a thrilling 12 lap dash. I am honored to be part of the CVM club, and to enjoy the history it continues to make every year. It feels great to win any night but this one was especially rewarding.


World Of Outlaws #11 Steve Kinser

Quaker State Boys
Quaker State Boys
Together We have 22 Championships
    Okay so he has 20….Nonie and I went to Ohsweken Speedway last night for the very entertaining and exciting World Of Outlaws show. We were not disappointed. We had great seats in turn 4. After the heats I wanted so bad to meet Steve Kinser. I asked Nonie if she wanted to go to the pits with me but she suggested that I go and try to get back before the feature. On my way over I met Pat and Glen Reulens and went over with them. They were two of hundreds of people we knew who were there. In the pits I found my good friend John “OJ” Hajduk and one of my former, memorable and loving pit crew members Paul Cornwall. Paul was on our crew from 1981 until 1994. He later teamed up with OJ (Oswego John) to travel the dirt circuit. Once in the pits I headed for the big “Q” trailer. I saw Ernie Pothier and Derek Smith. Derek was going to get a picture for me but Ernie has been taking pictures the past few seasons and he was able to get this one. It truly was an honor to meet this racing legend. Mr. Kinser finished 4th in the 30 lap feature. The show was an excellent spectacle. Congratutions to the track for doing a spectacular job. I hope the race promoters made a fortune.


Eddie Welds I Hamper…I Mean Hammer

Eddie Askin In His Element
Eddie Askin In His Element
All This And We Didn’t Wreck
    Eddie Askin has been an incredible friend and faithful supporter for David and all of us. Pitting with David since 1996, Eddie has enjoyed many CVM and Late Model championships. Here he poses for a shot seconds before asking me to get lost and find something else to do. We love him and appreciate his easy going demeaner and contagious smile. The hammer is redundant…no kidding. You may wonder why my car looks like this after our 3rd place finish in last weeks Late Model feature. The front bumper and right front fender were removed for painting. The support bars needed rewelding. The rad was removed and banged on the floor to get rid of a dust pan full of speedy dry and rubber. The power steering servo was removed to repair a leak. Junior Hanley is fixing the servo and Jim Sweers is painting the body parts. We also replaced every bleeder and bled the brakes. We are looking forward to the races this Saturday at Flamboro and hope to finish in one piece so we can head to Sauble for their 75 lap special. On June 30th we wrecked at Flamboro and worked until 1:30 am so we could head north, so we already know what its like to have plans messed up, and would like to pull off the 1/3 oval and head to the Beach. We are staying with our awesome friends Tom and Cathy and their wonderful girls Sarah and Mary. Looking forward to that special treat, not to mention the races on my favourite track….hey I really love Flamboro alot, the fans the friends but there is something about Sauble that gets me excited….for sure it’s not the 3 hour drive.


Sauble Autograph Session Before The 75 Lapper

Tim Ellis Wins Pole & Race
Tim Ellis Wins Pole & Race
Sauble Was Good To Us
    We were exited after the first Sauble race on July 1st and this one was even better. Tim and I started first and second for the Sauble Speedway 75 lap special. We would finish first and third. Tim is a great Late Model runner, wins lots of races, rarely makes mistakes and has the race pretty well figured out before it starts. Me on the other hand find being on the pole amazing and rare. I have no idea how the race will end up and wait for the surprise at the end. In this case it was awesome as we finished third, our best Late Model finish away from Flamboro. I hope Joe has more races in 2008, it looks like the Crate engine may have found a home at Sauble Speedway. I know Quaker State will be just as happy as we are. Hopefully next year Joe gets teamed up with the WWS and we can have specials at Delaware, Flamboro and Sauble. I’m half nuts just thinking about it. Meanwhile congrats to Tim and his crew for winning both races.


Grisdale Triple 50 Finale

Scott Lyons #52 Leads Series
Scott Lyons #52 Leads Series
Who Will Be Crowned
     It’s hard to beleive the final Grisdale race is here already. The first two events, won by Jason Shaw and Scott Lyons with strong finishes in both by Paul Howse and Todd Campbell, make this race exciting in that anyone of the four can win the crown. The race offers show up points towards the Flamboro championship standings and a nice purse pay off. For those out of the top four in the Grisdale mini series, it’s doubtful any will taste the gold that goes to the top three in the Triple Crown standings. Scott, Paul, Jason and Todd will be fighting for more than the purse booty, but who will win the Crown is a mystery. Lyons has the history of not choking, Howse has been hot all year, Shaw knows what it’s like to race with everything on the line. Maybe the sleeper will be Todd Campbell who’s been running very consistent this season. One thing is certain, these four will be in a battle when the green flag drops, but so to will the rest of the fast cars who are too far back to finish in the top 3 in the series, but very capable of finishing first in the race.


Todd Campbell Wins Triple Crown Series

#07 Todd Campbell
#07 Todd Campbell
Longshot Comes Through
    When evaluating the Grisdale Triple Crown series, and who might win, we picked Todd Campbell as the long shot based on how well he’d run so far in 07′ and the fact he was within striking distance of Jason Shaw, Paul Howse and leader Scott Lyons. Todd made sure of the series victory by finishing a strong second behind Rob MacDonnell #72. He must have breathed a sigh of relief seeing those three contenders end up in mishaps during the race. Scott had things going his way until he hit the back of Todd on lap 22. That alteracation sent Lyons out of control on the front chute and to the back of the feature once the dust settled. It was a wild crazy race. Penalties and disqualifications hurt some top runners including David, Paul Howse and Jeff Stewart. Full details on the race is reported in “Diary of A Season” on our message board. Congratulations to Todd and his crew for winning the Grisdale Triple Crown and to Rob MacDonell and his team for winning the race. A special thanks to Bill Grisdale for sponsoring this event and supporting the Late Model class at Flamboro Speedway.


Heat Win #4 August 11th

Photo by Terry Osborne
Photo by Terry Osborne
Now It’s Show Time
    This week we are making appearances at two shows before the Flamboro race on Saturday. Thursday we are in Oakville at the Post Inn Village Vintage & Classic Car Show. The show starts later in the day, 4:pm until 6:30 pm. Quaker State supports this worthy facility event and we are proud to be there on Quaker States behalf. On Saturday we will be on display from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm at the Royal Coachman restaurant in Waterdown. Watch for the details on the Royal Coachman through the Flamborough Review.


Resident Of The Post Inn Village Home

Earnhardt Fan
Earnhardt Fan
Quaker State Support Appreciated
    Last week we made two appearances to promote our sponsors and racing. On Thursday we were part of the Post Inn Village Classic & Custom car show. It was a fund raising event with all proceeds going to the residents of the Post Inn Village. This was a great event with lots of antique cars and an Elvis impersonator who sang some of Elvis great hits. The gentleman in the picture lives at the Inn and was all over lte parking lot checking out the cars. His shirt has a picture of Dale Earnhardt Sr. on it, his favourite NASCAR driver. The day was a great success. We handed out Quaker State items and kids got to sit in the car and get their picture taken.


A Season Measured On The Richter Scale

Jeff Stewart #56
Jeff Stewart #56
Win, Lose It, Win
    Looking at the 2007 season so far, it’s intersting to note that the top four cars in the Flamboro points standings have two feature wins between them. Meanwhile Jeff Stewart #56 has three, and could have had more. Jeff has as many black flags as checker flags, enough to discourage most racers, and yet still comes out week after week inspite of the season that on paper looks like the graph on a richter scale of a 6.6 earthquake. What’s amazing about their year is how dominate they’ve been most nights. They’re usually one of the fastest cars and hard to beat. Jeff is a very likeable driver and treats kids and all fans with warm enthusiasm.


Tyler Finishes 8th At Lake Erie Speedway

Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown
Good Run For The Lad
    Starting 17th in the feature, Tyler Brown made his presence known with an impressive 8th place finish in the 40 lap feture against some very good Late Models that had us both outclassed equipment wise but not necessarily on the race track. Our car was good in the final warm ups getting within 15 hundreds of their top cars. A full competitve field, all offset, coil over strut cars started the feature with no serious accidents. The only thing serious was how fast and smooth the race surface was and what a pleasure it was to race on. We are likely going back on the 8th for their Twin 35’s, I know we can do better but it was a ton of fun and that’s the main reason we’ll consider returning, plus there are no races for us in this part of the country.



Lake Erie Top Points #9 Will Thomas

Will Thomas Race Team
Will Thomas Race Team
Our Car Is Worth More Than Our Trailer
    To put things in perspective our car is worth more than double what our trailer is. The Will Thomas unit seen here may cost almost as much as our home. Will is leading the points at Lake Erie and finished 3rd in the feature last week. Junior Hanley has helped him with his car, as he has other racers in both the US and Canada. Considering it was our first time at Lake Erie, started 15th in the feature with all their top cars up front, we did okay. After the final set of warm ups we were less than 2/10ths off Wills times, better than we expected. The track was fantastic and the drivers were clean to race with and very friendly. They have a handfull of quick cars, like any race track, and the rest are close. On the ticker tape we ended up with 56.4% left side, we were allowed 58%. We weighed in at 2830 pounds compared to 2750, we were likely 2790 after the feature. If we use less fuel, maybe 3 or 4 gallons, we can lighten up the car even more, I’m sure we put more fuel in than we needed. At 8 pounds a gallon that’s an easy way to lose weight. As well, we can get the car set up better, it was loose in the feature. Improving these areas may shave a little more off our time. However, the reality is that these cars are fast and we would be do well to finish in the top 7 or 8 in a feature race, and that’s if we had a good starting spot. We are considering going back on September 8th for their Twin 35’s and use up the tires we bought. I can’t stop thinking about the track, it is a beauty.


Delaware Speedway APC 300 September 2nd

Feature Line Up 2006
Feature Line Up 2006
The Best Of The Best
    Of all the Late Model specials in 2007, the APC 300 in many ways is the biggest and should be the best in the class of 07′. Hopefully there is a good turn out from outsiders especially the drivers from Flamboro who need to support this event and it’s sponsors. Racing the night before makes it tough for most of the Flamboro cars. Meanwhile the boys from Delaware get to rest tonight for the 225 laps Sunday afternoon. This will be the biggest race in my 39 years racing, a 75 lap feature followed by a 150 lap race. It pays $10,000 to win. Second pays $2500 so I imagine there will be no friends in the final laps if a few cars are running close. Special thanks to APC for sponsoring this race.



We Were In Better Shape When We Left
    What an up and down day for our team, emotionally and physically. Making this race was one of the most exhausting and incredible efforts I’ve experienced in maybe all of our 39 years racing. The trials never stopped from Saturday night until 10 minutes before the first 75 lap race. After wrecking at Flamboro on Saturday night, exactly what we didn’t want to do,(the same deal happened the night before the first Sauble 75 lap race) we made several attempts to get a Woodward rack for our car. Thatcher did what he could including going to Grisdales to check stock. There were none available, but he tried. Big Jim felt our crew chief was feeling as bad as I was and still did his best to keep things positive. There was a lot of body damage, but it was fixable with time, something we were quickly running out of. The key was the rack, and it had to be a Woodward. Many racers were called, Saturday night and Sunday morning but everyone had other makes that would not work on our car. An early morning effort to get Junior Hanley’s help was made through a hand written letter left on his truck door handle, explaining our need and whether he could fix or replace our rack. Things looked bad for us but Shirley insisted we load the car just in case we got lucky. The car was unloaded the night before so we could remove the rack, inspect the chassis closer and charge the battery. Then late Sunday morning good news came when Mike McColl made an extra effort to get us the proper rack for our car. David called and said there was lots of help for us once we got to Delaware. This was a historic day for us, I had never ran a 150 lap in my life. We did race and we finished 13th from the 38th starting spot. The full story is on our message board under “Diary Of A Season”. Many people were responsible for us making this race. Nonie never gave up, Shirley and David were encouraging, Kelly Hallet took over as crew chief as soon as we arrived and was a fantastic help, Perry a friend from our church and our newest crew member, Peter (Scott Lyons crew), Brett, Marty, Dave and of course Mike McColl all made it possible for us staring this race. There’s more, Delaware didn’t need to worry about one more car, they had 42 before we got there, but the head of Tech helped us get through and let us run the first 75 lap without our hood and front end. Mike McColl had no reason to help us that would benefit him. He sold tons of tires to the cars there and knew I would be running the Flamboro Tires and would not be buying his Hoosier’s. He was very busy gearing the many teams with tires and advice yet he took the time to get us the part we needed. That’s Mike, he is a caring professional person who extended to us incredible grace and help. What a day, thanks so much to all who made it one of our most exciting with a very good run. There’s much more in the Diary Of A Season.


APC 300 Qualifier Almost Blows Out Windshield

Terry Osborne Photo
Terry Osborne Photo
There’s A Reason For Having All The Body On The Car
    We were so glad just to get to the track, starting like this was no big deal. It became a big deal with a dozen laps to go when the windshield started to lift right out of the car. Massive amounts of air through the sides and under the dash. We were okay in traffic, once we got to open track there was no way to stop the air from coming in. It was necessary to make a pit stop or have body panels all over the track. We installed the rest of the missing panels and the car was okay for the 150 lapper, imagine.


Two Points Nights To Go

Terry Osborne Photo
Terry Osborne Photo
Top Three Would Be Nice
    It’s always a goal to do better each year, and for the most part we have improved over our first two seasons. Both Sauble shows were a success as well as the Delaware races. Our home stand hasn’t been terrible sitting fourth in points behind Jason, Scott and David. The goal would be a top three finish, but that’s a long shot. Naturally we started out the season hoping to take a run for the title but a few problems got in the way, some poor finishes combined by some good runs by those in front of our team. It would make sense that a track champion would have a very good year, and Jake has done well in 07′. We can’t assume we’ll stay in fourth, although with the points distribution the way it is, none of the top four will lose a spot unless something serious happens. This week and September 22nd are the final two points shows. Scott is pursuing Jason, David is chasing them both, they will be agressive, David especially as he looks to win a feature after losing last week with a blown clutch. One things for sure, the racing’s not done.


Quaker State Crew At The United Way Kick Off

Picture by Norm Cheng
Picture by Norm Cheng
Quaker State Supports The United way
    On behalf of our sponsor we had the Quaker State Dodge on display right in the middle of Brant Street to support the United Way Kick Off in Burlington. The street was blocked off allowing neighbours to and those in the community to enjoy live bands and various other events throughout the day. Many dropped by our display to get a closer look at the car and meet two of my crew members Jim and Perry. This picture was taken by Norm Cheng the area director for the Bible League. Thanks Norm for the great shot.


Stewart Takes Pole

Photo By Terry Osborne
Photo By Terry Osborne
Jeff Stewart To Lead First Twin 50
    Qualifying went well for most drivers on Saturday. Jeff Stewart found himself in a four way tie for pole position after the double heats were run but would get the nod to start pole by virtue of winning the first race he was in. Mark Burbridge 27 will start outside pole with Jason Shaw and 36, me, in the second row. The four of us were tied. Mark had a second and third, Jason a 4th and a win and we had a 4th and a win. Paul Howse would have been on the pole but got black flagged for rough driving after spinning heat race leader Jamie Ramsay. Jamie will start 11th on the grid and Paul will have to qualify through the consi on Sunday. The heat win was our 8th of the season, tying our most wins in a Late Model for a season. We are still looking for a feature win and will have a good starting spot in the first race. Hopefully Mark can keep pace with Jeff on the start of the race. The second 50 lapper will be most interesting with a $1000 bonus being put up for the driver who can win both features, something most of us think is impossible. It was suggested by Scott Lyons to put the $1000 up for the overall winner but that idea, along with having one pay off was turned down by John. I just hope no one sand bags for pole in the second race, but it`s there for the taking because it will pay $1500 to win the second race. The only stipulation to start pole in the second race is to complete 48 laps in the first race. I`m sure that won`t be a problem for the few drivers who will consider finishing poor in the first to start up front in the second race. It pays $400 to finish 5th in the each 50 lap race, finishing 10th is $200, dropping back to 20th to start up front with a shot at $1500 is way to tempting for some racers and for sure a few will consider it, perhaps already have it in their strategy. As for our team we had a great qulifying run and plan to race hard in both features.


Jason Shaw 2007 Flamboro Champion

Photo by Terry Osborne
Photo by Terry Osborne
Jason Wins Everything
    In 2007 Jason Shaw and his race team claimed the Flamboro Speedway Championship, the WWS Championship and won one of the Twin 50’s in the Octoberfest week end. They had a great season, congratulations from our team to the #82 team for an incredible season.


