Glen Schurr’s HistoryGlen SchurrGlen Schurr’s History

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Super Modified Feature Win
Super Modified Feature Win
Glen Schurr A Hero And Inspiration
    My parents took my sister Bev and I to stock car races when I was 5 years old. The first time I set my eyes on those noisy cars I was hooked. During the early years I had many favorite drivers, no one in particular. Ted Hogan #7 was as popular as any NHL hockey player. Most fans cheered for him. I felt the same as the majority and quite often painted my bike with #7 on it. In my early teens, we would go to the CNE and watch the Super Modifieds and Hobby cars. My cousin Larry always cheered for #110 Jack Greedy, my friend Stewart was a Tammy 10, Harv Lennox fan and I cheered for #36 Glen Schurr. One night, neither Larry or Stewart could go to the races, so I hopped on a street car and headed to the Ex by myself. Even though I sat alone in the grandstands I was among friends of stock car racing, about 10,000 of them. This would be a night to remember for ever, one I would talk about for years. Have you ever been at an exciting event and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it? Back then there were no cell phones so I had to wait until I got home to phone my cousin and friend. Street cars were so slow and stopped every 100 feet, plus they couldn’t get out and pass anyone if traffic was slow. Why was I in such a hurry to phone them? Because on this night my hero won the hat trick, his heat, semi and feature. There was no doubt after that experience, who my favorite driver was. In 1969 I started racing Mini Stocks. A friend asked what number I was going to be. I said “36, for sure”. We started racing Hobby cars in 1972 and on the hood of the car was “36 for Schurr”. In 1978 Mary Schurr gave me a memorial trophy thanking me for putting her husbands name on my car. In 1989 we won our first ever Hobby Championship and got a beautiful letter and trophy from Rick Schurr on behalf of their family. Glen won the Super Modified Championship in 1966 at Flamboro Speedway. A few years ago Glen’s grandson, Steve Wilkins, came to the track when I was running Hobbies and asked if I was the driver who ran his grandfathers number and name on the hood of my car, I proudly showed him. Steve came again and didn’t realize we moved to Late Models. The question was the same “do you still have “36 for Schurr” on the hood of your race car, and again I showed him the hood. Every racer needs to know how important fans are, and the impact they may have on many individuals. Because of Glen Schurr’s attitude, how he raced and the effect he had on me, was a direct result in me having so much passion for this sport. Over the years it’s taken a long time to get to Champion status, we’ve tasted that joy, but never lost site of the fun and many great memories trying to be a Champion. Perhaps the most important aspect of this journey has been the people we’ve met and the relationships we’ve developed. Glen’s son Rick will again drive our Vintage Modified, I am honored to have him part of our team. I thank God for allowing me to race and for the many blessings He’s given over the past six decades. We will start our 44th season of Stock Car racing in 2012. There are many who’ve encouraged, and kept my racing going over the years, including the dedication from my wife Nonie, and children David and Shirley. Our 39 year, relationship with Quaker State, many good friends and crew members. But, is there one person I would say was inspirational in me getting into this sport? ….yes!….36 for sure….Glen Schurr!

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