Diary Of A Season 2021

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Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:21 pm

Happy New Year everyone, hope you had a great Christmas and the new restrictions for Covid are not affecting your business or home life. Wishing you all and your families a safe 2021.

I have some news to post soon re 2021, our sponsor update and planned schedule. I will post that soon. I am currently trying to get my site updated
to post pictures on the front page, hopefully that is very soon.
Thanks for your patience....news coming soon. :mrgreen:

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:53 am

We are living in very tough times right now. My prayer is we will soon be free, that vaccines will keep our seniors and those with weak immune systems. Praying that vaccines are what we are told they are....safe.

I went to Ontario for Christmas to visit my children and grand children. Buttons and I had a great 3 weeks with them. We left Ontario at 7am
January 4th and drove straight through, crossing the Nova Scotia border at 12:30 am on the 5th, and got home at 1:30 am.
Staying in the house, obeying my 14 day House Arrest. Can't wait until we are all free of this virus and the lockdowns.

I have been busy getting sponsors on board for 2021. It's not easy with COVID. I have let all those who will be with us in 2021 that no funds will be requested until we know we can race. Our team raced 8 times in 2020. The Maritimes has very few cases. People testing positive, for the most part, are free of symptoms within a few days, much like we always were years ago with a cold or the flu.

Quaker State will be back with us for a 48th season.
Lincoln Electric has confirmed they will be back with us as well for the 18th season.
Grindstone Landscaping has also agreed to return in 2021. This will be our 134th season together.
has agreed to sign on again with us in 2021. They have supported my team in various ways since 2005.
PPG will return with us for the 9th season. They supplied all the paint and materials for PYE Chevrolet to paint our car. Very much appreciate their support and coming back on with us.
Permatex is also back for 2021 for a 9th season with a line up of great product for us to use.
EPIC Race Wear will return for another season. They have been a great help with me for apparel and promo items
Inscapes Graphics & Printing has agree to do our autograph cards again in 2021. They help me very much with promo and press releases.
Strictly Hydraulics has also resigned with us. They supported my team when we came to race in Nova Scotia at RIS n 2016 and 2017.
PYE Chevrolet is back for 2021. They painted our car panels, doing a great job again.
Finish Line Graphics will return in 2021 to letter our car and keep us looking good. We finished runner up in Best Appearing Car. Great job.

I am still in need of a least 3 sponsors to get us through 2021 financially. This is the most expensive series to run but it's also the most prestigious in the Maritimes. We hope to race all the Maritime Pro Stock Tour races (13), and make a few other special events at other tracks in the Maritimes. Center For Speed in Shediac, Speedway 660 and Petty International Raceway. I will be racing at Petty regardless, but hope to compete in the mini series between them and Speedway 660.

If we get back to normal, no COVID lockdowns, we will be racing, I am sure, unless there is something else planned, or coming that we haven't thought of yet. Praying for small businesses and families on the brink without enough to cover their home expenses.
Racing is way down the line when it comes to health and the well being of those at most risk from the virus, and the shutdowns.

I will update our race program again soon. Here is the press release sent out by Tim Terry's company TCM regarding the Most Popular award.
Thanks for visiting our site. :)
TCM Award Press Release.JPG
TCM Award Press Release.JPG (128.74KiB)Viewed 3665 times

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Mon Feb 01, 2021 11:02 pm

Preparing for 2021 we are in need of a few sponsors, although there are other ways to support us. One way our fans can help is by purchasing my new CD. 15 original songs. The CD and shipping is $15 to anywhere in the Maritimes and Ontario.
Please let me know if you could support us through a CD purchase.
You can reach me at 905-928-8086 through text or call, or email me at garyelliottmotorsports@gmail.com
Click on the link and push PLAY to listen.

We will be announcing a way soon to purchase t-shirts and Hoodies from us. I will post that info once it's forwarded to me.
Thank you for visiting our site.
Got CD June 18th 2020 (1) - Copy.JPG
Got CD June 18th 2020 (1) - Copy.JPG (91.62KiB)Viewed 3441 times
https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A ... t2dFHRAvJM

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Mon Feb 22, 2021 9:36 pm

There has been an article written in Speedway Illustrated about our team re the longevity with Quaker State. I will be posting soon, meanwhile if you have a subscription with S.I. you will see the article, written by Tom Baker in the March issue.
Thanks for visiting our site.