Autumn Colors Last Chance For Feature Win

Peterborough Bound
Peterborough Bound
One More Chance
    Last week end was amazing for us and we can’t wait to get working on the car for the 2008 season, but there is one more goal to accomplish….a feature win. Trying to pull it off at Peterborough won’t be easy when looking at our Late Model history at the quick oval. The previous two Autumn Color feature runs have been dismal, however we did win a heat last year, our first and only checker away from Flamboro, so it’s not all bad. Things are different now, we have improved, we have confidence in our race program something that’s taken time to develop and we’re hoping to spring board off last week end. The hour glass is almost empty and instead of sand it’s time running out, but we do have one more shot. The fast oval in the east is a tough circuit physically because young drivers spend a lot of time turning. Old drivers know it wears you down and try to find ways to conserve energy, stay strong and go for the feature win when the opportunity arises….that’s the goal, desire, hope, to win the feature The car is ready, camper and trailer hooked up, we’re leaving tomorrow at 2:pm. It’s Thursday night…11:30 pm, all I have to do now is go to sleep, that may be the hardest part of all.


Peterborough Pits Prior To Feature

Photo by Derek Smith
Photo by Derek Smith
Jason, Don and Perry
    There were no heats last week end at Peterborough due to tons of rain. We did get the feature in and ran strong all race, that is until we ran into bad weather in the final 10 laps. We weathered the storm having our best ever finish at Peterborough in a Late Model. The feature took over an hour to run, but we stood in line for the payoff from 12:am until 2:am, maybe the first time ever that getting our money took longer than earning it. The full race report is on the message board.


Late Model Goes To Church

Photo by Gary Baverstock
Photo by Gary Baverstock
Father, Son & Daughter Breakfast October 20th 2007
    A few months ago we were invited to come to Fordward Baptist church in Cambridge. My crew chief Jim, and our newest crew member Perry, accompanied me for this special occasion. Like many churches, Forward Baptist has a monthly men’s breakfast meeting and bring in a guest speaker. The attraction of a real race car being on hand for all to see and a driver who could share his passion about racing and Jesus Christ was the key to bringing over 150 for this event. After it was over I was fortunate to be introduced to my all time favourite hockey players line mate. Most of you know I’m a Ranger fan. My favourite hockey player was Andy Bathgate #9 of the New York Rangers. It was a thrill to meet his left winger, #17 Dean Prentice. Steve Lyons painted my new helmet this past summer. On the back of it, just below #36 Glen Schurr, is the Ranger logo and #9 Andy Bathgate. Part of the success of being a kid for so long is to love what you’re doing and never forget those who made your sport exciting. In this case we’re talking hockey, my favourite sport next to racing. In the early 60’s, Andy Bathgate was in the process of breaking a record of most consecutive games with a least one goal. One night during that streak our family was in Cookstown at my uncles farm house. Lucky for me they could get Hockey Night In Canada. Foster Hewitt was the announcer and with only 6 teams in the NHL, often updated the out of town scores. Rangers were playing Montreal and all I could think of was how my hero was doing. During a break in the Leaf game, he mentioned that Montreal was leading New York 4-2 in the third period. My heart sunk, but within a second I leaped and began cheering with excitement. Mom and dad were in the kitchen playing euchre with my aunt and uncle. When I yelled, uncle Percy, a Leaf fan, came out quick wondering if the Leafs scored because he didn’t here the famous Foster Hewitt words “Keon shoots”..”He scores”!!! I said “no the Leafs didn’t score”. “Well what was all the comotion”? he asked, I enthusiastically reported “Montreal is beating New York 4-2 and Andy Bathgate got both New York goals”. He went back to the kitchen. Dad, not a hockey fan at all, asked what the big deal was, uncle Percy replied “something happened in Montreal…what’s trump?” For certain, no one in the house that night understood the significance of those goals as much as I did. Andy Bathgate would extend that streak to 11 games, a new NHL record that lasted until a young hockey player(#99)from Brantford made a new one, I think he made many new ones. Remember kids, always have a hero…and racers always be a good hero. You never know the impact you’ll have on big eyed boys and girls.


In 2008 Quaker State and #36 Celebrate 35th Season

Steam Whistle
Steam Whistle
Quaker State Back For 35th Year
    It all started in 1974. Bill Lyons helped us get this sponsorship. When we received the letter from Quaker State welcoming us to their race program I was very happy. Every week we sent race reports and pictures. Over the years we kept Quaker State informed, and made sure to thank them every year with a speical plaque or picture. We never dreamed this partnership would last 35 seasons. Nonie has been awesome, making it possible for me to continue doing what I love, racing. 35 years is a long time but for Nonie it’s not 35, it’s 40, as we enter our 40th year racing in Ontario and the U.S. I am thankful to Bill for getting us started, to Quaker State for believing in our team, for being gracious and generous. To our children, friends and all our associate sponsors for their support and encouragement but mostly to Nonie for letting me play so long, and for being there with me. Isn’t it crazy to think that one day this could end?….yes it is, so let’s not think about that, but instead the fun we’ll have as we journey with all these amazing people in this great sport, after all it’s really about the people.


Racers and Kids

Ronnie & Jorden Gallant
Ronnie & Jorden Gallant
Parts Source Monster Truck Display Brings Fans
    Copps will host Monster Jam tonight and tomorrow featuring 5 of their top performers. Parts Source is one of the sponsors for the event and four locations in the Hamilton, Burlington area had one of the exciting 1200 HP car crushers. Grave Digger was in Hamilton, Avenger and Brutus in Burlington and Blue Thunder at the Stoney Creek store with our Late Model. It was bitterly cold last night, Frank Krmel (driver of Blue Thunder) and I stayed inside to sign autographs. Many families came in to meet Frank and I, mostly the Monster Truck driver. The Gallant family were there and Rhonda,(mother of Ronnie and Jorden) took this picture. Frank drives Blue Thunder about 30 week ends each year. There are only two Blue Thunder trucks, entertaining either in the U.S. or Canada. This week end Frank is determined to beat his rival “Grave Digger” in Hamilton. Should be noisy and fun. If there are any noise levels above 99 decibells, that won’t be Blue Thunder, it will be my grand daughter Lauren.


1982 CVM History

Ron Shaw and Dave Bentley
Ron Shaw and Dave Bentley
Battling With Two Hard Chargers
    This picture, and many more are on, or will soon be on our CVM History section of our web site. In this picture veteran Ron Shaw #81, in his second season with the Hobby’s battles with me and rookie Dave Bentley #29. All three of us would eventually have our sons join us in this racing game. I am trying my best to get our older Hobby history on the site as soon as possible. Hopefully 1983 will be started before Christmas.


Sheridan Hills Missionay Church

Breakfast Meeting
Breakfast Meeting
Late Model At Church
    On Saturday morning Jim and I took our Late Model to the Sherdian Hills Missionary church on Tralfalgar Road in Oakville. This was the second such event in two days with the race car. The first was Thursady at the Mississauga Chaplaincy on North Service Road, an outreach event headed by former Argo Bruce Smith. Brian Warren, another former Argo and Pastor of The Hope Center in Mississauga, was the guest speaker. A full bus load of kids were on hand to meet the football stars and see the race car. On Staurday, close to thiry men and one young boy came for the breakfast to see the race car. I had an opportunity to share stories about our racing and how I came to meet the most important person in my life, Jesus Christ. This was our fourth and final opportunity to have our car on display for a special event since the race season ended. We put the car in the garage and will start our race rebuilding program for 2008 next week.


Family Life Center

Rock & River Church
Rock & River Church
The Help From These Men Was Much Appreciated
    What a night this was from many aspects. Bruce Smith, former Toronto Argo, runs this outreach church ministry in Mississauga. It’s just a few doors down from the California restaurant, a place many Hobby drivers use to visit after the CNE races in 1990. Pictured here are Richard, David, Michael and Jason in the car. The boys helped me get the car unloaded and loaded back up again later in the evening. You can see the snow falling as Julie-Anne took this picture. This was a great night with over 100 kids on hand to hear Argo greats, Brian Warren and Bruce Smith talk about Jesus and how much they cared for each and every boy and girl present. The kids were from the Jane/Keele Finch area, a part of North York that’s been plagued wtih violence and death. The plight of many young children have caught the hearts of many professonal athletes, and this was one event that showed the kids that these men do more than just talk about how much they care. I was proud to be a part of this special event and plan to take our car back again in the summer.


Sauble Speedway Has New Owners

Joe Chisholm To Stay On
Joe Chisholm To Stay On
Sauble Speedway Photo
    Jason and Amy Thom are the new owners of Sauble Speedway. We wish them all the best for the coming season. Things will be okay for them, they have a gem of a track and the mastermind behind making it one of the best race tracks in Ontario will stay on helping things run smoothly. This isn’t a hint or anything, but we sure hope we get two more Late Model shows in 2008.


1982 “CVM History” Complete

Paul and Steffon
Paul and Steffon
These Two Made It Fun
    Paul Cornwall and Steffon Zoskey were two crew members who stayed with us the longest, Steffon for 18 years. Both excellent friends, they made a very tough 1982 a lot of fun and became very close to Nonie and I. 82′ is completed in our CVM History section.


1981 CVM History Almost Complete……82 Done

 Win For Jim
Win For Jim
The Red Knight #12 Jim Collison
    Jim Collison was a very agressive racer in his day, in fact, for quite a few years. If you didn’t want to race, it would be better to stay in the pits because he was going to race hard for every spot he didn’t already have. His charge to the front usually meant those ahead would eventually have their hands full. Racers like Jim made us better. He became very popular with his peers later on in his career, working hard for the Hobby club and having an excellent year in 86′, coming very close to winning the championship. 86′ will be posted after 83, 84 and 85, in fact 81′ needed more pictures to get it finished, and so I’m stuck in 81′ for now. This picture of Jim is from 81′ it will be posted soon. Jim has done alot for the sport of racing. He was inducted into the Hobby Hall of Fame in 1998 with Brian Barton and spends much of his time organizing go cart racing through the Waterloo Kart Club. He operates his own business, Collison Electric in Cambridge.


Jim Atkinson #400

Still Racing
Still Racing
Dirt Racing
    Jim Atkinson drove #11 in the mid 70’s in the Hobby club. He only ran a few seasons but was a fun guy. On the visor of his Model A Hobby car was Catharine, after his daughter Cathy. We were on display November 15th to support Monster Jam for Copps and Jim dropped by. He had this picture sent to us and we wanted to share it with you. Jim is 67 and still plays on the oval, only now adays it’s covered with dirt. We wish Jim the best for the coming season.


Start Of A 3rd Generation In Racing

Grand Kids To Race
Grand Kids To Race
Gehrig and Lauren
    It was only matter of time before we introduced our grand children to the racing game. Thanks to Flamboro Speedway building a go-cart track on their premesis made the decision easier. Gehrig and Lauren will share driving this cart for 2008. If they have fun and enjoy it enough to want to continue racing in 09′, we’ll make sure they have a go cart each, unless they are happy to share driving. The cart pictured here was driven by John-Ross Miskiewcz the past few seasons. It was the only go cart we could find with #36 already on it…just kidding, but JR did race #36. This season will be tough, we have no spares, no equipment and pretty well no clue. I understand the Waterloo Kart Club are very good at helping new comers. The kids are 9 and 8, and one or both could be racing a Mini Stock or Thunder Car in the next five years. Racing against either of my grand children could be my final plateau in this great sport, it sure would be a goal for me. I wonder which of us will change more in the next 5 years…yikes!!…Meanwhile we have lots of laps to do before that happens, and I must continue on, not stopping, or looking at my birth certificate.


Merry Christmas

God With Us
God With Us
God’s Gift
    In the book of Matthew, the Angel tells Joseph that his wife to be, Mary, is with Child, from the Holy Spirit, and that he should give the name of his son, “Jesus, for “He will save His people from their sins”. His name shall be called “Immanuel, which means, God with us”. How great is it to know that God sent His Son Jesus, as a gift to us. God came to earth. Jesus came to bring us the gift of freedom. It’s like we’re in the pawn shop of life and He redeemed us with His life. The birth of Jesus was a gift from God for us. Merry Christmas and may God bless you all in the coming year.


Lauren One Of Two Drivers For Grandpa’s Cart

Race Suits Too Small
Race Suits Too Small
Minor Set Back
     We had our first set back with the expansion of our race team to go-carts. Uncle David bought them go-cart racing suits for Christmas, but, they’re too small. We will return them in the new year and get bigger suits. The kids are growing, unlike us, they grow taller we grow wider. This could be a costly venture over the next few seasons. I wonder if they would mind real baggy suits this year, that way, by the time they’re 12 the suits will fit perfect.


Getting Ready For 2008

A Good Start
A Good Start
Monte Carlo In 2008
    This will be our first time running a Monte Carlo in the Late Model class. We ran an Intrepid in 05, a Tuarus to start 06, then we went to the Charger. We ran the Charger in 07 and I decided to go with the Chev for 08′. For the past few weeks many of my crew have spent a few hours on different occasions to get our car to where it is now. Dave Watson has been the catalyst with his extra effort on the body panels. Today Dave, Jim, Jason Perry and I got a lot done. We naturally have a long ways to go. Our goal is to have the car ready for the car show by early February. We should be okay.

2006 LM History

Some of the Boys From 86′

Champions<br />
January 3, 2006
    While welcoming in a new year it seemed to be appropriate to reflect back on some of the past Champions of the Canadian Vintage Modifieds.


    This picture was taken at Flamboro Speedway in 1986. Four of the drivers were Club Champions and three won either a Gold Cup or Flamboro Championship or both. Some were Champions years after this picture was taken.


    Only one driver did not have the privilege or honour to win a Championship, however his racing prowess was that of a Champion. #12 Jim Collison finished 2nd more than once and missed out on a title before he retired. His best year was 1986.


    The following is a list of some of these drivers’ accomplishments.


    #12 Jim Collison….1986 Mid season, End season and Twin 25 Championship races.


    #55 Jim English…..1983 Gold Cup Point Champion.


    #84 Rich Farraway…1984 Flamboro, 1984 Gold Cup, 1984 Club Champion.


    #65 Jeff Bedell…..1989 Flamboro Points Champion.


    #19 Mike Witter…..1988 Flamboro, 1986 Gold Cup Champion.


    #79 Charlie Beck….1986 Gold Cup, 1986 Club Champion.


    #36 Gary Elliott….1989 and 1999 Club Champion.


    #24 Ray Hughes……1998, 95, 93, 88, 87, 85, 83, 82, Club Champion. 1998, 95, 93, 90, 87, 85, 83, 82, Flamboro Champion. 1998, 95, 93, 92, 87, 85 Gold Cup Champion.


    Rich Farraway returned to the CVM in 2005 to race with the club after a six year absence. Ray will start his 36th season. He started in 1969, but sat out in 1980 and 1981. Gary joined in 1972 and 2006 will be his 35th consecutive season.


1981 Hobby History Coming Soon!

1933 Ford Coupe<br />
1933 Ford Coupe
    During warm ups one beautiful afternoon in 1981 the right rear axle broke going into turn three. The car did a 360 degree spin stopping about 10″ from the wall. The wheel bounced over landing down by the fence. I know this is hard for most to believe, but I was 34 years old. Did I say 34? Wow. Thirty four is nice…but I learn a lot over next 25 years……..This is one picture of 178 from 1981 soon to be posted in the CVM History section.


Jesse Pontello to run ASA Late Models in 2006

Jessie Pontello<br />
Jessie Pontello
Oh Canada! Canadian star, Jesse Pontello to run for the Rookie of the Year title in the ASA Late Model Series Southern Division.
    Story By: ASA Late Model Series Staff
    Lexington, Michigan (01/24/2006): Aspiring talents from all over the country are gearing up for the 2006 season with the ASA Late Model Series Presented by GM Performance Parts. Drivers from all corners of the United States are keeping a keen eye on the happenings in and around the ASALMS.
    Not only does the ASALMS reach all over the country, but our neighbors to the North in the Great White North to be exact, are also keeping up to date everything concerning the ASALMS as well. One young, talented driver from the great country of Canada has announced his intentions on running the ASALMS in 2006.
    St. Catherines, Ontario driver, 16-year-old, Jesse Pontello has signed on as a development driver for Fridella-Daniels Racing and has announced his intentions on competing for the Rookie of the Year title in the ASALMS Southern Division as well as making select appearances in the televised ASALMS Challenge Division.


Gary s Team Prepares For 38th Season!

Guess The Make<br />
Guess The Make
Waterdown February 6, 2006
    This picture was taken on Saturday February 4th. The picture shows the body panels being held together with temporary fasteners to make sure all parts fit together properly. The car was totally disassembled the following day and sent to Paul House’s shop to have both the frame and body painted. Special thanks to my son David and his crew, Eddie and Marty, as well as Dave Watson, Thatcher Krupp and Big Jim for all their help. The car will be in the Performance World Car Show at the Toronto International Centre in March 10, 11 and 12. Gary will be in attendance to sign autographs and answer your questions. This is a must attend event for all Hot Rod and Race fans.
    Can you identify the new body make for 2006? Post your answer on our message board.


