Late Model Ready For Practice Day2019Late Model Ready For Practice Day

We completed the Late Model on Monday of this week. Troy came early Monday morning to get the basis done. The car was put on stands, with scales. The stands allow the car to be moved back and forth. They are about 18″ off the ground leaving lots of room under the car to do the nut and bolt check and all the levels, trailing arm and center link angles.
The car was raised enough to put string under the tires and magnetic brackets, that look like rulers on the chassis. This allowed us an imperfect but very accurate way to measure ride height. The best way is with “laser beam lighting”, but we don’t have that system. The key is to use the same system all the time for consistency. So, even if it’s not the most accurate, it is consistent. Cars will tell you how they feel depending how fast it enters the corners. Then adjustments are made to allow the car to turn better with adjustments to counter a push or loose feeling.
Once on the scales we were able to see where we were ride height wise and the scales told us our weight distribution. The time consuming process is adjusting the shocks to get the proper cross weight distribution.
When we started our #’s were this:
These #’s were way out so we made the adjustments, by turning the shock adjusters to end up with
The car needs a good cleaning, the timing set and it’s ready for practice.
Now we zero in on the Modified.
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