Welcome to Gary Elliott Motorsports

2014 race season is over. Our pit crew is getting some rest. I am busy with the task of getting our sponsors back on board for 2015. Most sponsors are, but I’m still waiting to hear from one proposal and two existing sponsors. They were very supportive in 2014 contributing to our best season since 1999. My crew was amazing this year. I wasn’t easy on them with such a hectic and full schedule. But they offered their help when they could and I am very thankful to them all….thank you to these men and their families Bob Pereira, Marty Hagen, Matt Smith, Paul and Jason Douglas, Dave Hennessey, David Elliott, Don Wierzswinski, Jim Hulzinga, Gehrig Halliday, Peter Shelton, Ken Stenhouse, Glenn and Patrick Ruelens and Tim Tolton….Ron Easton of Oakville Trailers for his amazing work and help. Note: Special thanks to Scott Wylie for helping us near the end of the season . High Lites 1) 3rd in OSCAAR Modified points…best points finish since 1999 2) 7 wins….most since 2007 3) Feature win in Modified….first in our own car since 2008 4) 34 nights raced…most since 1990…3rd most in 46 years 5) Reached 1132 total nights 6) Reached 721 consecutive nights….streak started June 5th 1987 7) 86 total races….breaks record of 80 in 1981 Thanks to all our competitors in 2014 for making this year a fun season, by running very competitive and with respect. Finally a special thanks to the FANS, the OSCAAAR staff, the track owners and promoters who work hard to give us a place to race and do their best to make us feel welcome and appreciated. Thanks to TW Robarts, Dan Little Jr, Donna Tolton and Morgan Amber for supplying photos. Looking forward to 2015 our 47th season

The Pit Crew

2012 Pit Crew

Kenny%20CrewMatt Smith, Paul Johnson, Bob Pereria, Kenny Wallace, Me, Justin Elliott, Jason Green
    Here is our 2012 crew, except for NASCAR star Kenny Wallace, who was visiting Flamboro on this day, August 20th, for the Shoot Out, and graciously joined us for this picture…..Bob commits twice a week to help prepare the car between races and over the winter. Paul Johnson and Jason Green make it out whenever they can. I appreciate the help we get from all our crew. It is impossible for Ryan or Matt to come to Waterdown to our shop, because of where they live, over 2 hours away, however the car comes to the track every week race ready, and they help the rest of us keep it that way at the track. It was a tough year for us, maybe the toughest ever, but we climbed to the top 10 in points and competed our 44th season with our 36th of perfect attendance. Nonie and I appreciate the dedication from each and everyone of our crew members. God bless boys, next year our 45th and 40th with Quaker State.


2011 Pit Crew

2011%20CrewBob Pereria, Gerry Lancaster, Gary & Gehrig Halliday

2011 was a very tough year for us. In the beginning of the seaosn we could not get our car to handle properly at our home track. The set up was off at Flamboro, just not working. Bob was my head spotter and watched closely to learn what he could with our chassis. By early June we were out of the points race, sitting 11th. In early July things started to turn around. Bob, Gerry and I and worked as a team and we could see the improvements week after week. We finally got our car working towards the end of July. We climbed up to 6th in poins but our efforts at Sunset Speedway were very good. The first time there we qualifed on the pole and the second visit produced a 5th fastest in time trials. The season was a combinaion of bad set up in the first two months and bad luck overall. The night this picture was taken we had a very serious wreck coming off turn four. The front frame was bent badly but with our crew and excellent help from Junior Hanley we made it back out the next week. Nonie and I are very thankful for Bob and Gerry, for working together and making 2011 a fun season.