Performance World Car Show

Quaker State Ford<br />
Quaker State Ford
International Centre, Toronto, Ontario March 10, 2006
    This weekend marks one of the biggest and most prestigious car shows in Canada. Performance World is hosting it’s annual performance custom show with 4 buildings of beautiful Hot Rods, Antiques, Custom cars and high performance race machines.
    Gary Elliott’s 2006 Quaker State Ford makes its second visit in two years. Gary and his crew will be on hand to talk to fans about this years racing schedule, as well as represent all Elliott Racing Teams valued sponsors.
    The show starts tonight at 4:pm until 10:pm, Saturday 10: am until 10:pm and Sunday 10:am until 5:pm.
    Hope to see you there.


Pre Season Work At The Shop

Engine Work<br />
Engine Work
    Many hours of meticulous work are put into the car prior to the season.


Looking For The Gremlins

Looking For Gremlins<br />
Looking For Gremlins
    Gary, Thatcher And David attempting to solve the engine miss at the track.


1st Heat Action

1st Heat Action<br />
1st Heat Action
    Gary in 2nd place catching the leader #42 Richard Holmes.


Gremlins Strike 2006 Season Opener

2nd Heat Action<br />
2nd Heat Action
Flamboro Speedway April 29, 2006
    Despite many months and hundreds of man hours of methodical preparation, checking and rechecking every nut, bolt and system on the 2006 Quaker State Ford, Gremlins struck the Elliott Racing Team on Opening Day at Flamboro Speedway.
    The first practice laps brought smiles of joy to the team as the car turned fast laps and appeared very close on set up. One minor symptom however gave warning of things to come. Just as the practice was ending the engine developed a small miss. The crew immediately went to work making some suspension adjustments and a minor adjustment was made to the carburetion.
    In the second practice session the car turned even faster lap times and gave indications of being the car to beat. However once again the engine miss appeared. More adjustments were made to the carburetor and the problem appeared to be corrected.
    Gary started 4th in the 1st Heat. As the green was waved for the first race of the 2006 season Gary quickly showed that the competitive spirit was as strong as every. He quickly moved passed two cars and settled into second place behind Richard Holmes in the #42 car. Gary and Richard rapidly pulled away from the rest of the field. On lap seven Gary started to make a move to the outside to challenge for the lead. All of a sudden the engine cut out and then sputtered on. Gary settled low on the track and nursed the car to a 9th place finish.
    The crew again went to work trying to diagnose the problem. Fuel lines were checked the engine timing was reset and once again the carburetor was worked on. Again the engine responded in the pits and the problem appeared fixed.
    Gary started 7th in his second Heat race. Gary drove aggressively on the edge and quickly moved the Quaker State Ford into the top three. Once again the Gremlins struck and the engine started to sputter. Gary dropped to the rear of the field and all of a sudden the engine picked up. Gary again started to move through the traffic and finished in 7th.
    Although the frustration was beginning to show on the crew Gary pulled the team together and again every possible or suspect area was examined. A new fuel pump was installed and more adjustments were made to the fuel system.
    The Quaker State Ford started 14th in the Feature Race. As the field drove down the back straight on the opening lap, Gary dove to the inside lane. This was a most fortunate move. As the field entered turn three a collision occurred right at the front. Most of the top ten runners were involved but Gary quickly turned off the track into the infield thus avoiding any damage.
    The field was reset and Gary started in 6th place. On the restart Gary quickly moved into third place. The car was very quick and Gary began to look below the second place runner as they exited the turns. On lap ten just as Gary exited turn four the engine again sputtered and died. Mark Burbridge in the #27 car was unable to check up in time and bumped the Quaker State Ford in the rear and sent it spinning to the infield. Gary managed to restart the engine and returned to the race a lap down. Gary nursed the Quaker State Ford to a 13th place finish.
    Although frustrated with being unable to find the Gremlin in the engine the team was able to take heart with the knowledge that the Elliott Racing Team will once again be among the top of the field for the 2006 season.


From The Back Heat 1

Heat 1<br />
Heat 1
    Gary started eleventh and finished third in the 1st Heat.


Gary Dominates In 1st Victory Of 2006

1st Win<br />
1st Win
Flamboro May 6, 2006:
    There was a large field of 23 Late Models on hand to do battle at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night. It was obvious to every one at the track that this was going to be a very competitive night. Having solved the fuel issues from opening day Team Quaker State was looking forward to a better outing the second time around. From the first laps of practice the car was very quick. Gary advised that the handling was a little loose but the engine was running great. The crew made some chassis adjustments and the engine was checked out just to make sure everything was ok.
    Gary started very deep in eleventh place for the 1st Heat. At the drop of the green flag the Quaker State Ford leapt forward picking up one position through turns one and two. By lap four Gary was running in seventh place. On lap five Gary moved to the high side of Steve Adams in the 41 car and completed the pass in turns three and four. By lap eight Gary was embroiled in a terrific battle with Shawn Arnott in the #3 and Dave Baker in the 50 car. Baker managed to dive below Arnott in turns one and two and Gary followed through the hole. The Quaker State Ford got great bite exiting turn four coming to take the white flag. Gary moved to the outside of Baker entering turn one and completed the pass down the back straight. Gary took the checkered in third place but was gaining on the leader.
    Gary lined up on the outside pole for his second heat race. Anticipation was high amongst the Quaker State Team. At the drop of the Green flag Gary drove deep into turn one and took the lead. The Quaker State Ford was handling like a dream and Gary hit all his marks in driving a flawless race. At the end of ten laps the checkered flew for Gary’s 1st win of 2006. He was near half a lap ahead of second place and he had lapped two cars.
The Gremlins strike again!
    The car was checked over and all was in order for the Feature Race. Gary started the Feature in eight place. On lap two Gary moved outside of Dave Baker to take sixth place. Gary then settled into a terrific duel with son David, Greg Cox and Scott Lyons. On lap ten Gary moved under Cox for fifth place and was headed to the front. The next lap as the Quaker State Ford exited turn two the right rear tire cut down and Gary spun to the infield. Just as Gary moved back onto the track a caution flew. The Quaker State Team changed tires under the caution and Gary returned at the rear of the field but confident that he still was capable of getting back to the front. On lap sixteen with Gary running in eleventh place the Gremlins again worked their mischief as the driveshaft exploded in the Quaker State Ford. The damage was not repairable and Gary was credited with seventeenth place.


Fast In Warmups

Warmups<br />
    The Quaker State Ford was very fast in warmups.


Preparing For Warm-Ups

In The Pits<br />
In The Pits
    Flamboro Speedway May 13,2006
    Gary and the Team prepares for warm-ups.



Warm-Ups<br />
    Flamboro Speedway May 13,2006
    Gary and David running together during warm-ups. Both teams were very equal. Try as they might, neither David nor Gary could pass each other.


Setting The Car Up

Discussing Set-up<br />
Discussing Set-up
    Flamboro Speedway May 13,2006
    Gary and Thatcher checking notes and discussing set-up.


Team Quaker State Up To Speed.

Fast thru the corner<br />
Fast thru the corner
    Flamboro Speedway May 13,2006
    Everything fell into place on Saturday night as the Quaker State Team had their strongest run of this young season. The car worked flawlessly from the opening laps of practice to the final checkered flag.
    In the first Heat race Gary started sixth. He beat the #5 car of Thane Woodside into turn one to take fifth place. Gary then set his sights on #27 Mark Burbridge. Gary dogged Burbridge’s rear bumper and made several feints to the outside over several laps. The 27 car gradually moved up the track to block the Quaker State Ford. On lap seven Gary again looked outside entering the corner. Burbridge moved up the track and Gary pounced. He muscled the #36 low and stood on the throttle exiting turn four, slipping under the #27 and grabbing thirds place. Gary closed in on the leaders over the final two laps and took the checkered in third place.
    Some minor adjustments were made to the chassis and Gary was sent out in fifth place for his second Heat. Gary quickly moved the Quaker State Ford past two cars in the first couple of laps. On lap six he moved outside of #3 Shawn Arnott and took 2nd place. Gary then settled into a steady rhythm and caught up to the rear bumper of the leader as the checkered flew.
    Buoyed by a 3rd and 2nd place finish in the Heats the Quaker State Team made a methodical check of the car in preparation for the Feature. Gary started sixth in the Feature with all the top dogs lined up in front of him. At the start of the Feature Gary quickly settled in behind, 2005 Champion, #52 Scott Lyons. The front pack of seven cars ran nose to tail with barely room to slip a hair between their bumpers. At the midway point #89 Shawn Chenoweth slipped up the track in the turn and Lyons drove below. Gary followed Lyons through the hole and took 5th place. Jeff Stewart in the #56 car then became embroiled in a side by side battle with #37 David Elliott for first place. As they entered turn one they came upon a lapped car causing a three wide incident resulting in Stewart hitting the wall. As a result Gary moved his Ford into fourth place. Try as he might Gary was unable to make a move on the #52. Son David Elliott took the checkered first to win his first Feature of 2006. Gary crossed the line in fourth place.
    The Quaker State Team was very satisfied with the results and is now prepared to be a driven force in the run for the Flamboro and W.W.S. Championships.


Cold Night and Fast Field = CHOO CHOO!

Tight Field<br />
Tight Field
Flamboro Speedway May 20, 2006
    Perhaps we are paying now for the mild winter we had. It sure seemed that way on Saturday night as temperatures dropped. The cold night, though tough on the crew and spectators had the opposite effect on the car and driver. Racers enjoyed the warmth in their race cars and the engines produced some very good horse power from the cool night.
    After a good run last week, the focus was on the points chase. In the first heat, starting 6th Gary battled for half the heat race with Chris Bochsler #75 until a caution flag came out. On the restart Paul Howse #8 was able to get by both Gary and Chris. At the checker the Quaker State team crossed the line in 5th place.
    In the 2nd heat Gary started 4th. Once again he would battle with Paul Howse, only this time the results would be different. The top three cars ran side by side for the first part of the heat with Gary taking 2nd and Paul finishing 3rd. Mark Burbridge #27 won that heat.
    The feature inversion was 3. Gary started 6th of twenty one cars. Though a fairly good starting spot, the quality of competition both in front and behind were the very best. On the green flag most drivers on the outside lane were looking to get to the inside. The reason was simple. On a cold night, the outside lane has less traction. Running low is where you need to be. If you’re on the outside you have to go further just to keep up, let alone pass. Poor traction means a driver needs more time to get on the gas, by then the inside cars are gone. The term used to describe this event is being “freight-trained”, when all the cars line up bumper to bumper and make it impossible for the outside car to get in. That’s what happened to the Quaker State Ford. By the time Gary got in line on the bottom groove he found himself in 11th spot, not quite the caboose, but a long ways from 6th. The cars ran tight but in single file.
    Coming off turn two on lap thirteen, three cars directly in front of Gary made contact. The melee sent cars flying. Gary was able to get around the spinning cars. On the restart a quick pass put the #36 in 7th spot. Mark Burbridge was in 5th on the outside lane. Like wolves the pack lined up on the inside to pass Mark. He knew what was about to happen. Some drivers know they’re going back and run their hardest, others try forcing their way down and sometimes it works because the car in the low lane backs off. But most times it causes a wreck and when Mark came down he hit the 6th place car causing both to spin out. Once again Gary was able to get around the spinning cars.
    The rest of the race ran clean and after the dust settled Gary had claimed 6th place. This night helped in the points race ….on May 27th Gary and his team will have their car in Georgetown at the Alliance Church for a family day. Saturday night will be regular Flamboro racing at 6:30 pm.


Promoting Our Sponsors Off The Track

Early action Saturday<br />
Early action Saturday
    On Wednesday May 24 Gary was a guest speaker at the Yorkland Christian High School graduation banquet. Approximately one hundred students, teachers and parents were on hand to hear Gary share his faith and passion for racing. Gary congratulated those who would win awards and encouraged those who did not win this year to remember to enjoy their sport, never give up and always try to do their very best every time.
    On Saturday morning it was off to Georgetown Alliance Church for support in a fund raiser for children in Mexico. Part of the event was that people could swing a sledge hammer and smash it into cars. Gary explained to the participants that the Quaker State Ford was not part of that event. Little did Gary know that by the time Saturday night was over the Black #36 would look like it had been smashed repeatedly with sledge hammers.


Lots Of Work To Do!

Damaged Left Rear<br />
Damaged Left Rear
Flamboro Speedway May 27,2006
    The Quaker State crew will be extremly busy repairing damage and again attempting to find the “miss” problem.


The Big Crush!

Gary & Jason Inspect Damag
Gary & Jason Inspect Damag

Flamboro Speedway May 27, 2006

    Trying to get rid of the engine miss that has plagued the team since the second day of racing finally resulted in one of the worst wrecks in Gary’s short Late Model career. The engine miss caused by (at this time) an unknown source would occur during a caution after thirteen or more laps of hard racing. It would clear up before the race restarted but this past Saturday that wasn’t the case.
    After strong runs in both the heats, a second and third, Gary was ready to battle the top guns in the feature. In both of those races there were no signs of any engine or electrical problems. The inversion draw wasn’t kind and resulted in Gary starting from 8th place. It would be a struggle to move forward with seven fast cars ahead. Gary slipped back in the early going but moved back up to 7th by lap six. A battle for 5th was heating up with David and Shane Gowan #10. Exiting turn two the car following the Quaker State Ford rammed Gary in the rear bumper sending the black Ford flying through the infield. A caution came out as many of the cars behind were spinning to avoid each other. Gary restarted at the tail end of the field. It would be a long way back to the front. That’s when the engine started missing again, only this time on the straightaway and with very serious consequences. When the engine quit on the Quaker State Ford a competitor struck the car in the left rear corner, turning Gary sideways. The car then continued into the left rear fender ripping it off and launched up and over the back wheel of the immaculate #36. The cars right front wheel struck the window net area. Fortunately the safety net did its job and it kept Gary safe. When the dust settled three cars were in the wall and Gary was sitting in the infield with a badly damaged race car. He proceeded to the pits and the crew quickly replaced a mangled wheel and broken shock. Gary returned to the race surface to finish 16th.
    The Quaker State team not only has to find the miss, but fix the extensive damage to the body and chassis…no problem, they’re not new to this. There is no racing, at Flamboro, for Late Models on the June 3rd weekend. The crew can take their time repairing the car. They plan to have the car ready this Saturday for practice to get set up for the first Grisdale Triple Crown race Saturday June 10th. Races that night start at 6:00 pm. Indications are that Late Model Teams from the ALLSTAR Series and Delaware and Kawartha speedways will be coming to compete in this event. This is one event you should not miss. The action will be fast and furious.


Testing At Homestead

Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure<br />
Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure
Homestead Florida June 7, 2006
    Dale Jarrett called Gary and asked him to come down to Homestead Speedway in Florida and test his race car. Gary accepted and is currently at the track testing.
    Well ok that’s not exactly the truth.
    Gary won a trip to Dale Jarrett’s RACING ADVENTURE through Ford. He is presently in Homestead Florida enjoying the experience which includes driving a Nextel Cup car at Homestead Speedway. Gary will return in time for this weekends Grisdale Triple Crown event at Flamboro Speedway.
    For information on the Dale Jarrett driving adventure check out http://www.racingadventure.com


A Test of Strength.

