2014 OSCAAR Banquet

OSCAAR “Sportsman of the Year”
    Happy New Year to all our fans and friends………………We had our 2014 Annual OSCAAR banquet on Saturday night. It was our first Modified season and OSCAAR banquet. I had attended the Sunset Speedway banquet earlier in November and our team was presented the “Media Award” for helping promote the track, our sport and of course sponsors. That was the 3rd time in a row of winning that award at Sunset Speedway. The Media Award is awesome, because it’s like a big thank you for helping promote our sport, something my team has done for most all of our 46 seasons……however, winning the “Sportsman of the Year” award in the OSCAAR Modifieds, was one of the nicest awards I have ever won. This was our 5th time to win this award and it was not only a surprise but made me feel good knowing that the way I race, hard but clean, was worthy of the recognition we got…….teh season was very good for me, and my team, Bob Periera, Matt Smith, Marty Hagen, Paul Douglas, Dave Hennessey, who made it for most all of the races, as well as help from Jim Hulzinga, Ken Stenhouse and Jason Douglas….I’m sorry to all my fans, my web site was down over the holidays but I will keep it updated now…..I hope to have some news on all our sponsors by the end of next week. It’s taken a long time to get confirmation but we are slowly getting there……….thank you for supporting our race team.