Remembering Charlie Beck

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Remembering Charlie Beck

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Postby Gary » Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:31 pm

Charlie Beck.......A Truly Loving And Special Man

In 1982, the Hobby’s were coming off a pair of seasons that saw car count dwindle, mostly due to the addition of racing slicks. Once back on street tires the Hobby club started to grow again. The rebound in car count was high lighted with the return of Ray Hughes, and the addition of some new faces including #79 Charlie Beck.

Charlie made his presence known on the track, in the pits and at the monthly Hobby meetings. He not only came to race, but he was willing to help individuals with their race cars and work with the Hobby club by participating on the committee in any position that would help.

I had the pleasure of racng with Charlie from 1982 until 1998. He was a gentleman on the race track, but a fierce competitor. In all my years racing, I don’t remember a more content or dedicated competitor. Charlie was laid back when he was out of the car, and I suspect he was the same in the car. We got close one night when his inline let go and the two of us were jammed against the turn one wall, with me on top of it. He cooly looked over and asked if I was alright.

Charlie always had the same color scheme. The two tone tan #79 was easy to find on the track and in the pits. It was his identifying mark. He was one of only a few racers, like Ray Hughes and Jim Collison, who ran the same color scheme, year after year. Supporting his sponsor, Serv-A-Station was important to him and he did it by bringing a well prepared and great looking race car every week.

Charlie also brought his family. He not only worked, raced and served hard on the committee’s, he also include his wonderful wife Georgia in all of his racing endeavors. Georgia was a hard working Hobby club member, dedicating her time to help the Hobby’s with her business skills, as well as writing articles and stories for track magazines and local programs. Her main focus was like all wives and girl friends, first their children and then their husband.

Georgia was Charlie’s biggest fan and was not a good idea to mess with him. If you ever got into Charlie, spun him or roughed him up during a race, it wasn't him who would be coming after you. In fact he might not say a word, just nod and smile, and even let you know it was okay. His best friend however was not so easy to let someone off the hook for doing something dumb or foolish. I understood why Georgia was so protective. Charlie was like a Teddy Bear, cute and cuddly and didn't deserve to be disrespected on the track...why?... because he showed respect by racing hard and clean.

Racing was important to this family, the fans and competitors were all part of the journey. In 1995 the Beck team won Best Engineered Car. Hey rebuilt their car with the hopes of winning a title. Their hard work and effort paid off in 1986 by winning their first Hobby Club Championship. Charlie also won the Gold Cup title that year and almost cleaned house but missed winning the Flamboro Championship by a point. What a night it was. We all congratulated this racing family at the end of the races and there was Charlie, smiling but still laid back, although he did admit, “this feels good”.

Charlie was a hard charger but a fair competitor. He was a gracious winner but at times was just as happy to see others win. He was a great reconciler, never rushing into any new ventures or ideas without giving it a lot of thought. If we had more Charlie Becks at work, on the track and in our neighborhoods this world would be a much better place.

Though I haven’t seen Charlie a lot the past few seasons, I remember him like it was this morning. We will miss you friend and thanks for leaving us many many great memories.

Our heart felt prayers go to Georgia and Charlie Jr. May God bless and comfort all of Charlie’s family and friends as they mourn the loss of this truly loving and special man.

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