Diary Of A Season...2010

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May 15th.........................Flamboro Speedway

Race #1

High Lites
* 16 cars
* Jason Shaw wins
* We get 2nd, best Late Model start ever
* David spots for crew chief Jim (wedding)
* First time ever for double file restarts
* Shane Maginnis wrecked bad
* Paul Howse gets in all kinds of trouble

1st Heat.....1st
2nd Heat....3rd



* front end shimmy on straights
* routine check over

* Jason
* Troy
* Rob
* Marty
* Gord
* Stephen (Merv Collings grandson)
* "Honorary Crew Member...David

We did our homework this off season, getting the car jigged and set up properly. That, along with the 50 pound weight savings, for conventional cars with lower control arms, was what we hoped would make our car more competitive with the top runners. We had the opportunity to change the front end to a coil over strut style but decided against it. We also did not install 4-piston calipers, saving us another 25 pounds. We knew in late April that our car was faster than 2009, we also knew if we could keep up with Shaw, Howse, Stewart and Maginnis we accomplished our winter project. Our goal was and is much tougher, to win the Flamboro Late Model championship. It’s a long season, but our season opener was very encouraging. Here’s what happened.
Perhaps the biggest potential set back was losing our crew chief Jim. Even he didn’t know until the middle of this past week that he had to go to a wedding. When he called me on Tuesday to let me know he couldn’t make it I could tell he was frustrated. No kidding, who gets married in May, when there’s tons of Saturdays between late October and mid April…just kidding. There was no way he could miss that very important celebration for his niece, and there was no way we’d expect him to. Marriage is a one time deal and one of the most important moments in the life of all families.
We were worried who would spot for us. Nonie is still not feeling the best, but when she is, she would do a good job. I called David but he said he couldn’t make it. However the next day he called and made some changes so he could be our head spotter. Jim and all of us were happy that David would take the responsibility and that allowed my crew to concentrate on the other things they had to concentrate on, and that they did. We had a great pit day, well organized and thorough.
We went through tech and Donny Cox said to Glen, “Gary has to weight 2900 and 56% left”. I said “no, I am 2850 and 56%”. Donny looked at me then removed the hood again and checked out our suspension and was surprised that we still had the older chassis set up. So, 2850 it was.
The qualifying in 2010 was changed over last year, at our request. We wanted double heats instead of single, that way it would be fair for everyone. I drew #19 and thought it was a bad draw, but it worked out good giving us inside pole in heat #2.
In the first set of warm ups the car was fast, but turning about the same times as about 5 other cars. We got in the mid 15:3’s as did the usual suspects. However 6 laps into our first warm up the power steering line blew going into turn three. Lucky we had a spare and were able to replace it and go out again for the 2nd set. The car wasn’t bottoming out and that was good, because we had the car lifted quite high in order to stop it from smashing the rack on the asphalt.
The first heat was somewhat like 2009. Paul Howse was on the pole and won. However he didn’t win by 10 or 15 car lengths. In fact #89 Shawn Chenoweth was right on his bumper. In our heat I was inside #55 Junior Farley who was driving Bruce Bennett’s 2nd car. On the green we went into the corner side by side. He stayed with me for another lap. I wanted to give him lots of room. We never touched and finally on about lap two. David let me know as soon as I was clear. The race went non stop and at the end we were 10 car lengths from #86 Kenny Forth who was ahead of #82 Jason Shaw. We were very happy to grab that win, our crew was half nuts when I got to tech, and that’s the way it should be, winning isn’t easy and when you get it you got to love it and we did.
There was no real issues with the car so we put a little fuel in and waited for our 2nd set of heats.
In heat #3, trouble was everywhere involving the top cars. Shane and Paul got together on the front chute sending the #03 into the front chute cement and ending his night. The contact was accidental on Paul’s part, allowing him to continue in his spot. On the restart Paul got on the gas hard getting into Shawn and lifting him up. Lucky they settled down and finished with no more incidents. Shawn, by his win was now the top qualifier.
We started 5th in our next heat. Jason was pole and got the lead. I followed Kenny past Jeff Stewart who got crazy squirrelly on the back chute. Once in 3rd there would be no more passing. Jason got the win, Forth 2nd and we took 3rd.
Our car was pushing as I tried to get on the gas. It was slight but enough to make us slower. We took out a little wedge and added a little more stagger for the feature. We were 3rd on the grid with Chenoweth inside pole and Howse outside pole. There was a change in our races over 2009, all restarts would be double file. Wow, that would require some give, and lots of respect. This race had both ends of the respect deal show up.
On the start of the feature Paul dove in hard and so did Shawn. Paul seemed to get the edge on the start as they flew into turn one. They came together slightly in the middle and again coming off. Half way down the back chute they were hitting each other again as it looked like Paul was trying to get down, but it could have been Shawn trying to get up. By the end of lap one Paul was in the lead with a big donut on his left door. We were 3rd and Jason 4th. We ran close for 5 laps and caught a few lapped cars. I lost some ground but then as our tires got hot we were able to pull away from Jason. We closed in on Shawn who was about two back from Paul. On lap 12 we saw the first of four yellows.
David was telling me that our car looked very strong and to keep running the way I was. When the white came out we doubled up. Going down the back chute I told David to watch the leaders because I felt Shawn might have have some bad feelings after what happened on the original green. We got the green and both cars raced hard into turn one. Sean was not giving an inch and it looked like the two cars hit their front wheels together. The contact caused Paul to get loose. Had Shawn backed off a little Howse may have collected it, but the big black #89 was temporarily out of favours. As the Howse got loose off two from the original banging, he was hammered by Chenoweth and sent spinning to the lower lane, my lane. I expected trouble but not to that extent. Lucky for me as I slowed up so I wouldn’t hit Paul, everyone behind me was on high alert and no one got hurt. We all scrambled down the back chute only to get the yellow coming off four. Sean was leading as we slowed up and the pace truck came out. I was 2nd and Jason 3rd. We came around again and Ding had the black flag and gave it to the #89, hey, no surprise there, even for Chenoweth, he knew it was coming.
That gave us the lead with 12 laps to go. Jason was outside and it was kind of weird doubling up. It’s like you’re not really leading, although you have the preferred lane. Tons of stuff was going through my mind, mostly “don’t let him get you”. I got on it quick and got a good run pulling Jason getting ahead in turn one. I was in good shape until a yellow came out with 10 to go. David told me that I may have jumped the green a little. I sort of agreed, but was concerned that if I did start a little later, Jason might start earlier thinking I was going to jump again. Sure enough on the start Jason got going first and by the start finish line he was ahead by half a car. Going into one I gave him room and he was able to pull down the back chute. I said to myself “I knew..I knew it”. Two laps later another yellow came out with Paul beat up in turn four. He was towed off and didn’t finish.
This time I restarted on the outside of Jake. There was no way he was going to let me get the jump on him, and worse, Kenny Forth was right behind Jason licking his chops with the thoughts of taking home a 2nd on opening night. The green flew, there were 8 laps left (the race was shortened 5 laps). I drove hard into turn one, Jason even gave me room but he was on the gas before me and pulled away. Now David was saying “inside, car inside”. That was Kenny, and he was planning on following the #82. We ran outside for two more laps. The car was very good. Mr. Forth gave me room, and I didn’t pinch him down. With 5 to go I was in 2nd and slowly pulling ahead of #86. There was no catching Jason, and the drought would continue as we extended our opening day feature win drought to 42 years.
When the white came out, David let me know to just bring it home. We crossed the line gaining slightly on first but with a strong second. It was an overall great night, our best opening night in Late Models.
We run every Saturday for the rest of the season and so far, so good. We have done what we wanted in our goal for the title, one race at a time, and we leave this race in second place.
Thanks to my crew for a great job and to David for his help in the pits and doing an awesome job spotting for Jim.

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May 23rd…...........Sunset Speedway


Race #2

High Lites
* Awesome track
* 19 cars
* Dwayne Baker wins
* We finish 12th
* Not a mark on the car
* Fastest lap 13:76
* Same basic set up as Flamboro

Heat #1…6th
Heat #2…6th


None...Jim and Jason are glad to hear that

Sarah, Rob, Marty, Perry, Allen and Paul

Once I heard OSCAAR was allowing regular Late Models to run with them for 3 nights, I gave it some consideration. When I saw the race was at Sunset, that sealed it for me. I called Steve Slaughter in November about running the track, but rules weren’t complete and it looked like our Late Models cars would be too far out rules wise to run with their cars. I asked if they would consider running a Late Model special, because there were over 40 cars like ours in Ontario that could come to a special event at Sunset. Steve said he didn’t think so because the track promoter had booked OSCAAR for four events.
OSCAAR was allowing us to race with them three times in 2010, that gave me a chance to get on the new track, plus an option for 2011 if Flamboro cancelled Late Models.
Our goal this year is to win the Flamboro points title. So me going to Sunset Speedway wasn’t really what most of my crew wanted. There was a good chance we could wreck our car, something we dreaded even to think about, after all the effort put in it over the winter, plus our opening night run at Flamboro proved the car was very fast and showed we do have a shot at the title if we run consistent...so wrecking at Sunset would be a set back.
Seeing the track live for the first since it's major overhaul was amazing. The owners and management did an incredible job. When touring with the CVM, I had two favorite tracks, Sauble and Sunset. Well, after Sunday nights racing, this new oval has rocketed to #1 for me.

Not everyone was able to make it. Our crew chief Jim was working, driving the gas tanker. Jason had other commitments, but we still were fortunate to have Rob, Marty, Perry, Allen, Paul and of course Sarah, the rising star of the Mini Stock class.

We were scheduled for this week end to be a double header, but bad weather forced Flamboro to cancel their show. We loaded up Saturday night for Sunset and had some free time to watch the All Star race. The qualifying race was exciting, the 4 segments of the main event were not near as good, that is until the final segment. The last we heard, at day break, Kyle Busch was still waiting in for Denny in Hamlin’s trailer.
We left home at 9:am. The trip would only be an hour and a half but getting there early and getting through tech quick was important so we’d get some hot laps. Tech was easy. We were too heavy, not enough left side and 200 horsepower to the negative. “Okay Gary, you’re good to go”. Yes we were good to go, but not likely very fast against these rockets!
We knew tech wouldn’t be an issue of course, some said we were “bringing a knife to a gun fight”. After hearing those $30,000 600 horsepower engines start up we were thinking we brought a snowball to a nuclear war.
In the first set of warm ups everyone was a little rusty. The Super Lates were on old tires and some on the track for the first time. We had brand new tires and already ran a night. The cars we ran against were fast, but not this fast.
Sarah timed most of the cars including us in the first set and our best was a 14:31. Most everyone else was in the low 14:0’s with a few getting into the high 13’s. I found that hard to believe because I felt we should have been a lot slower. I went up with our crew and watched the next group practice. Their times were much quicker, most cars in the 13:7’s and the faster cars in the 6’s.

