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I just want to thank my racing peers in the OSCAAR Mods for voting me the Sportsman of the Year 2015. It is truly an honor to win such an award. Thanks from my heart.
This was a great year for my team, thanks to Jason Legge who helped us immensely by providing a place for us to keep our race cars.
We finished 7th in the Sauble Speedway points and 5th in the Full Throttle Motor Speedway points.
Our best accomplishment was the Modified OSCAAR series, finishing 4th in the standings. Special thanks to my crew for helping in 2015, especially Lloyd Lariviere who made 22 of 32 race nights.
We are now in the process of rebuilding for 2016.
We also have a big announcement to make, very exciting….and very soon.
……….sorry for the bad photo, taken with my phone.

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