2010 Pit Crew

2010%20Pit%20Crew2010 pit crew. From left to right are Jim Hulzinga, Marty Hagen, Jason Chapman, Rob Twitchett, and on the far right our grand son Gehrig Halliday. Pictured with us is Amanda Li from Quaker State. Our crew worked very hard in 2010. It was a very tough year, perhaps too much to bare. We had a run of bad luck that eliminated our chances at a top three in the Flamboro points. That span crushed the spirit of our crew and was very hard on my wallet. August 7th with my worst crash in 42 seasons. The car was bent very bad, but fixed and returned the next week, only to crash again, not near as bad. However, the week following, August 21st, we had a great race going for us, just took over the lead in the feature when we were hit by the car in 2nd place and wrecked badly again. It was over the top discouraging for all of us. To see our car get wrecked week after week, was frustrating. Thanks to a dedicated crew, our car was very good most nights, always competitive. It wasn’t my driving style to rough up other drivers on the track intentionally. The same respect was not shown back. I’ve known and faced that fact for years, it’s part of racing, we could have used a little more balance in our favour…..On the good side, we did have a good season finishing 4th at our home track points standing. We picked up a heat win at Sauble, qualifying on the pole with my son David. We also won the pole position on May 29th at Flamboro and finsihed a very strong 5th on the new high banked oval at Sunset Speedway with some very good drivers in attendance. We had a 5th in both the Grisdale Triple Crown and the Octoberfest Twin 50’s. Nonie and I thank all of our crew in 2010 and their families for their dedication and support throughout 2010. (note Gordon Nicholson, one of our crew members took this photo, absent was Perry Van Haaren and Morgan Crewson ).

2009 Pit Crew

2009%20CrewAwesome Crew To Run Two Cars
    This picture was taken on the last race at Flamboro Speedway in October. Our crew did an amazing job this year keeping both our cars on the track every week end. The #9 car was driven by Trevor Monaghan for the final few weeks of the season. Trevor in the red fire suit had his brother Mike and friend Mike help him, they are on hsi immediate right. Our crew: * Allen MacLean on the far left of the photo * Jason Chapman our Car Chief on the far right * Troy Stere beside Jason * Crew Chief Jim Hulzinga is beside me * Mike Van Slingerland from Freedom Village on my right. My crew were exceptional in 2009 working hard on the two cars and making sure the #36 was set up perfect everytime I took it on the track. Nonie and I want to thank our crew for being dedicated in our 5th and toughest season in Late Models. Their hard work got us a 4th in Flamboro points and a 3rd in the Grisdale Triple Crown series.

40th Anniversary Pit Crew

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Boys and Girls of 2008
    We are so fortunate to have these wonderful friends helping us with our race car. There is no possible way for one person to do this on their own. Racing is a great sport and brings excitement to those helping and watching as much as it does to the driver. Nonie and I are truly grateful to those who dedicate their time and effort in supporting us with our racing venture….Beside me is Nonie, my wife of 38 years (1970) then Jason Chapman (our Car Chief), Shirley Elliott (our daughter), Troy Stere, and my great friend and Crew Chief Jim Hulzinga. Missing in this photo is Perry Van Haaren, Charlie Howell and Marty Hagen, who is a crew member of our son David’s team, but who helps us on days when the Pennzoil car is not running.

2007 Crew

2007%20CrewMost Of Our 2007 Crew
    Nonie and I were very pleased with our crew. They helped make this season a great success. Beside Nonie is Jason Chapman and Perry Van Haaren at the Octoberfest race. Jim Hulzinga, our crew chief, was working this day and missed the team shot.

2006 Pit Crew

2006%20CrewSome Of Our 2006 Crew Memebers
    Here are some of our 2006 crew members. Jason Chapman is at the rear of the car, Roger Creighton at the drivers window, Charlie Howell stands beside Rogers son, David Creighton. Missing here is Crew Chief Jim Hulzinga, Thatcher Krupp and Dave Watson.

2005 Pit Crew

2005%20CrewDave Watson, One Of Our Team Members
    This was our rookie season in Late Models and many crew members worked hard to get us the success we had. One was Dave Watson, pictured here. Our crew consisted of Crew Chief Jim Hulzinga, Jason Chapman, Dave Watosn, Roger and David Creichton, Chris Young and Steve Zivanic.