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Mon Mar 08, 2021 10:21 am

Its been a slow off season connecting wise with sponsors and potential sponsors. I have presented many proposals but have failed to get a new sponsor. I even let them know I would not be requiring any funds until we are certain to be going racing.
So far our team had secured sponsorship from the following companies, some product, some financial support.
* Quaker State.........48th season
* Lincoln Electric......19th season
* FMS....................18th season
* Grindstone............14th season
* Permatex..............9th season
* PPG.....................9th season
* EPIC Racewear........6th season
* Inscapes...............4th season
* PYE Chevrolet........2nd season
* Strictly Hydraulics...2nd season
Finish Line..............2nd season

I won't be lettering the car until we have all our sponsors in place. I am still waiting to hear back from 3 potential sponsors, and I am approaching a few others. I'm not giving up and I do believe we will be racing in 2021, much more than we did in 2020.
201214 (22)  - Copy.JPG
201214 (22) - Copy.JPG (68.72KiB)Viewed 2819 times
Waiting for lettering and graphics
201214 (16)  - Copy.JPG
201214 (16) - Copy.JPG (69.69KiB)Viewed 2819 times
Once we get all our sponsors we will have Finish Line Graphics letter the car
201214 (14)  - Copy.JPG
201214 (14) - Copy.JPG (76.19KiB)Viewed 2819 times
Buttons always needs to be with me constantly, it's only fitting she gets in the pictures....NOTE: I left the roof number on the car. :mrgreen:

Thanks for visiting our site. If you know of anyone who would like to be part of our team, here in the Maritime's or in Ontario please let me know by email or phone. garyelliottmotorsports@gmail.com ..... 905-928-8086 Thank you

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Wed Apr 07, 2021 11:10 am

It's been a while since I have much to post. The car is pretty well finished, some small things left to do, otherwise we are ready.
Special thanks to Shannon, Ray, Bob, Chris, Tyler and Jeff for the off season help. Kerry has been unable to make it to our shop, but he is far away, but will join us at the shop soon.

We have also had an addition to our crew, a youngster Jack Lynds. Jack has followed the Maritime Pro Stock Tour and wanted to join a team. When he called me I invited him to the shop. We had a great visit. I explained to him the things we do on the car for maintenance, how I race, our budgets, and how budgets dictate how hard a driver can race if he wants to make all the shows. Jack, like the rest of our crew, both here and in Ontario, was very understanding and I welcomed him aboard.
We have secured a few sponsors. Still working on the funding part of our program. At this point we are close to being able to compete in the full MPST schedule as well as 2 races in New Brunswick and 2 in Ontario.
Ontario will depend on Covid, whether or not we can actually go to Ontario without a quarantine there or back here. It will likely be just me and Buttons heading to Ontario. My crew there will help us Jim, Troy, Louie, Gehrig and Stephen. I hope to post our schedule soon.

All our 2020 sponsors are back with us. Flamboro Machine Shop has let me know this will be there final season supporting our team. I appreciate very much the partnership I've had with them for the past 18 seasons.

We are still looking for at least 3 more sponsors to help cover us for 2021. We will represent all our sponsors in the same professional manner we have for the past 5 plus decades.

My goals are to reach 50 years with Quaker State, hit 900 consecutive nights, (849 now....1292 total) to help all my sponsors sell their products or services by promoting them here, on face book and doing off track show events.

More updates to come. The team will be getting together in mid April to complete the car, prepare the trailer and be ready for our first scheduled race (May 22nd Petty International Raceway). We should be ready in plenty of time. Not sure about practice yet, there's no budget for tires for practicing, not yet.

Thanks for visiting our site.

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:18 pm

We have 4 weeks to get our race program set for 2021. The car is 99% ready. Just a few small equipment things to deal with, clean and load the trailer and have the car lettered.
My issue is funding for our team. I approached 25 businesses this past few months. Here's the results
11 said yes
7 said no
7 no reply after many calls, messages etc.

