OSCAAR Modified Opener Busy But Good

We finally got to race in 2018. The full story is on Diary Of A Season 2018. I appreciate so much my crew for all their hard work, it wasn’t an easy time. We were blessed by not getting wrecked in the second heat. This picture is Ashley McCubbin’s shot. Our car was smoking and competitor Dan Price offered us an engine and I took him up on it. We removed the engine Sunday and installed Dan’s Monday morning.
Special thanks to all my crew and Dan, as well as Duane Cinnamon who apologized for taking us into the wall on the green for the second heat. We survived, but I was anxious at times….lesson learned.
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Flamboro Speedway……David Wins First Pro Late Model Feature of 2018

What a night for Gary Elliott Motorsports. After a final check over of the car this past week we were ready to start the 2018 season. My first two race nights were canceled due to weather, giving David the May 12th season opener at Flamboro Speedway.
JR Fitzpatrick was very strong but David stayed close to him all race. During a restart with 8 laps to go David restarted outside and stuck to JR through turns 1 and 2. Something happened to JR’s car and David got the lead, winning by four car lengths. It was an amazing win and was also David’s second feature win in a row at Flamboro, he won the final Pro Late Model feature in 2016……he has set the bar high for me. I start in the OSCAAR Modified series at Sunset Speedway this coming weekend. The next Pro Late Model race is June 9th and I will get behind the wheel…..the full story of this race will be on Diary of A Season 2018 soon…..thanks to Derek Smith of Race Pulse Photography and thank you for visiting our site.

2018 Schedule

Here is our 2018 schedule. David and I will split the racing at Flamboro Speedway in the Pro Late Model. He will race 5 and I was to race 6. However, the terrible snow storm in late April and heavy racing in early May took out two of my nights….April 28th and May 5th. I still have 4 Late Model races to compete in.
I will also compete in the OSCAAR Modifieds, and Full Throttle Motor Speedway’s All Pro Modifieds, giving me a total of 26.
David gets to start the season in our Late Model at Flamboro Speedway on May 12th.
There are no Maritime Pro Stock Tour races this year, but I hope to get back home in 2019 with a good Late Model. Hope to see you at the races this year.
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Pro Late Model Ready…Race Night Cancelled But Practice Session Good

In the off season I bought David’s Pro Late Model that had been sitting since October of 2016. My crew and David’s did a lot of work on the car for 2018. This is David’s Championship car from 2014 and 2015, he also finished 2nd in points in 2016, losing but 2 points. My Late Model has been restored but will be used as a Ride A Long car for promotions with businesses as well as show and other events. It’s been equipped with a passenger seat and looks just this Pro Late Model.
We headed to Flamboro Speedway on May 5th for practice after hearing Friday night the races had been cancelled due to the terrible condition of the fan parking area….too saturated with water. The second week in a row races had been cancelled.
David and I are splitting the Pro Late Model race series this year at Flamboro Speedway. It was to be 6 races for me and 5 for David, but now with the 2 losses, it will be 5 for David and 4 for me. I did book 28 race nights for 2018, my 50th season, hopefully I don’t lose any more.
The Modified will race 15 times with OSCAAR and 7 times at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. It’s been a tough year for promoters with no sun or warm air, not to mention the crazy snow storm we had a few weeks ago.
Our practice session went well. David took the car out for the first set. After just 4 laps, and not being in a car for 18 months, he was pushing and it looked very good, I got to take it out for our final session and did pretty good by the final few laps, turning faster lap times than I did in the past few years with my Late Model.
May 12th will be the season opener for Flamboro Speedway, and the Late Models, and David will start the season for us….it’s his turn. I start in the Mod on the long weekend at Sunset Speedway.
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50th Anniversary Paint Scheme…..OSCAAR Modified Ready To Go…..

Our Modified is finally ready to go, just a few small tweaks. I went to a gold theme, with gold wheels to celebrate our Golden Anniversary of Stock Car racing.
My crew worked hard to get the car ready, and awesome work by Steve Lyons and the staff of Creative Edge to put together a great looking paint scheme.
Weather depending we will attempt practice on Saturday April 28th, but weather has been the main story this spring for certain. If we can’t get on the track now, we will before our season opener for OCSAAR Modifieds on May 19th weekend.
Special thanks to Louie, Stephen, Hayden, Brian, Randall along with David and his crew Eddie and John for helping get our cars ready……the Late Model is painted and goes for lettering on Monday. I will post that picture at the end of next week. Our LM starts next Saturday May 5th…….thanks for visiting our site.

Late Model Getting Prepared….Lots To Do…Time Is Closing In

Our Late Model is still a long way from being ready. David, Eddie and Jim have repaired the front bumper, fixed the exhaust and will be installing the body soon…..going to be close for the season opener if it happens. This snow and ice storm has put everyone back track wise….once completed the car goes to Steve Lyons crew at Creative Edge for lettering…..thanks for visiting our site.

Happy Easter to my Family, Friends and Fans…He is Risen!!!

What a great day this is for the Christian faith, but for the entire world. Jesus gave His life for us, cleansing us from the stain of sin with His blood…..John 2:19 Jesus said ” destroy this temple and I will raise it again in 3 days”. The Pharisees reminded Him that it took 46 years to build the temple “and you’re going to raise it in 3 days”?
Later after His death, his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and a man (an Angel) asked “who is it you seek”. The angel replied “He is not hear, He is risen like He said” Mathew 28:6……Happy Easter to everyone…..more posts on our progress will be on here this coming week….thanks for visiting our site.

Modified Ready For Lettering Graphics at Creative Eddge

The past 2 weekends we got a lot done on Modified. The engine was install last week, then some final parts put on during the week like the rad, fan, plugs, wires, carb etc. No headers yet or side bars because of ease for Steve Lyons and his boys to create a master piece for our 50th season.
We have made good progress on my Late Model so far. I will be posting on it very soon.
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