We decided to go back out but made some changes. The car was bottoming out and I was worried if we get faster we could be hitting the rack even more. We installed 2 yellow spring rubbers on the front, and the American Racers. They were our oldest set of Flamboro tires, but this would save another cycle on the 10” Hoosiers, we only brought 4 Hoosiers with us. This set of hot laps was terrible, the car was all over the place. I didn’t give the tires time to build up heat, instead going hard right from the green flag. That made the car crazy and I only ran a few laps and pulled off. We decided to make a few other changes before going out a 3rd time, including putting the Hoosier’s on again.
We improved a lot that time, getting to the low 14:0’s and once hitting a 13:92. I found the car loose on entry. We checked the toe and it was out a fair amount, we also changed the right rear shock. We decided to leave the car alone, although we really hadn’t changed anything other than the spring rubbers and shock.
We requested starting scratch all night. Why not, we weren’t here to race for the championship, but many others were. We also knew our car was a non issue when it came to running with these very fast and powerful cars.
The first heat was history making for us. This was the first time we ever raced with the Super Late Models. Not only that, by joining their club, the #36 was actually considered a Super Late, but we knew better. We ran steady, deciding to stay back. I can hear my skeptics now “hey Gary, that’s good, deciding to stay back, you don’t want to run over the leaders”. Okay, but that’s not what I meant. I wanted to let those guys go, without interfering at all, they’re running for points and we’ll only run with them maybe three times this year. By staying back I meant in case there was trouble on the first or second lap, at least I wouldn’t be barreling in at full speed and be unable to get slowed up. Remember, this was a trial day for us, wrecking our car was not even remotely included in the data or information we wanted to take back with us.

Our first race went without incident, the leaders were almost a half track ahead by the end. It didn’t take long to realize in the feature they’d be lapping us by lap 20 or 25.
I must admit, racing our car competitively at Flamboro, and then getting beat badly took a little getting use to as their top were blowing us away. I had to keep telling myself, there’s nothing wrong our car. If our car could talk I could hear it say “just because you bought the membership doesn’t make me a Super Late Model, I DON’T BELONG HERE”. Or it may have said “hey buddy, we love racing, that’s why you built me, let’s have fun”. Man is that weird or what!!
After the first race we wanted to improve the car even more. I felt the car was still loose and we added a little more front bar.

In the 2nd heat, starting from the back again, the line up was reverse from the first heat. On the green I stayed back but on lap two caught up to the tail cars and ran a little harder this time. The announcer gave our team incredible exposure so we needed to try and at least make it closer. The leader was only a quarter of a track ahead this time and it showed on the lap times. Our slowest lap time was 13:96 and our fastest was 13:76. That was very good and the car was awesome not bottoming out and fast through the corners.
We started scratch in the feature. Some Thunder Cars crashed in their feature dumping fuel on the track and eating into the surface. It took a while to get that fixed as we sat on the track ready for a driver intro. During the delay I was able to talk to the Larkin family, Randy Dillman and his son, Terry Coates, Jim Bunting, John Anthony and others. The crowd was incredible. Both ends were full as was most of the grand stands on the front chute.

The race was a long drawn out affair for many reasons, including the track repair. A few accidents happened early but none too serious. On every restart I went to pit row, mostly just to say hi and go to the back. Had I been more competitive we could have worked to 7th or 8th just from not being involved in yellows. I knew better than to keep my spot for restarts. If I was running against Late Model cars and my car was not up to par for whatever reason, it could be suicidal to take your spot. So we went to the back but it was okay, and in spite of the performance against the field our car was very good. We passed three cars on our own, but on every caution I let them back in front. We got down a lap by the half way mark. On the back chute there is a small run off to get down and head to pit row. Later in the race I heard the leaders were coming. the starter motioned us out of the way. I decided to move in that back chute lane to let them by. Just as I did one of the other cars being lapped did the same and I had to lock up the brakes to avoid hitting him. I spun to the infield but didn’t hit anything. That put us two laps down.

The only other close call for us was when #40 blew his engine on the back chute. No one got in serious trouble, other than the engine owner. A big wreck on the front chute right after the oil was cleaned up forced the officials to restart the cars single file. We were 12th. The final 8 laps ran non stop. We were able to stay with the back pack of 8 or so cars but could not have passed anyone.

The trip was well worth it. We had fun and our car was very good, just in the wrong class. The OSCAAR staff and drivers were awesome to us.
The track was the high light for me. I think without a doubt it is the best race track I’ve raced on. It’s smooth, both ends are close in design, lots of room, great lighting, lots of fans, great announcing, signs everywhere. The pits are still a little narrow but not dusty like in the past.
This week end was a double header for Sunset and both nights were packed. There were over 24 Limited Late Models Saturday.

We’re not sure what will happen next year at Flamboro. Hopefully our car count doesn’t drop off, I’m afraid if it does they will cancel the class. All racers can do is help each other and encourage others to come out. Maybe the track could call the many Late Model drivers who don’t come out see what will bring them back. Being pro active in getting racers back would be a lot cheaper than building a new facility…although duplicating the Sunset Speedway design at Flamboro would work to.

Thanks to those in our crew who came out to help with this history making day and to Dave Gainforth the President of OSCAAR for his encouragement in answering questions and making things easy for us.
PS...is there a 600 HP Crate engine

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May 29th...............Flamboro Speedway

1st Grisdale Triple Crown Race

Race #3

High Lites
* 22 cars
* Shawn Chenoweth wins
* We win pole with fastest time 15:41
* We get 2nd in feature
* Good start to Grisdale Triple Crown

Hot laps….1st

Fastest qualifier…$500
Feature 2nd………$1500

Complete check over of chassis
Routine check over

Jim, Jason, Rob, Marty, Troy, Gordon
Marcello and Jesse were on hand for moral support

This night was so crazy wild, it’s hard to know what story was the most significant, and where to start. We set a record, got physically hurt, still in a lot of pain, ran awesome and survived an incredible ride on the wall. This is a diary, so we’ll start at the beginning.
My crew and I were on display in the morning at Hidden Valley park until 2 pm. This was a request through the United Way and our sponsor Quaker State. We do many shows throughout the season and this was our 3rd for 2010.
Once getting to the track we found the clutch line broken. The master had a 90 degree fitting in 2009, but somehow was not installed over the winter. The left front tire hit the fitting just enough to crush the line, making it leak. We had a spare line and a fitting to fix it properly. The next issue was the toe, it was out too far to brake in the new tires. For some unexplainable reason, we could not get the tie rod to adjust and it took us forever to set the toe. The lost time forced us to miss the first set of hot laps and we were in danger of missing both. The car still had not gone through tech, but Jim asked Donny if we could make the hot laps and then go through. I was already signed in, so they would let me on the track.
Our only set of hot laps showed the car was okay, not overly quick to us, but in the ball park and considered fast some others who were watching us.
After the drivers meeting we lined up for time trials. This was the first time Late Models had time trials at Flamboro. It wasn’t the first time for time trials ever, only in this class. I remember watching Super Modifieds time trial in the 60’s.
There were 22 cars, a good field for the first Grisdale Triple Crown race. We were scheduled to go out 18th. Jim let me know the strategies of the various hot shoes as they took different approaches at getting the American Racer tires heated up. Normally we need 4 laps to turn some good times, but in this situation everyone was in the same boat, there would be no advantage.
While slowly moving up to the line, Jim asked me how I was going to drive the hot laps. Was I going to scrub the tires back and forth and then go hard on the back chute, or go bonzi right out of the gate. I told Jim I didn't really know what I was going to do and he said “do what you feel is right”. Soon it was our turn. I got on the track and shifted from second into 3rd and raced hard into turn one. The car went side ways, almost out of control, as I got on the gas the engine started cutting out like I was hitting the chip, I was somewhat in a frenzy trying to get heat in the tires, but totally out of control, and not understanding why the engine was hitting the chip or cutting out. Going down the back chute I decided to complete the rest of the qualifying session by driving hard and smooth, not getting out of shape. Getting side ways would be losing time. Jim let me know that four or five of the cars were fairly quick, but no one on our team really knew the times of the other cars.
After the second lap, I hoped I would hear some excitement, but instead Jim asked me how the car was, and I took that to mean it didn’t look that good to the guys watching. I said it was “all over the place, how did I do”? He said, we got you about the same as the top 6 or 7. Naturally I was dejected and headed to tech then to our pit. Sitting in the trailer I said to Jason, “man I would have sooner qualified 13th than 8th, at least then we’d get a shot to run the consi and make the car better”. Jim was in the tower at this time. Jason asked “was the car loose”. I said, "only at the beginning of time trials, it was okay after that, but I really don't know".
While sitting and feeling down, Doug, the Flamboro head starter in 2009 stuck his head in the side door of our trailer and yelled “hey, you’re number one”. I looked at him and then Jason, and before I could speak he said “we need your car on the track, and they want to interview you”. We were totally shocked. “are you sure, you’re not just saying that, you better not be kidding us...are you?”. Doug looked at us knowing that we were stunned and said “I'm not kidding, you guys did it”. We went nuts, high fiving each other just wild with excitement. I went looking for Jim, and they told me he was in the tower. As I came back in the trailer, Rob yells out “do a Carl Edwards back flip”. So, not thinking at all, and not realizing that my birth certificate would advise to “stay put, stay calm”, I insanely decided to do a front roll in the trailer. The "5 year old" mentality that suddenly consumed me was unstoppable and as I rolled I felt a crack and a sharp pain go through my shoulder and collar bone area. When I got up I felt sick to my stomach and told Jason and Rob that I hurt myself real bad. As they laughed at the silly little boy, I said “no guys. I’m hurt, this is a bone crack or something”. I was in so much pain that all the joy of winning pole was gone because now I was on the verge of maybe not racing at all. Everyone knows when they hurt themselves and if it’s serious or not. I knew I was in trouble. I could hardly raise my arms the pain was so sharp. Just as I was trying to get my fire suit off and check out my disfigured body, big Jim walked in the trailer, all 6’ 3” 270 pounds of him. He has a huge smile, and wanting so bad to hug me. He was hysterical with joy, no kidding, his car just set fast time, and his joy meant giving a big crushing hug to his driver. As he approached me not knowing what happened, I screamed “don’t touch me”. He knew I was serious by the look on my face, but didn’t know why. Jason said “he just hurt himself”. Jim looked at me and Jason and shaking his head said “what are you talking about”. Then I blamed Rob, I said “he asked me to do a back flip like Edwards, but I did a forward roll like an idiot”. Jim shocked and ready to wipe us all out “why would you do that”? I explained that "I was excited because we’ve never did that before". Now he was worried, and the track was calling me over to do an interview. I made it over, was feeling less pain than I did 10 minutes before and got through the interview okay. Now I had two hours to ice and treat my painful shoulder.

Shane Maginnis
The invert was eight, from a five and three on the dice. That would have put Shane “The Dark Knight” Maginnis on the pole. However, the #03 failed tech with some weird stuff going on with weight. His disqualification put Kenny Forth on the pole. We can’t seem to figure what’s going on with “The Dark Knight”. Maginnis was forced to run the same type of Late Model as the rest of us, and with his experience and know how, should have been a handful for all of us. Instead, he’s been a handful for himself. On opening night, a miscommunication with his spotter caused a severe wreck on the front chute in his 2nd heat. That wreck was bad enough to put Shane out for the night, as well, he almost eliminated the 2009 track champion Paul Howse. We expected the #03 to be a very serious threat in every race, so did everyone else. I’m sure he’ll bounce back, but needs to slow down and concentrate on finishing races. It must be very frustrating for him and Terry to be going through this much turmoil so early in the season. We hope he gets things turned around.
The Late Models ran a consi and Mark Burbridge #27 won that race. The first 12 cars were qualified through time trials putting Mark 13th in the field.