Our schedule is set, 17 races including Ontario. Our goal is to run all the Maritime Pro Stock Tour races, plus a few extra's at Shediac, Petty and Speedway 660.
Here is our tentative schedule for 2021. We still have room on our car for sponsors for tires or whatever to help us through the season.
Thanks for visiting our site
Gary Elliott 2021 Schedule - Copy.jpg
Gary Elliott 2021 Schedule - Copy.jpg (44.94KiB)Viewed 2259 times

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Fri Apr 30, 2021 8:00 pm

Once borders to New Brunswick and PEI open, we should start getting some races in. Our first race is scheduled for the long weekend in May, but somehow I don't think we will get started that soon, more like mid to late June or early July, but we will see how the restrictions deal with the starting of season #53.
Here is our tentative schedule for 2021.
Gary Elliott 2021 Schedule - Copy.jpg
Gary Elliott 2021 Schedule - Copy.jpg (44.94KiB)Viewed 2082 times
Thanks for visiting our site.

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Sun Jul 11, 2021 11:24 pm

July 10th.............Petty International Raceway

Race #1.........850th Consecutive Night

850th Consecutive Night

High Lites
* 22 cars
* Cory Hall
* We run good right from the first set of hot laps
* Green flag pit stop put us laps down
* Cole Butcher spun out by lapped car leading feature

Time Trials
* 22nd



Shannon, Bob, Tyler, Chris, Jeff, Jack and Buttons

On Saturday night we made our first race of 2021 at Petty International Raceway.
210710 (8).JPG
210710 (8).JPG (58.27KiB)Viewed 1032 times
210710 (12) - Copy.JPG
210710 (12) - Copy.JPG (53.81KiB)Viewed 1032 times
We made the trip not knowing for sure it would not be raining as Hurricane Ella was sweeping through much of New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia. We got high winds in NS but not really much rain.
Good news for us was seeing no rain and eventually a hot sunny day after 4pm.
Shannon, Tyler, Jack and I got to the track before Chris, Bob and Jeff and had everything prepared when they arrived. There was no tech this day, mostly because there was a delay anticipating rain, and the pits were very wet and muddy in some areas, but not the main pathways to the track.
210710 (13) - Copy.JPG
210710 (13) - Copy.JPG (75.98KiB)Viewed 1032 times
We made one set of hot laps on last years tires. They were still decent although hard as hot pucks. It didn't take long to get them scuffed in and more than suitable for practicing. Our car was completely gone over this past winter. We set the car up at home, using all the numbers we were given by Cole Butcher, and from the notes we made last season. I was very happy with the car. There were no issues during practice. We got to the low 14's in the first set of practice laps, a 14:06, as fast as we were last year on new tires.
210710 (17) - Copy.JPG
210710 (17) - Copy.JPG (71.59KiB)Viewed 1032 times
We discussed the gearing because I was hitting the chip on the old tires. It was decided to go from 562 to 557 assuming that new tires would get us on the chip faster, as well as a cool night......although it got really hot all afternoon and into the evening.
Ernie  (1) - Copy.JPG
Ernie (1) - Copy.JPG (101.15KiB)Viewed 1032 times
We then put on 4 new tires and finally broke into the high 13's but only ran a few laps then came off. The car was good.
210710 (19) - Copy.JPG
210710 (19) - Copy.JPG (56.25KiB)Viewed 1032 times
We taped up the front grille for time trials, I didn't do that last year. Doing that is supposed to give faster lap times, but it didn't do much for us. We qualified 22 of 22 cars and I was okay with that.

There were no heats for this race, a great choice. There's no sense having heats if everyone qualifies, also less risk of cars missing the main event from getting wrecked in a heat race.

I felt really good today. Over the winter I got over the fact that I can't race as hard as I use to, and that having fun has to be my goal. It's so hard to get in a race car and think or know you're not as good as the rest, but I have had great seasons in the past and still love to race.
There are many new fast cars in this series and the drivers for the most part are very good as well. I am focusing on fun and thankful that I can still be part of this sport driving a fast car of my own, and we are not that far off, just get tired faster than the kids :mrgreen:

The race was 200 laps with cautions every 40 laps unless there were multiple cautions. Drivers had to make at least one pit stop during the race. So that meant they would come back out and start in the middle or at the back depending on how many pitted. It was also a 4 tire race, and that's all we need for 200 laps. Tyler was spotting, Shannon was also listening and working the stop watch.

