2012 Schedule

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2012 Schedule

Post by Gary » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:00 pm

Postby Gary » Thu Feb 16, 2012 10:07 pm

Our 2012 schedule is completed, well almost. There may be a few additions, a Delaware or Kawartha show could be included.

We will run 26 times at Sunset, twice at Flamboro and once at Peterborough and Varney. The only change could be lost races to rain outs, and usually we lose two or three.

This schedule also includes two CVM races for me, both at Sunset Speedway. Rick Schurr and Cass March will drive the Coupe at the other races. The CVM have another light schedule, and when they lose races to rain it really makes their race season short. Too short for me, but I'm glad to still get two chances to race in the CVM. I just hope those races don't get cancelled from rain, in fact, I hope none of our planned shows get cancelled.

Sunset will have a ton of exciting nights. They are hosting three 75 lap races for Limited Lates and four featuring Pro Late Models, also 75 laps. We plan to be in all the races in both of those series.

We will start the season off at Flamboro for their opening night and return again at the end of the year for Octoberfest. The Opening night show will be somewhat handicapped because we'll run the big heavy clutch and stay out of the way of the regular runners. No point in getting beat up before our points chase starts at Sunset.

We will compete in the Varney July 1st race. It looks right now that this race will attract some top runnners from local tracks. The list of names planning to attend now include at least three Canadian Tire NASCAR drivers.

Our local season racing will end at Peterborough for Autumn Colors. I'm sure we will compete in the Pro Late Model class, we still have our 604 Crate engine.

Finally, I've asked Murray Timm to let me know when his home track closes in North Carolina. I would love to head south and maybe race on a short track in the US. We'll see, Murray is going to get back to me and if the rules are such that we can compete without too many alterations, we will make the trip south.

We will also do some shows throughout the year and post them on our site.

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