Gary passing David 1st Heat<br />
Gary passing David 1st Heat
Flamboro Speedway June 10, 2006
    To say that the 2006 season has been a disappointment to the Gary Elliott racing team would be an understatement. The team entered the season hoping to challenge for the Flamboro Championship. Some equipment failure and mistakes early appear to have moved the team out of contention for the championship. For the past two weeks the team had rededicated it self and spent many hours of hard work in an attempt to turn things around. The team repaired the extensive body damage to the Quaker State Ford. The entire electrical system was then rewired with the very kind assistance from Bill Lyons and Bill Podd. The car was then taken to Flamboro Speedway for a test season and numerous laps were run. Everything checked out ok and to the relief of everyone the electrical problems, that have plagued the team all year, appeared to be fixed. The car was then taken back to the shop, the chassis was scaled, set and a final nut and bolt check was completed. The car was ready for the first Grisdale Triple Crown Event at Flamboro Speedway. Gary was home from his experience with the Dale Jarrett Driving Adventure at Homestead Speedway and seemed well rested and reinvigorated.
    In the first set of warm-ups the car appeared close on setup and turned some very fast times. After consulting with Thatcher it was felt that only a minor chassis change was needed. In the second warm-ups the car was rock solid and very fast. Gary returned to the pits and declared that the car was ready to race.
    Thirty Late Models arrived at Flamboro on Saturday ready to do battle for the Grisdale Triple Crown. The qualifying format was set as three Heat races with the top six finishers from each qualifying and then a last chance Consi with the top six finishers qualifying. Starting positions for the Heats were set by drawing. Lady luck did Team Quaker State no good when Gary drew to start ninth in the first Heat. Neither Gary nor the team was in the least concerned as they knew they had a car and driver capable of marking it to the top six. When the green flag waved at the start of the Heat Gary stayed in the low groove as this is usually the fast way around Flamboro. The problem was everybody else held the same opinion and also stayed low. Gary quickly made the decision that he had to try the high side as the Heat was just too short to sit back and wait for something to happen. Once in the outside lane Gary slowly started to pick off one competitor at a time. A short caution occurred but luckily Gary restarted in the outside lane. When the green flew he continued to move forward and eventually wound up finishing fourth. Gary returned to the pits happy with having qualified and thrilled with the way the car was handling. At the end of the Heat races Gary held tenth place in the qualifying order. A complete nut and bolt check was done and no adjustments were made to the car.
    The inversion number drawn by a fan inverted the top eleven competitors. Gary would start the fifty lap Feature on the outside of the front row. The cars all lined up on the front straight and driver introductions were made. Anticipation mounted as the drivers buckled in. This was surely the strongest field of Late Models seen at Flamboro Speedway in many years. Besides all the Flamboro Regulars there were top teams from both Delaware and Kawartha Speedways and several drivers from the ALSTAR series.
    At the drop of the green flag Gary drove hard into turn one and held his position outside of pole sitter #70 Jeff Hanley. As the field exited turn two Gary moved to the inside lane and settled in behind Hanley. #6 Cole Pearn from Delaware Speedway followed through in third. Hanley set a blistering pace with Gary and Pearn in close pursuit. Several times Pearn attempted to drive below Gary through the middle of the corners but could not make a pass as Gary was able to accelerate much better off the corners. For twenty laps the cars ran nose to tail with no space between their bumpers. Hanley’s brake began to glow as he was working them hard in the corners. Hanley then began to push up ever so slightly in the corners and the Quaker State Team began to believe that if the race stayed caution free Gary might be able to slip under the #70 and take the lead. This was not to happen though as a spin resulted in a caution around lap twenty four. Hanley had time to cool his tires and brakes down.
    When the green flag waived the front trio again moved off to their own battle. By lap twenty eight Hanley again started to show a push. On lap twenty nine it was a little worse. On lap thirty Gary decided to stay as low as he could on the track and if Hanley pushed up he would try a pass. As the cars entered turn one Hanley started to push up. In the center of the turn the Hanley wiggled as he tried to get on the throttle and had to lift. Gary also had to lift to avoid hitting Hanley. Pearn following behind Gary did not check up and struck the rear of the Quaker State Ford sending it spinning to the infield. A caution resulted and Pearn was penalized for rough driving.
    Gary and Pearn restarted the race at the rear of the field. When the race was restarted Gary quickly began to pick off competitors and it was hoped that he might crack the top ten before the race ended. On lap thirty four the Quaker State Ford lost all power and electronics exiting turn four and their race was over. The collision with the #6 car had been so severe that it had broken the battery box. The battery subsequently fell out of the car killing all power.
    Upon being towed to the pits Gary consoled his crew and informed them that we were the car to beat tonight and that everyone had done a superb job. Gary has advised team members that these are test of our strength and how we come out the other end is how we become better people. The team knows that although we had an unlucky night we are now doing the things that are needed to put us in victory lane and with Gary’s leadership it is not a question of if but only when.



Celebrating the win<br />
Celebrating the win
Flamboro Speedway June 17, 2006
    To say that the 2006 season has been a struggle for Gary Elliott and his team would be an understatement of gigantic proportions. They have run the gambit of mechanical problems, electrical problems, carburetion problems, flat tires, radio problems and wrecks.
    Through all of this Gary has never allowed the Team to lose focus or become dispirited. Gary has made sure that going to the track has been a fun experience no matter what the outcome.
    Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway started on a high note with a dominating Heat win. The Team was then knocked to the low point of the season when the Gremlins struck again. Gary pulled onto the track for his second Heat race. All of a sudden the engine began to cough and would not run. Gary missed his second Heat! Once again the Gremlins had done their work. A piece of dirt had fouled the carburetor. Even this was too much for Gary and for a few moments despair settled over the Team.
    Gary and Thatcher began to take the carburetor apart and Jason pulled the fuel filter out. Then the Flamboro racing fraternity displayed its best side. People from other teams began to arrive and offer their help. Jr. Hanley from the #8 team jumped in and helped with repairing the carburetor. Bill Lyons from the #52 team showed up and assisted and offered parts for the carburetor. Many other team representatives arrived and offered assistance and moral support.
    The Team Quaker State pit became a beehive of activity and it was impossible not to catch the spirit off the moment. Then the big turn around happened. Due to his not running the second heat race Gary was tenth in the qualifying order for the Feature. A fan then drew the #10 for the inversion order flipping the top ten cars and putting the Quaker State Ford on the pole. A quick final check of the car was made and a final chassis adjustment completed. As Gary climbed into the car Thatcher told him not to worry about the other cars, to drive his line where the car worked best and in the end he would win.
    As Gary lead the field to the green flag he drove deeper into turn one than outside pole starter #50 Dave Baker and the Quaker State Ford took the lead. Exiting turn two and down the back straight #42 Richard Holmes and #82 Jason Shaw followed Gary under Dave Baker and the trio set off in a three car chain at a blistering pace. On lap four Holmes’ right front tire developed a leak and he pushed up in turns three and four. Shaw jumped on the opportunity and drove below Holmes taking 2nd place. Meanwhile Gary continued his blistering pace and began to inch away ever so slightly.
    By the mid race point #8 Paul Howse had moved through the field and settled on Shaw’s bumper into 3rd place. At this point the Quaker State Ford developed a push. Shaw and Howse hooked up and slowly began to reel Gary in. By lap nineteen they had closed to the bumper of the Quaker State Ford and the fans sensed a thrilling finish in the making. Gary began to dial more rear brake into his car in an attempt to loosen it up.
    On lap twenty the Quaker State Ford pushed up ever so slightly entering turn three. That was all the invitation Shaw required and he pounced. The 82 car drove low and pulled along side the left rear fender of the Quaker State Ford in the middle of the corner. Sensing that this was the defining moment Gary held his breath and mashed the throttle exiting turn four. The Quaker State Ford leapt forward and rocketed off the corner. Shaw could not get on the throttle as fast and had to settle back into 2nd place. For the next four laps Shaw would look low in every corner but he was not able to make the move.
    As Gary took the white flag on lap twenty four it became apparent that one more obstacle was to be over come before the end. The leaders were catching slower traffic. As Gary entered turn three he came upon a lapped car. Gary swung the Quaker State Ford to the outside of the lapped car. Shaw stayed low and started to pull along side Gary. Shaw was hoping that the lapped car would move up the track and leave him an opening. The lapped car held his line and Gary accelerated by on the outside and took the checkered flag for a long awaited Feature win.
    Following the win Gary said …”beating Jason Shaw was as great an achievement as winning the Feature. I think Jason is one of the best Late Model drivers in Ontario and he has always had my utmost respect as an aggressive but clean driver”.
    The celebration in the Quaker State pits was not the wild scene that some would have expected. The mood was joyous but subdued as the Team members reflected on the trial and tribulations leading to this point of the season.
    Gary’s mother is visiting from Nova Scotia and was at the track to witness the win. She stated …”Gary has loved racing since he was 5 years old, he always wanted to race.”…”I was watching my son who’s almost 60 years old racing like he’s 30″…..
    What a thrill for both mother and son!


Autograph Day

Heat Win<br />
Heat Win
    Flamboro Speedway June 24, 2006
    Autograph Day at Flamboro Speedway is always a special day for Gary as he loves to interact with race fans especialy the youngest one. Gary autographed many Hero cards on Saturday but still had enough strenght left to muscle the Quaker State Ford to another day of strong finishes.
    In Heat action Gary jumped out to a good lead in the second Heat and then cruised to the checkered flag for another win. In the fourth Heat Gary was in much tougher company and had to start deep in the field. Gary drove a determined and smooth race to finish in fifth place.
    In the Feature Gary started seventh inside of son David. Father and son battled side by side and gave the fans a thrill, with Gary finally getting the edge and passing David. Gary then turned his attention to the cars in front of him and made a couple of slick moves to bring the Quaker State Ford home in fourth place.


Jessie Wins!

Victory Circle<br />
Victory Circle
    Flamboro Speedway July 1, 2006
    Jessie Pontello celebrated Canada Day by winning a Heat race in Gary’s CVM car.


Tough To Steer

Catching Scott Lyons<br />
Catching Scott Lyons
    Flamboro Speedway July 1, 2006
    Canada Day reminded Gary what it had been like to drive the Quaker State car in 2005 with no power steering. In first Heat action the Quaker State car went off roading into the infield and colided with some curbing. Gary nursed the car home to an eight place finish. The suspension was checked over, a wheel and tire replaced and the toe was set. Gary returned to the track for his second Heat race and he imediately knew something was wrong as the car was very difficult to steer. Gary carefuly drove the car home to a seventh place finish.
    Once again the crew gave the steering components a check and this time found that a part on the power steering had broke. The piece was repaired as good as was possible at the track. Gary started fourteenth in the Feature and began to move quickly towards the front until the repaired part again broke under the stress. With the power steering out of service Gary had to call on every ounce of his strenght to muscle the car around the track. He did a remarkable job under the circumstances and drove the car across the finish line in seventh place.


Grisdale Triple Crown Race #2

Gary passing David<br />
Gary passing David
    Flamboro Speedway July 8, 2006
    During the week Gary’s team gave the car a good going over and again repaired the broken power steering part as a replacement could not be obtained in time. The team arrived at the track hopeful that the part would stand up to the fifty laps.
    Twenty eight cars showed up to attempt qualification for the race. Gary started fifth in his Heat race and drove to a very strong second place finish. The inversion left Gary starting tenth in the Feature. Although confident in the car and driver the Quaker State Team was worried about the repaired part. Time would show that it was with good reason. Once again the part failed under the extreme stress that it needed to endure. Gary did the best job he could in bringing the car home in 12th place.


Mid Season Championship

Celebrating Heat Win.<br />
Celebrating Heat Win.
    Flamboro Speedway July 15, 2006
    Team Quaker State arrived at the track with a new part in the power steering and full of anticipation for the evening’s events. Gary started seventh in his first Heat and was immediately boxed in behind slower traffic so he had to settle for sixth place. Some adjustments were made to the chassis and Gary lined up outside David on the front row for their second Heat. At the drop of the green Gary kept his foot in on the power and drove deeper into turn one than David. The chassis adjustments worked and the car stuck. Gary got a good run out of turn two but David beat him out of the corner and took the lead. Gary settled in behind David and waited for the right moment to pounce. With two laps to go David pushed up entering turn three and Gary drove under him to take the lead. Gary pulled away on the final lap and cross the finish line for the win.
    There was no inversion for the Feature so Gary lined up in the fifth starting position with all the top guns in front of him. By Feature time the track was very slick and the prospects did not seem good for side by side racing. When the green flag waived the top five fell into single file and ran the entire distance nose to tail. Gary crossed the finish in fifth place.
    David won the Mid Season Championship, his first in a Late Model.


Ron Williams Memorial 100

Gary & 92 Anthony Simone<br />
Gary & 92 Anthony Simone
    Flamboro Speedway July 19, 2006
    When Gary won the Feature race on June 17 it automatically locked him into the fifth starting position for the Ron Williams Memorial 100. A with the previous week the track was very hot and slick and the prospects of moving up in the field were few as all the top guns were starting up front. When the green flag flew the field immediately settled into single file and began the long run to the end. Every driver attempted to look high or low but few opportunities to advance presented themselves. A caution was waived for a spin and Gary had to restart beside Jason Shaw. They ran side by side for a lap but Gary just could not get the necessary traction and Shaw took the position. Gary settled in behind and completed the race in sixth place.


Delaware Twin 75’s

Gary running up front<br />
Gary running up front
    Delaware Speedway July 21, 2006
    Team Quaker State made the trek down to London on Friday to compete in the Twin 75 lap events. All the Delaware teams were present as well as a lot of the other top teams in Ontario so the competition promised to be extremely tough.
    Having run at Delaware in 2005 without much success, the Team made notable changes to the setup. Those changes made the difference. The car was faster and far more stable for Gary to drive. For the first time ever Gary had to time trial a Late Model for his starting position. Prior to climbing in the car Gary was like a child in a candy store. He did not know what to think about his chances but was just thrilled to have the opportunity to make the run. The Quaker State Ford was about the tenth car to attempt qualifying. Gary pulled onto the track gunned his motor and set about the task at hand. Into turn one perfectly on his marks ….rocketing off turn two out towards the wall ….down the back straight and hold the throttle open as long as he dared ….on the brakes and turn down into turn three ….on the gas again and accelerate full out of turn four hoping the tires will stick ….drift out towards the wall and will his car across the finish line ….19.211 seconds ….third fastest at the time and good enough for tenth fastest at the conclusion of all time trials. Not bad for his first time. To say that Gary and the team were thrilled is an understatement.
    When the green flag waived to start the first 75 lap Feature Gary quickly moved the Quaker State Ford through traffic and into sixth place. On lap four as he was in the middle of turns one and two another car struck the Quaker State Ford from behind and sent Gary spinning to the infield. A caution waived, Gary returned to the race track and restarted at the rear of the field.
    When racing resumed Gary took the high lane that few other drivers were willing to try. Gary once again moved quickly through the field and in short order found himself running up front again. As Gary entered turn one another car again hit him from behind but with much more dire consequences. Gary was unable to hold the car down in the spin and as it shot back up the track several cars made contact the worst of which was from David spinning backwards into the right front of the Quaker State Ford. The damage to both vehicles was extensive. David managed to return to the race to finish in the top ten. Gary however was out of the race and finished 27th.
    The damage was once again to the power steering unit and rack. The team worked hard and got the car ready to roll just in time for the second race. Once on the track Gary radioed that the steering was still not right. Gary held onto and finished 16th.


Spun In Turn Two

Turn Two Spin<br />
Turn Two Spin
    Delaware Speedway July 21, 2006
    Gary returns to the track after being spun in turn two.


Jr. & Thatcher Setting The Car Up

Jr & Thatcher<br />
Jr & Thatcher
    Delaware Speedway July 21, 2006
    Jr. Hanley and Thatcher work on setting up the Quaker State Ford.


A Shake Up In The Championship Hunt!

Gary passes Richard Holmes<br />
Gary passes Richard Holmes
    Flamboro Speedway July 29, 2006
    Sometimes bad luck truly does have a silver lining. Gary pulled into the Flamboro pits on Saturday sitting in 5th place in the Flamboro Championship hunt. The focus was on chipping away at Simon Wild’s 4th place lead. The top three positions (Scott Lyons, David Elliott and Paul Howse) were out of reach. Or were they?
    In Heat race action Gary finished 3rd and 2nd, putting him 5th on the starting grid for the Feature. At the start of the Feature Gary settled in behind Scott Lyons and was waiting for an opening when Scott made contact with Simon Wild causing Simon to spin in turn three. With great skill Gary locked up the brakes on the Quaker State Ford and threw it into a sideways slide to avoid hitting Simon or the wall. Other cars following also spun and the caution was waived. The black flag was waived at Lyons for rough driving and he was subsequently penalized all Feature points for the night. All of a sudden 3rd place in the Championship hunt was now within reach.
    Gary restarted the race in 17th. Gary tightened his seat belts and got up on the wheel. In the remaining laps Gary picked his way back through the field to eventually finish 7th.


Another Bizarre Points Night!

Gary leading the pack.<br />
Gary leading the pack.
    Flamboro Speedway August 5, 2006
    Gary’s Quaker State team pulled into the track on Saturday night fully prepared and confident of a good run in the making. In Heat action Gary had very solid runs and finished in 2nd place in both races, putting him on the outside pole for the Feature.
    The cars were lined up, circled the track to warm up the tires and then took the white flag for one lap to go to start the race. The field entered turn three and the pole sitter (# 52 Scott Lyons) began to accelerate. Gary kept pace and was looking forward to a good jump so that he could race Scott for the lead into turn one. As the field exited turn four and prior to the green being waived # 8 Paul Howse hit the Quaker State Ford from behind, turning the car sideways across the track right into the path of all the oncoming cars. # 56 Jeff Stewart hit the Quaker State Ford hard in the left front corner causing considerable damage to both vehicles. The rest of the field piled up behind and few escaped without damage.
    Gary brought his car to the pits and the crew quickly changed the left front wheel and assessed the damage. The car was safe to return to the track but it obviously would be a handful for Gary to drive. Howse who was 2nd in the Championship hunt was shown the black flag and disqualified for rough driving.
    When racing resumed Gary restarted at the rear of the field. It was obvious that the damaged Quaker state Ford could not compete with the leaders but Gary gave it his all and in the end he finished in 4th place. A remarkable achievement indeed.


