Gold Rush A Success….Best Run In A Late Model In 6 Years

We had a very good run in the Late Model at the Gold Rush, Thank you Lord for keeping all the drivers, crews, fans and staff safe and giving us a strong performance.
Thanks to John Casale for allowing the Pro Late Models to run the Gold Rush this year, it was an awesome pay day for us.
Also want to thank my team, Jim, Louie, Stephen, Hayden and Buttons for making the day one of my best in this class in many years…6 at least.  We qualified 11th, got up to 8th, got spun out twice, but we finished 12th 🙂
The full story is on Diary of a Season 2018.
Thanks to Dave Franks for taking this awesome photo.
Pictured here left to right is…..Stephen, Louie, Hayden and Buttons on the front row with me
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Celebrating With Buttons & The Boys

After our feature win, we had many fans come over to congratulate us an get an autograph card, some kids sat in the car.
It was a great night for all of us.
The full story is completed now on Diary of a Season 2018….click on Message Board and then General Chat and you will see all the race reports from 2007 including
“49 Years of Stats”.
Our next race is this Sunday, the Flamboro Speedway “Gold Rush”.
I will be driving the Late Model, but taking it easy because this race is a non points event and should be loaded with many great cars from the APC series.
Our car is good, but it’s 8 years old and the week after, the 25th of August, David has a chance to qualify for the Jukasa race “Pro Late Model Nationals” and will need the car to be good, not beat up.   I want to make the show and take it easy.
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A Night To Remember For My Team

It surely was a great night of racing for our team.  I have not yet posted the race because I have been waiting for pictures and just got them tonight so I will do my Diary of a Season 2018 up date tomorrow.
Meanwhile this was my 122nd race win and 19th feature win since I turned 50 years old.  I didn’t realize I had that many, as well as 103 heat wins. I have truly been blessed, thank you Lord.
We have also moved to 3rd in the OSCAAR Point standings, and what a great deal for my team if we can hold on to 3rd.   Great crew this year and wish they all could make it but it’s not possible, so I very much appreciate those who do come out when they can.  Family and work come first naturally, but any help any time is always welcomed for me to keep racing and for them to enjoy being part of our team.
Next race is this weekend on Sunday for the Flamboro Speedway Gold Rush and I am sure that will be a wild one with a full field.  I plan to race in it, but don’t plan to do anything but get in and take it easy.  We are 5th in Flamboro Speedway points and have a shot at the title if things go good for us over the next final few points races.
David will compete in the remaining points events in the Late Model, I will be running the Modified.
David is also signed up to drive my Late Model (his from 2 years ago) in the Jukasa
Pro Stock Nationals on September 2nd.  I’ll be in Sauble that weekend.  More on all that’s going on with GEM over the next few weeks.
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Photo supplied by Dan Little Jr.

40th Career Feature Win……Sauble Speedway August 11th

We got the feature win at Sauble Speedway Saturday.  What an awesome night for us.  The car was great from the last race at Peterborough Speedway, and through practice and heat races at Sauble.
This was our 40th career feature win a goal we wanted to reach soon.  Thank you Lord for all your many blessings, my family, friends, crew, fans and sponsors.

Peterborough Speedway Run…….A Good Night For Us

We had a good race night at Peterborough Speedway August 4th finishing 2nd in both heats and 7th in the feature.   The full story will be on Diary of a Season 2018 by Tuesday night.   I rested on Sunday and Monday got a lot done on the Modified to prepare for next Saturday’s OSCAAR Modified show at Sauble Speedway.  It will be our first time at Sauble since 2016 and I can’t wait.
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1250th Career Night In The Books

Due to being very busy the past few weeks I didn’t get a chance to post this before race night #1251.  But here it is, a milestone of 1250 total nights since 1969.
I could not have done this with out God’s hand on my life.   I am very thankful for the support from my family, my crew, friends, sponsors, fans, competitors, their families and crew, promoters and their families.
Thank you to all those who have made this milestone an amazing journey.
Our 1251st night was very good including winning our second heat race of 2018.  The full story will be posted on Diary of a Season 2018 by Sunday night.
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Quaker State Show Car Busy

This week is a busy one for my race team.   Buttons and I  did a show at Niagara Falls on July 24th, and will do another in Kingston on Friday July 27th.   Then race the Modified on July 28th at Flamboro Speedway.
Here is a picture from the show on Tuesday with the club called “Cruise on the Q”.
They close downtown Queen street for a few hours every Tuesday and the street fills up with beautiful hot rods, drag cars and on this day our Late Model show car.
Looking for a good night of racing on Saturday at Flamboro Speedway.  I’ve done better in the Late Model this year, and that sure is weird.   Hoping to get the OSCAAR Modified on the podium this weekend.
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