Diary Of A Season 2018

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:58 pm

September 1st.................Sauble Speedway

Race #12


High Lites
* 13 cars
* No feature winner...rained out
* We finish 4th in heat race
* 588 final...didn't seem it



No pit fee next day

Louie, Troy and Buttons :lol:

.....it was calling for rain all week but was good until about 7. Then it started to drizzle, very light. The track called it around 8 and it cleared up. Fans got to keep their tickets for Sunday.
We camped over with Douglas Fisher and his crew and friends. I entertained by doing a sing-a-long for everyone to join in.
Went to bed by 11pm. Very tired

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:02 pm

September 2nd.................Sauble Speedway

Race #13

High Lites
* 13 cars
* Dale Reinhardt wins
* We struggle and don't know why :roll:
* 588 gears

1st Heat......4th
2nd Heat.....1st


Front sheet metal, oil and filter, chassis set up, brakes, routine

Louie, Troy Matt, Andrew, Keisha and Buttons :lol:

I have to say this was a very frustrating night for my team. It wasn't as bad as I am going to make it out, but it was very disappointing considering the last time we were here we won the feature and were very strong from the first set of hot laps.

Louie, Troy, Keisha and Buttons stayed over night. I hadn't done that in a long time, camping in a trailer, courtesy of our friend Douglas Fischer. Saturday's races were cancelled early and Douglas, who was celebrating his 20th year racing, had prepared a big feast for his team and friends and invited us by. He also asked for some music, so I brought my guitar and we had a sing-a-long.

In the morning we headed to the trailer while the pits were open and wanted to start working on the car. I wasn't happy with the handling the night before, although the car was pretty good in the first hot laps. Something happened, it was off, got very tight for no reason, at least none I could think of because we didn't touch the car other than routine maintenance.

Saturday Recap
Things started going south on Saturday. I was pumped for obvious reasons. I like this track and we won last time out. Every time the car went on the track is was very fast, with old or new tires.

The first thing I wanted to do was check the toe, and it was out almost 7/8ths of an inch...toed in. WHAT!!! How was that possible because we never changed anything during the week, just our regular maintenance. We re set the toe but had no explanation why it was out.

Other things started going wrong right away. Our fist practice session lasted 4 laps and I pulled off because I was almost spinning out. I thought it was rain, but it was water coming on my windshield and tires.....from our car. I headed for the pits before I got into serious trouble and asked the boys to check the rad cap and sure enough...it wasn't tight. It took 7 water bottles to top it back up.

We went out again and the car was good. However it would fall off terribly after that. We finished 4th in the heat but the car didn't feel good to me. I thought if the car was good we could have finished 2nd because we started 4th and got low early and should have made the pass on #18 Jason Keen, but I was loose off and he was quick off. I couldn't get on the gas quick enough, nothing like the last time we were here. It was hot, but it was hot for everyone, so I was clueless why we were so far off.

Once the rain came we felt we would tackle the problem the next day.

Sunday Morning
Since we got rained out the night before but got a heat in, OSCAAR decided to give us all our heat points and show up points, I don't think any money for Saturday because we didn't have to pay for Sunday.
Randy Roberts, the official OSCAAR tire manager came by to ask if I had tires I wanted to put in my inventory. I had one, and was allowed 2. I put the one in and Randy said I could put 2 more in next race at Sunset Speedway.

While we were talking Randy notice my left front spindle was cracked. We got busy taking the spindle apart, grinding it, cleaning the paint off and took it to the tech shed where Louie welded it.
Sept 2nd  (4) - Copy.JPG
Sept 2nd (4) - Copy.JPG (55.12 KiB) Viewed 4872 times
Sept 2nd  (8) - Copy.JPG
Sept 2nd (8) - Copy.JPG (50.85 KiB) Viewed 4872 times
Once installed we were ready to go for practice for Sunday. In the first set of hot laps two things were wrong. My brakes were soft, and the pedal was low, but worse, I could smell burning from my dash area and I headed quickly to get to the pit. Once in the pits the boys found the electric fan wire smoldering and stuck to the headers. The wiper motor burnt out, at least that's what we found.,,,,wiper motor??? No the electric fan motor :roll: When the wiring was repaired the fan wouldn't turn on and the hub was extremely hot. We were going to need a new motor, but none would be available for tonight.

For the brakes we put the car on four jack stands and I bled the brakes. The pedal was good in the pits but terrible once on the track. I replaced some pads, putting better pads on it but it didn't seem to make a lot of difference, and they weren't really wore out anyway, I was fishing for something. How frustrating is it when you run awesome, win the feature, come back two weeks later and it's a completely different car :oops: .....not fun for sure.

I got out for more hot laps, but now without a fan on a very hot and humid day. The car still felt off, but with the brakes not firm it was hard to read the chassis.

We decided to put on our best tires because we would have a few new ones for Sunset Speedway's Velocity weekend in 3 weeks.

First Heat
We would start at the back of this heat by the draw. That was good because I needed to know what the car would do and the last thing I ever want to do is test an ill handling car from the front of the pack.

This race had Cory Horner and Luke Gignac competing in it. Luke would go on to win. I tried several times to get under Jason Keen but couldn't get on the gas. Cory could, Jason could and Luke could.....not us. The car wasn't sharp, and we would fall from 3rd to 4th at the checker.
Kris Mckenzie Sept 2nd  (3).jpg
Kris Mckenzie Sept 2nd (3).jpg (64.05 KiB) Viewed 4840 times
Second Heat
We stated inside pole in this race. Jason Bowden. I got the lead and struggled the entire race because of a push. The car was so tight I had to wait forever to get on the throttle. Jason Cornell was second and he was all over me. I was holding him up really, but if I didn't stay low he would have got under me.
Ashley Winter.jpg
Ashley Winter.jpg (82.87 KiB) Viewed 4840 times
We would hold on to win this race, our 4th checker of the season.
Kris Mckenzie Sept 2nd  (4).jpg
Kris Mckenzie Sept 2nd (4).jpg (90.29 KiB) Viewed 4840 times
I should have been excited but I was disappointed. I knew we wouldn't last very long running like that so I decided to make a few big changes. I added a spring rubber and raised the pan hard bar to help it turn.

We started 7th in the feature. Since I won the last time out I had to be outside the invert, but I think my finishes would have kept me out regardless.

I was hoping the changes we made would help the car turn, and we wouldn't over heat. Things went south in a hurry. The car seemed not too bad, but #22 Marshall Schrenk got into #18 Jason Keen and then spun down into me and I couldn't avoid them. By the time we finished banging my alignment was out and my car was overheating from sheet metal blocking the air flow......grrrr.

We were 3rd in points going into this weekend but that all changed with Dale Reinhart who not only ran great in his heats but won the feature as well. He is now 10 points ahead of us as we head to Sunset Speedway on the 22nd and 23rd for Velocity.

