Celebrating With Buttons & The Boys2018Celebrating With Buttons & The Boys

After our feature win, we had many fans come over to congratulate us an get an autograph card, some kids sat in the car.
It was a great night for all of us.
The full story is completed now on Diary of a Season 2018….click on Message Board and then General Chat and you will see all the race reports from 2007 including
“49 Years of Stats”.
Our next race is this Sunday, the Flamboro Speedway “Gold Rush”.
I will be driving the Late Model, but taking it easy because this race is a non points event and should be loaded with many great cars from the APC series.
Our car is good, but it’s 8 years old and the week after, the 25th of August, David has a chance to qualify for the Jukasa race “Pro Late Model Nationals” and will need the car to be good, not beat up.   I want to make the show and take it easy.
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