I put lots of ice on my shoulder prior to the feature and consumed a few Advil. I couldn’t lift my right arm over my head very well. If I was a basketball or baseball player, it would have been over for me. My crew Jim was worried I couldn’t drive and thought about putting another driver in the car, if the track allowed it, but there was no way I was giving up the drivers seat. “Okay”, Jim said, “then get in the car, buckle up and drive to the tech garage and back and tell me how the pain is”. So I did. If we were making right turns it would have been better, and my only real hard time was with the 3 point turn, and we don’t get a lot of them in a race. “I’m good” was the report after my pit test.
We did a driver intro on the track. Troy came out with me to make sure I was buckled in. I must admit it was a great feeling to see so many fans in the grand stands. Bill Grisdale had the Pavilion in turn one and it was packed.
Many of my sponsors came to watch us race. I felt even worse about my stupid injury. What if I couldn’t drive the car, it would be a wasted night. I thought that I should go to the back and feel it out. A 75 lap race would give lots of time to gradually work my way up, plus if I was in too much pain, or couldn’t drive, at least I was out of the way. The command to start our engines was given. Troy made sure I was secure. Jim said the track was giving us a few hot laps. It was hot enough outside that maybe we didn’t need it, but it sure wouldn’t have hurt, plus it would give me a good idea whether or not I should stay in 8th or go scratch.

We went around three or four times and then the white came out. I said to Jim, “they’re not giving us any hot laps”. He was a little down about it and said “they just gave you three”. Yes, and I had no pain at all, but the pre white flag laps were at 28 miles per hour.

Oh well, it was time to forget about the idiocy in the trailer, the painful shoulder and get ready for the first Grisdale Triple Crown race. Twenty two cars were starting and that was better than all of the 2009 fields.
Kenny Forth and Ted Horsfall were on the pole. The green went and the leaders battled side by side for the first two rounds. Shawn Chenoweth, now known as “The Man In Black”, was inside of Horsfall and made the pass on lap 2 to get into 2nd place. Jim called for me to get down behind Paul on lap 2 but I was a little too far up on him and would have had to slow up too much to get to the inside. I waited another lap and then got in behind Paul. We ran until lap 8 when the first yellow came out. It was nasty. Jason Parker #08 from Sauble was in it, as was Mark Burbridge, Dave Baker and Shane Maginnis. Baker was done as was Maginnis, suffering some serious front end damage.
A 2010 race procedure by the track, changed the old 1-2-3, then double up restarts to a double file restart. It meant drivers would need to show more respect, and being outside wasn’t going to be a lot of fun, but it was awesome for the fans, and really that's what counts.

On the restart we were 7th only gaining one spot in the first eight laps. However on that restart we were able to get by most of the cars on the outside lane, including some hot shoes, Paul Howse and Kenny Forth. The fastest non crate car, #56 Jeff Stewart ran into mechanical trouble and slowed down in front of me, but we were able to get under him. A few laps later Forth tried going under Howse and the two came together bringing out another yellow. On this restart we were fourth with Shawn leading, Jason Shaw outside, Mike Bentley third and beside us, #05 Brad Corcoran.
Jason fought hard to stay with Shawn but fell back and we did as well being on the outside. The inside lane got a good run and before I knew it, I was back to 6th, as both Brad and Todd Campbell got by. Soon another yellow came out. While we cruised around under our third caution Jason Shaw pulled off with a flat tire. That put us fifth for the restart.
On the green it was Chenoweth pulling away from a determined Bentley, followed by Campbell and Corcoran. I was able to get under the #05 and follow Todd in the #07. Mike was driving hard trying to stay with Shawn, but the black #89 was very strong.

I got into third and another caution came out. On this restart I knew I had to be right on the leader and not allow Mike Bentley to get down. He was fast, but was loose coming off the turns and wouldn’t be easy to pass. When the green came out we battled hard. With double file restarts I knew if I got into 2nd it would mean I would be going outside of Chenoweth, but that was good, our car was strong and maybe we could get by. Meanwhile I had to get into 2nd before worrying about the next restart. On about lap 35 I was able to get under the black #29 in three and four. We got away from Mike but Shawn was 6 car lengths in front. On lap 40 another yellow came out. This put us on the outside for the next restart. We tried hard to get by Shawn but he was too quick. I was able to get down behind and chase him. We finally got a long run with no yellows, a streak that went to lap 60. I was on the rear bumper of Chenoweth for most of those laps just waiting for him to make a mistake. The one mistake I wasn’t going to make was to get into the back of his car. I run everyone clean, but messing with this dude would mean ordering new car parts Monday morning. Plus, there’s no reason for anyone to bang their way to the front, let the cars race, and if 2nd or 3rd is the best you can do, that’s better than having a feud or making enemies. In my case, I never minded any top 5 finish. When this caution came out it pretty well did Jason in. He was in a hot battle with #49 Ted Horsfall and got spun. He did return to the track, but he to wasn’t having a good night. Howse was out, Maginnis and Stewart were also eliminated and it was getting down to a two car race, although the #05 was far from surrendering the thought of moving up.

On this restart things went the same. Shawn took the lead and I had to fall in behind. Lucky for me I was able to run fast enough not to lose any spots on the high lane. Another yellow fell on lap 66. Jim was telling me to stay real close to Shawn on the restarts. I knew what he meant because I tend to leave too much room between me and the inside car. I told Jim “don’t worry, I have a plan”. My plan was to not only stay close to Shawn, but to get on the gas a little early. On the green I did just that, getting a good jump and flying into turn one slightly ahead of Shawn. I wasn’t worried about him running into me or giving me a lane, I already respected him on the three previous restarts, and Shawn will give it if he gets it. We came off turn two and ran hard into turn three. Once again he stayed low giving me a great run off four. We battled hard into one but now things were going his way slightly. I tried going in deeper but as I did I slowly moved up the track, and he moved up a little to claim some of the groove I was running. A lap later we were still side by side but things went nuts for our team. Coming off turn two with four to go my right rear slid out and nailed the wall. I didn’t realize how high or close I was to the wall. If that was close, I hadn’t seen nothing yet.

In a blink of an eye, after the rear hit the wall, the impact brought the front end of the car around. I immediately felt the right front tire dig into the cement. Normally that’s an ugly scenario, and usually ends up in disaster. Having been there a few times in 42 years I wanted nothing to do with the car being sucked into and bouncing off the wall down the back chute. The instant the right front wheel hit I yanked it hard left, like I had a “Giant Tuna” on the line. I knew I may head towards the infield, but had to trust my buddies behind would take evasive action if I got side ways on the back chute. The hard pull left with the throttle jammed to the floor worked, that is, I didn’t get sucked into the wall, however immediately, and to my shock, the car started climbing the back straight wall. Sparks flew when the two right side wheels made contact with the cement as the car started to take off. I still kept the throttle to the floor. Maybe I could get down, maybe I was just running on instinct, maybe I thought I had a “Giant Tuna” but suddenly had a “Great White” shark instead. At that point I was very concerned....no kidding.

Soon, like in a micro second, I saw the #05 go by. With the throttle to the floor, and both right side tires planted firmly, I was now racing on the edge of the back chute wall. I thought for sure the car was going to flip over, I was close to 90 degrees to the track. Finally the car came down and when it did I wasn’t that far behind Brad who just got by.
I wondered if I had brakes, so a quick tap proved I did. I wondered if I had steering, and all tires inflated. We’d soon find out as I drove hard into turn 3 if the car stuck. Coming off four I got under Brad but he pinched me down hard and we made contact, so hard, that it tore the wheel out of my hand. I thought, “man I’m not suppose to finish this race”. We raced hard into one and after another lap the yellow came out. My crew chief Jim went nuts with the wall ride deal. The car was okay, he let me know everything looked good. "Just bring it home, only two laps to go", was his encouragement. Funny, but most would have been glad to still be running in the top 3 but for some reason I wasn't done racing. “I want 2nd place”, were my words back to Jim.

I knew Brad would be on the outside for the green white checker. When the green came out Shawn took off and I glued myself to him. Going into three Brad tried to get down but I wasn’t budging. Coming off four to take the white we were side by side. Into one we went and he fell back a little then I heard on the back chute “clear high”. We got it, and we were incredibly happy for many reasons. I pulled along side Shawn and gave him the thumbs up. He drove an awesome race fighting with many tough competitors. This was a magical night for us winning the pole, running super strong, surviving the wall ride and finishing 2nd. I know one thing, the fans must have loved that race. It was also a very good night for Brad bringing his car home in 3rd place. He will be tough if in 2010.
Oh ya, my shoulder never bothered me until an hour after the race.

We’re off to an awesome start and I want to thank God for all the blessing we’ve been given, the fans, my crew for their hard work and dedication, my sponsors for supporting us and of course my family for their encouragement. Nonie and I are truly thankful.

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June 5th.................. Flamboro Speedway

Race #4
Double Points…half the cars

High Lites
* 13 cars
* Chenoweth wins
* Double points
* We finish 4th
* Spent the day in Milton at Street Fest