I am taking my car to Ron Easton next week. I just don't have the energy to work on the car. I've been sick, and suffered a mild concussion a few weeks ago. Ron will treat me right, I know that and I will feel better getting everything back to where it should be. Louie has been a great help, no one else can come during the week and I can't keep wearing him out, so rather than us spend 3 days getting the car fixed I will give Louie a break and work on it at Ron's. The nose is pretty bashed in and I want it done proper for the remaining 3 races.
DSC00606.JPG (80.88 KiB) Viewed 4840 times
DSC00608.JPG (81.12 KiB) Viewed 4840 times
Finally, it was so good to have Matt and Andrew Smith back out. I've surely missed Matt helping me this year but I know he had a good time and was encouraging, reminding me we did much better than I felt. Here is a sign Andrew made for me when I raced at Sunset Speedway. This sign was made when we had the first Family Faith Night..... :mrgreen:

David will be racing the Late Model at Flamboro Speedway September 8th. He will be driving with much better tires than I had, but that's good because we have a long shot at the title and a good chance for a top 3 in the points.
Go get em David....I''ll be there with the Ride A Long Car, on display out front.

Thanks for visiting our site.
Sept 2nd  (46).JPG
Sept 2nd (46).JPG (107.83 KiB) Viewed 4840 times

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:38 am

September 8th...............Flamboro Speedway

Race #4 for David

High Lites
* 11 cars
* Chris Boschler wins first feature
* Hudson Nagy wins second feature
* We are 4 points out of 3rd....2 more to go
* Octoberfest is show up points only

1st Feature.......4th
2nd Feature......2nd


front end....cosmetic


Jim, Ed, Troy, Hayden, Me and Buttons

I did a show on Friday in Waterdown at the Canadian Tire. It was fairly successful, not a lot of people, but many stopped by for an autograph card and kids were put in our show car. We were there from 10:30 until 3:30. I decided to leave the car in the trailer and did another show event the next day at Flamboro Speedway on the grand stand side. I got to meet a lot of great fans and give them a Quaker State towel and autograph card. :mrgreen:
Sept 8th  (1) - Copy.JPG
Sept 8th (1) - Copy.JPG (63.96 KiB) Viewed 4810 times
Sept 8th  (9) - Copy.JPG
Sept 8th (9) - Copy.JPG (97.63 KiB) Viewed 4810 times
Frank Casale asked me during the week if I would read all the names of the drivers who have gone to Heaven, who at some point in their career raced at Flamboro Speedway. It was an honor to read all the names. There were over 30 drivers that I raced with at some time in my career. :|

We kept our car on the front side until intermission, when all the classes had ran their first of 2 features. I did the reading of all the names on the Memorial Trophy, and the track tried to get the music (Amazing Grace) to play but it wouldn't work until I finished.
That was okay though, the main thing was recognizing all these precious men and women who raced at this race track over the past 56 years.

A group of Classic Cars came out and while they made a lap on the track I took our show car back to the pits.

Meanwhile David was having an amazing but frustrating night. He was awesome in hot laps, turning very fast times on new tires, but Matt Lockwood also had new tires and they both turned in the 15:1s as they ran almost bumper to bumper until David pulled off.

First Feature
I watched the first feature from the grand stands. David would start 7th of the 11 Late Models that showed up. The car was fast early as he made moves to get up to 4th by lap 6. Mike Klotz #46 was running great, and lead the feature until close to the half way mark before Chris Boschler #38 caught him. Chris got under and Mike got freight trained by Chris, Matt Lockwood #15, Kevin Albers #27 and David. Those 4 pulled away running close.

After about 6 more laps David was slowing down with Kevin all over him. He fought as hard as he could but Kevin soon got by and pulled away. The front two were close but gone, and now in 4th, David had to nurse his car to the finish with bad brakes. The pedal was going to the floor making it very hard to go in deep, he had to back off sooner.
Derel Smith  (1) - Copy.jpg
Derel Smith (1) - Copy.jpg (92.19 KiB) Viewed 4810 times
During the week David told me he wanted to drop the gears from 549 to 540. He felt he would hit the chip real hard with new tires and a cold night. He's right, that's exactly what would happen. However they put in 534 gears and I said I thought that was too much of a drop, almost 150 RPM. I had ordered 542 gears but they wouldn't be in until Wednesday.

Changing the gears hurt David because he had to drive further into the turn and soon ran out of brakes because he was on them so hard. Kevin meanwhile was hard on the chip just past the starters standing. The chip is set for 6400 RPM. Once the car hits 6400 the engine cuts out if you're still on the gas. Hitting it 2 or 3 times is okay, but Kevin must have hit it 6 times. He kept pushing David and finally got by. David would hang on to 4th and had lots of work to do between features.

Second Feature
Right after the first feature the crew put the car on 4 jack stands and proceeded to drain all the brake fluid and install new fluid. Once completed he had a good brake pedal.

David started 6th in this race. Mark Burbridge #02 took the lead on lap 6 and began to pull away. David was battling with #73 Nick Troback and #55 Chris Howse. David would pick them both off over the next few laps moving into 3rd behind Mark who was still leading and #63 Hudson Nagy who was second.
Derel Smith  (2) - Copy.jpg
Derel Smith (2) - Copy.jpg (74.86 KiB) Viewed 4810 times
Kevin Albers got into the battle with the #46 of Klotz and #73 Troback. The #73 hit Mike and turned him down and Kevin got caught up in it, riding up the side of the white #46 and damaging something in the suspension. Kevin was leading the points and this wreck really hurt him.

There were 8 laps left. Mark would restart inside pole with Hudson outside and David right behind in 3rd. On the restart things would go terrible for Mark coming off turn 2. David was right on him and for some reason they made contact on the back chute in front of the #63. Mark came down into David and he made contact with the #02 spinning him and getting some damage to the front end of our car.

The race director didn't send anyone to the back which was strange because I don't think Mark spun on his own, he was helped some.

On the next restart Hudson was inside pole with David beside him. David should have jumped but knows the rules and raced clean but the #63 took him high coming off four and then again coming off turn 2. David would settle for second giving us a decent night and moving us from 7 to 5 points behind 3rd. When there are only a few cars it's hard to gain any ground. But there is one more points night left then Octoberfest. The final race is only show up points...100 each. So if we don't get rain on September 22nd David will have one chance to hopefully gain on the #38 who is 5 points ahead the #02 who is 4 points ahead. I will be driving the Late Model for Octoberfest. :)

After tech David pulled out of the building and was met by Mark. Mark wasn't upset with David, he said he got lifted coming off turn 2 and that created the mess on the back chute.

My next race is with the Modified at Sunset Speedways Velocity weekend.
Dan Little Jr (7) - Copy.jpg
Dan Little Jr (7) - Copy.jpg (80.13 KiB) Viewed 4808 times
I sent the car out to Ron Easton to help me with repairs. I dropped it off today (September 10th). It should be ready by this weekend. We are 4th in OSCAAR Modified points, 10 points behind Dale Reinhart #51 with 3 nights to go. Can't win, but we could finish in the top 3, it will be tight and looking forward to Sunset, then Octoberfest on the 29th and then ACC for Thanksgiving weekend at Peterborough Speedway.

