50th Anniversary T-Shirts Available

I just finished getting a good design and decent price on t-shirts, celebrating our 50th year racing.
They are available from S to 4XL and children sizes.   Please let me know if you would like to order one, they are $25 plus shipping, unless you meet me somewhere or at a race before the season ends.
You can reach me by phone….905-928-8086 or by email garyelliottmotorsports@gmail,com
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Was This The Last Race At Kawartha Speedway?

Rumor and maybe facts say that Kawartha Speedway ran it’s last race on July 13th.
If so I must say it sure was a nice track to run.  I was fortunate to win a feature there in 2002 in the Coupe.
I will post anther picture soon of our 1250th night of racing.
The Friday night race is completed in Diary of a Season 2018, found on the Message Board on the left side menu.
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Mod at Kawartha Speedway Friday Night…Late Model Saturday at Flamboro Speedway

Double header this weekend for me, running the OSCAAR Modified on Friday at Kawartha Speedway and then race the Late Model at Flamboro Speedway on Saturday.  This could be the final race ever at Kawartha Speedway, sad really.  Hope all can make it to see this show.
Our team is tied for 6th in the OSCAAR series, quite a ways back from the leaders, and we’re 5th in points 12 points behind 3rd.
Hoping for a strong run in both cars.
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David Spun Out Twice In First Feature….Still Finishes 5th

The amazing run by David on Saturday night was deflated by rough driving by his peers.  David rarely ever hits anyone to gain a spot.  He will retaliate if you beat him up and say nothing about it, that sends him into combat mode.   However, after the first feature, where he was spun out twice, and climbed the back chute wall, and the second spin out while he was on the leaders bumper…..the issue was resolved when Billy Schwartzenberg apologized early after the first feature.   Once he did there was no more issues for David or our crew.  Most times things unintentional, but when the aggressive driver fails to make good of his mistake, the deal doesn’t die, but hangs around for the right opportune time to “pay back”.   David usually never pays back, but clearly, if you disrespect him on the track, know there’s is one coming unless you mend that busted fence.
Watching David race is exciting for me and the fans because they see a hard charger that races clean.  He deserves to be in a newer car to compete against the very best but the funds just are not there, in spite of that he does fantastic with this car.
Picture courtesy of Kevin Saloranta
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David Finishes 5th In Both Features….Should Have Had 2nd In The First

It was a tough night for many cars at Flamboro Speedway July 7th, including our car.  David was fast, but could not avoid bad luck, being spun out twice, including while running second.
David runs the car in front of him clean, always.  He deserves the same.    The full story report is on our Message Board……Diary of A Season 2018.  It is cokmpleted now.

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David Racing The Late Model Tonight…..July 7th At Flamboro Speedway

Losing 3 races so far this season to weather, mechanical issues with the Modified and no Mods coming to Full Throttle Motor Speedway has knocked out some races for  my schedule, and because of that, our 50th year hasn’t been anything like we hoped. Still lots of racing left to make some career high lights though.

I get tonight off, (not use to saying that)  but will be with David and our crew at Flamboro Speedway to support our Late Model in action.   David won the feature his first night out, but in the second feature a broken rear axle shaft took him out of competition, he finished the race but wounded.   We currently sit in 7th in the standings after my race finishing 7th and 8th in the features. *got to do better next time for me*…..races start at 6:30 tonight.

Next weekend I will run a double header, racing the Modified at Kawartha Speedway on July 13th then the Late Model at Flamboro on the 14th……hope to see you there.
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First 50th Anniversary Win…Sunset Speedway July 1st

We finally had a good night of racing, but I still messed it up being dumb after the first heat race……explanation will be on Diary of a Season 2018, race #5 later tonight.
We got our first win of the season in the second heat race, beating Gary McLean as well.   See the full story of the heats and feature win on the Message Board, then General Chat and Dairy of a Season 2018.
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Sunset Speedway July 1st…On Display June 30th….See You There

We had to Sunset Speedway Saturday morning to put our car on display in front of the main grand stands to promote the OSCAAR Modified show on July 1st.
Races start at 6PM so hopefully it won’t be as hot…stay hydrated this weekend.
PS……I’m glad it’s hot, not a fan of the cold and we don’t get a lot of hot days compared to cold…..Buttons will be with Suzette this Sunday in an air conditioned home.
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