2019 OSCAAR Modified Paint Scheme20192019 OSCAAR Modified Paint Scheme

When I picked up my Mod last year from Creative Edge, Steve and I went into his office to look at some colors for 2019. I picked out a brilliant green.
The 2018 season was good to us, graphic scheme wise, winning Best Appearing Car in both the Late Model and OSCAAR Modified.
I have always painted my cars different, year to year, sometimes not even close to the year before. Our 2019 Late Model paint scheme was totally different than any in the past 8 years, 2010 being the closet to this year. Most people thought I would do the Modified the same as the Late Model, like I did last year. But last years scheme was to celebrate 50 years racing. Our show car will still carry that scheme.
On my way to drop the Modified off I really didn’t want it the same as the Late Model. I wanted something to jump out, because it’s a Modified and I just love the Troyer.
When I arrived at Creative Edge Steve said to me “we doing this the same as the Late Model”? I said “no I want it green and do something wild with it”. So he did and here it is.
When I first saw it I loved what they did. Pictures do not do justice to the look of this car, it has to be seen in person.
The jury may be out on whether this is the best looking car I have ever had, as my son has already stated but for me, it ranks in the top 3 for sure, and maybe it is the best looking race car I have had since 1969.
Family, crew, friends, fans and competitors will let me know.
Hope my web site followers like it 🙂
More up dates on Diary of a Season 2019 soon.
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