Jukasa Speedway Modified & Pinty Features Rained Out2019Jukasa Speedway Modified & Pinty Features Rained Out

I made some goofy mistakes today that’s for sure. I’ll explain in Diary of a Season 2019. You can find that on the Message Board, then click on General Chat.
I seem to be having issues understanding which car I’m driving and my shifter sequence. I’ll leave it at that for now.
The mistake took me out of the heat race, finished over 1/2 a track behind. I was on the front chute by myself, no one in sight, the leader was almost to Caledonia. |
We started 18th in the feature but after one lap it rained hard.
Hopefully we get it in tomorrow, and hopefully I understand what transmission I have in the Mod. 🙂

Gates open at 11am…..Queenston Modified Feature goes at noon with one lap in the books.
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