1969 Cayuga Speedway Season #120201969 Cayuga Speedway Season #1

Here is a picture I recently received from 1969. This was my second car in 69′.
My first car got beat up pretty bad at Cayuga when it stalled on the back chute. I got of the car on the passenger side…”under green”. I was upset the yellow didn’t come out as cars were whizzing by. Finally it got hit, in the trunk where the engine is, and basically written off. I was really upset, and when I went to get my $5 for finishing last I complained quite loud to Bob Slack…”My car is a wrecked because the starter wouldn’t throw the caution”. Bob was so gracious and apologized. I calmed down but was heart broken because I wanted to race and my car was done. He looked at it and said “I’ll give you $25 for it”, that was equal to half a weeks wages, so I took and bought this car. My Dad welded the cage in it and we were back racing.
The car was sponsored by St Clair Do It Yourself in Toronto, at St. Clair and Runnymede.
Don Roth lettered the VW.
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