Heat 1….3rd
Heat 2….3rd


Clutch slave, routine

Jim, Jason, Perry, Marty, Rob

It was a long day for Perry, Marty and I. We left for Milton at about 7:15 am, we were on display at the Knox Presbyterian church, and supporting our friend and racing colleague Glenn Colling. Glenn was stirring up support for his Burkina Faso project. Glenn went on a church mission to this small town of Africa and seen a great need for tools and equipment. He is currently filling a container that will be sent to Burkina Faso in late June. A tool box was put beside our car for anyone wishing to donate a toonie. The cause was called “Toonies for Tools”.
We left Milton around 2:30, exiting the back door because Main Street was closed, filled with vendors and thousands of people. We got to the track in plenty of time to set up, get through tech and be ready for warm ups.
[u:3somq3xf][i:3somq3xf][b:3somq3xf]Car Count...Car Count[/b:3somq3xf][/i:3somq3xf][/u:3somq3xf]
We only ran one set of warm ups, the car was good, there was no reason to go out anymore. It was somewhat disappointing to see the poor car count, but we knew this was going to happen, in fact the 13 cars we had, unfortunately may be a good count night, compared to some nights we may see in the future.
There were 22 cars for the first Grisdale race. We knew some weren’t coming back. Jason Parker and Larry Jackson run other tracks and were here only for the big event, Jason may run this series. Larry said he was only here to get his car set up for Kawartha’s opening night.
Some regulars absent from the race were Stewart, Farley, Campbell, Forth, MacLean, Burbridge and Maginnis. However, Thane Woodside was out giving us a new car.
Thirteen cars is terrible for any class. Concerned for the fate of our class, and it’s future, and knowing car count could be down, was the reason I checked out Sunset Speedway to consider either Limited Lates or QSCAAR for 2011. Cars that stay home could be a factor in the demise of the Late Models. If car count drops too low, Flamboro could cancel our class…they’ve done it before.
Some reasons I attribute low car count for 2010.
1) no effort by the track to call racers over the winter to come out and race at Flamboro
2) a schedule that gives no nights off
3) double points nights that will kill any racer who misses a night
There are many racers who feel Flamboro doesn’t care about them. They’ve gone elsewhere, and won’t come back. They include, David Elliott, Anthony Simone, Steve Adams and Jamie Ramsay.
The LM boys wanted a few nights off in the summer, like in past years….Wait, we did get the first 3 nights and we'll get the last two weeks of September off. We were told those were our nights off. For those who made the schedule, listen...the kids are still in school for the first 3 weeks of the season, plus no one takes holidays in April, and the kids are back to school after Labour Day. Wow, how about one night in July and one in August, that would help a lot. A good week end to give the Late Models off would have been the long week end in August. Sauble is having a Late Model 100 lapper, the same one they had for the past 6 or 7 years. If one or two or more cars wanted to go there, so what, maybe the rest would use it to take their families on holidays.
Making it even harder on anyone who wants to go to Sauble or go away that week end, Flamboro has made July 31st, the night before Sauble's race, a double points night. Working with members of OSA (Ontario Speedway Association) would have been a good idea.
Some racers have yet to come out in 2010. Scott Gibson, TJ Marshall, Steve Laking and Bill Lassaline. The track needs a core of 10 to 12 racers every week and another 10 to 15 once in a while, to give us at least 16 cars minimum every night…20 would be awesome, but 16 is okay. I know teams have valid reasons for not making it out every week end, and others for being upset with the track, but they need to realize once our class is cancelled, they'll have to run Delaware against the ASA type Late Models, or de-tune their cars to be a Limited Late...I'm exhausted.
Anyway, there were 13 this past Saturday and the night wasn’t without trouble, maybe to the point of us losing another car because of bad calls, or refusing to make the right call. Later on that.
I should not worry about things like this so much, but like many racers I care about our track and want it to be successful. It bothers me to see our class weak. It should be the best race track in Ontario with the highest car count in every class. Our team will keep doing our part by encouraging racers to come out, and help other teams where we can.
Here is what happened on the track.
There were 2 heats, 6 cars in one and 7 in the other. We ran double heats. Jason Shaw won our first heat with Paul 2nd and us 3rd. It was a ho hum race, no action, but no one got hurt and with 13 cars, there was no way wrecking any is a good idea. Our car was okay in the first heat, just couldn't get through quick enough.
Our second heat was a reverse of the first. We started inside pole with Paul outside and Jason in 4th. Thane Woodside was out for his first time in 2010 and took his spot in the first heat and again in the 2nd. I wanted to win this heat badly, I mean, I was somewhat arrogant enough to think I should have won it. Starting inside is a slight advantage over the outside, as long as you don't mess up. Messing up was exactly what I did. On the green I should have hammered the gas before Paul but for some dumb reason I felt it necessary to make sure he was right beside me at the start. He was alright, because he anticipated the green and got on it a split second before me. That lost time was enough for Paul to be 1/2 a car length ahead going into one. I was at his drivers door and wasn't about to bang into him by driving in harder. Because he got the jump he was able to enter turn one a little lower than he could have, had we been side by side. I knew immediately it was over and had to hope he would make a mistake for me to get by. We went one lap and then the yellow came out. Now my woes were going to be even worse because "The King of Speed" was behind Paul, and unless I changed into a paper clip, there was no way to get between him and Howse. I tried going even with Paul on the start, but he had no intentions of letting me get the jump on him, in other words, he would do the opposite to what I did. Going into one he was well ahead and Jason was glued to his bumper. I knew the verdict on this deal so I settled behind Jake. Being slightly upset I drove very hard and stayed right on the tail of the 82. Coming off turn four he got a little wide and I was able to get under him. Going into one I had the lane, the run and to everyones surprise, probably the pass. I got a good run in the middle but Jason crowded me so much (probably because he didn't think we'd still be there) that I got into his rear panel getting him way sideways. I backed off right away to make sure I didn't spin him out and we set off chasing Paul. The three of us ran under a blanket, giving us a third place finish again. I was quite upset with myself after the heat, knowing it was double points, I just lost 6 to Jason in 2 races. I needed to get over it, but it would be a while for me to get focused for the feature.
We started 7th beside Jason. Only 12 cars were in the feature. Jeff Cassidy left early for mechanical reasons. The cars that started the feature were good cars. Early in the race we got boxed and fell back to 9th. Getting around some cars put us in 6th but by now Howse and Bentley were in a fierce dog fight. Chenoweth was third, Jason 4th and Ted Horsfall fifth. The battle up front was wild as the leaders wouldn't give in, why should they. I'm not sure whether Paul came down a little, or Mike came up, or both, but they came together with Howse spinning around. Both cars went to the back, but Mike's rear bumper was dragging so he pulled off, and did not return. He was very upset with being sent to the back, figuring Paul crowded him, and the caution wasn't his fault.
The track has a new way of dealing with accident cars. If you hit someone for any reason, and they spin out, you're going to the back. The track wants to eliminate making a call or trying to figure who is to blame. I don't like that at all. If I'm battling with someone and they chop me and I spin them out, I shouldn't have to go to the back, the track should tell the car that got spun that he got spun for coming down on the inside car. Many times the inside car drives in hard and pushes up into the car on the outside spinning him around and in that case he should go scratch. I don't know for sure what happened here, but Bentley was furious, and maybe he got the bad deal. I would like the track to make the right call instead of sending both cars to the back, not saying they didn't in this case, but if it's blatant that a car was chopped, don't send the car that did the hitting to the rear, and again, I don't know what happened, so my opinion is if the scenario happened as I described, not this particular incident.
Anyway, there is another side to this. All of us racers have a choice to make if we get chopped. We can decide to back off and let the person go and tell them in the future the same grace won't be shown if they do it again, or we can dump them when it happens. I would sooner back out of it than wreck, but some racers feel it's their right to take a lane, and maybe that's the right attitude, but when they don't back out and spin someone, they have to suffer the consequences. You can stick your nose in hard, but you should be ready to get out if the car beside you could go around...otherwise you're going to the back.
The track said they were going to be sending both cars to the back, and whether I like it or not, it's a new procedure that started on day one, and some drivers have already been sent to the back for spinning a car out. Hopefully the Bentley's calm down, they are great people and competitors and we need them.
The restart put Chenoweth inside pole, Jason outside and me outside beside Horsfall. Here we go again was my thought, outside on a track with no grip and a guarantee your heading south in a hurry. On the green Jason could not get 89. Shawn got the lead and Jason moved into 2nd. I also couldn't get down and now Pee Wee Boschler had plans of moving into 4th. I knew Paul was there and #05 Brad Corcoran. I slowly fell back from Ted, and Chris had me pinned outside. We ran side by side for awhile. I couldn't get behind him because Brad was there and Paul was next. Going down the front chute I tried going under but couldn't get on the gas, the car was too loose off. On the back chute Chris thought he had me clear but came up into me forcing me into the wall but I turned left getting his car sideways...I wasn't ready to race on the wall again. At the time I came down Brad was right there and drove over my left rear wheel. Pee Wee got a little high going into three and I tried getting under but it would be two more laps before I would finally get under him and move into fourth. Howse was right behind me and for the next 15 laps all I could hear was "he's right there...he's 5' behind...now he's on your bumper...just relax, you're doing fine". What! Relax, there wasn't two laps left there was forever and it was hot and my water bottle wasn't working properly. My crew tried gearing up the water bottle with a plastic tube but I almost crashed trying to get it out of my way. It was crazy, I had a drink on lap one but none after that. Paul and I ran like a train slowly catching Ted but time would run out for us to try for third, although catching the youngster was one thing, passing him was another, and to be honest I was glad we had no more cautions and could bring the car home in 4th place...and thanks to Paul for being all over me and not once hitting me or even getting me loose. I like Paul.
The night killed us in points. Jason moved 10 more points ahead because of the double stupid points. Shawn also passed us to move into 2nd in Flamboro standings. I know, the points aren't over, and no way have I given up, but being 11 points out of first so early in the season is not good. We need to close the gap over the next few weeks. Our goal is to win the title, and to do it we need to make every race count. We had two 3rd's and a 4th in the feature, and that's good, Jason had better in every race and that wasn't good for us. Hopefully next double points race we can come out on top.
Congrats to Shawn for his 2nd win in two weeks. He is running very strong and consistent, and to Ted Horsfall for grabbing a third in the feature. The winner of this years title will definitely earn it.
Also, the double file restarts are making our class much more interesting for the fans and that to is very good.
[i:3somq3xf][b:3somq3xf]....I went to Flamboro today and talked to John about a lot of things. He is making an effort to call racers and I appreciate it. Some won't come out every week, but when he phones them it does make a difference. Next week we should have a few more cars, maybe 5 more and if Mike Bentley comes back it will be an awesome show.

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June 12th.................Flamboro Speedway

Race #5

High Lites
* 14 cars
* Feature postponed until the 19th
* We wreck, take out Jeff Stewart… sorry Jeff and Bruce
* Hobby’s have 18 cars
* Phil Shaw wins by a county
* We finish 9th in feature

Heat #1…..4th
Heat #2…..DNF (6th)
Feature…..see next week


Late Model….see next week

Quick change, front end, body, rack

Jim, Jason, Troy, Marty, Rob, Austin, Justin and Allen

This was a tough night for us, and unfortunately we got into another car, wrecking him real bad, and setting our own race program and goals back a step. I wouldn’t say a huge step, because postponing our feature until next week was a break that saved us from falling back even further in the points chase. There’s a few things that make this race night bad for me. Obviously our car is struggling now, we’re falling away a little, the costs to fix this car is something I didn’t need right now, but more than all of these things, wrecking the #56 of Jeff Stewart is the hardest for me to deal with. Most racers get discouraged at times, even Shawn Chenoweth has been discouraged this year and he’s the most dominant so far. I get down when our car isn’t competitive, but when I take someone else out, that puts my feelings for us on the back burner because the last thing I ever want to do is wreck another racer. Here’s what happened.
The weather was very unpredictable. It was supposed to rain all day Saturday and most of Sunday. It looked like a wash out. This kind of day is a nightmare for the track owner. His grand stands were very low crowd wise, because most people would have stayed home rather than take a chance getting soaked at a race track. So, the night was going to be tough for the promoter. The worst thing for him was the uncertainty as time got closer to open the gate. It poured real hard at 3:00 but stopped and cleared up. It got cool, and never really rained any more, other than very small rain drops, almost like mist fell throughout the night. The racing has been awesome at Flamboro this year, and I would guess the rain fall we had at 3:00 was the one that chased most fans and some drivers away.
The CVM were here, this was their second race of the season, after a month lay-off from the opener on May 15th. The amazing thing was the car count for the Hobbies. There were 25 cars on May 15th with more cars getting ready, but instead of bringing 28 cars to this race there were only 18. I decided, after being unable to get someone to drive the Coupe, to drive both cars for tonight. I knew it would be a challenge, but I wanted to run the 33 Chev with my friends in the CVM, and running 2 divisions is exciting, and exhausting. The challenge of racing two cars was enough pressure for me, but practising for the Hobby’s was right after Late Model hot laps, forcing me to jump out of the Impala right into the Coupe. I had to practice that, because the Hobby feature was right after the Late Model 30 lapper and no one was going to wait for me to get out on the track for the CVM main event.
I made 2 sets of warm ups in the Coupe and on the second took out the 6200 chip to see if the car would run better, and it did, it was fast. With the chip in, I was hitting the limiter so soon I was losing power and performance. That showed we were over geared. The gears we ran were 567, and I was hitting the chip just past half way. When I took out the chip, the car really pulled past the half way mark. I told the tech committee I took the chip out, and asked if I could run a 6400 chip, same as the Late Model but they said no, the agreement was 6200.
I was very uncomfortable in the car. My elbow was hitting the left side of the cage and I couldn’t steer properly. Over the years various people have used the car, or rented it, and made changes that I have been unable to change back to where it was in 2004. The other issue with the car, and this could be me, but I don’t think so, and that’s the steering. When I turn in the corner the steering locks up or jams. It’s like it goes past center to the left and then bolts hard left. No one seems to be able to help me figure that one out. Racing the car, though fun, was about the worst experience I’ve had in a race car in terms of feeling good. It wasn’t even close, and I love these cars.

