Flamboro Machine Shop Returns In 2020

I am pleased to announce that Flamboro Machine Shop, FMS, will be back with our team in 2020. John has an amazing business doing high end fabrication for the all industry, commercial, construction, steel plants etc. John has supported many racers over the year building, repairing and supplying things they need for the season, but also during the season. Located near Flamboro Speedway, John attends most of the races and it’s not unusual for John to make or repair a part for a race team he doesn’t know to help them get back on the track.
His logo will be on our 2020 version Pro Late Model.
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PYE Chevrolet Buick GMC……New To Our Team For 2020

After leaving Ontario our team lost approximately 8 sponsors, most all due to us leaving Ontario and not being able to represent them fully in the Maritime Pro Stock Tour. I am very thankful to have had these wonderful businesses support me in 2019.
We are very happy and proud to gave gained our first new sponsor in Nova Scotia, PYE Chevrolet Buick GMC. We will have our car on display at the Dealership in the spring prior to the 2020 start of the MPST season. I am very proud to have PYE Chevrolet Buick GMC part of our sponsor team. Please support all our sponsors by clicking on the logo on the right side of our main page to see the wonderful products and services they offer.
More news coming soon as our Late Model is getting lettered at this moment and should be completed by next week.
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Inscapes Creative Design & Print….Back In 2020

I am very happy to have Inscapes Creative Design & Print back with us in 2020. George and Paul work awesome with me doing Press Releases, my Schedule and of course my Autograph Cards. They do incredible work and can be reached at 905-825-2626 for all your printing needs. They are also very reasonable price wise and creative in terms of design…just like their name says. Please support Inscapes Creative Design & Print, and all of our wonderful sponsors.
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Permatex Back For 2020

Permatex will be back with us in 2020. I use their products all the time. They are available at most outlets that sell their full line of products.
Click on our web site on the right side to see all the wonderful products they offer.
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PPG Back With Us In 2020

I am happy to announce that PPG will be with us in 2020. Most of my Ontario sponsors couldn’t support us because they are local businesses. PPG, like Quaker State, Lincoln Electric and Permatex are national corporations with locations across Canada and I intend to represent them all very professionally this coming season.
PPG has supplied all the paint and other materials needed to finish our car, and those pictures of the car will be coming very soon…..this week.
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Grind Stone Back With Us For 2020

I am excited to post that Grind Stone is back again with us for the 13th season.
Even though I will be mostly racing in the Maritimes, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI, I will be coming to Ontario for 3 or 4 races in the fall of 2020.
Jay and his family love racing and have been a tremendous support to me and my team since 2008.
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Lincoln Electric Returns For Our 18th Season Together

I am excited to announce that Lincoln Electric will be with us again in 2020 for an amazing 18th season. I am very thankful to have this welding supply corporation part of our sponsorship team for 2020.
My Dad was a top welder who’s work was on display at the Boiler Makers Union office in Toronto. Dad never failed a welding test or x-ray when he went to a job site. All men sent from the Union Office had to do a root pass and it had to pass the bend test or x-ray and he never failed one…….his favorite welder was always Lincoln Electric.
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Quaker State and Gary Elliott Motorsports Enter 47th Season

I am so thrilled to be racing in our 52nd season and have my great long time sponsor Quaker State with my team for 2020. This will be the 3rd year of a three year contract. Quaker State has been with me since 1974, we are the longest driver sponsor partnership in racing history. Richard Petty has been with STP two years longer, but Richard retired in 1992 to become a team owner with STP as one of his primary sponsors.
We are hoping to get another 3 years with Quaker State to take us to an amazing 50 years together, hopefully I hear that good news by early spring.
I will be posting pictures of our new race car very soon on Diary of a Season 2020, as well as our sponsors who will be with us this coming year.
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