Beautiful Nova Scotia…Where My Parents & Relatives Were Raised2020Beautiful Nova Scotia…Where My Parents & Relatives Were Raised

I went on a short trip the other day with my cousin Bill Elliott. We visited the site of my Dad, and his Dad’s birth place. Two of my Aunts were born in this area as well. I will post all the pictures on Diary of a Season 2020 soon.
The original house is tore down but a camp has been put in it’s place. I remember my Dad said “we lived so far back in the woods, we had to come out to hunt”. It was a great day for Buttons and I to finally get out. The first 3 months here have been hectic, getting settled and then Christmas. Since February it’s been cold wet damp and of course snow……we had snow on May 7th….that’s not funny.
This area is called Pleasant Hills and isn’t far from Truro about 45 minutes. I have family living about 2 few miles from this place.
I just signed up for Iracing and will post here what series I am in and when I will be racing. The Maritime Pro Stock Tour is hosting a race for this Saturday to represent our first race at Petty Speedway that has been cancelled.
More on that soon.
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