Late Models Fast In 2010
Only 14 Late Models came to play. We had double heats. We got to a 15:38 in the hot laps, a decent time for sure. The car felt great. It's apparent this year that lots of cars are quick. It use to be 4 or 5, but now it's 7 or 8 that are very fast, and it's great for the track, fans and us. In our first heat we started 5th and basically followed the cars up front. Paul Howse led the race but was absolutely hounded by Jeff Stewart and Mike Bentley. By the way, I was glad to see Mike and his family at the race, they were upset last week but came back out and I was glad to see them. We ran very close and hard in this heat. Half way through Jeff got into the back of Paul getting him sideways but backed out right away. Mike and I got on the brakes and couldn’t take advantage of the mix up. It was a very fast and close race. We ended up 4th but it was a strong run.
In the other heat, Shane Maginnis showed his old form by winning his heat and finishing second in his next race. Shawn Chenoweth also had good runs picking up another checker flag. I talked to Terry Maginnis and he told me how tough it was on them the past few weeks with the wrecks and costs to fix the car. Winning that heat and running strong in the second behind Shawn was what they needed to help make their day more fun.
In our second heat we started outside pole. The track gave us hot laps and we were as good as we could be after the tires got heat in them. The car was loose in the first race, changes were made to tighten it up so it would be better coming off the corners. On the green I could only run with Chris Boschler. As the race continued I tried hard to get him but was unable. Mike Bentley was right on Chris back bumper and soon got by, then it was Paul Howse and Jeff Stewart lined up on the inside. Our car was good but this was a war. I knew we were in trouble, there was no grip and the track really isn’t designed for side by side racing with evenly powered cars. I could have ran side by side with a car that was a few tenths slower, but not these cars. I was getting ready to fall in behind Jeff knowing this would be a follow the leader race, that is until something crazy happened. Coming off turn two I got a little side ways. It was almost a normal kind of loose that goes with running hard and high. What happened next ruined this night for me and Jeff Stewart. I’ve spun before but when the car comes around quick it’s usually because I’ve been hit or drove over water or oil. Neither of those happened. What confused me was how fast and violent the car suddenly came around. The car turned almost 90 degrees towards the infield. I hit the brakes to try and slow it down but I was already into the side of Jeff Stewart. I hit his passenger door, and kept going, lifting him up as his right rear wheel went over my left front wheel. The impact sent his car in a wild spin right into the wall and our car to the infield, so fast, I thought I was going to hit one of the emergency vehicles.
I stayed out wanting to finish. Jeff drove his car off but it was beat up terrible. On the restart I decided to take it easy not knowing what could be broke or bent. On the green I went into turn three and the car would not turn very far to the left so I pulled off finishing 6th.
We found a bent left front spindle and Jason changed it. There was something wrong in the rear end. The right side axle would not come out and we had it out during the week, it would slide in and out easy, but now it wouldn’t come out.
I went down to the #56 pit, I wanted to give them time to go over their car and maybe calm down a bit. I know Bruce spends a lot of money bringing two good cars to the track and just from what I saw from a distance his car had a lot of damage. When I got to the car Bruce was still checking it over. I apologized for getting into them. I told him I had no idea what happened. He didn’t say anything too much, he was dejected enough. I went into the trailer and talked to Jeff letting him know how I felt and he was good. He knew I didn’t do it intentionally or from driving stupid. I'm sure Bruce did to, maybe that's what frustrated Bruce, if I was a jerk and didn't respect him or his stuff he would have gone wild on me, but he knew that wasn't the case and it was better at the time to say how I felt and then leave.
The track called a driver’s meeting. They were suggesting we run the Late Model feature next week, and have double features. It was their idea and they wanted us to vote on it. We agreed unanimously. It was a no brainer for our team, and it would give the #56 a week to fix their car. Our team was relieved knowing we had a week to get the car fixed.
The reason the car went wildly and suddenly into a spin is still unexplained now, we’re taking the car apart today, we think we know, and I’ll report it later.
The CVM was also asked if they wanted to run their feature or double races next time. I was in on that meeting to, only this time I voted to race. The cars run treaded tires and it wasn't raining, plus a little mist wouldn't hurt them. I started last but could not drive the car competitively. It was too hard to steer, I was hitting the chip just past the starters stand plus inside the car I was having all kinds of trouble. Driver comfort is a big deal and that’s what needs to improve for me the next time I drive the Coupe.. If I was comfortable I would have done much better. Also my right leg was burning on the interior sheet metal. It was from no padding on the aluminum. At the half way mark I was driving into the turns and trying to hold my right leg, and keep it from laying on the metal and burning. The harder I drove the worse it got. If I went in slower I could force my leg to the left so it wouldn’t hit the hot aluminum. Finally a caution came out and I tore a piece of roll cage padding off the top to use as an insulator for my leg. It helped. We ended up 9th, the car can be much better. Some basic changes will help like lowering the gears to 540 or 530’s. The car was loose as well, and that to can be fixed. I won’t be driving again until July 31st, maybe even August 20th at Delaware.
This coming Saturday we’re on display at the Auto Spa from 10:30 until 2:pm. Then on Sunday, Fathers Day, we’re at Crestwicke Baptist church for a Father’s Day car show event.

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Post by Gary » Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:06 pm

June 19th.................Flamboro Speedway

Race #6

High Lites
* 17 cars
* Shane Maginnis wins June 12th main
* Jeff Stewart wins
* We finish 10th in first feature, 5th in second

