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This Sunday Flamboro Speedway, it’s annual Octoberfest, will be the last time in my career that I race 2 cars in one night. I’ve done it many times. The most features in one night was 2017….5….Triple Crown three 50 lap features and 2 OMRS 30 lap features with the Modified, 210 laps and jumping from one car to the other. I was a lot younger then 🙂
I will deliver the Late Model to the Wilson family on Monday and that will be an emotional time for me. I will also prepare the Modified for it’s final race at Peterborough Speedway’s Autumn Colors.
Tomorrow I will be racing the Modified, but driving the Late Model. I want to give it to the new owners with no damage.
I’m hoping we have a strong run in the Modified
The Wilson’s are a great family, I like them all very much. They have suggested I might be able to drive this car in 2020….:)
Full details on Octoberfest will be on Diary of a Season 2019 by Tuesday night. I will be very busy delivering the Late Model to Owen Sound and then Tuesday an engine to Mike Westwood for Jason Legge.
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