Show Car To Be Completed This Weekend2019Show Car To Be Completed This Weekend

Some of our crew will be over today. Louie, Troy, Stephen and Abbie will help me finish the Show Car. This car raced from 2005 until 2017. Though somewhat outdated to compete in the APC Series, it still has many good parts and will be used for promotions and car shows. I’m hoping to do some Ride A Long’s with fans or companies as well.
Today we will install the transmission, shifters, driveshaft, bleed the clutch, and go over all the connections we did after installing the 602. We will install new fluids and hopefully get it running. Once complete we will bring in our Pro Late Model and take the wheels off it and put them on the Show Car. The tires on the Pro Late have tubes in them and will keep the Show Car tires from going flat, something that is just an incredible pain when trying to get air in the tires in a tight trailer. tubes were a good idea for storing this car.
Once the Show Car is completed we will get on the Pro Late Model to finish it. New shocks, scaling and nut and bolt check.
We can get all this done while the Modified is being lettered at Creative Edge. We have likely till Wednesday before it comes home.
More updates soon….thanks for visiting our site.
PS…. the Show Car will keep our 50th Anniversary paint scheme 🙂

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