They did an out of car driver introduction and our crew were able to come out on the track....no Buttons, she got this shot in the pits.
210710 (23) - Copy.JPG
210710 (23) - Copy.JPG (69.04KiB)Viewed 1032 times
210710 (36) - Copy.JPG
210710 (36) - Copy.JPG (147.39KiB)Viewed 1032 times
Grizzly Photography July 10th 2021 - Copy.JPG
Grizzly Photography July 10th 2021 - Copy.JPG (68.86KiB)Viewed 1032 times
It didn't take long for me to jump outside and dice with cars from the outside lane. The car was awesome. I could go in deep and stay beside the car on the inside and get a good run off. It felt good to be competitive. Last year I followed a lot because I didn't know the tracks, the competitors or my own car, but I felt at home by the end of last season and was feeling that eagerness on this first race.
Ernie  (6) - Copy.JPG
Ernie (6) - Copy.JPG (141.19KiB)Viewed 1032 times
Ernie  (7) - Copy.JPG
Ernie (7) - Copy.JPG (150KiB)Viewed 1032 times
Ernie  (10) - Copy.JPG
Ernie (10) - Copy.JPG (109.89KiB)Viewed 1032 times
Things went good for the first 20 laps as we moved up to 18th. Then on about lap 25 I experienced a dangerous situation. Going hard into the corners the car suddenly came around, very loose. I was able to counter steer and hold onto my position. Turn three was okay but going into turn one was terrible. There's a bad bump going into one and it upsets the car, but same for everyone. Most drivers knew where to go to avoid it, I kept hitting it and upsetting the car :roll:

Over the next few laps I was losing so much time by getting loose and counter steering, making the car slide up the track I eventually lost all the spots I gained and had to slow down a ton so I wouldn't spin out. Soon, by lap 37 I got lapped.

The yellow came out on about lap 45. I went in the pits and had the crew add a little air to the LR tire to take out some stagger. We got back out for the restart and for the first few laps the car was good, I was able to pass a few cars I passed early. That lasted about 4 laps and the car got loose again going into turn one. One time I almost spun out.

Frustrated that I might spin out, I went back to the pits under green flag conditions and had the crew had another 2 pounds to the LR and 3/4 turn on the bar. They got it done but now we were at least 10-12 laps down. 13.8 second laps by the leaders would soon eat up a bunch of laps over 3 minutes, and we may have been more than 3 minutes. That would end our day for having a good finish, but I didn't care because I wanted to see how the changes would affect the car for the rest of the race.

Returning to the track under green was intense because cars were all around the track. Tyler and the back starter got me back out and down on the front chute. I was finally able to get going and again the car seemed good for 5 to 8 laps but by lap 90 it was getting loose again.
For some reason it entered my mind..."maybe I have too much rear brake balance". I adjusted the brake bias and each turn made the car better. About 3 laps later the car was perfect. I could throw the car in hard and no looseness. My first thoughts after that...."you dummy, you should have tried the brake bias first"!!!!! And yes I should have but now I know.

It was very hot inside the car but the "cool suit" worked great keeping me cool body wise. I was getting as exhausted as I did last year.

For the rest of the race, being so many laps down I just wanted to finish without damage and see how good we could make the car. It started to hesitate bad by lap 120 but clear up half way down the straightaways. It was affecting my power.

We were somewhat competitive the rest of the race still able to pass a few cars but most noticeable was once past a car I was able to gain on packs of cars in front of me, a good sign.

We ended up 20th but I believe we were a top 12 car this day. Overall the crew were amazing, working well together and getting things done quick and efficient. Also the cool suit worked great and though I was still tired, I was much better than I was last year. We likely completed 170 of the 200 laps, maybe more. Quite the work out 8-)

Congrats to Cory Hall for the win. Our next race is July 17th at Scotiaspeed World, a 150 lap event with 1250 fans allowed. Hopefully we soon get back to full grandstands like most all the races in the USA. :)

Thanks to Ernie Pothier for the photos:

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Re: Diary Of A Season 2021

Post by Gary » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:49 am

July 17th..................Scotia Speedworld

Race #2

851st Consecutive Night

High Lites
* 8 cars :o
* Cole Butcher wins
* We get 7th best east coast finish yet :roll:
* Politics and Covid wreak havoc on the Tour

Heat............ 4th
Feature........ 7th


Front brakes...routine

Shannon, Chris, Tyler, Jack and Buttons

This may have been the worst car count night I have ever been in. I always though 15 cars was minimum, although 24 is the perfect number unless it's a bigger track then 30-36 cars would be considered, especially for a special event like Jukasa Speedway or Riverside International Speedways annual IWK250.