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:58 pm

September 22nd & 23rd...............Sunset Speedway

Race #14

High Lites
*29 cars
*Gary McLean wins :o
* We are top qualifier :D
* Crash in feature
*Chenoweth gets in the Mod....loves it.
*574 gear final

Heat #1.......1st
Heat #2.......1st


Rear brake rotor, caliper, pads, front shock and total set up...rear end shoved over 4" but no bent parts

Louie, Brian, Stephen, Lucy and Buttons

Sorry for the delay on this report, just been crazy busy getting things ready for the Modified and Late Model for Octoberfest.

We left early Saturday morning to head to Sunset Speedway for Velocity. I wanted to get to the track early to get a decent spot, and knowing there were 12 classes I was worried we might not get a decent parking spot. Both Louie and Brian were okay, it was me who was concerned because I have seen cars parked outside the track, and 2 years ago we were on the grass on the east side of the tech shed, and I wanted to be with my peers on a cement pad. We got to the track by 8:30 and trailers were lined up on highway 11 and lined up inside the fan parking area waiting to get into the pits.

Louie suggested going ahead of the long line up and getting a spot before anyone got in. Brian ended up making the move and went to the pits. Twenty minutes later he said he had a great spot just opposite the tech building.....perfect....all my worrying was for nothing like it usually is. You know the saying..."don't worry, it offers no help".

Once in our spot we got to go out in the first set of hot laps. The car was very good on the old tires. I was set for this day because we had 4 new tires in our inventory and though I don't usually put on a LF tire I decided to give us a shot for a Sunset win.
The car was perfect on old tires and we put the new tires on for the second hot laps to size them. Our lap times were not as good as they were with the old tires so naturally I got concerned because the car should have been faster, after all, it was cold out and grip was there for all of us.

After tech we got ready for our first heat race. There were 29 cars here to race, a great turn out for OSCAAR Mods, the track and fans.

We started 4th. The #22 of Marshall Schrenk was outside pole and he got the lead and though I was gaining on him I didn't think I could get by, he has a very fast and decent handling car. Sunset is a tough track to figure out. Cars get a good run off the turns and are hard to beat through the ends, making for close racing and that is good for the fans no doubt. I was within a car length of Marshall when the yellow came out. I restarted beside the young racer and was able to get the lead, but after a lap or two racing close and hard. Once we got in front we pulled away by 4 car lengths. It felt good picking up our 5th win of the season.
42578483_1986245101398556_8672681444809637888_n - Copy.jpg
42578483_1986245101398556_8672681444809637888_n - Copy.jpg (151.59 KiB) Viewed 4724 times
We made very little changes for the second feature where we would start 3rd. Jason Cornell #56 was on the pole with #21 Chris Milwain outside pole. On the start going into turn one we were tight but Jason got loose off turn two allowing #21 to take the lead. I was able to get outside right away when Louie said "clear high". I raced Jason into turn three and was in a battle with him for a lap or two and that allowed Chris to pull away. Once I got clear of Jason I started to chase Chris who was about 4 car lengths ahead. I was slowly gaining on him when the yellow came out with three laps to go.

Cory Horner, the points leader would restart behind me. I knew Chris had a fast car and my heart was pumping because I knew the next three laps would be a bigger battle than I've had for years. I also knew without a doubt I had to get a good start. I couldn't let him push me up and I had to make sure not to overdrive....a patient aggressive mind set :roll: ....right.....but that's exactly what I had to do, drive hard, and not over drive.
42518864_1986285304727869_183685202810241024_n - Copy.jpg
42518864_1986285304727869_183685202810241024_n - Copy.jpg (111.48 KiB) Viewed 4724 times
Coming off turn four I got a good run, I made sure not to jump but then again not to allow Chris to jump. We went into turn one side by side. I got a good run off two and we raced side by side down the back chute into turn three. I don't always do well in turn three, but this time I drove in super hard and hugged Chris to stay in the groove and not get too high. Coming off turn four we were still side by side with Cory on my bumper. He chose to follow me instead of pushing Chris. This time going into turn one I went extra deep. I do good in turn one and needed to take advantage. Coming off two I was slightly ahead. I got a great run but he was still beside me but back about 2 feet. Racing into turn three I knew this would be the breaker if I didn't hold my lane. I got a great runner off four to see the white flag. Cory was not me, three cars under a blanket. and still not clear of Chris.
42530359_1986285991394467_2803297644833669120_n - Copy.jpg
42530359_1986285991394467_2803297644833669120_n - Copy.jpg (116.72 KiB) Viewed 4724 times
Again I raced hard into turn one and hear Louie say "clear", but I wasn't coming down knowing that Chris would dive in hard as well. I left room enough for him to go in hard and not hit me.
42592226_1986285424727857_7080897347219095552_n - Copy.jpg
42592226_1986285424727857_7080897347219095552_n - Copy.jpg (102.63 KiB) Viewed 4724 times
Once I got on the gas I was clear and nervous because I had the lead and didn't want to mess up. A good run through three let us take this race, one of the most exciting I have had in years with two really good drivers around me.
42430181_1986286998061033_412616670608097280_n - Copy.jpg
42430181_1986286998061033_412616670608097280_n - Copy.jpg (152.12 KiB) Viewed 4724 times
This win was so intense that once back in the pits I was shaking with excitement. We won both races, giving us 6 checkers for 2018 including a feature win. I hadn't won 2 races in the same night since 2013 when I won both races at Delaware Speedway in an Outlaw 4 cylinder Mod. The last time I won in my own car was in 2008 on July 26th at Flamboro Speedway, a night that was set aside to celebrate my 40th year of racing. FYI....Flamboro didn't recognize my 50th year, and yes it bothers me because not many racers reach 50 years, and us not being recognized at our home track was disappointing :cry:.....anyway nothing could take away our joy on this night. We were "TOP Qualifier"
It took me several minutes to calm down after the race. I was so happy with my crew and how great Louie did spotting in that awesome race. Many people came over to congratulate us, some I didn't know and others I hadn't seen for a while. One person I hadn't seen for a while who came over was Andy Mackereth, a TQ Midget legend, who's Dad Norm Mackereth was a legend in a Super Modified.

We had a draw in the pit shed with the top 8 Modifieds. I picked first and drew #7, not a good spot but I wasn't too worried because our car was fast.

There was one set of hot laps in the morning and we went out on the older tires, saving the new tires for the feature. We did have 25 laps and 3 heat cycles on our new tires and some teams were going out with new tires. Tire inventory management is key to having the best when you can. I ran old tires at Sauble on our second time there and sometimes only run one new one, saving new tires for times like these. Many cars handle much better than mine does and don't need new tires to make it better. I plan to change that for 2019, this car needs a face lift suspension wise and hopefully I get the funds together to do just that.

We had a consi, it was the first time in years I saw a last chance in a series I race in. MY buddy Jason Cornell #56, who one of my great crew members Lloyd Lariviere pits for, won the consi, and I was happy for him.