June 12th feature….10th

June 12th feature…$220
June 19th feature…$300

Front bumper, body braces, routine check

Jim, Jason, Troy, Marty, Rob, Gordon

We had our car on display at the Auto Spa in Burlington Saturday, from 10:30 until 2pm. It was set up as a meet and greet for Fathers Day. Most all of our crew were there. Jim, Jason, Troy, Marty, Rob and Gord. We headed to the track. It looked beautiful, although we heard there could be some rain before supper, but clear up for the early evening and rest of the night. The one consistent thing this year has been the weather, rain wise, and on Saturday. We haven’t lost that many nights, however all but one have had some kind of rain, mist, fog or deluge. We would get the latter, but not before some races were run.
The first race of the night was our feature from last week. Fourteen cars were eligible to start the race and all showed up.
During the week we fixed both our quick change and front rack, actually Junior fixed them. He replaced the right rear diff tube, and heli-coiled the rack. He suggested to stiffen the front springs to stop the car from bottoming out. We installed two mild (soft) spring rubbers. It would make the car tight, but maybe we could compensate with other chassis changes if the rubbers helped us from bashing the rack on the track.
Our warm ups were okay, but nothing spectacular. The car was somewhat unstable. Shane Maginnis told me later he was turning 15:1’s. What!! I mildly asked. We were in the one's he said again. Okay, so either his stop watch is broke or ours is. No one was turning 15:1’s on this humid, slippery, no grip surface. But, if he was, so were a few others…but they weren’t.....but if he was, just sayin', he'll be turning 14:7’s in the fall when the track is cold and fast....15:1's are you kidding!
Anyway, our times were the same as the rest, but I didn’t like the feel of the car, it was tight entering the turn and in the middle. We raised the track bar and opened the rear stager.
I felt the car wasn't right because of the rubbers so we decided to remove the spring helpers, letting the car settle down more going into the turns. We wanted to try that for the first feature. We raised the track bar twice, maybe going too far…no we did go too far. 15:1's is nuts.
We started 9th in the feature. Shane was on the pole, he had a very low handicap because he didn’t start the feature on opening night. It was his race to win.
The feature was full of trouble for us and others. Our car was so loose at the beginning I couldn’t drive it. There was an accident early, that saw five of us check up going into turn three. I hit someone fairly hard and bent our front bumper, lifting the hood and twisting the air duct mount. They were okay. This was the only wreck of the race and took out #55 Junior Farley (I didn’t hit him…hitting one of Bruce’s cars is enough). Junior was very upset, so much so that he jumped on the hood and roof of Brad Corcoran’s car. While he was doing the dance he lost his balance and fell off the back of the #05 right in the path of #3 Chris “Pee Wee” Boschler. It’s a good thing it wasn’t Pee Wee Herman, and good that Chris was going slow, Chris was lucky he didn’t hit Junior…ya, Junior was lucky too.
I told Jim the car was bad loose. For those first 5 or 6 laps I was in the low lane constantly. The wreck had nothing to do with the loose condition, that because we were boxed in. When the yellow came out Jim asked me if I wanted to come into the pits for an adjustment and I said yes. We put a little wedge in the car and added two pounds to the left rear. I got back out as the tow truck took Junior to the pits and to his ward.
The rest of the race was bad news for us. Perhaps I made a mistake by pre judging the car too soon. The changes we did, made the car tight, I was pushing beyond belief, what an extreme. Usually we get our car right, but we missed the set up this time. Jim could see how bad the push was and said “just race it and we’ll fix it for the next race”. We battled hard with a few cars, namely Kenny Forth. I passed Kenny but a lap or so later he passed me. We would end up crossing the line in 10th and though disappointed, knew we had no place to go but up. As I pulled off the track my temp gauge was at 250 and the oil temp was buried. It was because the rad bag fell down, not allowing any air flow. The car was very hot and would need sometime to cool down before we could add any water.
The other classes ran their heats, and then our first heat went out. We were scheduled to go out in the 2nd heat, but it started raining a little. It was about 7:00. The first heat finished with Brad Corcoran winning, grabbing a strong victory over Paul Howse who also finished 2nd in the first feature, not far behind Shane.
Soon the rain got harder and it came down in buckets, I thought for sure we were done. After the 15 minute rain storm, it slowed down a little but kept coming. I couldn’t see any clearing in the distant west. It looked grim, and then it poured even more, a deluge, like it was doing it’s best to get John to cancel. John didn’t, and once the final burst of water fell from the sky, we could see blue skies and white clouds in the distance. It would take a while to dry off the track but John was determined to get the show in, the fans stayed and some of the faithful racers went out to help dry off the track. The very hot day left lots of heat in the track, so drying would be quicker than it would be on a cool day....say a 15:1 day.
The rain delay was long enough for us to do some serious work on our car. We decided to go to square one on the chassis. We took out the turns we put on the track bar, changed the gears to a lower ratio, changed the oil and filter because of the excessive heat the engine developed, and put on four newer tires.
There were 17 Late Models, a decent field. I’m good with a minimum of 16 to give us two heats of 8 and a good field for the feature. Because of the long rain storm, John asked us if we would run just one heat instead of two. The drivers agreed and our heat was next up.
We started 6th in this one. On the green I knew the car was much better, it was way different than the one I drove in the first feature. As the race went on the car got better and we were all over Chris. We tried inside, a few times but he was quick and steady. Jeff Stewart grabbed the win from the pole, Pee Wee second and we finished third. I was very happy with the car and told the boys over the radio that “we got our car back, good job”.
This feature line up saw Jeff Stewart on the pole. He has some rough luck at the beginning of the season, making his points average low, and also putting him up front.
I don’t mind the handicap system being used for the Late Models. You divide your points by the number of nights you’ve raced, giving a point average. That average is compared to the rest of the field and you line up according to where you are average wise. We’re 3rd, with Jason and Shawn a little higher. We’ll be at the back for most of the season as long as we run strong. We’re good with that, starting at the back means we’re running high in the points.
The track was good after the big storm. The Mini and Thunder Car features made sure the track was dry. Jeff Stewart got the jump on the green. There was no doubt he would be too much for anyone on the outside. A track with grip is hard enough for cars running on the outside. All the rubber was washed away after the rain, making the outside lane a tough place to be.
We got a few hot laps to warm up the tires. On the first lap my water bottle fell out of it’s mount landing right under my brake foot. On acceleration it rolled back, and going into the turn it would roll up to the throttle and brake pedal area. When the yellow came out I had to do some fancy foot work to get it near the seat and grab hold of it. Realizing I was not going to get it secure for the race, I slowed down in turn one and gave it to the corner worker. I hated to do that because it was going to be a hot dry run, and a drink was something I’d much appreciate under yellow. Anyway, I was going without tonight.
We got boxed in early. Getting caught behind a lapped car caused us to lose a few spots. Shawn was able to get by and head to the front. I got into a battle with Jason and held my own. We came together in turn three but got by him and stayed in 7th.
Early, at about lap 6 coming off turn two we were bunched up with Forth, Howse and Bentley. I’m sure Paul got into Kenny and got a little sideways, but the results were devastating for the #8 as Paul’s rocket spun to the infield. Because of the rain, the “infield rule” was on, meaning any car going to the grass was done, and Paul’s race was over at that instant.
We continued racing with Mike and Kenny and finally got by the #86, but not easy.
The race ran a long time with no yellows. Our car was fast, I was happy with how well it cornered. The lower gear worked okay for us, we started hitting the chip once we got into 6th place with an open track.
On lap 22 I got by Brad, #05, and noticed Jeff was leading a pack of cars that were in a train. One mistake by the tractor salesman would end his chance to win the feature. The yellow came out with 7 to go. Jim asked me how the car was and I said it was good. I asked him if he had any water…I know.
As we came around for the white I was in 5th on the inside behind Jeff and Shawn. Bentley was outside up front with Shane right behind him. Brad started beside me and the only thing I had to do was keep up coming off four. Jeff got us slowed down pretty good and I pushed the clutch in to clean out the carb. I knew I had to go when the green came out, but my eyes were glued to Jeff who was leading. His built engine was affected by the slower start, and the outside cars were okay as well. It was Shawn and I who had to be sharp, and Chenoweth was. We come off the turn and our car bogged just enough for Brad to get in front of us at the start finish line. We raced hard to get back up. The leaders were doing some banging, not a lot. Shawn was able to get under Mike putting him second. Mike got into 3rd with Shane right there. They battled hard. With one to go I was able to pass Brad going into one, but was too far behind the first four to catch up. I was about four car lengths behind, when just at the end of the back chute the yellow came out. I knew the race was over, because the white was out. Coming off four I was slowed down, so were the leaders, but for some reason, Shane was still trying to pass Mike. He hit the back of the #29 getting him sideways, then what happened next was incredibly unbelievable. As Mikes car came down after getting hit, Shane hit him again turning Mike up the track. I thought it was weird they were still hitting each other…but they were done yet. Shane ended up climbing the left rear wheel shoving the quarter panel and door almost right inside the cock pit of Bentleys car. Mike hit the wall as well and finally they stopped hitting each other and I passed them. The checker didn’t come out then, but I knew it would be the next time around. I also knew they would not lose any spots, because even though both cars were tore up, it was the final lap and the race was over. I also knew Brad would get his spot back. What I didn’t know was that Dave Bentley came on the track and started doing something to Shane. Some said he was hitting the window net, or even Shane. Coming on the track automatically disqualified the #29 for the night, a tough brake for a frustrated family. The Bentley’s have gone through a lot of bad luck lately and this was something they didn’t need, and the kid is driving awesome.
We heard after that Shane was scored last for hitting Mike, which I could understand, and knew it was a grey area. If there was three to go Shane would have been sent to the back for hitting Mike, well for half destroying his car.
The track has decided to give Shane 3rd in the feature, saying the race was over. Bentley not only got disqualified, but is suspended for a week. It should be his dad that's out not Mike. Too bad for their team, you can't fight with other racers, but I understand their frustration, I also understand the track decision. I wouldn't have chased the car away since the driver didn't do the fighting, but drivers are responsible for their crew members.
Congrats to tle fastest car this year Shawn Chenoweth. Although, I don't think he's turning 15:1's, but he sure has his car running great and using his head on the track. Shawn is leading the points by 2 over Jason and 19 over us.
Flamboro Top 10

89 Shawn Chenoweth....669
82 Jason Shaw..............667
36 Gary Elliott...............650
3 Chris Bochsler............647
8 Paul Howse................647
05 Brad Corcoran..........625
77 Matt Balog................568
29 Mike Bentley.............530
00 Jim Gillis...................490
49 Ted Horsfall..............424

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Post by Gary » Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:06 pm

June 26th............Flamboro Speedway

Fan Appreciation Night

Race #7

High Lites
*14 cars
* Shane Maginnis wins
* We get 5th
* Rained most of the day but John waited
* Even rained during Autograph session
* Crowd size not bad considering

*Heat 1…..4th
* Heat 2…..2nd


None, routine check over

Jim, Jason, Rob, Marty, Gordon

Our grand kids raced in the morning with the Kart club on rain tires. They did very good each finishing 3rd in their heats and 2nd in the features. Gehrig was especially in need of a good finsih, he gets discouraged when he looses spots or messes up...like any racer. He wasn't sad after his feature run getting second on the final lap coming off the final turn. Lauren did very well. The water soaked track meant the kids had to go easy, but temptation was just too much and many over drove into the turns spinning themselves out. To Laurens credit she drove steady never getting side ways and brought her kart home in the runner up spot. The kids sure were happy, all of us were proud of how well they ran.
We thought for certain, our racing would be cancelled later in the day. John has been consistent over the years, never calling it until the last minute. The rains stopped around 2:30 and though humid, we were good to go. Thanks to John for not calling the races too prematurely...and the fans (not all them) did show up.
During the late afternoon I decided to take our big four barrel apart and set it up. It had a slight hesitation on acceleration. We always know when it’s going to be okay by how easy it starts and idles. Once it was reassembled it fired up and after an idle adjustment it was fine.
We wanted to use up our older tires. We had a set from May 15th that still had some life in them. It was a hot humid night, no grip on the track, so we decided to use those tires for the warm ups and heats. After the first set of hot laps I complained about a vibration at low speed. During the week we repacked all the wheel bearings, and found they needed to be readjusted. Rob removed all four tires and gave each hub nut a half turn. Our second set of warm up was much better.
We had our weekly drivers meeting after practice. Donny Cox let us know that Flamboro would not be entertaining any ideas of changing the Crate program like Delaware, where the 400 Crate is allowed modifications at local approved builders. Ron Sheridan had his engine redone to keep up with the Ford crate that is clearly faster. David called the builder to ask how much it would be to have his engine upgraded to get the 25 or so horsepower and was quoted $4500. He couldn’t afford that investment, and didn’t like the idea of the track permitting the altering of the engine, but ordered the parts and did it himself. It was either that or come and race with us...maybe he will, we could use him.
There was some talk at the meeting about showing respect to each other and Donny gave away the RainX Hard Charger awards, to Shawn Chenoweth and Jason Shaw.
I drew #20 putting me 6th in the first heat. There were five of the top six point cars in our heat. It was a tough race with Paul Howse taking the win. Jason took 2nd and we got 4th. The point’s situation for us is getting a little tense. We need a break. The cars ahead of us seem to be getting a lot of luck, especially Shawn. He was in a heat with Shane, but ours was stacked with fast cars. Shawn is running very well, so not to take anything away from him, he's steady and is getting it done.
After that race we decided to take off the May 15th tires and put on the ones we bought on June 5th. The car was a little loose on entry so we tightened it up.
In our 2nd heat Jeff Stewart started pole and won it. We finished 2nd, it was a good run, we just ran out of time, but the car was quicker.
It was Fan Appreciation Night. I was surprised to see so many fans came out after such a dismal day of rain. All three divisions were on the track and the kids, big and small got signed autographs from their favourite drivers. However it started raining, just enough to mess up the autograph cards. Rob and Marty came out with me and were a big help keeping the pictures as dry as possible. Gordon got some photos as well.
The feature was a great show for the fans, dicing all the way through with an awesome battle for the lead. We started 8th on the outside. Our car was good, as good as it was in the second heat.
The Late Models are very competitive with 8 to 10 cars within a tenth on any given night. The handicapping system is set up this year based on total points divided by the total number of night’s run. Shane Maginnis still held the lowest average of all the fast cars, because he missed the opening night feature. There were a few cars with a lower point’s average that could have started ahead of him, but they elected to go scratch, a good idea if you can’t keep up. Some need a little more time to get up to speed.
We helped Brad Corcoran tonight. He doesn’t have a very big pit crew. His wife and children make up his basic crew, so it’s a family effort. We want to help them as much as possible. He’s a good driver and does his best every night.
The race ran fairly clean for a few laps after the green. We couldn’t go far on the outside and when I heard the news from my spotter to get down, I did as Jim said. The outside lane wasn’t going anywhere except backwards. We battled until the first caution and lost a spot to Jason putting us in 7th, but apparently Jeff Stewart got me as well putting us back in the slow lane with the double file restart. Jim said the #56 was behind us, but going through turn one the corner starter pointed me behind Jeff so I had to restart on the outside lane. It's okay sometimes, but more times it's better being on the inside.
On this restart we fell way back, like to almost 12th. It was nuts because I couldn’t get down. Our car was running very good, but now we were almost out of sight.
The next few laps went green and we got back up to 9th after passing a few cars working our way through traffic. Another restart put us on the inside. We followed Brad past the #55 of Junior Farley. I tried not to let Jason in front of me but he squeezed in. We passed Junior then Jason tried to go outside of Brad and I moved low right behind the 05. Jason got caught out there and I followed Brad. We were in 7th. A lap later Brad started pushing, it was enough for us to get under and by him. The half way flags were shown but the leaders were way ahead. Our car was still good, but we needed a caution just not yet. With 8 to go we caught and got by Kenny Forth. He was struggling a little. We were now 5th and a caution would be appreciated, but wasn’t coming. I had my sights set on catching Jeff Stewart and we narrowed the gap but not enough for him to know we were gaining. He fell a little behind Shawn who was running in 3rd. Meanwhile Shane had his hands full holding off Paul Howse who was all over him. The race would end that way with Shane taking his 2nd win of the season. We crossed the line in 5th, but we're far from disappointed. Our car was fast, we just got freight trained on the outside. Next time we’ll get the good lane, at least that’s what we have to hope.
There were no serious wrecks in this race giving hope for a good turn out for the Grisdale Triple Crown race next Saturday. It’s round number two and we're in second place.
My crew was awesome tonight. They worked steady, kept on top of the car and gave me a good car to race. As a team we came away happy, getting a strong run, knowing we did the best we could, with a light work load ahead. This week should be easy for us and we’ll do everything we have to get our car ready to repeat as the top qualifier for the next G-3.

