1967 Demo History

My First Demolition Derby..July 29th 1967…Win!!

55 Chev<br />
55 Chev
    This was my first time ever on a race track. It was at Flamboro Speedway on July 29th 67′. I always painted my cars with the name “Color Me 1st”. On this one, I put powered by Honda on the front fender and yeah Dodge on the back. I guess that’s where it all started for me and the multi representation of car manufacturers. In a few years I will run a 36 Dodge with a Chev motor sponsored by Dixie Ford. There were 34 cars in this race. I use to watch Wreck-Em races and always cheered for the car who smashed everything in sight. No one liked the driver who hid from the action or faked stalling so others would be eliminated while he played possum. Usually those guys got booed. After the smoke settled there was nothing left of this 55 Chev 2 door hard top…did I say 55 Chev?…It’s true they were very popular at that time, but don’t worry this one was severly rusted, and for the restoring buff there were tons to pick from….4 months after this race I woul ask Nonie out on our first date. (a little family trivia).