The 50 Lap Feature
We were the second last feature out making the wait to race a long one. I was pumped to get the race going. Sitting in the line up on pit row seemed for ever. I told Louie "I feel like a bull rider waiting to be cut loose" :lol:

Finally we headed out on the track. Soon the white came out and we got the race going. I knew almost immediately something was wrong. The car was loose, very loose and should not have been. I fought to stay in the top 7 but was losing ground coming off the turns because I was loose, we were sideways. I knew if that kept up I would burn off the RR tire and didn't want to do that. We slowly fell back to 10th and when a yellow came out I decided to give up being in the top 10 and make a pit stop to try and fix the car. Brian put a turn on the sway bar hoping to add some wedge.

We restarted 20th and the car was better but for the rest of the race I was off, the car wasn't the same as it was the night before. We were up and down from 20th to 17th to 14th to 16th passing and re-passing the same cars. It was so disappointing because I thought we would shine in this race and the opposite happened.

With about 15 to go we were up to 15th when 3 cars in front of me got tangled and were spinning out. I checked up to avoid them and got hammered and spun out. That was so frustrating because we were in a rhythm and now we would restart at the back. It was one of them nights no doubt.

On a final restart with 6 laps to go I raced hard with Dan Price #09. We always run hard and with respect. We were running around 14th and on that restart I could see a few rows ahead cars that we usually beat, but not today.

Dan and I raced hard until the white flag. Coming off turn four heading for the checker Dan got hit by #20 Mike Hearty who made it 3 wide. Mike hit Dan who hit me and drove me into the front chute wall just before the starters stand. The car hit hard beating up the front end. I was able to keep going and headed right to the pits and was dejected. Not so much about the wreck on the final lap, but more because the car was bad all race.

We loaded up and got ready to head home. I checked where we finished and were listed 16th. The only good news was the 2 heat wins, and they were exciting. That puts us to 6 wins for 2018.

During the week we found the reason why our car was so bad in the feature. A totally wore out RR rotor with a seized caliper. :roll:
We have much to do for this coming weekend at Flamboro Speedway...Octoberfest.
I will be racing both cars on the final race at Flamboro Speedway for 2018, the Mod on Saturday and the Late Model on Sunday.

OSCAAR Modified Points After Velocity
1 79h Cory Horner.....699
2 79 John Harper......684
3 51 Dale Reinhardt...648
4 36 Gary Elliott.......629
5 18 Jason Keen.......600
6 4 Jeff Showler.......585
7 56 Jace Cornell......558
8 33 Jason Bowden....550
9 99 Luke Gignac......533
10 69 Wally Wilson....493

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:33 pm

September 29th ...............Flamboro Speedway

Race #15


High Lites
* 18 fast cars :mrgreen:
* John Harper wins
* we run into trouble on my home track :oops:
* Crew and I work hard fixing things we missed from our Sunset wreck
* 565 to 574...needed the RPM

Heat #1.......6th
Heat #2.......2nd


RF caliper, RF ball joint, alignment, nut and bolt, oil and filter, battery charge, routine

Jim, Louie, Paul & his Dad Jason, Troy...David showed up later

No pictures yet for this report...but here's the story.
We arrived early at the track and good thing we did. I noticed our lower control was bent on the right side. We had replaced some parts and did repairs during the week after our crash at Sunset on the last lap. We slammed the wall pretty hard bending some parts and shifting the rear suspension. Most of it got fixed, in fact we thought all of it was until I saw the spindle tipped forward, and it should be tipped back. I had a spare lower control arm and we replaced it and set the toe. The brackets the sway bar attaches to was bent but other than that the control arm could be saved. Once installed we were ready for practice.

In the first hot laps on older tires we were mid pack fast, and I wasn't happy at all. This is my home track and I should have been one of the faster cars, but wasn't close to being in the top 5 fastest. I understand my car is in need of some major updates on the front end, and maybe the back end. Our shocks, spindles and other front end parts need replacing, possibly springs as well. The problem is enough money to do all the pre season repairs and have enough left over to race 20 nights.....wow, I usually run 25 and I just lowered my average by saying 20 :roll: Flamboro Speedway only had 6 points nights this year. We lost 4 to rain, David and I losing 2 each. The Modified schedule also lost dates to rain, making my season shortened by 4 nights due to rain outs that were not rescheduled.
Also, I book 6 races at Full Throttle Motor Speedway and none of them happened due to no teams showing up. I went to one race and was the only Modified. I did an interview, and a 10 lap show for the fans.

So for 2019 the Mod will get a face lift and the Late Model program will be much improved as well but more sponsor help is needed and I am working on that now,

Meanwhile after getting the car ready we practiced on our Sunset tires. The car was okay but I wasn't happy with the lap times (I rarely am). We switched the tires and put three new tires on the car. That set of hot laps was better than the first but still off too far.
We worked on the car to make it better.

In the first heat race we decided to put the older tires on because we were starting 8th of 9 cars in our heat. There were 18 total Mods and John Casale may not have been happy with that, but I was glad to see a decent field of cars and they were most all very fast.
We started at the back and could not get by Jeff Shower #4, though we were faster going into the turns, but he was fast off the turns making it impossible to get him unless I drove into him. I would cross the line in 6th with Chenoweth on my tail.
I was disappointed with that knowing we would likely miss the invert now. They take the top 8 cars with the best heat finishes and those teams draw for a start in the feature.

We put the new tires on for the second heat race. It would be a tough race as well because I was starting pole with Kelly Balsom, who I really haven't battled with this year. He has a great car, the one owned by DJ Christie and driven by Cole Powell in 2017. I looked at that car knowing it was a great piece, but didn't have the funds in the off season to consider it and DJ needed the money right away.
Kelly has been very fast all year, especially on the bigger tracks like Jukasa and Kawartha.

On the green I wanted to make sure to get a good start but he got a better run on the outside and beat me into turn one. My car was tight, pushing a little. Over the next 2 laps he pulled ahead by 3 car lengths until my tires got heat in them. Once they did I closed the gap on one car length and ran like that for the final 7 laps. It felt good to be competitive and run strong.

After the race I went over to Kelly and congratulated him. He felt it was a good race and told me Amanda, his wife and spotter, kept telling him "one car....one car", letting him know I was one car length behind him.

I did feel better after that race and we worked on getting the car ready for the feature. David showed up, bringing the Late Model over for the race on Sunday and liked the second heat race. He wanted to help make the car better and noticed as we were resetting the sway bar, that the adjustment bolt or "eye bolt" was bent. He said "Dad we can't set this properly with the eye bolt bent, it keeps binding". Well of course but I was running out of money and knew it was bent and hoped it would still work. Running out of money means I have used up my sponsor funds and winnings to get us this far. It was an expensive week costing $1500 for 5 tires, a rear caliper, and brake pads. He asked me if I had a spare and when I checked I found a brand new one in our inventory... :lol: Oh well like the Scotia Bank slogan..."You're richer than you think". We stripped the front end, pulling the bumper and nose off and replaced the bent eye bolt, then set the bar and headed for tech to scale the car. Now we were ready for the feature.

