Final Race of 2016…..Grisdale Triple Crown….9th…Racing With My Good Friend #11 Dave Osborne

We ran our final race on October 29th at Flamboro Speedway, the Grisdale Triple Crown. The format was three 50 lap feature. The competition was intense and we were definitely outgunned, but we got a 9th place finish of the 20 cars that were in the race.
The full story is on Diary of a Season 2016.
We have already started the rebuild, namely our trailer being first up, replacing the damaged roof vents and wore out winch. There are a few more things to replace and then we start on the Late Model, the car that will need the biggest improvement. The Mod does as well, but our focus on power and handling will be on the Late Model.
Thanks to Ashley McCubbin.
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Grisdale Triple Crown…Oct 29th…Triple 50’s For Pro Late Models

This Saturday we complete our 2016 season with our 24th race, the Grisdale Triple Crown at Flamboro Speedway. The format is three 50 lap features. $5000 to win.
Our car was on display Friday the 28th at Grisdale’s for their Grand Opening of their new Hino store.
Looks like no rain tomorrow, so bundle up and come out and watch.
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We Finish 4th In OSCAAR Modified Point Standings

The OSCAAR Modified 2016 race season is in the books and we finished 4th, after our podium finish at Flamboro on October 15th.
Congrats to Gary McLean and his team for winning the OSCAAR Mod title, their 5th in a row.
The full story is on our Message Board. Click on General Chat and then on Diary of a Season 2016 to get the full story of every race this year.
Also, thanks to Mike Larkin Computers, who looks after the behind the scene issues with my site, Mike fixed Diary of a Season 2012 to 2007. We lost all the race updates, but Mike was able to find them and get them reposted….good job Mike.
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Octoberfest Oct 15th……We’re Racing The Modified….Looking To Win

Because of the weather forecast showing rain for Sunday, Flamboro Speedway owner John Casale has decided to run Saturday only. I think it’s a great idea, although there is a casualty, the Pro Late Models won’t be racing the Grisdale Triple Crown this weekend, not enough time. By eliminating the Late Model class, Flamboro will be able to complete the races for all the other classes. including OSCAAR’s crowning of a Champion for the first ever Chase………… It is rumored there may be a Pro Late 150 lap race later in the month, comprised of three 50 lap races, if that happens I will post it here. It will most likely be the Grisdale Triple Crown, but we’ll see.
We are going to do our best to win on Saturday and repeat our first ever OSCAAR feature win from August 6th….hope to see all our fans there…..picture supplied by Ashley McCubbin…..thanks for visiting our site.

That Won’t Work……Spun Out Running 2nd At ACC

Hoping for better results this weekend at Flamboro Speedway’s Octoberfest Classic. It would be so good to win another feature in 2016, in either class, although our Late Model isn’t equipped as much to take a win with the competition we run against, but we will try our best. The Modified has already won a feature and we hope to win our 40th career feature Sunday…..if the rain holds off.
I will have the full race complete today on Diary of a Season 2016.
Ashley McCubbin photo
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We Don’t Make The Chase…But We’ll Be At Flamboro Speedway’s Octoberfest Classic With Both Our Late Model and Modified

The hype and prep for this exciting race was a let down for our team. We tried our best to get in the Chase but missed by 2 positions on the track, finishing 8th in the race and the 4th car of 7 eligible cars. AJ Emms, John Harper and Gary McLean all finished ahead of us.
The full story is on our Message Board under Diary of a Season 2016.
Special thanks to my crew, Jim, Louie, Randall and Tim Tolton who helped me both days I was crewless.
Also thanks to Doug Hanchard and Chuck Marsh for their help and Brandon for welding my fuel cell bracket.
This weekend is our final race of 2016, the Octoberfest Classic at Flamboro Speedway.
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Autumn Colors This Week End…….Oktoberfest Rescheduled For October 15-16

Unfortunately Flamboro Speedway was rained out for this weekends annual Oktoberfest, however it has been rescheduled for October 15th and 16th.
This coming weekend is the Autumn Colors Classic, a three day event, Friday Saturday and Sunday. Qualifying for us will start Friday night with one Modified heat, then another on Saturday. This race will be crazy exciting as 4 of the 7 cars for the Chase will be eliminated. This tight fast oval brings enough excitement as it is, but the elimination round will add to it significantly. The feature goes Sunday a 50 lapper. There are lots of classes running for the fall classic, this is a good one to see, but don’t wait too long Sunday to go, it will be packed……and an early happy Thanksgiving to everyone. God is good.
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Up Next……….Flamboro Speedway Octoberfest Classic October 1st & 2nd OSCAAR Modified Elimination…….Late Model Triple 50’s

This weekend will close the season on stock car racing at Flamboro Speedway. It’s the annual Octoberfest Classic. featuring many classes including OSCAAR Modifieds and Late Models. There are 7 cars in the OSCAAR Mod Chase and 4 will be eliminated in the 50 lap feature. Our goal is to win the feature, but at least finish in the top 3 of the eligible cars.
There will also be a Triple 50 format with the Pro Late Models on Sunday and our plan is to be in that race as well. Our car got beat up pretty bad last weekend but should be okay mechanically to qualify for the show.
The weatherman is calling for rain for this weekend, actually from Thursday till next Monday, but things can change and we hope they do.
Special thanks to all my crew and sponsors for what they do, I couldn’t do it without them…..thanks for visiting our site.