July 4th Brycon Construction 150…. Petty International Raceway

Getting excited for this big race July 4th. Haven’t raced 150 lapper in decades. That’s not counting a heat and maybe last chance.
Yes I am somewhat nervous. New car, never been moved yet, and never been on Petty International Raceway before.
I’m waiting for gaskets to come in to fix a fuel leak that started recently, I really need them by July 2nd to finish the car.
Looking forward to this race to promote my sport and my sponsors.
Thanks to Sue Chisholm for making this ad for me.
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Brycon Construction 150….Petty International Raceway

With borders finally opening in the Maritimes, race teams will get their first race of 2020 at Petty International Raceway on July 4th.
The Brycon Construction 150. It will be a 150 lap race for all Pro Stock Late Models from Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.
I hope to get out Friday night and practice there, so far there has been no opportunity to practice even moving the car, let alone racing it.
I hope to have an advertisement to post soon.
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Shirley……..1992 Galesburg Speedway

My daughter pictured here at Galesburg Speedway, in Michigan. This was my Championship car from 1989, and one David drove in 1990 and 1991.
Shirley had a busy season racing in 1992, with races that included trips to Michigan and a bunch at Flamboro Speedway.
Shirley did great her only season, racing 15 nights.
She would go down in Hobby/CVM history as the first full time female driver.
She would later race in 4 Powder Puff races winning all of them against other CVM women.
Her career was short but she made an impact both for herself and her children Gehrig and Lauren who held checkers in both Go Karts and Mini Stock. Shirley is married to Derrick Tiemersma, a very talented Super Late Model racer. She is now enjoying a busy but very successful career as a Service Manager.
So far Gary Elliott Motorsports has lost 6 races. Two at Petty Speedway, two at Scotia Speedworld, one at Riverside International Speedway and one in Ontario at Sunset Speedway with the Modifieds.
If we lose July, that will be the races at Oyster Bed Speedway and Riverside International Speedway, the IWK 250. They are hoping to get that race in maybe in August if it can’t be done for the scheduled time of July 18th. The biggest issue, besides large crowds is borders being closed, all the Maritime borders are remaining closed until the end of June. I will update any changes.
***Flamboro Speedway***
Flamboro Speedway will be having a race this coming Saturday with the Pro Late Models and CVM. Both classes have full fields registered. Gates open early, no fans, with races starting at 2pm. You can watch that race live on GFORCETV on YouTube.
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Pinecrest Speedway 1973 With Danny Shirtliff #39

There are a few types of accidents that are not good. Fire is the worst, a roll over can be just as scary, a blown engine taking you for the slide of death, and a stuck throttle. The roll over happens sometimes very slow, other times can be a few rolls (my worst 1973 had 4 flips at Speedway Park). I only had one fire and it was minor, caused by a blown inline six engine. I would never want to be in or see anyone inside a car on fire….never.
The stuck throttle? That’s another very serious deal all together. It’s usually unexpected, and a driver won’t know it until he lets off the gas deep into a turn. The results are usually physical injuries, possible concussion, broken wrist,a ton of damage, very costly Both roll overs and fires can be expensive but not as much as a head on into the cement at high speed.
Jamming on the brakes won’t overpower a stuck throttle, slow it down a little but not much. You don’t have time to shut off the ignition either, the distance from brake application and the wall isn’t very much, maybe 4 car lengths max. You react mostly by just holding on. Seeing the wall come at you that fast, especially if the car is travelling 100 mph takes your breath away. Even at 60 to 70 mph can be very bad is scary and can brake some bones, not to mention twisting a chassis and busting many front end parts.
I’ve had 7 different roll overs, 1 fire and 2 stuck throttles. I don’t like any of them but the stuck throttle tells you the next time you’re in the car “do you really want to go in that deep again”?
This picture was my first stuck throttle at Pinecrest. The car hit so hard it lifted the back off the ground 3 feet and drove the seat belt buckle (a round one back then) deep into my stomach. I got out of the car but was really sore almost sick to my stomach.
My good friend Danny Shirtliff #39 drove under me. I think he said “I’m glad that wasn’t me”.
Quite a good shot by the photographer and you can see Danny looking at me during this nightmare.
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Season On Hold Until The End of June….Here’s Some History 1981

I want so bad to promote my sponsors for 2020. Quaker State, Lincoln Electric, PPG, Permatex, Grind Stone, FMS, Brand Apparel, PYE Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Strictly Hydraulics. I will get a chance on June 5th for another I race to get some exposure. The Maritime Pro Stock Tour season has been cancelled until the end of June. Covid 19 is the culprit. As long as new cases keep coming up the season will continue to lose dates. Part of the problem is the borders between PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are currently close, so no travel, and if anyone tries to go from one border to the next they must quarantine for 14 days.
Businesses are slowly opening up but with borders closed and at least half the MPST field from PEI and New Brunswick, we won’t be able to race. z
Lets hope for no new cases in June and no more deaths in Nova Scotia. There have been no deaths in PEI or New Brunswick, and 90% of those in Nova Scotia are from the same nursing home. It’s really sad and once this is over the world needs to take strong measures to make sure our seniors and those with weak immune systems are looked after.
Here is a picture of my car from 1981. During hot laps the right rear axle shaft broke in the middle of turn 3. The wheel bounced over the wall…..as you can see I got it.
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Iracing Debut Wasn’t Too Bad

Just want to thank the Maritime Pro Stock Tour, Race Time Radio (Joe Sue Chisholm) and Tim Terry of Tim’s Corner Production for hosting the live Maritime Pro Stock Tour race Saturday May 16th on Iracing.
It was a fun race with 21 teams, 3500 viewers at various times.
Also want to thank my family, friends and fans for watching and supporting me on this. It was a great venue to have my sponsors promoted and for that I am very thankful.
I got confused for the start and missed my heat race and the start of the feature. The last time I raced on line, the cars were automatically put onto the grid.
But I finally made it to the race and proceeded to put on a wild flippin’ wreck lol. The graphics were so real that some friends thought I was in a real terrifying crash. They messaged me to see if I was okay. I want to thank them for the kind words, but me and the car are fine.
There will be another race hopefully in early June. I will post the info when it is available
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Iracing Maritime Pro Stock Tour….This Saturday

With our first few races cancelled, the Maritime Pro Stock Tour is hosting an Iracing event with all the current and previous members of the series. This race can be found on the MPST face book page, or on their web site.
The times and info is on this ad.
I want to be part of this to support my sponsors anyway I can.
I haven’t raced on line for 10 years. In the past 2 days I completed over 700 laps, crashed several times, but in Iracing, crashing is easy, just return to the pit and get a new car. I am still much slower than the experienced I Racers, but will practice more today and again Saturday to eventually find the proper line and be consistent. Hope you get to see it.
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