Our combined finish of an 6th and 2nd was out of the invert top 8, in fact we missed by 3 positions, putting us 11th on the starting line up.
It was a cold night meaning all cars would be very fast and good cars very fast.

I got in an early battle with Jason Cornell #56, Chris Milwain #21 and a few other cars who were battling in a big group. Jason went outside Chris to pass him and was hit in the right rear wheel. I was right on Jason's tail and when he got hit and slowed up I hit his left rear wheel with my left front and almost hit the back chute wall but came to a stop. I didn't hit the wall but the front end was bent and the toe, alignment was off.... :oops: My steering wheel went from 12 to 2 and I knew then we were in trouble. This was on lap 6.

Jim asked me if there was any damage "did you hit anything"? I told him yes the alignment was out. I stayed out because it was a short caution and there was not enough time to do an adjustment to fix the toe. It was out at least an inch.

We restarted 18th, but with a ill handling car. Over the next few laps another yellow came out on lap 10 but it to was a quick yellow. On that restart we went from lap 10 to lap 41. I was fighting a bad car and around lap 35 got lapped by at least the top 6 cars. I was so frustrated but kept going until another yellow came out on lap 41 when #99 got spun by Chenoweth.
Over the final 9 laps there were three more cautions with Jason Bowden getting spun. He must have been over the top nuts after that because he drove crazy driving in hard on the apron passing cars. His car was actually good for a change and maybe that's why he was upset. He drove hard into turn three on us and hit me on the side bar. I moved up so my front end wouldn't get hit and he got by. A lap later, the white flag lap, he drove into #09 Dan Price and spun him out. That put Jason to the rear. When the smoke finally settled and we crossed the line we finished 8th and to be honest I was actually happy with that although felt bad for not having a good night. It also helped me from falling too far in the points with #18 Jason Keen not too far behind.

One of my fans who always text me to encourage me, Danny Huff, thought we did pretty good considering the bad luck and I appreciated hearing that.

Once in the pits David checked the toe and it was out 1". He also noticed the RF wheel would hardly turn. He told me I needed a RF caliper because that was also hurting me, pulling the car to the right entering turns. So bad and good news, at least we know what to fix to for Peterborough Speedways Autumn Colors Classic.

The rains came later in the evening and forced the cancelling of the Grisdale Triple 50's for Sunday. That worked in my favor because Troy and I spent all day Sunday fixing the Modified. We will be ready to go to ACC by Monday night, although loading won't be until Wednesday night

OSCAAR Modified Standings after Flamboro

1 79h Cory Horner.......765
2 79 John Harper........756
3 51 Dale Reinhardt.....709
4 36 Gary Elliott.........688
5 18 Jason Keen.........664
6 4 Jeff Showler.........630
7 56 Jace Cornell........614
8 33 Jason Bowden......606
9 99 Luke Gignac........596
10 69 Wally Wilson......537

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:21 pm

October 5-6-7.......................Peterborough Speedway

Autumn Colors Classic

Race #16

High Lites
* 27 cars
* Kelly Balsom wins
* Cory Horner wins Championship
* Some serious wrecks
* We clinch 4th in points
* Heat win our 7th checker of 2018 :D
* 574 final

Heat #1......1st
Heat #2......7th


Overhaul for 2019, front end etc

Jim, Gehrig, Stephen Ken, Buttons and Dan Price on Friday night

I wanted to wait for some pictures to do this report and I finally got them. I will have this report completed by Thursday night.
Meanwhile I will see how far I can get tonight.

Buttons and I left Dundas Thursday morning around 10:30. I wanted to get to the track and get a decent parking spot. I would be alone both Thursday and Friday because none of my crew could get away those 2 days. Some wouldn't be coming at all, mostly because the weather forecast was rain all 4 days, Thursday to Sunday.

Once in my pit spot I headed to our hotel to register. After that Buttons and I went to MacDonald's. She already had her dinner, now it was my turn. I got my order and headed back to the truck, Derrick Tiemersma's truck. I borrowed it after Velocity when the water pump on my truck let go. Shirley and Derrick picked me while my crew stayed with the truck and trailer in New Market. We went to their place and borrowed his truck so I could get my crew home, Louie and Brian. I also kept the truck until mine was completed, and it was going to be brought to Peterborough Speedway on Friday.

I leave MacDonald's with my food order and head to the truck. Trouble started as soon as I looked for the key. I couldn't find it, anywhere. I went back inside the store but no one seen or had my key. I was stumped. I started to panic for Buttons, she was locked in the truck. Also, to make things worse, I left my phone back at the hotel. I was too upset to eat so I ran/walked back to the hotel, about 500 yards up hill. I was heart broken... I thought..."How stupid am I". Poor Buttons, seeing me look in the window, and then see me run away. I was a mess.

Once back at the hotel I grabbed my phone and headed back to the car. I called Shirley on the way to tell her what happened and she thought "Dad you must have left the key in the truck". Well maybe I did, but I had no way to get it out. She suggested to call a tow truck so I did and they put me on hold for 10 minutes as if they were so busy from the current blizzard.....no reason to put me on hold that long.

Soon Shirley called me back and said "Gehrig in on the way with a spare key and your truck, he will be there in an hour". Okay, thank goodness I thought and then went back inside after assuring a confused Buttons I would be right back. It wasn't cold or hot so she was good other than maybe stressed, who knows, maybe I was more stressed that she was, and I sure was worried for her.

Once back inside I asked one of the girls if they would consider replacing my cold food with hot food because I think I locked my key in the truck and she replied "yes I don't see a problem with that". She returned fairly quickly with my new order and no charge. I was starting to relax knowing things were being looked after.

About 25 minutes after I ate I was talking to a racer who was going to driving at Peterborough. We chatted for 10 minutes and then an employee whom I asked earlier if they found a key came up to me and said "is this your key". I looked at the black single key and smiled and said "YES, that's it....where did you find it"? She said "it was in your food bag. We found it when we dumped out the food". I hugged her and thought "are you kidding me...really....I have locked my keys in my car, dropped them beside my truck, left them at the cash....but dropping them unknowingly in my food bag"????? How would that happen? If it happened once every 70 years I would be worried what will happen in 2088 :roll:

I opened the truck right away, hugged Buttons, called Shirley to let her know the mystery and then called Gehrig. He got there about 20 minutes later. I was so happy but felt ridiculous.....who would think to look in the food bag? Maybe if I ate my food right away I would have found the key :D

I treated my grandson to a gift card for Tim's was going to buy him dinner but he ate and offered to pay his way in for the weekend. Man what a dumb thing that caused me so much stress.....next time I guess I will tell people to check their food bag :lol:

Buttons and I got to the track on Friday in plenty of time to get the car unloaded and set up the pits. I was by myself this night but the car was pretty well ready to go. I did need a spotter and asked Dan Price if he would spot for me and he said he would.
Phone (10)  - Copy.JPG
Phone (10) - Copy.JPG (67.75 KiB) Viewed 4625 times
I got the car ready for the first set of hot laps and found it to be good, but slightly tight off the corners. I talked to my Jim and we agreed on a minor change, we did two. That helped a lot and on the second set of hot laps the car was much better.

