Truro Home Has Buttons and I Very Happy2019Truro Home Has Buttons and I Very Happy

I must say since moving here I have been able to complete the inside of my house, get it decorated for Christmas and finish my garage. Getting all my trophies, as well as David’s, Shirley’s, Gehrig and Lauren’s up given me a big sense of relief.
I am quite relaxed….if that’s possible.
My children just left after a great visit this past weekend. They loved the home they got for me and I think were very surprised how much was done in 2 months.
My cousin Kim Turchstra and he husband Tom as well as Joanne are coming on Boxing Day and will stay a week with me and that’s going to be awesome.
Here’s a picture of my Quaker State collection, well most of it. I do need to get caught up with my scrap books, they are way behind. I have up to 2012 complete….need to get on that very soon. Buttons, though happy, can’t help with that. 🙂
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