There was other good news tonight hearing that our friend Jim Sweers is getting better. We thank God for the healing that’s taken place and that it would continue to full restoration. God bless you Jim.

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July 3rd….Flamboro Speedway

Grisdale Race #2

Race #8

High Lites
* 17 cars
* Brad Corcoran gets win
* Jeff Stewart sets fast time
* Shane Maginnis wins…but loses in tech
* We finish 7th
* Bad wreck on lap 3

* Times trials 4th fastest 15:71
* 7th in feature


Cosmetic, routine, get ready for Kyle Busch

Jim, Jason, Troy, Rob, Marty, Gordon, Perry, Marcello

What a frustrating night for our team, and especially for me with the wreck on lap three. We had a driver’s meeting where I encouraged guys who were getting lapped not to give up. There was no one in the pits that our team wouldn’t help at any time, and no one in the pits that we would ever intentionally wreck or get even with. Even more important is the testimony of how I race on the track, always trying to be patient and fair to my competitors. As a Christian, going to church is important, but living every aspect of my Christian walk on or off the track is most important. Living my faith at the races is witnessed by how I race, and that's important to our team. Being patient and giving is what I want to do all the time. Winning is important, but how I do it is the testimony.
What happened on the back chute on lap three, was a combination of events resulting in a crash that may not have been avoided. It happened fast. Perhaps there was a wreck looming if I didn’t get into Mark, and checked up hard. The pack of cars behind me were coming fast and may still have been involved in a multi car collision if they got into me. Regardless, I wished it didn’t happen and I feel bad that it did. Grisdale Triple Crown event #2, here’s how it went down.
We made two sets of warm ups, the first on new tires and the second on our spares. There was a noticeable difference in the times. We got down to a 15:48, as fast it seemed, as most. No one was faster, at least not by our stop watch.
After the drivers meeting I was told all cars were in the 6’s and 7’s. That’s a lot slower than we got on most racers. We had the 56 at 15:53, Paul and Shane in the low 15:5’s but that was it. Maybe they were faster because we didn’t time them every lap, but the times we seen were faster than what we were told by a track staff member prior to time trials. It really didn’t matter, the times they recorded would be official, same as the first race on May 29th.
At the end of qualifying it was Jeff Stewart who would emerge with the fastest time, a blistering 15:34. The weird thing about that was his second lap, it was in the 6’s. It was hard to understand how his second lap was 3 tenths slower. Paul was next with a 15:59, then Shane with a 15:66 and us at 15:71.
The winner got $300, 2nd picked up $200 and Shane I got a tire each from Grisdale Enterprises.
The consi was cancelled because of car count, only 17 cars, not sure why cars are staying home. Flamboro has not been getting visitors from any other tracks. None of the Delaware cars are coming, many drivers who have cars are not bringing them out. Missing was 5, 28, 75, 97, cars that have been here this year but didn’t come out for this race. Maybe they should have been called. A few others have yet to come out, and after this race, a few more may not return next week.
The cars were sent on the track for a driver introduction. Jeff had thrown #9 for the invert putting #48 Mark Burbridge on the pole with Brad Corcoran outside pole. We started 6th on the outside behind Shawn Chenoweth with Paul Howse beside me. Kenny Forth started 2nd row inside.
After introductions we strapped in and prepared for the 75 lap race. Our team was especially excited because our car was good in the warm ups and we were running 2nd in this series. It would be a long race and we knew there was no reason to do anything but be patient like we have for the past 120 Late Model features I’d been in.
On the green Brad got a good run on the outside of Mark. The two were side by side until Brad got the lead. We were able to get by Kenny very quick on lap one and follow Shawn. Kenny was struggling a little, but gave tons of room for us to run on the outside. Shawn got right on Mark and the front four ran close. Coming off turn four Shawn got into the #49 a little sending Mark on a short slide to the lower lane. We went outside going into one and as we came off turn two Jim yelled “clear low”. I headed to the lower lane but almost immediately was on the back bumper of Mark. Knowing the pack was right on me I didn’t want to brake, and hoped Mark could get back up to speed. I ended up hitting him about half way down the back chute. He spun and as his car turned up it clipped Paul Howse trying to go by on the outside. Mike Bentley also was right there and he to ended up getting beat up as he slammed Burbridge who was sitting facing the on coming cars. I felt bad for the contact. It took a while for the cars to be removed from the track, almost everyone needing a tow truck. I was sent to the back, meaning the track officials felt I caused the mess, and I did hit Mark, and knew it was coming. I am sorry for what happened, I was upset because I never do that and I totally misjudged coming in behind Mark, it was my fault and I feel bad for him and the rest who were wrecked.
On the lap 3 restart, I was able to get back up to 6th and got into a battle with Shane Maginnis. We were in traffic and I was trying to be patient with the #07 Todd Campbell who was smooth and quick off. Somehow as we entered three Shane did what I never do, but what my crew and fans have told me to do always, and that’s pinch the car on the inside down. In other words, get your left front wheel right on the side of the car on the inside. The reason I don’t do that is because it can cut a tire, or cause a wreck, and I don’t like either, so I usually give room, maybe too much room. However if you want to get by in a hurry, pinch the car on the inside. So, Shane came down, only the pinch was a degree stronger, more like a body check, resulting in our car getting knocked off the track in turn three. There was no caution, I came back out in turn four, but now a half a track behind. I needed at least two laps to make sure I didn’t have a tire going down. Jim was wanting me to get going but there was no way I was racing hard into the turns until I knew for sure my tires and tie rods were okay. After two laps we got back up to speed. The next car was going into one as we came off turn four. It would take ten to fifteen laps to catch the next car. I caught Dave Baker and after a few laps he let me go. His spotter told him I was 10 car lengths behind at one point and when I caught him, they agreed it would be better to let me go if we were that much quicker. Once past Dave we caught and got by Todd Campbell putting us 6th.
The next car was almost a straightaway ahead. Chris Boschler #3. It took almost 15 laps to catch him. We were turning 15:58’s consistently. The leader, Shawn Chenoweth was turning 15:68’s, but was a long way ahead.
Chasing Chris ate up a lot of the laps, we got the half way flags during that run, and I was still 5 car lengths behind him. Finally I got up to him and ran on his back bumper for 20 laps. There was no one near us, just the two of us. We got by Jason Shaw who was slowing down lap after lap. He had brake problems and had to get off the track. A few times I tried to go under the #3 and he would chop down, taking away the lane. The starter warned him with a pointed flag to pick a lane. I don’t think Chris seen it because he kept chopping me. I know many racers would have got him sideways, lots of times, and no one would have followed him for 20 plus laps without nudging, rubbing or dumping him but I wanted to get by clean. I stayed right on his bumper trying different angles coming into the turn so I could get a run off.
Finally on lap 57 I was able to get him coming off turn four. I have no idea what his spotter told him, or if his spotter let him know there was no one behind us, not for at least 15 or 20 car lengths. We raced in to turn one side by side, I was okay to stay low and run him clean, and if needed, take four laps to pass. It was now time for him to let us go, we had the lane and there was still 18 or so laps left. Here's a sample of what may have gone through his mind, or what his spotter may have told him "hey Chris, he's inside, he's been on our bumper for 20 laps and ran us clean, there's no one behind, let him go and get in behind". However Chris was racing us like it was the last lap of the race. If his spotter was doing his job he would have been talking to him steady for that entire (almost regular feature) run. Instead of letting us go he slammed into our right side, trying desperately to hold us back, showing no respect, by pinching us hard. He did it to us in the first G-3 race as well, but we were lucky to survive him and not getting into the wall. The impact from him hitting us immediately cut the right front tire, I was able to get slowed up coming off two and stayed high letting any cars behind us get by.
We went to the pits and got the tire changed but the bag we use to direct air into the rad came off and one of our crew members told me as I left the pits that it was hanging and to let him know if the car over heated. I knew right away we were in trouble. We had this happen already once and the results were bad for us. In a matter of seconds the temp gauge was climbing and the car started to throw water out of our overflow tube. I went back into the pits but with no water jug, or hose to cool it down. We tried using water bottles to bring the temperature down but once the cap was released to add water in the rad, it overflowed with a high hot gieser (old faithful..not) shooting out the overflow...we were done.
It was terribly disappointing. The wreck on lap 3 wouldn’t go away, in fact that still bothered me more than the incident with the 3 car. Chris put us out of the race, although we could have got back in if we could have fixed the rad shroud immediately.
Our team was upset for many reasons. We know this will hurt our shot at the Grisdale Triple Crown title. Shawn has a first and second. Brad has a first and third. Boschler now has a 3rd and 4th and our 2nd and 7th means we’ll be 4th.
Shane Maginnis won the race but was disqualified for having his MSD box right in front of his driver’s seat. The chip was located on the other side of his dash, but I’m guessing the track figured he could pull out a connector to by pass the chip when he got in the car and then reattach it after the race. The part that’s confusing is the fact that Shane has won 2 features this year with the MSD box where it was and had not been told to move it. If that’s true he should have been told to move it for next time and given the win.
Brad got the victory and adds another great run to his family efforts in 2010. Congrats to them.
Shawn will carry the lead for the GTC to the next race. He’s only one point up on Brad, 4 on Chris and 6 on us. With no cars showing up to make it competitive, it looks like a two car race. I would say Chris is a long shot, and our goal will be to try for a top three.
This week we’ll be going to Delaware for the Summer Show Down. This will be my first chance to race against David in 2010, and my first ever against Kyle Busch. It will be a day of excitement and media hype. Our team and friends are looking forward to it.
Next Saturday is a double points race. We need to do well in this race to hope to close the gap on points leader Shawn Chenoweth who is having an awesome season.

