Season On Hold Until The End of June….Here’s Some History 19812020Season On Hold Until The End of June….Here’s Some History 1981

I want so bad to promote my sponsors for 2020. Quaker State, Lincoln Electric, PPG, Permatex, Grind Stone, FMS, Brand Apparel, PYE Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Strictly Hydraulics. I will get a chance on June 5th for another I race to get some exposure. The Maritime Pro Stock Tour season has been cancelled until the end of June. Covid 19 is the culprit. As long as new cases keep coming up the season will continue to lose dates. Part of the problem is the borders between PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are currently close, so no travel, and if anyone tries to go from one border to the next they must quarantine for 14 days.
Businesses are slowly opening up but with borders closed and at least half the MPST field from PEI and New Brunswick, we won’t be able to race. z
Lets hope for no new cases in June and no more deaths in Nova Scotia. There have been no deaths in PEI or New Brunswick, and 90% of those in Nova Scotia are from the same nursing home. It’s really sad and once this is over the world needs to take strong measures to make sure our seniors and those with weak immune systems are looked after.
Here is a picture of my car from 1981. During hot laps the right rear axle shaft broke in the middle of turn 3. The wheel bounced over the wall… you can see I got it.
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