Sunset Velocity Ends In Showers…..Heats In…No Feature….Night Counts

The big anticipated Spring Velocity drew lots of cars with a spectacular Saturday night of qualifying for all the OSCAAR series, including of course the OSCAAR Mods. The night was capped off with a great exciting APC 100 lap race.
We had a decent but somewhat disappointing night, for me anyway. I expected more out of my car, but I do think we are a little better than 2019 and with a new tire to deal with, set up, gearing and hard racing all needs to be put in a recipe that makes us more competitive….we’ll get there.
The full story is on Dairy of a Season 2019. Click on the Message Board, then General Chat and then Diary of a Season 2019.

Sunset Speedway Spring Velocity…OSCAAR Modified Opener

The Queenston Chevrolet GMC OSCAAR Modifieds begin their 2019 season this weekend at Sunset Speedway. Hopefully we get the race in, it’s looking like rain, but that can change.
Our qualifying will be on Saturday after 4pm. Features will be run on Sunday after 2pm.
There’s 10 different classes running that day, only OSCAAR is a 2 day deal. All other classes are there either Saturday or Sunday, not both days.
TQ Midgets heats and features
APC Pro Late Models qualifying and features
all 3 OSCAAR classes, Pro Sprints, Hot Rods and Modifieds.
Mini Stock
Thunder Car
Late Model
Bone Stock
All 3 OSCAAR series
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Race #2 Better…Still Getting The Bugs Out

It was a tough night for our team. We were short handed for most of the night but managed to complete both features. Not as good as I hoped but we escaped with no damage and have a good starting point for the next race.
The full story from May 11th is on our Message Board in General Chat under Diary of a Season 2019.
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Flamboro Speedway Opening Night…..9th and 7th Twin 30’s. Damage Cosmetic.

A field of 17 Late Models made opening night. We did okay, not what we wanted but the field of competition is stout and not easy for most to get a chance to win. Shawn Chenoweth had a very serious accident in the second feature, He’s sore but okay, his car is far from that.
The full story will be on Diary of A Season 2019. Go to our Message Board, then click on General Chat to read all the details of this night.
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Late Model Opening Night May 4th Flamboro Speedway

Well it’s here and we’re ready to go. It’s cool damp, not a typical race day, at least it’s not going to be freezing. I remember in 1978 it was 38 degrees F…3 C, and we froze yes.

Over the years I have never won an opening night feature. Almost did it in the Late Model in 2007 but messed up on a restart and lost to Jason Shaw. Things have changed huge since then, I still have an older race car while many have newer cars. However, David showed he could get this car to the front, but David is a great racer in a Late Model. My best racing is in my Modified, but I do want to have a much better showing this year in the Late Model.

I thank God for all He has given me. A much better outlook and good health. I thank God for my family, crew, friends, sponsors and all those who supported me on here and on face book with great comments and encouragement. I will be posting results by Monday in Diary of A Season 2019.

We made some changes this year in the Late Model to help me feel more comfortable. Better breaking and better view from inside the car. I am excited to get on the track and give it all I can for my crew, sponsors and fans.
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Modified Hot Laps A Success

I had the Modified out at Sunset Speedway on Thursday April 26th. The car ran very well, I was excited that all systems were operating great. There were 3 small issues. The car loose off the corners and the nose was scraping on the track…easy fixes. I found out after I had too much stagger, way too much, 6″. I used last years tires to practice and will adjust the proper stagger when we race it. 🙂
Our first race with the Mod is the long weekend in May at Sunset.
The Late Model starts this weekend if it doesn’t rain.
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