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Post by Gary » Tue Jul 06, 2010 2:06 pm

July 7th….Delaware Speedway

Summer Showdown

Race #9

High Lites
* 33 cars
* 7000 fans
* Kyle Busch wins
* Kyle lets me get my picture taken with him
* We get spun in B main, miss feature
* 486 gears hitting chip, went to 467 not enough gear

Time Trials

#36…did not qualify

Routine check over, replace brake pads, change gears
Replace tires

Jim, Allen, Rob, Perry, Sarah, Gordon, Logan and Marcello

I was so looking forward to this show since the winter when it was first announced. We did not intend on running Delaware full time in 2010, but felt 2 or 3 times for sure for specials, and this one being tops on the list.
We arrived early, 1:pm and watched the NASCAR stars practice for a few hours. Once they got use to their cars they got in some good times, especially Kyle Busch.
We got in the pits at 4:30 and had plenty of time to set up and get some practice. This was our first time here since the APC 300 in Labour Day last year. Our car was okay, but a little hard to figure out. It seemed difficult to put my finger on what was wrong, but the car seemed close. In our first set of hot laps we got into the 19:1’s and we were on old tires, last years Shane Maginnis APC tires. These tires only had 65 laps on them but were tired, no excuse, I decided to save money knowing the pay off was more favourable to mid pack cars if they didn’t buy new tires. I’m sure 95% of the teams ran new rubber but only 1% of the 33 cars present could hope to break even.
[u:390wgvb6][i:390wgvb6][b:390wgvb6]Media Exposure[/b:390wgvb6][/i:390wgvb6][/u:390wgvb6]
I guess the perk for the race teams was to promote their sponsors in front of a huge audience. It sure was a massive crowd, one of the biggest I ever raced in front of since the 2002 show at Cayuga Speedway when 6 NASCAR drivers came to race. That night David and I ran side by side near the end of the race as we battled for 2nd spot. It was awesome run so good in front of so many people, around 9000, Delaware’s fans had to be in the 6000 plus range. I was hoping we’d get a chance to meet the 3 NASCAR racers, but it didn’t happen. In fact the only ones getting to know the Cup stars were those wrecking them, that is all but Busch, no one could catch him. I did get a picture with Kyle but he was somewhat reluctant, so many pesky people asking for a picture with him. He was trying to back to his RV and every few feet someone would ask for a picture. David got one and I said to David, “good show”. He suggested I ask for a picture, but I felt I missed the chance I could see he wanted to get going. David stopped Kyle and asked to get a picture for me, and he obliged, and that was my high light.
[u:390wgvb6][i:390wgvb6][b:390wgvb6]Fan Appreciation[/b:390wgvb6][/i:390wgvb6][/u:390wgvb6]
The autograph session was awesome to say the least. Hundreds of fans came on the track to get autographs. We had a full house at our car with Sarah and Rob handing our autograph cards and our 40th Anniversary book to kids big and small.
Time trials were tough for our team and a few others. At least half of the cars were in the 18’s. Though we had a 19:1 in hot laps our time trials were much worse at 19:324. The old tires weren’t helping. I bought 7 tires from Shane for $300. We used four for the night and of the 3 remaining, one is brand new, so we came ahead in that deal, because the tire cost $165 and I’ll need it for Sauble on August 1st.
David was 7th fastest with an 18:818. The new engine rule at Delaware has officially eliminated any other Late Models for being competitive. The extra 30 to 40 horsepower is way too much to overcome. We cannot touch our Crate engines at Flamboro, the way it should be, but Delaware teams can send their new $5800 Crate to a Windsor builder and for $4500 get the engine blueprinted, machine, valve job etc. etc, giving them 30 or 50 more horsepower. We can weigh 50 pounds lighter if we keep the old slow Crate….a totally wrong move on the part of Delaware. The engine should have been left alone. Now we have $12000 Crates, defeating the idea of keeping the cost of racing down.
There were four heats. We finished 7th in our heat, falling way back and then catching up at the end. We did turn some decent laps, but only the top 3 advanced to the A-Main. Our next race was the 25 lap B-Main. David had a good run finishing 2nd in his heat with #77 Dion Verhooven on his tail. Kyle Busch won that race. David did spend the extra money on his engine for rockers, push rods, springs and crank pulley, but did it all himself. He spent $1200 to add 25 horsepower. At the end of his 10 lap heat Busch was a straightaway ahead. Hardly a competitive race.
We made some small changes to our car. We also changed the gears because I was hitting the chip too soon said some crew. I felt it was okay, but tended to agree with them because it was getting cooler and maybe it would hurt us to have the 486 final. I went with the 467 final.
We started 12th in the B-Main. For the first 10 laps I ran right on Doug Stewart’s bumper. We were in the feature at this point, just needed to stay there. I never once hit the chip and realized I should not have changed the gearing, I needed it to get off the corner better. On about lap 12 going into one, all bunch up a car 3 ahead of me spun out and when I got on the brakes I got tagged and spun around. That put us back to 18th and I knew it was over. It was hard enough staying up with the pack, but to battle from the rear on the older rubber was impossible. We ended up 15th and did not qualify.
I was very dejected because I wanted so bad to be in the race. I wasn’t sure what caused us to get spun, but it didn’t matter, we were out. The car was good, I blamed myself for not missing the spinning car.
The good news was our car had no damage. We won $250, and had a ton of great feed back from the fans during the autograph session. I know a lot of people were pulling for us. Winning the race wasn’t our goal, we knew we’d be under powered, but not making it was not on our agenda, not on mine for sure. I was trying to reason with myself and tell me I did good, it wasn’t working. I told myself back “ I wanted to be in the big race”. Well, we almost made it and when we come back to race against the 30 to 40 more horsepower cars, we need to have new tires for sure, and we will.
David ran a great in the A-Main race, battling from 6th to 12th all night. He ended up 9th and never gave up constantly starting on the outside it seemed on every restart.
I was glad to see Busch win. He drove awesome, though he was slowing the restarts down a lot, but no one was catching him regardless.
Our next race is this week end at Flamboro, a place where we’ll be competitive. It’s double points. We need to close the gap on Shawn who’s having an awesome season.
Thanks to all those who came out to help, it was a very hot night but still fun and very exciting.

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July 10th…..Flamboro Speedway

Race #10

High Lites
* 12 cars
* Paul Howse wins
* We get 3rd

Heat 1…..2nd
Heat 2….2nd



Jim, Jason, Perry, Rob, Marty, Gordon, Marcello

This was a night I was afraid was coming sooner or later. It wasn’t the wrath of Shawn, it was the poor car count. At least 7 cars, who’ve been out twice or more, did not show up. Some were damaged from lasts weeks wreck, and others were away for various reasons. It’s too bad because the racing has been very good this year, we just need more cars to give the fans their monies worth. I do think they got it Saturday night in spite of the small field.
We arrived early and got some needed practice to sort out our brake issues. Actually, we’ve not had any brake problems in this class, that is until we started checking the rotor temps. A few weeks ago we found the rear brakes much hotter than the front. I added more front brake with the bias but it didn’t make any difference. During that week we verified (wrongly) that our front brake master was the one on the right. The more I turned it to the right should have given me more front brakes, so we thought. We started focusing on the brakes only because of the temperature readings being too high on the rear.
I told Marcello that I brake lightly, hardly ever hit my brakes very hard. But I did admit that when I do get on them for an emergency stop (like Delaware) I would spin out. We started checking and found all kinds of dumb stuff, dumb as in wrong. I thought the master cylinders were different sizes, bigger on the rear and smaller on the front, but they were the same. So we installed a smaller one for the front. I thought my rear calipers were smaller on the rear, but all four were the same, so we put new smaller ones on the rear. We also installed front and rear pads.
At the track I had to use the first set of hot laps to get the brakes broken in. After that we noticed a temperature change in the rotors. By the heat races we had more heat in the front than the rear, maybe for the first time in a long time…maybe ever.
With only 12 cars there was not much chance of gaining in the points chase. The double points night meant anyone not here would be left further behind, and that’s not good either because you don’t want to hurt those who are away for good reasons, but that’s the procedure the track has for 2010.
We finished 2nd in both our heats. The other cars we’re trying to catch or gain on finished as good or better. Shawn had 2 wins, Jason had 2 wins and Paul had 2 seconds.
We were scheduled to start 8th in the feature, but the front row cars decided to go scratch putting us 6th. Within a few laps we knew the inside was going. I backed off until Jason and Shawn got by me and dropped in behind to follow them by Chris Boschler and Dave Baker. We moved up to 5th and fought with the lead group. Brad Corcoran was leading for the first half until Paul and Jason caught up. Paul hounded Brad for 3 or 4 laps before finally getting under. Once he did, Jason, Shawn and I followed under the #05. It was tough for Brad but he couldn’t get down and battled as hard as he could.
For the next few laps the four of us battled hard. Jason was all over Paul but just couldn’t get under or by him. Shawn and I were a car length back just waiting for a mistake by either or both of them. The suspense ended on lap 23 when the yellow came out.
With 7 to go we lined up in double file. Our car was good on the outside. We chased the chassis for most of the night, but it was working very good high and low, especially high.
On the start we raced in to one. I got a good run off two and pulled Shawn down the back chute. Just as we headed into three I cut down thinking I was clear but felt the car turn slightly, not hard, to the left, and I knew I chopped Shawn. It wasn’t serious, I’ve been chopped many times and usually backed out or slightly tagged the car who cut down. I would say in the past 6 years in Late Models it’s happened to me a dozen times. I rarely chop anyone because I don’t want to get spun or hit, so if I did, and I did this time, it wasn’t intentional.
I caught up to Jason who was still outside Paul battling on the outside. As Paul cleared Jason I got under the #82 and we ran side by for the next four laps. I wanted to make sure I gave him room, he always runs me clean, and he knows I do the same. With three to go we raced into one, still side by side, maybe a little tired, I might have went up slightly and he may have come down just a little. Coming off two I could see the hood of Jason’s car and noticed it jump. I knew he bounced off the wall. I thought I crowded him, so going into three I backed off and let him go. I then tried to get under him again, but was out of time.
Crossing the finish line in 3rd was good for me. Then Shawn pulled up beside me in turn one and motioned with his car, that he was upset, by turning down into me. He didn’t hit me, it was a gesture that he was unhappy with 4th and with me. I let him go ahead and as we were coming off the track he brake checked me, not hard, but I made sure I was back far enough so I wouldn’t hit him.
I went to tech and told my crew he was upset. I was upset as well, not at him (yet), but for that deal with Shawn messing up an exciting race. It was a good finish for us, even if I finished 4th it would have been good.
I went over to Jason and told him I backed off because I crowded him and got him in the wall. Jason said “no, I got loose, you gave me lots of room”. Wow I could have kept up the battle for second, maybe got second, I'm too nice sometimes.
Once we got out of tech I was approached by both Shawn and his dad, furious at me for chopping him and blaming it on my spotter. It wasn’t Jim’s fault because he never tells me how or where to drive. We were almost at the end of the straightaway and I cut down, yes I did, but I thought I was clear, and I wasn’t, my fault.
Anyway, a lot of stuff was said, name calling and threats to our car. My mom, grand kids, and some other kids took it all in, and were upset after. I tried hard to reason how someone could be that angry for what happened. His anger was way over the top. If I had got into him, by accident, like I did Mark Burbridge, I can only imagine what the response would be. Last week, after chasing Chris Boschler for 20 laps, we made the pass, only to have him chop down on us, cut a brand new tire, take us out of a top three or four finish and put us out of the race. I said nothing to Chris, and he said nothing to me. We’ve been wrecked many times by some of the top racers at Flamboro and never threatened or retaliated against them. As much as I felt what they did was stupid, accidental or whatever, I had to let it go or it would eat me up. I’m sure that Chris felt bad, (maybe not), I don’t know for sure, but I’m not going to carry that around with me.
I want to race and have fun, not worry about who hits me and why they did it.
I know it’s not fun getting wrecked, and it’s expensive. I care about my equipment very much, and I care about my competitors as well, and always try to show respect. If by rare chance I did mess up, maybe show me some grace, like I’ve been giving to a dozen others over my short run in Late Models.
Anyway, reconciliation and forgiveness is the best way to race and move on. Perhaps the best approach for Shawn and his dad was to wait to see if I came down, and if I didn’t then come up to me and hear my response. Everyone knows what it would be.
On a very positive note Sarah Miskiewicz won the Mini Stock feature, her first feature win. Congratulations to her, Dave Watson and their families, all there to see the history making moment.
Next week we’re back at it and hopefully we have more cars.

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