I like this track although it demands being on top of the wheel constantly, no resting at this oval, not for a second. It's very fast and has aggressive turns, especially turn three and four. Our car was good and I was ready for our heat race.

Heat #1
I drew 4 for a starting spot and it turned out to be pole of the first heat. There were some very fast cars in this heat race including points leader Cory Horner #79, #99 Luke Gignac the 2017 club Champion, #51 Dale Reinhardt who finished 3rd in points plus both 77's, Brad Robertson the 2017 OMRS Champ and Chad Strawn a great runner with a new car.

Dan was awesome spotting, very steady and informative for me. I like lots of reply so I can get a mental picture where I am on the track. When he says "clear by 3" I feel very confident.
We lead the first 6 laps with no issues and then a yellow came out. That put Cory Horner outside pole for the restart. I was intimidated a little because I really wanted to win this race and he was one of the fastest, if not the fastest Mod this year.

I got a good restart and pulled Cory off 4 and was ahead in turn one. By the time we got to turn 3 on that lap the yellow was out again. That wasn't good. That means he would have a second chance to try to out gun me on the restart, and it would mean I would have to do the exact same thing I did the first time, only better. I knew Cory would be aggressive on the start, so I had to be as well, especially if I wanted to win this race.

Going down the back chute we were side by side with the pace car in front of me. I was getting anxious that I might hit that brand new Camaro because Cory had a clear lane, and would be wanting to jump ahead to beat me off turn 4. had to wait until the pace car was out of my range to make sure I didn't get into him.

We are suppose to maintain pace car speed once he leaves the track, but with this being a second restart I knew the rules might not apply here. As the pace car pulled we both immediately started to pick up speed. I am sure I was full throttle have way through the turn. Dan said right away "clear high" and that was a great thing to hear. Next he said "clear by one" as we raced down the back chute.
For the next two laps we were ahead by one until the final lap when #99 Luke caught up but only by half a car length in the middle of the turn, I was able to get on the gas quick and car rocketed off the turn taking us to our 7th win of 2018. :D I was very excited, and couldn't wait to tell all my family and crew, who were not there yet, about the win.......yes I still get pumped :mrgreen:
Morgan Amber (1) - Copy.jpg
Morgan Amber (1) - Copy.jpg (146.97 KiB) Viewed 4625 times
This was a cold miserable day with rain threatening all day. The weather forecast for the past week was rain, rain and more rain.
Jim, my crew chief for years, called me and asked what the weather looked like. I said it was overcast but no rain. He was going to come with Ken Stenhouse, but Ken cancelled because of the threat of rain. I was alone at that time until Gehrig showed up around noon. The car was already unloaded and ready to go for hot laps.

The rains did come but not much, not hard and not very long. Hayden Brown, another crew member, was going to get a ride with his Dad and stay with me and Buttons. I told him to call Jim and get a ride with Jim to save his Dad a 6 hour return trip. He did call Jim but at that time Jim wasn't sure what was happening. Soon Hayden cancelled. Soon after that Jim text me saying Ken was determined to go no matter what, rain or shine and they were leaving Waterdown then and would be at the track around 1:30 :D

Because of the small amount of rain there were no hot laps until the afternoon, enough time for Jim and Ken to get here and help Gehrig and I. Gehrig is very energetic and a smart young man. Once he starts learning how front end geometry works, bump steer and shock/spring importance, he will be a huge asset to me and maybe get behind the wheel of my Modified or Late Model.

Jim and Ken arrived before practice and were ready to go, we were as well. We ran on the same tires I used for the heat on Friday. They were a little older, would have been perfect on a very hot day but would still work for the heat race this day.

After one set of hot laps we were content the car was decent and got ready for the heat race.

Heat #2
In this heat race we started 8th. This field of car was stout again and though we tried to make some gain we couldn't go anywhere really, passed one car and finished in 7th place. That finish combined with our heat win put us 11th on the starting grid.

After this race we packed up, loaded the car and headed for our hotel room. We watched the Leafs lose to Ottawa...?????.....and got to bed early. The weather still looked gloomy but better than it was Saturday. Louie decided not to come. I had plenty of help and realized that it was a 3 hour drive for him, plus he was taking his grand mother to Church and felt he should take the day off and relax. Louie has been an incredible crew member and friend helping me every week once a week for sure, sometimes twice, to get our car prepped for each race. I appreciate him very much as I do all my team mates. He's also developed into a great spotter. Listening to Jim will make anyone who spots for a race team better.

Sunday greeted us with a nice day, a little cool, no sun but most importantly, no rain. When I sent my truck to Wilson Niblett where Shirley and Gehrig work, Shirley is Assistant Manager for service, and Gehrig is an apprentice technician, they fixed my leaking water pump and no heat condition. A year ago I had an issue with my truck with the battery going dead. I had it diagnosed and they found through TSB's for Ford, that my radio was causing the problem, so they disconnected it. I had no problems with that since, except no radio to listen to. While it was under Shirley's care I asked Gehrig if he would hook the radio back up. For some reason I felt it would be okay now.

Sunday morning it was slow to start and at first I though, what is that? But I knew what it was. I went to Tim's to get Buttons and I breakfast, actually she had eaten already in the hotel room, but I needed a coffee and something to eat. Diesels are loud so when I got to the order sign I shut the truck off......lucky me.....it barely started. I headed to the track and when I got there I shut it off again and decided to try and start it and it would not start, just like it wouldn't 6 months ago. It did start with a boost with 2 vehicles, but after 15 minutes running I shut it off and when I tried to restart it, there was silence....totally dead. Gehrig pulled both batteries out of the truck and charged them, The truck fired up right away, so then I asked him....."can you unplug my radio #1 grandson" and he did.

The Mods had 24 very fast cars to start the feature. It was going to be a wild race no matter what. One reason is because it's a very fast track, made even faster by the cold temperatures. The other issue is the tight race surface. Okay if you turn 15 second laps, but a much different animal when turning 13.5 with all your buddies doing the same thing. Close fast racing is awesome. But sometimes there can be a few cautions. Add to that racers who show little respect and cautions will be fluent, including some red flags. And that's what happened.
Ashley  (12) - Copy.jpg
Ashley (12) - Copy.jpg (75.07 KiB) Viewed 4613 times
The first red was on lap 1. The track gave us 5 hot laps to get heat in the tires and my car felt great. We doubled up to take the while and on the green we bolted into turn one. We completed that lap and raced in to turn one again, only this time most of the field slid up the track. Something was on the track, oil, water or maybe rear end fluid. I couldn't believe my car slid up the track so bad but was one of the lucky ones to miss the wreck. This deal eliminated #97 Tyler DiVenanzo, #21 Chris Milwain and #20 Mike Hearty. Two with damage and one perhaps who lost the fluid. The red lasted quite a while, so guess how good our tires were after being warmed up!!!....not so much.
Ashley  (5) - Copy.jpg
Ashley (5) - Copy.jpg (47.03 KiB) Viewed 4613 times
Once the mess was cleaned up we got the yellow and drove around to clean up the speedy dry that was from the starters stand to turn one.

