Charity Classic Custom Car Show A Success2018Charity Classic Custom Car Show A Success

Sunday September 16th Buttons and I headed north east to Gormley for the annual  Charity Classic Custom Car, Truck & Bike show.   This event was hosted by the Highway 11 Cruisers and was packed all day.  In this pic, the police from Smokey & The Bandit pulled Buttons over for speeding.
It was very hot but Buttons and I survived.
This was our 10th show of the season, we will have one more in November at the Canadian Tire in Waterdown, I will post on that when it gets closer.
David and his crew race the Late Model this weekend at Flamboro Speedway.  We have split the driving this year in the Late Model and find ourselves only 5 points out of 3rd place in the standings.   The chase for this title will be one of the weakest ever with only 5 nights of racing towards the points battle.  We lost 4 so far this year, both of us losing two.
Meanwhile I will be at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity with my crew on the 22nd and 23rd. We are currently 4th in points ten behind 3rd with 3 points nights to go.
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