What's really sad for everyone is the fact that this day was the long awaited beginning of the East Coast International Pro Stock Tour series, a nine race schedule that would include Scotia Speedworld, Riverside International Speedway and Petty International Raceway.
The series operators tried to book a race with PEI's Oyster Bed Speedway, but the provinces restrictions won't allow enough fans to cover the cost of the series event. OYB opted out of having a show with the series this year, but did have a Pro Stock race scheduled on the same night as the series opener at Scotia Speedworld.......what a shame this couldn't have been worked out.

The results of a quick schedule being put together and Covid restrictions resulted in only 8 cars making it to the inaugural ECI race. Good news is that the eight cars that showed up put on a decent show for the fans. I wasn't the only driver feeling bad about the size of the field, every driver felt the same, as did all the management team of the series.

Prior to the races a good friend of mine and his wife came to our pits. Ashton and Shelbie Reekie. I didn't know he had moved east, seen him many times at Flamboro Speedway and other tracks in Ontario over the years. He is now the official photographer for the series and agreed to provide us pictures from every race so I can do our race reports. Wingnut Productions are now part of our sponsor team. They took these pictures. Here is our crew for this race Tyler, Jack, Shannon, Buttons and Chris :mrgreen:
Shelbie (13) - Copy.jpg
Shelbie (13) - Copy.jpg (50.83KiB)Viewed 933 times
The format for the day was a heat race and 150 lap feature. We made several practice sessions to get a feel of our car. Last year we had issues right away with our clutch system slipping. No clutch issues this time but rather handling concerns. Our car was very loose in the middle of the turns. Our team, Shannon, Chris, Jack and Tyler made several changes to the car but seen no improvement. I decided to check the brake balance. With the car on 4 stands, Tyler in the car, Chris spinning the front wheel and Jack the rear, Tyler slowly applied the brakes. We discovered the rear brakes coming on before the front, way before. Tyler adjusted the bias all the way to the rear and we tested again, the rear came on immediately.....expected. He had counted 15 turns from full front to lock rear on the bias. I asked him to put 12 turns towards the front, that would be 80%, more than enough for the front to come on. The boys spun the wheels again and Tyler slowly applied the brake pedal but the rear came on first again. The issue would continue with the same results even with full front bias.
I knew right away our problem was front pads wore out. We didn't have time to change them today but decided to put new pads on during the week for our next race. I would have to race this way and be careful going into the corners hard.
Shelbie (12) - Copy.jpg
Shelbie (12) - Copy.jpg (59.14KiB)Viewed 933 times
There were 2 hears of 4 cars each. We finished 4th. Before the feature it was decided to add some wedge to the car, reduce the stagger and lower the pan hard bar to allow the car to be less loose.

The feature was a bonus for us, a great opportunity to get to know the track. Last year we made 2 laps in the feature and pulled off because of the clutch issue. This year I was able to race the full 150 laps and complete 149.
Our best lap times were 2 tenths off the fastest. I couldn't go in deep, and I verified that by spinning out on lap 29 by going into turn three too hard. The car spun out, so I decided to nurse the car through the turns and not go in so deep. That meant I would lose one lap by lap 149.
They had a competition yellow every 50 laps to keep the race interesting. We got the lucky dog in the second 50 but got lapped on lap 142 in the final round.
Shelbie (8)  - Copy.jpg
Shelbie (8) - Copy.jpg (16.7KiB)Viewed 933 times
Still a good day for us considering, certainly a learning day.

Congrats to Cole Butcher for his win.

Looks like we will have double the cars for the next race and that will be a blessing no doubt.
#2---Scotia Speedworld 2021 - Copy.jpg
#2---Scotia Speedworld 2021 - Copy.jpg (48.47KiB)Viewed 985 times

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