Body Completed…Thanks to Louie, Randall for Extra Effort…and Buttons

Louie and Randall joined me Saturday and Monday to get the body completed. We still have some things to do to the body, but did get it all installed.
Now to install the fire extinguisher, transponder and other small parts before the drive line goes in…..Buttons gets in the action to, standing right beside us during most of the work. 🙂
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Body Going On….Thanks To My Crew For Their Hard Work

This year, as most of you know, we stripped our Mod right to the bare chassis and had it sand blasted and powder coated. The reassemble has taken longer than we thought, but is going back together perfect. A new dash, gauges, tach and switches, plus new fuel cell all took a little longer, but we’re getting closer to having the body finished. Then we will start on our Late Model program.
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OSCAAR Mod Rebuild……Getting Closer

We’ve been working on our Modified on weekends only and that’s been keeping us from getting where we should be by now, but I do like what and how we are doing the rebuild. Some additions this year include a sand blasted and powder coated chassis, new rad, new fuel cell, new gauges and tachometer as well as new switches.
Our engine is being rebuilt and should be done in 2 weeks. Once the Modified is completed we will start on the Late Model.
David and I will share the Late Model driving this year and run for the Flamboro Late Model Championship…….more soon…..thank you for visiting our site.

50th Full Season Anniversary

Here is a promotion for our 50th Anniversary. We are looking forward to an amazing year, a final full season, with the OSCAAR Modified being our 100% series, although David and I will team up to run the full Flamboro Speedway Late Model series.
We have more to announce soon, including sponsor news…..our new paint scheme will be unveiled soon.
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Good Day On The Mod

We had a great day on the Modified. David, Eddie, Louie, Stephen, Hayden and me worked on the car getting a lot done. Still tons to do but we had a good day.
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Modified Ready For Reassemble

Our Modified was sand blasted and powder coated and is now ready for reassemble of many parts. This weekend some of my crew, and David will be over to help put things back on the car.
I will update progress frequently, including my schedule by early February and sponsor news.
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Happy New Year Everyone

Wishing all my family and friends a safe and blessed 2018. We have some exciting news to release soon re our 50th year anniversary. I will be updating and posting soon.
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