Someone Always Has It Tougher

15 Car SLM<br />
15 Car SLM
    Kawartha Speedway August 11, 2006
    No matter how bad things were Team Quaker State did not have as rough of an evening as the #15 Team Super Late Model.


Not As Bad As It Looks

Front End Damage<br />
Front End Damage
    Kawartha Speedway August 11, 2006
    The heavy damage seen in the picture was mostly cosmetic and was repaired prior to the Feature.


Collision In Turn One

Just after contact.<br />
Just after contact.
    Kawartha Speedway August 11, 2006
    This picture was taken moments after the collision between Gary and # 75 Jim Sweers.


The Kawartha Experience.

Driving thru the pits.<br />
Driving thru the pits.
    Kawartha Speedway August 11, 2006
    Gary and his team made the trek to Kawartha Speedway on Friday night. The plan was to get some track time in and get a base line set up for the big event at Kawartha in September. The weather was perfect, the pits were packed with cars from all divisions and the fans were out in record numbers. All seemed well.
    In warm-ups Gary felt that the car was a little loose so only a minor adjustment was made. In the Heat race Gary discovered that the car was a lot looser than expected so he dropped to the rear of the field to feel the chassis out……well almost to the rear. Fellow Flamboro driver Jim Sweers was also at Kawartha and in the same Heat. Jim was experiencing problems himself and also dropped to the rear of the field and was running about ten car lengths behind Gary. As Gary entered turn one the rear end came around and the Quaker State Ford turned sideways across the track. Sweers attempted to steer around but at that moment his steering box broke and he slid into the front of the Quaker State Ford. The damage to both cars was enough to knock them out of the race. Once in the pits it was determined that the damage was mostly cosmetic so the crew set about repairing the damage. Some more chassis adjustments were also made and the work was completed in time for the Feature.
    Gary started 22nd in the Feature and took the opening laps to feel out the car. The adjustments helped but the car was still loose. Once he was sure of the handling Gary began to move through the field. One by one Gary picked off the opposition and by race end he had moved into 11th place. All things considered a pretty satisfying effort.


Grisdale Triple Crown Race # 3

Gary following Dave Heat #2<br />
Gary following Dave Heat #2
    Flamboro Speedway August 12, 2006
    The Quaker State Team arrived back in Waterdown at 2:30 am. after racing at Kawartha. It was agreed that the Team would meet at Flamboro Speedway at 2:00 pm. and everyone went home to get some much needed sleep.
    Once at the track the Quaker State Ford was taken through pre race tech. and then the team went to work changing gears and making further repairs to the damaged nose. Several top teams from other tracks showed up to compete against the Flamboro Speedway regulars. The Heat races were very competitive and Gary did a superb job of qualifying finishing 3rd and 4th. This was good enough to nail down the 3rd place starting position for the Feature.
    At the start of the Feature Gary settled into 5th place and was getting ready for the long run. Around lap eleven Gary could feel that the motor in the Quaker state Ford was a little flat.
    On lap fourteen Dave Baker in the # 50 car hit the wall very hard in turn two and was injured. The race was red flagged while the safety crews extracted Baker from his car and he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Dave was examined at the hospital and some tests were run. He had suffered a concussion and was very sore but otherwise he was ok.
    The temperature dropped about seven degrees while the race was red flagged and when the race was resumed Gary radioed that the engine had picked back up. The reprieve was only temporary as the engine again began to loose power when it heated up. Gary held on as best he could but then the car began to push in the corners. There was nothing left to do but hold on and ride it out to the end. By the time the checkered flag waved Gary had slipped to 9th place. Not too bad all things considered. The Team will definitely have a lot of work to do this week.


Don Biederman Memorial Race

Don Biederman<br />
Don Biederman
    Waterdown August 15, 2006
    This Saturday night is the Don Biederman Memorial Race at Flamboro Speedway. It is also Soap Box Derby Night. The race card consists of Late Models, Thunder Cars, Mini Stocks and Can-Am Midgets.
    Pits open at 2:00pm Grandstand opens at 4:00 pm. Soap Box Derby at 5:00 pm. Racing Starts at 6:30 pm.
    Gary and the Quaker State Team are primed and ready to race in this prestigious event.


Kawartha Speedway Summer Sizzler

Summer Sizzler Promo<br />
Summer Sizzler Promo
    Waterdown August 15, 2006
    On Sunday August 27, 2006 Kawartha Speedway will be holding their Late Model Summer Sizzler 200. A large field of Late Models from across Ontario and the northern U.S. is expected. This promises to be one of the best Late Model shows in years. Plan to attend.
    Gary and the Quaker State Team will be there to compete. Gary is hoping for a really good run this time around at Kawartha.


At Speed During Practice.

The new front end look<br />
The new front end look
    Flamboro Speedway August 26, 2006
    The Quaker State car is seen here at speed during practice. Note the new front end.


Near Disaster!

Eddie welding the rear end.<br />
Eddie welding the rear end.
    Flamboro Speedway August 26, 2006
    Team Quaker State arrived at the track on Saturday night with a new front end on the car, new springs, new shocks, a completely new set up and a new engine. Yup I said engine!
    During the two week layoff it was discovered that the old engine had one broken and two cracked pistons. Repairing the old engine did not seem to be the sensible way to go so a brand new power plant was purchased. With extensive help from David Elliott and Eddie Askins the engine was replaced just in time for racing last Saturday but unfortunately the night was rained out.
    The car was very fast in warm-ups and only some minor tinkering was done prior to the Heat races. Gary was slated to start third in the second Heat and was warming up the tires on the track when suddenly the left rear control arm bracket broke. The car was brought to the pits and repairs began. Although Gary missed his Heat race it was lucky that the part broke under less than race speed minimizing the damage.
    Gary started sixth in the fourth Heat and drove a superb race weaving his way to the front. He caught race leader Dave Baker with two laps to go and they waged a battle that brought the fans to their feet. Gary got under Baker exiting turn four and they ran side by side to the finish with Baker taking the win by less than six inches.
    Due to his failure to start his first Heat race Gary was regulated to a twelfth place starting position for the Feature. When the green flag waived Gary began his climb towards the front. Lap after lap he passed competitors high or low. It didn’t matter where as the Quaker State car was really hooked up and Gary was hungry for success. By lap seventeen Gary had moved into fifth position. The top four cars had hooked up in a group at the start of the race and steadily pulled way from the rest of the field. Once Gary broke free of the slower cars he began to run down the lead group. He was narrowing the gap on every lap but unfortunately ran out of time when the race ended.
    Gary and the crew were very pleased with the fifth place finish given how deep he had started in the Feature. A quick gear change was made and the car was loaded into the trailer ready to head to Kawartha Speedway early the next morning for the Summer Sizzler 200.


Wild Action In Turn Four

Turn four wreck<br />
Turn four wreck
    Kawartha Speedway August 27, 2006
    Flamboro driver #41 Steve Adams was involved in this wild turn four wreck. Steve was able to continue but his front end was beat up.


Too Tight. Out of Gas. Too Loose! Too Hot!

Start of the second 75 lapper<br />
Start of the second 75 lapper
    Kawartha Speedway August 27, 2006
    Following Saturday night’s racing at Flamboro the Quaker State team headed home for a few hours sleep. The alarms awoke the crew at six am. and the trip to Kawartha Speedway was made. Upon arrival it was obvious that it had rained quite hard at Kawartha during the night as the pit area was soaked. Later in the day when the temperature rose the pit area became a sauna.
    The car was unloaded passed through pre tech. inspection and regular maintenance was preformed. During warm ups the car was loose so adjustments were made to the chassis.
    In Heat action Gary started sixth. When the green was waived Gary made some good moves on the high groove and passed a couple of cars. The car was still too loose and as a result Gary could not make the car run in the low groove. One car got under the Quaker State car prior to the finish and Gary settled for fifth place.
    More adjustments were made to the set up and Gary started the first 75 lap race in 15th place. Right from the start it was obvious that the adjustments were too much as Gary reported that the car was tight. He fell to the back of the field waited for a caution and then entered the pits for adjustments. Unfortunately the adjustments took longer than was hoped and Gary went a lap down. When racing resumed Gary reported that the car was much better and he began to pass other competitors. When the checkered flag fell Gary was running in the top twenty.
    Gary started third in the second 75 lap race and stayed in the top five for the first few laps. Suddenly the car lost power. The car was pushed to the pits and the problem was diagnosed as a fuel starvation issue. By the time the problem was fixed it was too late to return to the track.
    Gary still advised that the car had a small push so another adjustment was made and the Quaker State car started on the pole for the final 50 lap race. Gary immediately reported that the car was again too loose and he could not hold it down in the corners. By the time he was able to move into the top groove, he had dropped to eleventh place. The car was still loose and there was nothing to be done except to ride it out to the end.
    Both driver and crew were exhausted by the end of the day. Post race reflection revealed that it was perhaps too much to expect a top performance when the team had raced the night before, only gotten three hours sleep then, driven three hours to Kawartha and then have to work, or for Gary drive, in extremely hot and humid conditions.
    More valuable lessons learned for the future.


Calamity Corner

Passing #86 Kenny Forth<br />
Passing #86 Kenny Forth
    Delaware Speedway September 3, 2006
    With Saturday nights races rained out at Flamboro Speedway Gary and the team were looking forward to a good day at Delaware Speedway. Richard Holmes driver of the #42 Late Model at Flamboro was not taking his car to Delaware but joined the Quaker State team to help for the day. This would be a most fortunate event as his help in early pit work and car set up was instrumental in Gary pulling off another great time trial effort. Gary beat his July time by more than 1/10th of a second good enough to start 3rd in the Invader 100 lap qualifier race. After qualifying some minor chassis adjustments were made and used tires from the July race were put on for the first 100 lap race.
    When the green flag waved Gary held his line early and appeared to be competitive. After twenty laps of racing however all that changed. It became obvious that the team had missed the set up necessary for the long run. The car became looser and looser with every new lap. Finally Gary could not hang on any longer. Rather than take a chance on wrecking Gary headed to pit row and the tires were checked and some wedge was put in the car. Upon returning to the track Gary reported that the change helped but that it was not enough, the car was still too loose. The team huddled and examined the air pressures that were taken from the tires on the last pit stop. It was discovered that the right rear tire had increased by eight lbs. since the start of the race. Fortune smiled on the team as the caution was waived for an on track incident. Gary returned to the pits the pressure was reduced in the right rear and more wedge was put in the car.
    Gary restarted at the rear of the field. He immediately reported that the changes had helped and he began to move forward through the field. With about twenty laps remaining Gary reported that the car was loose again and he began to back slide. Gary did a remarkable job of holding on and brought the Quaker State car home in 12th place. Post race examination revealed that the tires were completely worn out. Lesson learned – don’t use old tires no matter how few laps are on them!
    The team again huddled and it was decided to make some significant changes to tighten up the car for the main event. The changes were made and the car was pushed to the starting grid in twenty fourth place. The field was set, the pre race festivities took place and then Gary strapped himself into the car. As the field exited turn four to take the green several of the lead cars crashed and the start was waived off. Again the race was started. There were two more wrecks in front of Gary in the first nine laps and by the time the carnage was sorted out Gary found himself in 16th place on the restart. When the green again waved Gary settled in and reported that the car was much better than the first race. Gary got into a rhythm and began to pass other cars. More cautions were waved for more crashes in front of Gary and he skillfully missed them all. By the mid race point Gary had moved into the top ten and all appeared set for a great finish when disaster again struck the Quaker State team. Exiting turn four in a line of traffic a part of the exhaust system broke off of a car and Jay Doerr in the 43 car ran over it causing him to spin into the outside wall. Doerr’s car then rebounded off the wall and across the track right into the Quaker State car. Gary reported that the electronics were dead and the rear end was broken. It was believed that the team’s day was over.
    The car was towed to the pits and upon inspection it was discovered that the damage was not as bad as it appeared. The team scrambled replacing the battery and the right rear trailing arm. A quick rear end alignment was made and the car was dropped to the ground. The situation was help by more on track incidents including a red flag period. As a result Gary returned to the track with out losing too many laps.
    Once back on the track Gary did a superb job of driving the car and he crossed the finish line at speed. If the team had ended the day at the crash it would have resulted in a 22nd place finish. By repairing the car and returning Gary to the track it allowed the team to finish sixteenth. Not the top ten that was hoped for but it at least ended the day on a happier note.
    Next Saturday night the team returns to action at Flamboro Speedway. With only three races left at Flamboro Gary is within five points of fourth place and still has a mathematical shot at third. If nothing else the team has learned to never give up this season. Who would have thought after the first month of the season when the team was mired in 15th place that they would be at this point now.


Your Chance To Be In Film!

Legacy Films Logo<br />
Legacy Films Logo
    September 4, 2006
    Legacy Films Canada Inc. and Producer/Director Andrew E. Stewart and the cast and crew of his original television series “Cotter Pins” will be on location at Lucas Oil Flamboro Speedway over the next few weekends. They will be shooting racing sequences, action in the pits as well as some scenes in the control tower and the viewing stands. The production will then move to Oshawa Ontario for additional shooting of street racing and nightclub scenes.
    The stars of this dynamic new TV series, signed to date, are Benjamin Rouse (Stephen King’s “Rainy Season”, “Relic Hunter”, “The Guiding Light”), John “Stony” Stoneham Sr. (the Lonestar Cowboy, the Lonestar Network, USA), Tina Shaw (Toronto Sun Bikini model of the year 2006 Second City Alumni), Julia Hazelton (Relic Hunter), Kelly Hoare (Oshawa Little Theatre, Second City Alumni) with additional cast to be confirmed shortly.
    They are actively seeking interested sponsors for this production to assist with associated costs as they are not financing this film through any traditional Canadian funding agencies.
    Lets get the largest crowd in years to fill the stands for the racing sequences. Come on out and bring all of your friends. This promises to be a lot of fun and who knows it might be your big chance to be on film. You will also be present to see some great racing at the same time.
    The production is looking for race cars, teams, locations for additional filming and many extras to fill the grandstands and pits.
    Interested persons are requested to contact Elliot Prentice at prentice@mycybernet.net for further details and registration for race cars, sponsors, locations, actors and background.


Win Number Six

Victory Lane<br />
Victory Lane
    Flamboro Speedway September 9, 2006
    The team had a lot of work to do during the week. The rear body parts were removed, repaired and painted. The track bar mount was repaired. Weight ballast was added, the car was scaled and the chassis was adjusted for the up coming race at Flamboro.
    On Saturday night the car was fast in warm-ups and some minor adjustments were made to make it even better. Gary advised the team that he felt a vibration. The car was checked over and all appeared ok. Gary started 7th in his first Heat race and made some good moves to pick off three positions to finish 4th. Some more small adjustments were made and Gary started on the outside pole for his second Heat race. Gary pulled on the track and immediately reported that the vibration was really bad and that he was sure it was the transmission. There was nothing to be done except start the race and hope for the best. The green flew and Gary rocketed into turn one and took the lead. He began to pull away from the field. After three laps the car began to slow ever so slightly. By this point Jeff Stewart in the 56 car had cleared traffic and moved into 2nd place. Lap after lap he closed the distance and by lap seven he was on the rear bumper of the Quaker State car. Gary reported that the vibration was now a very bad grinding noise and he was sure the transmission was about to fail. With three laps to go the team crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. On each of the closing laps Gary would out pull Stewart exiting the corners but Jeff would close up down the straits. As Gary exited turn four on the last lap he held his breath hoping the transmission would hold together. It did just barely and Gary crossed the finish line to take his sixth win of the season.
    The team worked feverishly in the pits to change the transmission, make some more chassis changes and gas the car for the Feature. Gary started 5th in the Feature and maintained that position as the field sorted out to single file racing. At mid race David was running in front of Gary and the top six cars were all nose to tail. Gary reported that the car was very good. It now became a game of cat and mouse to see if anyone in front would make a slip. As the laps counted down David’s car became loose and he was having more and more trouble holding it to the bottom groove. As David entered turns three and four on the final lap his car slipped high and Gary pounced. He drove deeper into the corner with his left wheels on the apron. The tires stuck and Gary accelerated off the corner and passed David to take 4th place at the checkered.
    With the 4th place finish Gary moved one point ahead of Simon Wild for 4th place in the standings with one race left. The crew will work extra hard this week to prepare the car for next Saturdays final points race at Flamboro. It promises to be a thriller that no one should miss.


Display A Blast

Gary talking to a fan.<br />
Gary talking to a fan.
    September 16, 2006
    Gary and Big Jim had a great time at the car display. Gary autographed more Hero Cards than every before. He felt that it helped strenghten his grip for the race later that night (lol).