The next few laps were crazy with racing everywhere. Cars side by side, and an awesome battle up front. John Baker Jr. was on the pole with Kelly Balsom #10 outside. John got the early lead and Kelly followed for about 10 laps until he got by on the outside.

I was in a constant battle most of the race. We got up to 8th and fought side by side with my good friend and veteran #3 Tim Tolton.
We soon ran into a few cautions but in each case I could not get by Tim. He was very fast off the corners and with short straights, front especially, he was able to hold me off.

On lap 14 two OMRS cars got into it when the #16 of Anthony Di Bello slammed into Chad Strawn #77. Chad got into the front chute wall and unfortunately hit the starter stand opening. His car flew down the front chute into dogging cars, including Tim, who's car went air borne. Jim was saying "go high, go high", but I decided to stay low and it worked barely missing the spinning cars. What a wreck and it brought out another long red. Good news was Chad was okay, but the gauge on his anger mood was at the top....he was furious to get hit so hard, so early in this race.

On the restart we were still 8th, got down but a few laps later got nailed in turn 3 and 4 sending us to the infield. But the time I got back out (no yellow) we lost 6 or 7 spots, putting us back to 17th. However we gained a few spots back when another wreck on the back chute coming off turn 2 had us dogging spinning cars and heading to the top of the track to get clear and we did. Jim was praising me for missing the wrecks. Some of it is luck, and other times its knowing a scenario and making a good guess whether to go high, low or come to a stop. Coming to a stop is a viable option as long as the guy behind you isn't texting and slams hard into the back of your car. 8-)

As the race went on I got into a battle with #90 Rick Warrens. His car was very fast on the straights but terrible in the corners. The problem with Peterborough is that fast cars can hold off cars in spite of a bad push. If they slow down and keep their car front pushing up, they are easier to pass but ramming the car into the turn and sliding up with a ton of HP to get them down the track is hard to beat and I couldn't beat him.

There was another wreck with 12 to go or so and they put us single file. After that there were no more cautions. Kelly would win this one with Cory Horner on his tail. Congrats to Kelly Balsom for the win, his first ACC win.
Ashley  (14) - Copy.jpg
Ashley (14) - Copy.jpg (35.12 KiB) Viewed 4613 times
We would finish 8th and clinch 4th in the points......thank you Lord, thank you team mates and sponsors, fans, competitors and promoters. :D

Congratulations to Cory Horner on winning the Championship. They made some very good changes over the winter and were the best car no doubt.

Special thanks to my family, team, crew, and sponsors for a very successful 50th Anniversary. It was a good year and though we got off to a rocky start we did well the last half of the season. :D

Our next race is October 13th at Flamboro Speedway for Octoberfest Classic Triple 50's. Hope to see you all there. Wear something to keep you warm. :lol:
Octiberfest - Copy.jpg
Octiberfest - Copy.jpg (50.44 KiB) Viewed 4613 times
AUG 19 2018 DAVE FRANKS PHOTOS  (202) - Copy.JPG
AUG 19 2018 DAVE FRANKS PHOTOS (202) - Copy.JPG (92.18 KiB) Viewed 4613 times

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2018

Post by Gary » Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:46 pm

October 13th..............Flamboro Speedway

Final Race of 2018.....50th Anniversary comes to a close


Race #17

817 Consecutive

High Lites
* 29 cars
* Jake Sheridan wins overall
* We finish 18th overall :roll:
* No damage
* I'm tired
*565 gears

1st Feature.....25th
2nd Feature....13th
3rd Feature.....15th


Sell this car and buy a newer car...or major overhaul (I don't feel comfortable in this car) :cry:

Gehrig, Paul, Jason, Troy and Buttons :)

2018.....my 50th season of consecutive racing.
It was a good season on paper. I am thankful for what transpired. We finished 4th in both standings, including 4th at Flamboro with David in the Pro Late Model standings. Our Mod had 7 wins including our 40th career feature win. David won the first feature of the year at Flamboro Speedway. GEM racing reached 41 seasons of 100% and extended our consecutive streak to 17. We reached 259 career wins and our 24th season top 5 points.

We raced 17 nights, 5 more with David, and I did 10 off track events.
Pre season was tough, financially and stress wise. It took a long time to get through that. My crew did the best they could giving their time to help get the car ready. David and his team mostly looked after the Late Model and that helped a lot. They worked out of Jim Sweers shop and a big thank you to Jim for being so incredibly gracious. David had help from Jim Sweers, Jim Hulzinga, Peter Snook and Ed Askin. A good crew.

I very much appreciated my crew and the fact they came by to help. We could use more help in the future, and the good news on the horizon is that I have at least one more to help during the week and maybe another. That will make things easier in 2019.

I appreciate very much that Louie Halliday came every week at least once. I tried to make sure we got it all done in a 3 hour window. In the off season, Gehrig Halliday, Stephen Lippert, Hayden Brown, Randall Crook and Brian Watson contributed to getting us ready for the season. Without them I could not have done it myself unless I sent the repairs out to race shops, and yes it will be done quick, but that's a fast way to use most funds to race. Troy Stere also helped later in the season, he was a huge support, and will be back again full time in 2019. Troy use to pit for me during my 40th year. Check out Dairy of a Season 2008 and his name will be there many times.

I had help this year from many people, some just once for a day others many times and all of us are thankful for those who contributed to make 2018 a memorable season.

Final Race...Feature #1
Saturday night at Flamboro Speedway was Frostoberfest, the final show of the season at Flamboro. It was the rain out race from September 30th. A great turn out of 29 Pro Lates and Late Models made it to this show.

We arrived early enough to get set up and deal with the cold day. I brought a space heater for the trailer and it helped until the sun came out around 2:00.
Flamboro Oct 13 Small  (3).JPG
Flamboro Oct 13 Small (3).JPG (99.13 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
We made one set of hot laps, turning slow times at 15:557. I wasn't feeling good to race hard, I wasn't pumped or feeling aggressive. I wanted to finish the season in one piece and not get wrecked or wreck anyone else, like happened in 2016 and 2017, where severe damage was done to my car in late race accidents. I wanted to avoid that no doubt....plus I plan on selling this car and wanted no damage.

We switched tires for group qualifying. I had 3 new tires and one really good LF to use this day. At the end of qualifying I found we only improved our lap times by 2 hundreds of a second 15:533. That was discouraging for me and my team although they, (Gehrig and Troy) just wanted to have a good day and didn't worry too much about lap times. There were some very fast APC cars in attendance and most of them had lap times in the 15:1's, one car turned a 15:0.
Flamboro Oct 13 019 - Copy Small  (1).JPG
Flamboro Oct 13 019 - Copy Small (1).JPG (87.25 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
After qualifying was done I was heading back to my pit and went to down shift, as I did the clutch pedal went right to the floor. Something let go inside the bell housing to do with the clutch lines.

