Grindstone Back In 2020

Even though Grindstone is located in Ontario, they will be with me in 2020. Of course 5 of our 17 scheduled races are in Ontario in the fall, once the Maritime Pro Stock Tour schedule is complete. If there are postponed races with the MPST, I will stay with those and then head west to Ontario.
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Chrome Makes It Pop…….Like Always

Here’s a great side view of the car. The front part of the door and the fender is reserved for the Maritime Pro Stock Tour sponsors. I’m hoping to get a package from the series soon.
Pictures soon of our some of our equipment. PYE Chevrolet Buick GMC in Truro has been doing the painting for me.
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2020 Paint Scheme

Here is our 2020 Pro Late Model paint scheme, maybe one of our best ever. Special thanks to PPG for supplying the paint I wanted, PYE for a great paint job and Kirk Alexander of Finish Line Graphics. He worked with me until I was completely happy with the look…..oh, and I am.
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Tribute To Jeff Warnes

When God puts someone on your heart, always connect with them no matter how much you see them, there’s a reason.
Jeff Warnes battled cancer and was given no hope of a cure from the Doctors. But there is always hope from God. I talked to Jeff a few times, the last call was on January 22nd. I told him how much God loved him and that I loved him as well. Jeff asked me if I would put something on my car so he could race around with me and I said of course.
Jeff passed away on January 25th. I was heart broken, but glad that he wasn’t suffering anymore.
Jeff loved racing, helping both David and I at times He was also was a huge fan of the Hamilton Tiger Cats. His favortie player was #31 Sean Thomas Erlington.
Here is Jeff’s request. God bless Ron Warnes Jeff’s dad and all Jeff’s family and friends .
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“Color Me First”……Demo Win Fall of 1969 Acton Speedway

I was racing at Acton Speedway in 1969 in the Mini Stock class. One Sunday at the track they had a Demo Derby and I bought this 59′ Chev and painted it with my common name “Color Me First”. It was destroyed but I won $125 for being the last car running and we beat this one up pretty bad.
This was an inline six that would always start after it got hot and stalled. I rarely used a V8.
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My First Race Win…..A Demo Derby July 29th 1967 Flamboro Speedway

I loved going to stock car races when I was a kid. I had a few favorite drivers,
Terry Dickenson in the Hobby Class, Vic Parsons in the Late Model and most of all, Glen Schurr in the Super Modifieds. I would eventually take the #36 for my races cars after my hero Glen Schurr, although #9 was a thought because of my favorite hockey player Andy Bathgate who was #9 and so was Vic Parsons. I would use the number 9 twice in my career, in 1985 in the Hooby class when I painted my Coupe like Bill Elliotts, and in 2009 when I ran full time at both Delaware and Flamboro Speedway.
I used #9 on Friday nights, and of course #36 the rest of the season on my other car.
But about this picture.
Since I couldn’t race when I was 20 (no drivers license) I decided to try Demolition Derbys. I always enjoyed them. I was a bit rowdy at 20 and was determined not to sand bag. I hated to see guys stay out of the action until near the end. They would save their car and come in to clean up when everyone else was all but destroyed.
I had an impact on sandbagging by 1968 when I convinced promoters to give the win to the driver that put on the best show…..if 2 or 3 did and they were still bashing it out at the end, then give it to the last car running, not the driver with little damage who survived and won because he stayed out of the battle.
This 1955 Chev was bought for $50, it was rusted pretty bad. It had an inline six and ran quite well. I always used the name “Color Me First” on all my 20 demolition cars, winning 6 of the 20 shows I was in.
I literally beat this car to nothing and we got the win and $150. That was 2 weeks pay. The smile lasted for weeks.
I will post a few more Demo wins.
I will be posting a picture soon of my finished Pro Late Model for 2020.
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2020 Race Schedule

Here is our 2020 race schedule. Hopefully we don’t have any cancellations. Our schedule includes the full Maritime Pro Stock Tour and 5 races in Ontario. The only tentative race now is the Fall Velocity at Sunset Speedway in late September. The reason that says “pending” is because of any rain outs we have here and they use that date as a make up….hopefully not….I’ll be racing my 2019 Modified for the Wilson Family.
What’s not on our schedule is the many shows we will be doing this spring and summer.
I have 7 events already scheduled here, and will do shows in Ontario in the fall.
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1969 Cayuga Speedway Season #1

Here is a picture I recently received from 1969. This was my second car in 69′.
My first car got beat up pretty bad at Cayuga when it stalled on the back chute. I got of the car on the passenger side…”under green”. I was upset the yellow didn’t come out as cars were whizzing by. Finally it got hit, in the trunk where the engine is, and basically written off. I was really upset, and when I went to get my $5 for finishing last I complained quite loud to Bob Slack…”My car is a wrecked because the starter wouldn’t throw the caution”. Bob was so gracious and apologized. I calmed down but was heart broken because I wanted to race and my car was done. He looked at it and said “I’ll give you $25 for it”, that was equal to half a weeks wages, so I took and bought this car. My Dad welded the cage in it and we were back racing.
The car was sponsored by St Clair Do It Yourself in Toronto, at St. Clair and Runnymede.
Don Roth lettered the VW.
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