Too Close For Comfort!

Flat Tire!<br />
Flat Tire!
    Flamboro Speedway September 16, 2006
    Just moments after Gary pulled into the pits at the conclusion of the Feature race Jason discovered the right front tire had gone flat. Inspection revealed a rivet had punctured the tire and it had stayed lodged in the tire keeping the air in just long enough to complete the race.
    Note the tire rub mark on the front valance and the blue paint on the flat tire. Both are a result of the contact with David on the opening lap.
    PS. The rivet was blue too! I wonder where it came from?


David Celebrates Championship.

Jason, Gary, Thatcher, David.<br />
Jason, Gary, Thatcher, David.
    Flamboro Speedway September 16, 2006
    David explains to Gary how close they had come to wrecking on the opening lap. Both father and son had a good laugh about the incident and celebrated David’s Championship and Gary’s 4th place points finish.


Congratulations David!

David & Crew.<br />
David & Crew.
    Flamboro Speedway September 16, 2006
    When the checkered flag fell at Lucas Oil Flamboro Speedway on September 16th, David Elliott added another Championship to his resume – his first Track Championship in a Late Model.
    David captured 11 Heat wins and one Feature victory during the year, but it was consistency that was the key to winning this title. His average finishing position at Flamboro Speedway was an impressive 4th. In fact, during the 18-race season, the Lucas Oil Chevrolet finished in the top-5 an amazing 16 times.
    “The car worked really well all year,” said David. “Every week, when we rolled off the trailer, we were pretty quick.”
    How did David and his crew handle the race day pressures of Championship day? “Well we went go kart racing in the morning.” said David.
    David rewarded Crew Chief Eddie Askins and crew member Marty Hagen for their dedication and hard work by giving them each a trip to the Dominican Republic.
    David becomes only the fourth driver to win titles in both the Canadian Vintage Modified and Late Model divisions.
    But there is more to be done.
    David began the 2006 season with two goals – win the Late Model Championship at Flamboro Speedway and capture the overall Weekend Warrior Series title. He’s achieved half of his goal and is leading the Weekend Warrior Series point’s standings with three weeks of racing left in the season.
    “Winning one title is fantastic,” said David. “Winning both in the same year would be amazing!”
    The entire Quaker State Team wishes to congratulate David and his crew on their Championship.
    We would also like to let them know that they only get to celebrate for one year because we intend to beat them next year!


A Night of Celebrations!

Gary's Heat Win.<br />
Gary’s Heat Win.
    Flamboro Speedway September 16, 2006
    Saturday promised to be a long and possibly stressful day. David was set to win his first Flamboro Championship in a Late Model and the Quaker State team was one point ahead of # 06 Simon Wild for 4th place in the Flamboro points. Considering the many things that had gone wrong during the 2006 season no one would have been surprised if Gary and his team had arrived at the track all nervous and up tight. Just the opposite was what occurred. During the week the team had worked hard on the car checking every nut, bolt and system and then rechecking them to make sure all was in order. Early Saturday morning Big Jim and Gary took the Quaker State #36 for showing and autograph session. All went smoothly and Gary was in his element talking with fans and signing autographs. When the team arrived at the track the car breezed thru pre tech and was made ready for warm-ups. The car was very fast in warm-ups and only minor adjustments were made prior to his first Heat race.
    Gary started on the outside pole in the 2nd Heat. He was informed by radio that David had just won the 1st Heat so he took to the track with a strong desire to put both Elliott cars in victory circle early. To say that Gary dominated would be an understatement. When the green flag fell Gary drove deeper into turn one than ever before and took the lead from pole sitter Jeff Lotspeich. Gary rocketed out of turn two, down the back straight and pulled out to a two car length lead. For the entire ten lap distance of the race Gary hit all his marks with precision and turned the fastest times of the day by any car at the track. Gary took the checkered flag for his seventh win of the season before the 2nd place finisher was even exiting turn four. Some more minor chassis adjustments were made prior to Gary’s second Heat race. This one would not be as easy with the Quaker State car starting in seventh place. As the green flag waived Gary became embroiled in a great side by side battle with # 50 Dave Baker. The two had raced each other hard all year and each driver held great respect for the other. For two laps the pair were side by side when Gary finally got the advantage exiting turn two. Gary managed to pick off two more positions in the final laps and finished in 4th place.
    David had finished in 6th place in his 2nd Heat race and only needed to finish the Feature and pass technical inspection to win the Championship. For Gary’s part the 1st and 4th place Heat finishes gave the Quaker State team a five point lead over Simon Wild to start the Feature. Gary proclaimed that the car was perfect. For probably the 1st time in two years no adjustments were made to the car prior to the Feature.
    Gary was slated to start 5th with David starting 4th. Simon Wild was slated to start 10th. When the green flag waived the field entered turn one very tightly bunched. As they exited turn two David’s car became loose and when he corrected his slide he came down across the nose of the Quaker State car. The two made contact. Gary checked up and turned to his left. His lightning fast reflexes saved the day and both drivers were able to straiten out and pick up the throttle without losing a spot. David settled in front of Gary and the two set off after the leader. By lap seven the pole sitter Richard Holmes was pushing up in the corners and Steve Laking driving the #56 Kubota Car drove below him to take the lead. David then pressured Holmes and took 2nd place. After a brief caution period Gary settled behind Holmes and waited for him to again start to push. A few laps later the opportunity arose and Gary drove below Holmes and took 3rd place exiting turn four. Gary rapidly caught the leaders and settled onto David’s rear bumper. As the laps counted down David’s car appeared to become loose and Gary contemplated attempting to make a pass. Gary looked low over the closing laps but David was able to keep his car down low enough on the track so that no clear opportunity to pass presented it self. Steve Laking took the win. David took 2nd and his 1st Late Model Championship. Gary finished 3rd and captured 4th place in the point’s one position better than his rookie year. Gary’s seven wins for 2006 was also one more than his rookie year. The team was very pleased with those accomplishments considering the horrendous start to the season and the trials they had overcome to finish 4th.
    Gary was also pleased with his teams finish, but nothing could compare with a father’s immense pride and joy at David’s Championship win.
    This coming Saturday the Late Models are off and Gary plans to drive his Vintage Modified at Flamboro in the Open Wheel Extravaganza.


Oktoberfest Qualifying

God Bless Our Troops<br />
God Bless Our Troops
    Flamboro Speedway October 1, 2006
    Twenty five Late Models took to the track on Sunday to attempt to qualify for the Oktoberfest 100 to be run on October 14. The Quaker State car was a little loose in warm-ups so some adjustments were made to tighten it up for the Heat races. Drivers drew for their starting positions for the Heat races and Gary’s draw set him to start 4th in the third Heat. The #4 car of Craig Zurbrigg was slated to start 2nd but his car was damaged during warm-ups and was not up to speed so he started at the rear of the field. This moved Gary into the 3rd place starting position. At the drop of the green flag Gary followed pole sitter Roy Wilkie into turn one. Jim Molenhuis started 2nd and dropped back beside Gary in the first turn. The two raced side by side out of turn two and down the back straight. Gary drove deeper into turn three and exited turn four ahead of Molenhuis and right on Wilkie’s rear bumper. For eight laps Gary tried every move he knew to attempt to pass Wilkie who was mirror driving and blocking every inch of the track. On several occasions Gary was below Wilkie entering the turns and he would cut down on the Quaker State Car. Gary wisely backed out in time to avoid collision, figuring it was better to finish 2nd than wreck and not finish at all.
    Only one minor adjustment was made to the car prior to Gary’s second Heat race. The Quaker State car lined up in 5th for the start and Gary knew he would have a tougher race this time. As the field entered the 1st turn Gary followed the #41 car of Steve Adams through the low groove and past one car in the corner. As he exited turn two Gary got a great run and attempted to move below Adams. As they raced down the back straight it became obvious that Gary was running out of room so he backed out and again settled in behind Adams. A few more turns around the track and one more position gained. Suddenly Adams pushed up exiting turn two and Gary wasted no time in diving low to take third place. Gary then set his sights on the 2nd place car of Anthony Simone. Gary ran him down in short order and attempted to pass him on the outside. For three laps Gary appeared to gain a little momentum on the outside only to loose it exiting the turns. On the last lap Gary made one last valiant effort to make a pass by entering turn three high and then diving low and attempted to drive under Simone exiting turn four. The move almost worked and Gary crossed the finish line only a couple of feet behind Simone.
    Gary and the Quaker State team were pleased with the results of the qualifying and are looking forward to starting 5th for the Oktoberfest 100 on October 14.
    With Late Model qualifying complete Gary then moved across the pit area for his ride in the #95 CVM car of Rick Warnes for the Clash of 2006.


Autumn Colors

Leading 1st lap<br />
Leading 1st lap
    Peterborough Speedway October 8, 2006
Rewind – 2005
    Last year Peterborough was the site of the worst Late Model crash in which Gary has been involved. Gary’s car became airborne, as it left the track after he attempted to avoid another competitor, and then struck a pile of tractor tires causing considerable damage. Gary was not seriously injured but he was plenty sore for a few weeks. The team worked hard to repair the car but it was not competitive for the next days Feature. If the thought of returning to Peterborough Speedway was not unsettling to Gary it definitely was to some of his team mates and friends.
Fast forward – 2006
Saturday – Qualifying.
    During Saturday mornings practice the car appeared close on set up. Jason was filling in as Crew Chief and after consultation with Gary some minor changes were made to the set up. Gary started 8th in his first Heat. During the race Gary discovered that the car was still a little tight. Despite this condition Gary drove aggressively and passed three cars to finish 5th. The Quaker State car had the pole for the second Heat. Jason and Gary made some additional changes to the chassis to attempt to loosen the car up. At the drop of the green flag Gary drove deep into turn one and took the lead. Much to Gary’s frustration the car was still too tight. It mattered not as Gary drove the wheels off the car and held the lead for the entire race and took the win. Congratulations were due all around for Gary’s first win away from Flamboro, Jason’s first win as a Crew Chief and the car was still in one piece. A definite improvement over last year.
Sunday – 106 lap Feature
    Gary was the 7th fastest qualifier on Saturday and thought that would be where he would start the Feature. When the starting line up was posted the team learned that an inversion system similar to Flamboro was in effect and that Gary would start on the pole.
    Prior to the Feature race some more adjustments were made to the car in an attempt to loosen it up. After making these adjustments the team’s main concern was that perhaps they maybe had gone too far. No one was worried that the car would be too tight.
    At the drop of the green flag Gary again got a terrific run and beat the outside pole sitter into turn one. Gary drove deep into the turn and to the team’s utter disbelief the car pushed up horribly in the turn. Gary compensated for the push and he retained the lead down the back straight, through turns three and four and along the front straight. As the Quaker State car entered turn one on the second lap it again pushed up. This time David, who was running 2nd, drove below his Dad and took the lead. Gary continued to correct for the push and dialled in more rear brake in an attempt to compensate. The crew began to discuss what to do. It was decided to have Gary come to the pits during a caution so that some changes could be made to the cars setup.
    Gary was making some headway on the track and had settled into 8th place when a caution came out for a spin. Gary dove into the pits and the changes were made. Gary radioed asking for someone to look at the right front tire as he had begun to suspect that perhaps it was losing air. This transmission was not received by the crew and Gary returned to the track. When the race was restarted Gary could hardly get the car to turn and almost wrecked in turn three. The next lap Gary entered the pits under green. The right front tire was indeed very soft and a tire change was made.
    Gary returned to the track four laps down from the leaders. To make matters worst the changes that had been made to the chassis under the first pit stop had now made the car too loose. Gary drove his heart out and managed to pick up a couple of positions to finish 14th. This was not the desired result but Gary and the team were very happy to be taking the car home in one piece. Post race inspection revealed a cut in the tire that had been on the right front. The general belief was that the Quaker State car had run over a sharp object either in the pits or during pre race warm-up on the track and that it had a very slow leak and this was the reason for the push. The team took solace in the idea that the pre race set up was probably good and maybe they could have won if not for the flat tire.
    David finished 3rd in the Feature and clinched the Weekend Warrior Championship. Congratulations to David and his Crew on a remarkable year.


A Return To Old Glory

Victory Lane<br />
Victory Lane
    Flamboro Speedway October 1, 2006
    The age old saying “You can never go back” got a real mortal wound on Sunday night.
    Thanks to the gracious offer by Owner/Driver Rick Warnes of the 95 car Gary was able to compete in the Canadian Vintage Modified Clash of 2006. The clash is the CVM’s All Star race for Feature winners from the preceding year plus any past CVM Champions. The Clash of 2006 was divided into two 15 lap races with a complete field inversion from the finishing order from the first race.
    Gary started at the rear of the field for the first race as he was unfamiliar with the car. During the race Gary felt out the handling and dealt with a bad pushing condition. Gary finished third from the last in the first segment.
    Rick Warnes’ team made major chassis adjustments prior to the second race. Ray Hughes and David Elliott both finished behind Gary in the first segment and were also driving borrowed cars. Ray dropped out and David was still not confident of his cars set up so he opted to start at the rear of the field. This left Gary on the pole for the second race.
    At the drop of the green Gary raced side by side with Brian Atkinson into turn one. Gary took the lead exiting turn two and then did a masterful job of holding it for the entire race despite many hard attempts by Atkinson to take the lead. Lap after lap Atkinson would close on Gary’s bumper at the end of the straights and look to dive low under Gary. He was never able to complete the pass as Gary using all of his experience held his foot off the throttle until just the right moment so that he could get the best run out of the corner.
    Gary crossed the line to take the checkered much to the delight of his fans. I am not sure if Gary is the only driver to win both a Late Model and CVM race in the same season but if not then the list is very short and he should be proud of this accomplishment.
    Phil Shaw won the over all Clash with 1st and 4th place finishes in the two events.


Quaker State Dodge On Display

Gary's car and Blue Thun
Gary’s car and Blue Thun
    Hamilton November 15, 2006
    Hamilton is about to be invaded with MONSTER TRUCKS at the first Monster Jam presented by PartSource!!! Friday November 17th at 8pm and Saturday November 18th at 8pm at Copps Colliseum will be the home of legendary Monster Trucks: GRAVE DIGGER ®, AFTER SHOCK ®, BLUE THUNDER ®, AMERICAN GUARDIAN ® and ANGER MANAGEMENT ®. Good seats still available. Come into any PartSource Store in the Greater Hamilton Area for your “MONSTER CASH” coupon for $5 off any Extreme adult seat. Available exclusively at PartSource.
    Gary’s Quaker State Dodge, David Elliott’s Championship car and Monster Truck BLUE THUNDER ® will be on display at the PartSource store at 106 Centennial Pkwy N. Hamilton on Thursday November 16, 2006 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Gary will be in attendance to sign autographs and talk to the fans.


Elliott Racing Team vs Blue Thunder!

Fans viewing the cars<br />
Fans viewing the cars

Stoney Creek November 16, 2006

Monster Truck vs. Late Models. Which is more popular?
    It was billed as the greatest competition ever! The mighty Monster Truck “Blue Thunder” vs. Gary and David’s Late Models. 1,600 methanol burning, supercharged horsepower of Blue Thunder vs. the two 400 horsepower Elliott racing team engines. The scene of the showdown – PartSource parking lot Stoney Creek.
    Gary and the team arrived at the lot early so that they would have plenty of time to set up and prepare for the evenings events. Upon their arrival and much to their surprise the “Blue Thunder” team was already on site and had their truck unloaded. The few people on site were milling around the truck. The driver then climbed into Blue Thunder and started the engine. The roar was ear splitting! The ground shook and you could feel the air vibrate. The truck lurched forward and popped a wheelie much to the delight of the onlookers. Gary looked at me and stated “How do I compete with that? My engine is going to sound like a lawnmower in comparison.” Blue Thunder then drove to its display area and the engine was shut down. My ears were still ringing 15 minutes later!
    The team then set about removing the Quaker State Dodge from the trailer. This process was not as simple as it sounds due to the fact that the winch was in the shop being repaired. After several aborted attempts at removing the car the driver and crew chief from Blue Thunder came over and lent a hand in getting the car out of the trailer. Gary then slid behind the wheel and primed the oil pump. He then pushed the starter and the engine fired to life, sputtered, back fired and then died. You could see the look of disappointment on everyone’s face. After several more attempts the engine finally roared to life and settled into its normal deep rumble. A fan standing beside me asked “When is he going to start the engine?” It was obvious that this fan’s ears were still ringing from the Blue Thunder run. Round One: to “Blue Thunder”!
    Gary moved the Quaker State car into its show place and shut the engine down. A short while later David’s team arrived and set up their car. Now it was two against one and we began to feel a little bit better about our chances.
    Before any of the teams could complete the set up of their display the fans started to arrive in surprising numbers. At first they all started to congregate around the Monster Truck. Slowly but surely they began to trickle towards the Late Models. One family with several small children walked up to the Quaker State Dodge. Gary looked at the parents and asked if they would like to sit in the car. The children’s faces lit up with joy. The parents consented and one at a time Gary helped them climb into his driver’s seat. The children let out cheers of joy and the parents took their pictures. Gary then signed his autograph cards and gave one to each of the children. As they were leaving the parents thanked Gary for his kindness. Suddenly a torrent of fans appeared around the Quaker State car each wanting a chance to sit in the car. Gary was kept very busy for the remainder of the evening signing autographs and helping fans into his car. David’s team also let fans sit in their car and were kept equally busy. Round Two: Elliott Racing Team.
    The evening was very mild with above average temperature. Although it threatened rain none fell. A larger than expected crowd of fans continued to arrive all evening. The drivers and Team members were keep busy answering questions, posing for pictures and signing autographs. At several points during the evening the Teams took turns firing up their engines. Each time this occurred the fans were staggered with shock and delight at the awesome sound from Blue Thunder. Once the engines were shut down however the crowds would again line up for their chance to sit in a Late Model. The Elliott Racing Team had a great night meeting and making new fans of Stock Car racing. The Blue Thunder Team had an equally good time as did the PartSource management and employees. It was a highly successful night for everyone involved.
    By the end of the show both the Elliott Racing Team and the Blue Thunder Team agreed to call the competition for “The Most Popular” a tie.
    As we were packing up to go home I was sure I could hear Gary thinking “I wonder if Nonie would let me have a Monster Truck and where would I keep it?”



