Farewell Event A Success

Thanks to all those who came out to my Farewell event. There were close to 50 people and they enjoyed the great food put on by Douglas Fischer and his barbeque car.
There were many door prizes supplied by so many great supporters and I was overwhelmed by the great gifts supplied by friends with businesses.
Here is a list of the door prize sponsors.
* Black Bull
* RJR Racing Enterprises
* Brand Apparel
* Dean Pronovost
* Auto Clinic
* John Bear Parts
* John Bear Service
* Queenston Chevrolet
* Canadian Tire Waterdown
* Grisdale Enterprises
* APC Grisdale
* Dairy Queen Waterdown
* Heritage Ford Mississauga
* Full Throttle Motor Speedway
* Todd Swim Wear Gift Certificate
* Miska Trailer

I still have many t-shirts, hoodies, hats and mugs for sale.
Our next race is July 20th at Sunset Speedway. We’re hoping for a strong run this weekend…..and that our car issues from Delaware Speedway is fixed.
Diary of a Season 2019 will be caught up and completed hopefully by Wednesday night.

Also a report on our event will also be done after the Delaware report.
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Delaware Speedway Friday Night….Farewell Event on Sunday

On June 15th we were to have our first of two races at Delaware Speedway but like many nights in May and June, it was cancelled due to rain. They reschedule that event for this Friday night and though I was hoping to be off to get all the arrangements and organizing done for our event on Sunday, I am always glad to race.
I am hoping to be as competitive as we were at Full Throttle Motor Speedway last weekend in the Modified.

Delaware is one track that I rarely run good in my own car. The only feature win there was on July 26th 2013 driving Dave Hodgkinsons Pro 4 Modified, pictured above. It was a great night winning the heat and feature. Dave let me put Quaker State on the car and my number, very cool.

Hopefully my crew and I have a strong performance this time and bring it home unscathed. More on my event on the next post…..Saturday night.
If you want to come, there are still tickets available, a fund raiser for my move east. I appreciate the support I get from all my friends and fans.
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First Checker of 2019……Rick Woolner Memorial….Katie MacDonald Photo

The Rick Woolner Memorial at Full Throttle Motor Speedway was a success but somewhat a disappointment. The success part was due to Rick’s sister Julia, and her husband Jim, working very hard to get as much money as possible for the racers who would come to support the 20th Anniversary of the Rick Woolner Memorial. She raised close to $4000 to go on top of the purse put up by FTMS.
The disappointment was the turn out. I think 16 cars would have been the minimum for me to see, but we should have had 20. Only 1 car from OMRS came and the rest were mostly OSCAAR.
We did pick up a heat win, our first win of 2019 and we were somewhat competitive. A good night for us over all.
The full story will be posted on Diary of a Season 2019 by Tuesday night.
Thanks to Katie MacDonald for this photo
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Rick Woolner Memorial July 6th Full Throttle Motor Speedway

One of my highlights in 2019 is running in this prestigious race at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. This will be the 20th Anniversary of Rick’s passing and I am honored to be in this memorial race.
Hope to see my fans and friends at this special memorial.
PS…..this week was a tough one, didn’t get the feature write up done on Dairy of a Season 2019 race #8…..but I will and then finish this race report by Monday I am planning.
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Sunset/OSCSCAR Memorial for John Harper Sad, But Successful

We had a great memorial for John “Spider Man” Harper on Saturday at Sunset Speedway. Jackie, John’s wife, asked me to speak on behalf of John and the family and I was honored to do so. I was also able to share the Gospel and pray after the Memorial in the tech garage. We then went outside and got this picture (courtesy of Ashley McCubbin).
Later on the front chute, right after fan appreciation Meet the Drivers, I was again able to speak to the fans about John. There was a moments silence and then I was honored to invite God into our service with prayer through Jesus Christ.
The full report on June 29th will be completed by Friday. You can find all race results and reports on Diary of a Season 2019. Go to the Message Board, then click on General Chat and you will see all the posts from 2007, including 50 Years of Stats.
Thank you for visiting our site….and please continue to pray for Jackie, Dave, John’s brother and their family. 🙂

John “Spider Man” Crosses Life’s Finish Line

Sad news today of the passing of good friend and fierce competitor John “Spider-Man” Harper. John won his last race with the OSCAAR Modifieds on June 2nd at Jukasa Speedway. He was also tied for the lead in Modified points.

John came down with an illness Saturday night June 22nd, a disease that hit him hard sending him to Toronto where he went into an induced coma. His vital organs began to shut down.

John passed away 11pm Thursday June 26th.
I am completely shocked that we would lose John so quickly. 🙁
Continue to pray for his wife Jackie, brother John, family and friends.
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Please Pray For John “Spider-Man” Harper

John Harper was rushed to the hospital on Sunday and is in critical condition. Please pray for him and his wife Jackie, brother Dave and all his family.
John won the last Modified feature at Jukasa Speedway and now we are praying for a different victory from our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your prayers and support

Queenston OSCAAR Modifieds Sunset Speedway June 29th

Our OSCAAR Modifieds will be racing at Sunset Speedway this coming Saturday. It will be our 3rd Modified race of the season, and my 8th race.
We expect close to a full field to be at this race. Hoping you can make it out and support racing in Ontario.
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