1970 MiniStock History

Preparing for Opening Day

Roller Painting<br />
Roller Painting
    In 1970 Nonie I got married on February 21st. She didn’t want to mess up racing…perfect…we still used Nonie’s dad and mom’s back yard for working on our car. I always painted the car with a roller. We used that on all our demo derby cars and it worked. We build another VW after the roll over’s from the year before. My dad said there were so many Volkswagons in Mr. Bow’s back yard that he was starting to get a German accent…..


Don Roth Does Lettering

Bo Bo The Clown<br />
Bo Bo The Clown
    Nonies uncle Bill was a clown and agreed to give us $50 to put his name on the car. No problem. That probably coverd the cost of the car and dad’s welding. Don Roth lettered my cars the first few years and did an excellent job. We went ot this paint scheme for 70 and 71.



Race Ready<br />
Race Ready
    Bob Slack was a great man and no matter what I would always support his track first.


Cayuga Road Course Race

Slicks<br />
    Cayuga had a special where they used part of the mini track, the pit entrances and the pits to host a road course event. I think it was put on by an outside promotion company. Anyway we did have the tires. I was towing with my 66 Dodge Monaco.


Cayuga Road Course…Caos at Every Turn

Caos<br />
    This picture just about sums up how the day went for most of us. I could hardly drive on the normal track without getting in trouble. This picture was in the newspaper and the caption read something like…”Where Are We Supposed To Go Next?


1970 Crew…Don Roth and Roger Lewis

Crew<br />
    Don Roth and my dad were the main reasons for me making so many shows in 1970. Roger Lewis also was a good friend and helped us every chance he got. I didn’t keep notes for stats like I did with the Hobby’s so I don’t have total nights run or races entered. In the Hobby’s I kept all those stats from day one.


1970 Crew…Don Roth and Roger Lewis

Pinecrest<br />
    This was the front page picture of the program at Pinecrest Speedway. Chris Bunting #0 was a very tough competitor and so was Doug Suton #47. But you don’t have to be a scientist to see that the Mini had one inch ground clearance and we had about 6 inches. The Mini Cooper was outlawed but the Austin Mini was just as hard to beat.