Meeting Mr Elliott

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Vic Maurice
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Meeting Mr Elliott

Post by Vic Maurice » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:46 am

Today I had the privilege to meet my favourite driver and his furry little friend. What a treat. I am a huge fan of the modified tour and love the # 36 car. I have a very profound level of respect for you and your team for your conduct on and off the track and dedication to the sport. I attended the spring velocity weekend as well as your June 6th run this year thanks for putting on a great show. I had hoped and prayed for a feature win for you while I was in attendance but that was not to be but your heat win was great be thankful for the little things. I live out side of Northbay and it takes a bit about 4hrs to get to Sunset Speedway so I can only attend a limited amount of events per season and I feel sad to say this maybe it for this year. I hope and pray for a safe , healthy and happy year for you, your family and little Buttons who is so cute. Congratulations your consecutive race record . Please win me a feature race this season I will be pulling for you buddy good luck and GOD BLESS all of you ! Thank you for the autographed photo of your race cars I appreciate the gift will framing it soon. I would be interested in any memorabilia if available on you and your #36 modified car. Thank you once again Vic Maurice.

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Re: Meeting Mr Elliott

Post by Gary » Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:39 am

Hey Vic, thank you so much. It was great meeting you as well. Fans are the life blood of our sport and we really appreciate you making the long driver every week from North Bay to watch us race, and to support our sport in general.
Thank you for the kind words, I also appreciate that very much.
I will be looking into a die cast car, hopefully soon, and some t-shirts and hoodies. Watch for any announcement on here.
Thanks again, hope to see you on June 27th.

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