Peace on Earth<br />
Peace on Earth
    Decmber 23, 2006
    The Elliott family and racing team would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.
    God Bless
    From Gary, Nonie and the Elliott family

2005 LM History

Welcome to the Gary Elliott Racing site

Welcome to the Gary Elliott Race site
    We hope you enjoy reading of Gary’s past exploits. There are some thrilling stories and many great laughs to be had by reading the history sections of Gary’s long and illustrious racing career.


    This site is a work in proccess and is still being updated. The forum site is not yet complete but we hope to have it up and running soon. The history sections and others will be updated as time permits. Please visit our sponsors sites and and send them e-mail messages expressing your appreciation for their support.



Crate Motor A Pleasant Surprise

Opening Day Flamboro
Opening Day Flamboro
A new season, a new divison, a new car, a new crew, a new experimental motor and alot of new things to learn.
    So this is how the new season started for the Gary Elliott Racing Team on May 7 2005, opening day at Flamboro Speedway. By the end of the evening many of the answers had come. The competition in the Late Model Division was great, the Quaker State 2005 Dodge was good and full of promise, the crew was full of enthusiasm and the new motor was a pleasant surprise.
    Gary finished 5th in his first heat, 6th in his second heat and drove from 19th place starting position into the top ten before mechanical failure in the rear end forced him to drop out of the feature.


Cold Night Brings Warm Results

Race #2 Flamboro
Race #2 Flamboro

Flamboro Speedway, 21 May 2005

    A strong field of 18 Late Models showed up Saturday to entertain the Flamboro faithful. It was a race day that would see sunny warm skies turn to a cold but clear night.
    Gary finished 7th in both of his heat races. By Feature time both the weather and track had cooled significantly leaving a very fast racing surface with lots of grip. The #36 Quaker State Dodge started 13th and passed five cars to finish 8th.


Gary Moves To 9th In Points

Race 3 Flamboro
Race 3 Flamboro
    Flamboro Speedway 28 May 2005
    Gary and his crew found themselves at the top of the qualifying order after his two heats at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday night. Gary finished 2nd in both heat races to earn the top spot. To say this was a huge confidence builder for the team is an understatement. In just three nights of racing the#36 Quaker State team earned their first pole position for the twenty five lap Feature. At the conclusion of qualifying a fan drew a number from the track official’s hat which inverted the entire field for the Feature.
    Gary started 16th in the Feature and had worked his way to 10th place when he was involved in a multy car incident. The Quaker State crew went feverishly to work and got Gary back on the track for the restart. Despite significant suspension damage Gary managed to pass several cars and finished in 14th place.


1st Win of Season Helps Gain 2nd Straight Pole

celebrating Win
celebrating Win
    First Grisdale Triple Crown Race
    Flamboro Speedway June 4th 2005
    Twenty two Late Models showed up to battle for the first Grisdale Triple Crown fifty lap event. The four qualifying heats were stacked with eleven cars in each race. When the final checker was thrown the #36 Quaker State Dodge was top qualifier with a win in the first race and a 3rd in the second. The crew and fans were excited with Gary’s first win in a Late Model.
    Gary may have had a shot at winning the Feature, except for the second week in a row the draw was not in his favor. Last week a fan drew #16 out of the hat inverting the entire field, this week the draw was a little better, 15, but still putting Gary back deep in the field for the start. Gary finished 11th in the feature and moved to 8th in the Flamboro points.


Kawartha Very Hot and Very Fast

Pre race Tech
Pre race Tech
Gary in Top 20 in WWS Points
Kawartha Speedway June 9th 2005
    With no Late Model race scheduled for Flamboro Speedway Saturday, Team Quaker State decided to try their first road trip of the year with a venture to Kawartha Speedway. It was a record hot day which produced sauna like conditions inside the race car. Lot’s of water and the desire to race helped to over come the heat. Gary had driven on Kawartha in his Vintage Modified but not in the faster Late Models. It took a few laps in practice and a couple of changes to find the proper gearing for the differential Once the gearing was set the team was ready to tackle this much bigger and faster race surface.


David Wins CVM Consi.

Victory Flag
Victory Flag
    Flamboro Speedway June 11th, 2005
    Despite Gary’s engine problems the Elliott’s were represented in the C.V.M. Twin 25’s as son David drove the #3, 1933 Plymouth Coupe in the Twin 25’s. Once again David showed his prowess in a Vintage Modified when he won the Consi. David lined up deep in the field for the first Feature and methodically passed one car at a time to finish 8th. With an improved starting position for the second Feature there were high hopes for a top five overall finish. Unfortunately David had to retire from the second Feature when the steering rack broke on the first lap.
    All the Elliott fans hope that both Gary and David will have rides for the 2006 C.V.M. 40th Anniversary Special Events.


Engine Failure

Broken Engine
Broken Engine
Flamboro Speedway June 11th, 2005
    Despite several hours of hard work the Quaker State Team was unable to repair the engine.


Thirty Year Streak Comes To End

Q S Chev Coupe
Q S Chev Coupe
Flamboro Speedway June 11th, 2005
    The Canadian Vintage Modifieds ran their Thirty First Twin 25’s on June 11th at Flamboro. Gary had competed in every event since the inaugural race in 1975 and was really looking forward to his return to the #36, 1933 Quaker State Chevy Coupe for this year’s event. It was not meant to be however as engine problems developed on the car during the first lap of practice. The engine problem would prove to be terminal and for the first time ever Gary failed to qualify for the event.


Delay In Action

Accident turn one
Accident turn one
Flamboro Speedway June 18th,2005
    Delay in action due to a crash in turn one.


First Heat Action

David leads field
David leads field
Flamboro Speedway June 18th, 2005
    David leads the #4 Terry King and #56 Jeff Stewart.


Lining Up For Heats

Lining up
Lining up
Flamboro Speedway June 18th, 2005
    Quaker State Dodge in line waiting for heat action. Also in line #10 Shane Gowan #55 Greg Cox #95 Kevin Benish and #23 Dave Baker


Dodge Shudders to 11th Place Finish

Race Action
Race Action
June 18th 2005 Flamboro Speedway
    Most North American manufacturers have undergone concerns with brake pulsation in some of their vehicle lines. Customers complain of a brake shudder when slowing down or exiting a high way at 60 mph. Now magnify that 10 times when a 3,000 pound, 400 horse race car is entering a turn at 90 plus mph. The vibration can be severe enough to shake the driver’s hands off the wheel and make steering the car next to impossible. That is the problem that has been dogging the Quaker State Dodge Team for the past few weeks.


Early Heat Action

Heat #1
Heat #1
Flamboro Speedway June 25th, 2005
    David leads Gary in early heat race action.


Victory Story

Flamboro Story
Flamboro Story
Flamboro Speedway June 25th, 2005
    Feature win story as it appeared on Flamboro Speedway Website.


Enroute To Victory

Gary leading
Gary leading
Flamboro Speedway June 25th, 2005
    Gary leading David down back straight enroute to his first Late Model Feature win.


Gary’s Grabs First Feature Win in Late Models

Victory Flag
Victory Flag
Elliott Racing Team Shines with One – Two Finish
Flamboro Speedway June 25th, 2005
    What a night for the Elliott Racing Team! In their sixteen year run with the Vintage Modifieds, Gary and David had six nights when they finished first and second in the feature. Of those six nights David won five times. In only seven nights of Late Model racing together, they have already notched their first one/two finish; only this time it was Dad in front.


Piston Damage

Piston Damage
Piston Damage
Varney Speedway July 1st, 2005
    This is what happens to a piston when a valve breaks!


Valve And Head Damage

Head Damage
Head Damage
Varney Speedway July 1st, 2005
    This is what happens when a valve breaks, falls into the combustion chamber and is struck by the piston when it comes up. Note the broken valve wedged into the shattered head.


Just Not Meant To Be

1933 Plym Coupe
1933 Plym Coupe
Varney Speedway July 1st, 2005
    For the second time this year Gary attempted to race with the Canadian Vintage Modifieds, at Varney Speedway on Friday Night. For the Second time Gary had his hopes dashed as the car suffered terminal engine failure while he was leading the Consi.
    Gary had obtained a ride in the #3 1933 Plymouth Coupe and it was decked out in the Quaker State colors for this event. When the Team arrived at Varney it was sunny and warm. Within a very short time span the wind picked up blowing in cold air and storm clouds. Gary was only able to get in one practice session but this was during a rain drizzle. Due to the wet track conditions making it difficult to figure out the cars handling no adjustments were made.
    Gary started pole in the first heat and quickly discovered that the car was so loose that it was on the verge of spinning out. Gary dropped to the rear of the field and settled for finishing the race with the car in one piece so that chassis adjustments could be made.
    The Team work feverishly changing tires, stagger and the chassis. Gary started pole in the Consi and at the drop of the green flag he quickly pulled away from the field. By the third lap Gary had about a ten car length lead and appeared to have the car set for a great Feature run. It was not meant to be however as Gary exited turn two a large billow of smoke erupted from under the hood. A valve had broken destroying the head and a piston. The engine failure was terminal.
    Gary hopes to make another run with the Vintage Modifieds later in the season.


Consistency Moves Gary to 6th in Flamboro Points

Under Caution
Under Caution
Flamboro Speedway July 2nd, 2005
    Despite having to restart at the back of the field twice Gary managed an eights place finish on Saturday night.


Third Heat Win

Leading the Heat
Leading the Heat
Flamboro Speedway July 9th, 2005
    Leading the pack enroute to third Heat win of the season.


Gary takes 2nd at Flamboro

Running Second
Running Second
Flamboro Speedway July 9th, 2005
    On Saturday night Gary duplicated his heat performance form the previous week with a win and a fourth. The heat win was the fourth checker flag of the season for Team Quaker State. In the Feature Gary drove from his ninth place starting position smoothly to the front and caught up to the race leader, reigning Track Champion #07 Todd Campbell. Gary & Todd staged a great duel for the lead with Todd getting the checker and Gary the runner up.
    On lap one of the Feature a five car pile up took place near the front of the field. Gary safely navigated his way through the carnage.
    Restarting fifth Gary quickly disposed of fourth and third place competitors and soon after passed for second place to settle in for a duel with the 2004 Track Champ.
    Todd was steady and drove a perfect race. Sitting less than a car length off Todd’s rear bumper for the final 15 laps Gary would test Todd both high and low on numerous attempts but with no success and the Quaker State Dodge cross the finish line in second place.


Delaware Visit Helps in WWS Points Standing

Delaware Speedway July 22nd, 2005
    Team Quaker State paid a visit to Delaware Speedway Friday night. It was Gary’s first ever 75 lap race. Gary has lots of race time at Delaware’s big ½ mile oval but none in the Late Model.
    Due to work commitments the Team was late for warm ups. That coupled with changing from Flamboro’s 10” tires to Delaware’s 8” tires hindered the team’s effort to get a good chassis set up. As a result the car was not up to its full potential resulting in a fifth place finish in the Heat race.
    The crew made some adjustments to the chassis and hoped for the best. At the drop of the Green for the 75 lapper Gary discovered that the car was very loose and dropped back to the tail end of the pack of nineteen cars. Gary then slowly developed a racing line that was most comfortable for the car and he began to slowly move forward in the pack. By the mid way point Gary had moved the Quaker State Dodge into sixteenth place. A couple of competitors dropped out of competition due to mechanical problems. In the closing laps Gary stepped up his pace and passed a couple of cars and eventually drove across the finish line in twelfth place.
    It was not the result the Team had hoped for but when all things were considered it was felt that some valuable knowledge and much needed W.W.S. points had been gained. Gary is now thirteenth in the W.W.S. that consists of drivers from Kawartha, Delaware and Flamboro.


Feature Win #2 Story

Flamboro Website
Flamboro Website
Flamboro Speedway July 23, 2005
    Feature Win #2 Story as it appeared on the Flamboro Speedway website.



Dream Season Continues Win #2!

Victory Circle
Victory Circle
Flamboro Speedway July 23, 2005
Gary Wins 2nd Feature at Flamboro
    The Dream Season Rookie Campaign continued Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway when Gary drove the Quaker State Dodge to his second Feature win of the Season. He then celebrated his win with a “grass burnt out”, much to the delight of the fans.
    With the win Gary moved to 5th place in the Flamboro points.


Leading the Second Heat.

Leading 2nd Heat
Leading 2nd Heat
Flamboro Speedway July 30,2005
    Gary leading # 10 Shane Gowan enroute to victory in the second heat.


Gary Finishes 5th In Late Model Feature

Tight Action
Tight Action
Flamboro Speedway July 30, 2005
    Despite having to add an extra 150 pounds of weight, a 12th place starting position and a late race incident that put him to the back of the field, Gary drove the wheels off the Quaker State Dodge and raced to a fifth place finish in the Grisdale Late Model Series on Saturday night.


Delaware! Still Learning The Ropes

Pete Vanderwyst
Pete Vanderwyst
Delaware Speedway August 12, 2005
    Another trip west, again on the small tires, a much bigger faster track and an ultra competitive field of local Delaware drivers.
    Once again Team Quaker State had a night of hard lessons at one of Ontario’s big tracks. Some things were learned and despite some initial frustrations Gary managed to bring the Quaker State Dodge home to an eleventh place finish.


Flamboro Brings Another 11th Place Finish!

Gary & David Battle
Gary & David Battle
Flamboro Speedway August 13, 2005
    After a frustrating run the night before at Delaware Speedway Team Quaker State was looking to rebound at Flamboro. Some stiff competition, a slight miss on the chassis set up and a late race spin into the infield to avoid an accident resulted in a disappointing eleventh place finish for the Quaker State Dodge.


Racing Against Tony Stewart!

3 wide with Tony
3 wide with Tony
Flamboro Speedway August 20,2005
    Gary and David excited the fans running three wide down the back straight with Tony Stewart!
    Ok so not really. The Home Depot car is a promotional car that tours the country.
    We can still dream though!


Quaker State Dodge Takes 4th in Final Round!

Flamboro Speedway August 20, 2005
    Fans of Gary Elliott and the #36 Quaker State Dodge sure got all of their emotions working on Saturday night. Flamboro Speedway was home to the final leg of the Grisdale Triple Crown Series for Late Models. There were several guest Teams from other tracks present making for a very full and competitive field. Pre race anticipation turned to happiness with an excellent second place qualifying session. Frustration followed with being involved in two accidents during the 50 lap Feature race. And finally shock and elation with events that lead to a come from behind fourth place finish with a damaged race car.



Old Friends Reminisce

Gary Bill & Vic
Gary Bill & Vic
Kawartha Speedway September 2, 2005
    Post race celebrations included a photo session and reminiscing about the good old days with Gary, Vic Parsons (Limited Late Model) and Bill Burrows (Open Wheel Modifieds) three of the sports longest enduring drivers.
    The above photo is of Gary, Bill and Vic. The trophy is Vic’s for winning the Limited Late Model Feature.


Great Night at Kawartha.

Qualifying action
Qualifying action
Kawartha Speedway September 2, 2005
    Looking to build on their June experience Team Quaker State ventured to Kawartha Speedway on Friday night. The Team was not to be disappointed in the efforts to improve the car since the June run. Gary finished fifth in his Heat race and followed that up with a smooth and consistent run to a seventh place finish in the Feature race.