We put the car on jack stands and found the release bearing had blown a seal. Gehrig and Troy removed the driveshaft, shifters and transmission.
Flamboro Oct 13 019 - Copy (6).JPG
Flamboro Oct 13 019 - Copy (6).JPG (90.17 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
I didn't have a spare but did get one from Mike Westwood.
Flamboro Oct 13 023 (1) - Copy.JPG
Flamboro Oct 13 023 (1) - Copy.JPG (62.88 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
We changed the lines and added line up bolts on the end of the transmission because it was a different style. It was a night mare trying to get the release bearing to line up with the bolts on the transmission snout. We added a couple of shims because the overall length of the release bearing was shorter. Cars were lining up for our first feature and we were still messing with the transmission but finally got it in.

When the car was on the ground I couldn't get it in gear. The pedal was rock hard, meaning something was binding inside the bell housing. There was no time to fix it so I had shut the car off and start it in gear. Grrrr not fun and dangerous around people in the pits because if I had to stop quick, I had on clutch and would have to stall the car in gear.

I was suppose to start 20th of 28 cars but went scratch. As I headed for the pit entrance, being late, I had to wait as cars were coming around, so naturally I had to stall the car.

I finally got on the track and in my position, last. I had to stay in high gear because with this transmission, there was no way to shit with RPM. Straight cut gears are not to be engaged at 2500 RPM, so I had to stay in second.

Gehrig was going to spot today, our regular spotters Louie and Jim could not make the race. Gehrig spotted for me before at Kawartha and did a great job.

While warming up the tires I noticed a bad vibration. I thought at first it was the clutch and might go away. I really knew better and it wasn't going away.
fsw_101318%20(196) - Copy.jpg
fsw_101318%20(196) - Copy.jpg (45.53 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
I fell behind the pack a little to get some speed and the vibration got worse. Then I reported to Gehrig "I have a severe vibration, I think it's the driveshaft". He said "Ok, do the best you can". Those words of encouragement were nice, but once the green flew and we were up to speed, I couldn't accelerate at all. The vibration was incredibly bad so I pulled off on lap 2.
On the first yellow I headed for the pits and we found exactly what I thought. The driveshaft wasn't seated properly. I showed Troy and he fixed it right away....no damage. Meanwhile Gehrig pulled the tranny out and we added a few more shims as well as made sure it was lined up with the bolts. Within an hour it was fixed and ready for the next 50 lapper. One bit of good news, besides no damage....our tires were like new :lol:

Second Feature
We had an operational clutch and the drive shaft was good to go...no vibration. The good news, Troy will never forget how to install a driveshaft again. I learned the hard way back in the Hobby days. I put the driveshaft in wrong and it vibrated loose and demolished it and the end of my transmission. That was something I never did again. I did have a driveshaft come apart on me at Cayuga in 1995 while running second and it was the wildest thing. Ripped a hole in the floor and the front yoke slapped my thigh. A second later the yoke came off and jammed in the frame...we had to beat it out on the Monday. I also ruined a 3 speed Saginaw, but they are a dime a dozen. The transmission in the LM is a 2 speed Richmond, more like $3000. So pulling off right away was smart in many ways, but most of us racers, though we hate to admit defeat when things are wrong, know exactly when we have NO CHOICE but to pull off. It hurt for sure but I wasn't upset. It happens and he learned and there was no other damage.

We started at the back again and avoided a bunch of trouble in this race. I couldn't race with the top 10 cars, but did get up to 11th before losing brakes. Two cars got by but we held onto 13th and no damage....that's always good.
fsw_101318%20(332).jpg (48.31 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
Feature #3
Other than the brakes, there was nothing to do after the second feature. Our tires now had 58 laps on them, so they were very good. We filled the fuel tank, put the battery on charge and bled the front brakes getting air out of the system.

Once again I started at the back. We didn't get lapped in the second feature and in a pride sense, it's nice not to get lapped. It's much better running bumper to bumper with the lead pack, but that was not only off the table, it wasn't going to happen.....plus David was in California. He could have done much better if he had the green light to go for it. But not wanting to do any damage meant I would have be conservative and smart.

Some teams were racing very hard and got into trouble. The pay off was for the top 3 cars to make money as usual. 5th paid $900.
First and second were the money spots and maybe 3rd.

We knew going in we were going to make $400, and that was the pay out from 15th back. Not that we couldn't finish in the top 15 or better, but the pay out was determined on the overall finish of the three 50 lap features. Once we were sitting in the infield for the first feature, that took us out of anything more than $400. But that was okay.

This feature had some serious wrecks in it. Two were very bad, The first was Trevor Monaghan getting mixed up with Ryan Kimball. Ryan ended up on Trevor's roof, and the wreck tore off the left side of Trevor's Late Model.
fsw_101318%20(1398) - Copy.jpg
fsw_101318%20(1398) - Copy.jpg (58.93 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
fsw_101318%20(1420).jpg (54.17 KiB) Viewed 4556 times
Trevor is a racer and once he headed to the pits he retuned with no body on the left side and a not so nice attitude. :o
He would finish the race with the right side of his car still on the car :lol:

The next big wreck was with Tim Norris and Steve Laking. Steve was having a great night, but got into it on the front chute with Tim. I was coming to the start finish line when I saw Tim's hood above all roofs of cars in front of me. The hood was still on the car.....so that meant his car hit the wall so hard that he went air borne. It was a tough brake for Tim and his team. He has had a ton of bad luck this year. Steve was okay to keep racing, but Tim needed to be towed off.

I was in no mood of battling for 15th spot, because there was no more money to win for battling for poor pay off spots, in fact there was only money to lose by wrecking....so I saved money :mrgreen:

At the end of the race we pulled off with no damage and that was good.

Special thanks to Gehrig and Troy for doing a great job in the pits. Also want to thank Mike Westwood for loaning us the release bearing.
Congrats to the 3 feature winners
1st.....Treyton Lapcevich
2nd.... Jo Lawrence
3rd.....Kevin Albers

Jake Sheridan was the overall winner with the best combined finishes in all 3 races. I don't know where he finished in any of them. But congratulations to him, his team and family. I raced with his Dad, Ron, a multi Champion at Delaware Speedway. Ron is a great man, they are a great family.

That's it for 2018 my 50th year. It was a good one, really. Today wasn't so good but with 28 cars every position gets a car number beside it....our position was 18th :roll:
But we reached some goals and had a decent season after a tough start in both series.
Here are some stats.
- 50th season completed
-45th season with Quaker State
-17 race nights (career total 1260)
-817 consecutive nights
-7 total race wins (259 career)
- 40th feature win reached
-41st season of 100% (in the Mod) David and I split the LM, it was also 100% but not by me.
-10 off track events entered

All my career stats are on the topic "50Years of stats"

Thanks for following my racing for 2018. I will soon be posting our plans for 2019. :D

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