The Cars

2011 Late Model

 2011%20Car7th Season Late Models….40th Year With Hobby Club
    2011 Impala….400 HP Crate Engine…Painted by Sweers Painting….Lettered by Creative Edge This was our 7th season at Flamboro Speedway in the Late Model division. Here are some high lites from 2011: * Ran 25 nights * Ran 3 in the Hobby Club and 22 in the Late Model * 6th in Flamboro points * 3rd in Grisdale Triple Crown * Won 5 races * Qualified pole in the first Pro Late Model race at Sunset Speedway * 5th fastest in time trials in second Pro Late Model race at Sunset Speedway * Voted most hard luck team in 2011 * 10 appearances in 2011 * Finished 5th in CVM feature at Sunset Speedway * Won CVM heat at Delaware Speedway

2010 Late Model & Vintage Mod

Autograph%20Card6th Season In Late Models
    2009 Impala…400 HP GM Crate…Pianted by Carlisle Customz…set up by Mike McColl…10″ American Racer Tires…In 2010 we finished 4th in Flamboro Speedway points (5th year in a row to finish 4th). We finsihed 5th in the Grisdale Triple Crown series, 5th in the Octoberfest Classic Twin 50’s and we were the fastest qualifier on May 29th at Flamboro for the first of three races that were qualified through time-trials. We won Best Appearing Car with the Late Model, and were voted Most Sportsmanlike Driver in 2010.

2009 Late Model

2009%20LM5th Year Late Models…Race Season #41

Stats: * 2009 Chev Impala * Quick change * 3 Speed Sagnaw Transmission * Painted by Jim Sweers * Lettered by Steve Lyons * GM Crate engine 604 350/400 HP * 10″ Amercian Racer * McColl Motorsports Chassis

2008 Late Model

Dave%20Franks%2020084th Season Late Models…Change In Paint Design
    Stats: * 2008 Monte Carlo * Quick change * 3 Speed Sagnaw Transmission * Painted by Jim Sweers * Lettered by Oakville Sign-A-Rama * GM Crate engine 604 350/400 HP * 10″ Amercian Racer * McColl Motorsports Chassis

2007 Late Model

36%2020073rd Season Of Black Paint Scheme
    Stats: * 2007 Dodge Charger * Quick change * 3 Speed Sagnaw Transmission * Painted by Jim Sweers * Lettered by Steve Lyons * GM Crate engine 604 350/400 HP * 10″ Amercian Racer * McColl Motorsports Chassis

2006 Late Model

2006car2nd Year Late Models Stats: * 2006 Ford Fusion * Quick change * 3 Speed Sagnaw Transmission * Painted by Paul Howse * Lettered by Fleet Image * GM Crate engine 604 350/400 HP * 10″ Amercian Racer * McColl Motorsports Chassis

2005 Late Model


The Driver: Gary Elliott


Racing has been a major part of Gary’s life from his childhood. His family attended stock car races at Pinecrest Speedway, Oakwood Stadium and the C.N.E, allowing Gary to cheer for his favorite driver #36 Glen Schurr. The desire and love to race was fulfilled in1969 and remains strong today. In 1970, Gary married his best friend Nonie. Last year they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. They have two children, David and Shirley and two grandchildren from Shirley, Gehrig and Lauren.

    Gary’s life changed dramatically in 1988 with his desire and need to live a better life. His faith in God through Jesus Christ has given him a hope and joy that he never knew before. He teaches Sunday school to 11 – and 12-year-old boys at Flamborough Baptist Church and plays piano in the Praise Team. Gary also takes his race car to various church meetings and youth events talking to kids, small and big, sharing his passion for racing and his love for Jesus.
    In 2005 Gary made the move from the open wheeled Canadian Vintage Modifieds into the ultra fast high tech world of Late Models. To say he excelled is an under statment. Gary won two Feature Events, finished 5th in the Flamboro Speedway Championship, 3rd in the provincial Weekend Warrior Series and won Rookie of the Year. Gary also won the 2005 Media Award for his continuing work in promoting stock car racing.
    For 2006 Gary will focus his efforts on the Late Model Championships of Flamboro Speedway and the Weekend Warrior Series. Gary hopes to also drive some events at Kawartha, Delaware and Peterboro Speedways. Gary will also drive in several Canadian Vintage Modified events this season.
    Gary’s primary sponsor for 2006 is Quaker State, extending an incredible driver-sponsor relationship that began in 1974 and is now entering its 33rd year.
    Gary and Nonie would like to thank all the fans, competitors, promoters and sponsors for making this continuing 37-year journey a most enjoyable, exciting and memorable experience.
    1st Corinthians 15:57 … “we have the Victory in Jesus Christ”