Consistency at Flamboro Pays Off.

Leading the pack
Leading the pack
Flamboro Speedway September 3, 2005
    On Saturday Gary won his seventh Heat race of 2005. He followed that up with an eighth place finish in the Feature. The consistency of this weekend’s finishes helped to propel Gary and Team Quaker State into sixth place in the Weekend Warrior Series.


Top Five WWS!

Taking the high side
Taking the high side
Kawartha Speedway September 9, 2005
    The Weekend Warrior Series was created to support grass roots racing in Ontario. The series will determine who truly is the best of those Late Model racers who are dedicated and desire to race as much as possible.
    Every WWS race facility in Conference A, Kawartha, Flamboro and Delaware Speedways, are eligible to host WWS races throughout the season. These tracks are very close in rules, allowing cars from other tracks to visit on nights off or when their own track is not running. The more a driver races, the more points he will accumulate. Many drivers want to run a limited schedule; however the die-hard racers will now be recognized through the WWS.
    On Friday night Team Quaker State again visited Kawartha Speedway. Gary showed strong power in the heat. A chassis change was attempted for the Feature. It turned out to be the wrong way to go and Gary had to fight an ill handling race car for the thirty lap race. A twelfth place finish however did provided Gary and his team with enough points to move them to fifth overall in the WWS.
    Kawartha Speedway is one of the nicest race tracks on the circuit. It is wide, high banked and very fast. On September 16th, Kawartha will host their Second Annual Summer Sizzler, a grueling Triple 50 lap format that will attract up to forty of Ontario and the U.S. best Late Model teams. Gary and his crew learned more about track set up on this visit and will use that knowledge to get ready for next Friday. David finished sixth and moved closer to his goal of the WWS Championship.


Point Battle Heats Up With 2nd In Feature!

At speed in turn 4
At speed in turn 4
Flamboro Speedway September 10, 2005
    A strong second place finish by Gary in the Quaker State Dodge on Saturday night served to really tighten the race for the top five in Flamboro Late Model Points. Eight Teams are in a tight battle for the prestigious top five positions. Gary is currently tied for fifth with #56 Jeff Stewart and is only eight points back of fourth place Terry King. A top five finish in the points would be considered an outstanding accomplishment for the rookie Quaker State Team.


Scenic Deer Bay on Buckhorn Lake

Deer Bay
Deer Bay
Kawartha Speedway September 17, 2005
    Looking out on Deer Bay from the front of Beachwood Resort. Deer Bay is located on Buckhorn Lake in the Kawartha Lakes region and is home to some of the greatest Bass, Muskie, and Walleye fishing anywhere.

Beachwood Resort, Deer Bay

Treetop Cottage
Treetop Cottage
Kawartha Speedway September 17, 2005
    Dave Morgan is the driver/owner of the #10 car Kawartha Late Model division. His family operates Beachwood Resort on Deer Bay in the Kawartha Lakes. When it rained Friday night Dave found room for the Quaker State team at one of his cottages. Once they were settled in the team dried off and then made their way to the main lodge for a feast fit for a King.
    Thanks Dave.
    Information about Beachwood Resort can be viewed at www.beachwoodresort.com

A Valuable Crew Member!

Gehrig hard at work
Gehrig hard at work
Kawartha Speedway September 17, 2005
    Gary’s grandson Gehrig is seen here hard at work on the tires. Both grandchildren Gehrig and Lauren are valued members of the Quaker State pit crew.

Historic Run in First Ever Triple 50’s

High Banked Corners
High Banked Corners
Kawartha Speedway September 17, 2005
    In his thirty plus years of racing Gary has never competed in an event of the magnitude at Kawartha Speedway on Saturday. The lack of power steering was a major factor in limiting the Quaker State Dodge to 24th, 23rd and 15th place finishes in the triple race format.


Final Points Standings

Final Standings
Final Standings
Flamboro Speedway September 24, 2005

Expert Help

Gary, Jr. & Thatcher
Gary, Jr. & Thatcher
Flamboro Speedway September 24, 2005
    The Quaker State team was blessed throughout the season with some very skillful, legendary help. In the attached photo Gary, Thatcher Krupp and Junior Hanley discuss suspension changes.

Spectacular Run Earns Top Five Finish in Points!

Passing on outside
Passing on outside
Flamboro Speedway September 24, 2005
    Heading into the final point’s race at Flamboro Speedway, Gary and his crew were tied for fifth with #56 Jeff Stewart. It had been their goal at the beginning of the season to try for a top five point’s finish. The dream was now on the line. Jeff was one of four drivers in the top seven who, in the past five years, had won a Late Model Flamboro Championship. Gary and David were the only two in the top five to have won a Vintage Modified championship.
    With every point crucial, heat races were very important throughout the season. However, something terrible went wrong in the first heat after moving to fourth early in the race. Suddenly the car swayed back and forth on the front chute with huge plumes of white smoke coming from inside the driver’s compartment. The left rear support bracket that held the trailing arm and shock absorber broke off. This caused the rear end housing to twist sending the car sideways. Jeff would gain points in that heat with Gary towed to the pits.
    Though bewildered by what they found the crew assisted by the legendary Junior Hanley and Jim Ward worked hard to get the car ready for the feature. The broken bracket was welded in place; the left rear shock replaced and the suspension reset. Because of the speedy work by the crew, the car was ready for the second heat. A sixth place finish helped cut the lead, but Jeff would start the Feature with an eight point cushion. There is a one point difference for each position, plus a point for every positioned gained from the original starting spot. Jeff would start sixth and Gary sixteenth.

C.V.M. Clash 2005

Gary in the #95
Gary in the #95
Flamboro Speedway October 1, 2005
    Gary drove Rick Warnes’ #95 car in the Canadian Vintage Modified 2005 Clash on Saturady. Gary finished third and sixith in the two segment race.
    Thanks Rick for the loan of your car.

The Quaker State Team

Quaker State Team
Quaker State Team
Flamboro Speedway October 2, 2005
    Time in the pits prior to the race. A great time for a team photo.

Real Fast in Practice!

Flamboro Speedway October 2, 2005
    After a good run in the heat race on Saturday the team made more adjustments to the car. In Sunday morning practice the Quaker State Dodge was a rocketship. The team was full of anticipation for the 100 lap Feature.

The Wreck!

Dave on tow truck
Dave on tow truck
Flamboro Speedway October 2, 2005
    Dave and Gary both experienced their worst wreck of the season when Gary was forced into the wall on the back straight. Dave was following close behind his dad, had no time to stop and ran into Gary wrecking both cars.

Flamboro’s Octoberfest First Ever 100 Lapper

Scott Lyons
Scott Lyons
Flamboro Speedway October 2, 2005
    The Oktoberfest Show was filled with excitement. It would be Gary’s first ever 100 lap race bringing with it some of Ontario’s best Late Model drivers. Qualifying was done on Saturday October 1st. A record thirty two cars battled for twenty four spots. For this event there would be only one heat each for qualifying. The Team had prepared the car well for the qualifying heat. Gary was in top form and drove the Quaker State Dodge on the edge throughout the short race. Gary brought the #36 Dodge home in second place behind son David. The second place finish qualified Gary in sixth place. David picked up his eight victory of the season in winning the heat. A fan then drew the number sixteen for the invert putting Gary in eleventh place on the starting grid for Sundays 100 lap Feature.

Hard at Work

Repairing Damage
Repairing Damage
Perterborough Speedway October 8,2005
    Following the accident many people from numerous teams chipped in to help the Quaker State Team repair the car. Although we were unable to make the car as competitive as it had been prior to the accident, it was a testiment to Gary’s will that the car was put back together so it would be safe to race.
    Gary would like to thank his son David and Ed Askin from the #37 Late Model Team Vic Parsons and his crew from the #1 Limited Late Model Team, car builder Mike McColl, and all the other people who pitched in to help repair the Quaker State Dodge.

Towed Off Following The Wreck

On the Tow Truck
On the Tow Truck
Perterborough Speedway October 8, 2005
    Imediately follwing removal off the big tires the car was towed to the pits for the repair work to begin.

Moments After The Collission

On top of tires
On top of tires
Perterborough Speedway October 8, 2005
    The safety crews responded quickly to the scene. Gary was ok but the car was severely damage. It took awhile to get the Quaker State Dodge off of the tires.

Quaker State Dodge Fastest In Practice!

Lap before accident
Lap before accident
Peterborough Speedway October 8, 2005
    The Quaker State Dodge was turning the fastest times in the field during practice. This photo was taken on the lap prior to the accident.

Waiting In Line For Practice

In pits
In pits
Peterborough Speedway October 8, 2005
    The pits were a sight to behold as they were jam packed with all the best race cars in Ontario. Despite the congestion the track did a supurb job all weekend of keeping things on schedule.

Pre Race Tech Lineup.

Waiting in line.
Waiting in line.
Peterborough Speedway October 8, 2005
    First thing Saturday morning the cars all had to clear pre tech prior to practice and races. The line up was long but it was a good time for commiserating with other drivers, fans and friends.

Final Weekend Warrior Series Standings

Final WWS standings
Final WWS standings
Peterborough Speedway October 9, 2005
    The Final Weekend Warrior Series Standings. To the thrill of the Elliott’s and their fans, David won the Late Model Championship and Gary finished third! What a year for a Rookie Team. Although tired now I am sure that in short order the Quaker State Team will be pumped up and on pins and needles in anticipation for next season.

Horrific Crash at Peterborough! Team Doesn’t Quit.

The Wreck
The Wreck
Peterborough Speedway October 9, 2005
    With WWS points on the line and the desire to hold on to third place, Gary and the Quaker State Team hoped their debut at Peterborough Speedway would be a success. The car was methodically prepared during the week with the damage received at Flamboro repaired. What the team wanted was to finish the season with a good performance. What happened was incredibly bizarre.

Quaker State Team With The Awards

The Team
The Team
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Gary and his crew with the awards for their 2005 season.

Gary And Nonie Celebrate A Great 2005 Season!

Gary & Nonie
Gary & Nonie
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Gary and Nonie had a memorable evening celebrating a spectaular Rookie Season.

Teams 36 & 37 A Winning Force

Elliott Table
Elliott Table
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    The two Elliott Teams #36 of Gary and #37 of David, had lots to celebrate gathering many of the awards on Saturday night.

Best Appearing Car!

Best Appearing Car
Best Appearing Car
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Gary and his crew worked very hard during the season to keep the Quaker State Dodge in top appearance. Sometimes this included extensive fabrication work, repainting and new lettering. The hard work was worth the effort when Gary won the Best Appearing Car in the Late Model Division.

Fourth Place Grisdale Triple Crown!

Grisdale Series
Grisdale Series
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3,2005
    The Grisdale Triple Crown was three fifty lap races run on three different weekends. Gary drove some of his best races in this triple event to finish fourth in the series.

2005 Media Award!

Media Award
Media Award
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Gary has always worked very hard in his relations with fans and the media. On Saturday night Gary was very honored to receive the 2005 Media Award for his work in promoting the sport.

Top Five Flamboro Points

Top Five
Top Five
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Top five in the Flamboro points from left to right.
    #36 Gary Elliott 5th place
    #8 Paul House 2nd Place
    #52 Scott Lyons Champion
    #37 Dave Elliott 3rd place
    #4 Terry King 4th place
    Flamboro Speedway Owners Frank and John Casale standing behind.

Achieving A Goal. Fifth Place Flamboro Points.

5th Place
5th Place
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Prior to the season Gary set several goals. One was to finish in the top five in points at Flamboro Speedway. At several points in the season it appeared as though this goal might be not be attanable. Gary and his team held meetings and decided not to give up. With some spectacular on the edge of his seat driving Gary managed do race his way into fifth place in the final race of the season!

Third Place Weekend Warrior Series!

3rd Place
3rd Place
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    The Weekend Warrior Series was designed to promote teams to travel to other tracks on dates when their local track was not racing. With this Series having all the best Late Model Teams in Ontario competing it was sure to be an exciting year. Prior to the season Gary hoped that he might be able to compete for one of the top nine positions but realistically the Team goal was set to try and finish in the top twenty.
    The team made visits to Delaware, Mosport and Kawartha Speedways during the season and posted some respectable finishes against some very strong competition. When added to his strong season at Flamboro, the road finishes moved Gary into the the top three in the W.W.S.
    How was that for exceeding expectations?

W.W.S. Champion!

WWS Champ
WWS Champ
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3,2005
    David Elliott started the 2005 season on a strong note. At the mid point engine problems appeared to move him out of contention in both the WWS and Flamboro Series. David and his team re-committed themselves and made a spectacular comeback only to have their hopes dashed in a crash in the Oktoberfest Race at Flamboro. The crash not only caused major damage to the car but also cost them another engine. They appeared to be down and out.
    Digging deep and using the Elliott “NEVER GIVE UP” moto the 37 team worked very hard during the week and a new crate engine was put in the car for the Autumn Colors race at Peterboro. David started deep in the field for the 105 lap event. He doggedly worked his way through traffic in an attempt to pass enough cars to win the W.W.S. As the laps counted down it appeared that he might fall short. With seven laps to go David needed to pass one more car to win the W.W.S. but he was a straitaway behind. David bore down and closed on the car and passed it on the closing laps to win the W.W.S!
    Congratulations to David Elliott and the 37 Team.

W.W.S. Championship Banner!

WWS Banner
WWS Banner
Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    David Elliott and track owners Frank and John Casale hold up the 1st W.W.S. Championship Banner to be displayed at Flamboro Spoeedway.

2005 Rookie Of The Year!

Flamboro Speedway Banquet December 3, 2005
    Gary felt honored and reinvigorated to win Rookie of the Year.

Reflections on a Great Year.

Gary & Awards
Gary & Awards
December 5, 2005
    What a night for my family, crew and I. We were blessed beyond description. The start of the season was tough. I wasn’t even sure I could drive a Late Model. God blessed us so much and I want to thank Him for the new people we met, for the very exciting races and a great season.
    Thirty three years with the Vintage Modifieds brought many good memories and friendships. I teamed up with Jesse Pontello and his wonderful family to compete in the CVM points. Jesse was smooth and improved week after week, taking a few checker flags. Throughout the summer I was able to make three shows. I drove my own car at Flamboro, Dave Watson’s at Varney and Rick Warnes in the Clash. Special thanks to Dave and Rick for giving me those opportunities. I also want to wish Jesse and the Pontello’s the very best as they explore new horizons for Jesse’s future.
    Our Late Model season was incredible. It was only possible by the generosity and direction of Bill Grisdale. Bill has given tremendous support to racers and tracks for the past three decades. He went beyond the extra mile for us in 2005 and for that we are truly thankful.
    We ran 100% at Flamboro Speedway, accumulating a total of 24 shows including 4 trips to Kawartha, 2 at Delaware and the Autumn Colors invitational at Peterborough Speedway. Two 100 lappers, six 50 lappers and a 75 lap race were all thrilling races to be in as well my first ever 75 and 100 lap races.
    We finished 5th in Flamboro points and 3rd in the WWS series. The Grisdale Triple Crown, each a 50 lap event, brought drivers from Delaware to compete. We ended up 4th in that mini series.
    At the banquet on Saturday night we were surprised and proud to win the Best Appearing Car award as well as the Late Model Media driver of the year. By virtue of our points finish we were sure we had Rookie of the Year. This was the 3rd chance for me to take a run for this award. I was a rookie in Mini Stocks in 1969 at Cayuga Speedway, and again with the Hobby’s in 1972. In those inaugural seasons I struggled with the learning curve and did not perform to the level needed to win the Rookie of the Year. Perhaps it was the long run with the CVM that prepared me for Late Models and gave us a legitimate shot. We were teased all year for being the oldest rookie in Ontario. Getting out of a little coupe into the much bigger and faster Late Model was a challenge. I wasn’t sure I could adapt to the change even though my family and crew were very optimistic. After a few weeks, with the help of Thatcher Krupp, the car got easier to drive. He brought stability to our team and we found ourselves very competitive and consistent. That’s what gave us the Rookie of the Year and it is an award I am very proud to have won.
    I could not have won these awards without the help of my team. I want to thank my crew, Jim Hulzinga, Dave Watson, and Jason Chapman for their excellent efforts throughout the season and to Thatcher who is a genius. Thanks to Steve Zivanic and Amy Miskiewicz who helped when they could. Shirley always let me know that I was the best (no one cheers like a daughter) .
    I also want to thank all my sponsors for their faithful support. This season was a success because our sponsors gave us the opportunity to be competitive. To all of them we are truly grateful, especially Mark Reed and Quaker State Oil Company for believing in us and being such a great sponsor for the past 32 years.
    Finally, Nonie, I loved you when I first met you and you’ve shown me again that you are my best friend. Did I tell you yet today? I love you.