Tribute To Jeff Warnes2020Tribute To Jeff Warnes

When God puts someone on your heart, always connect with them no matter how much you see them, there’s a reason.
Jeff Warnes battled cancer and was given no hope of a cure from the Doctors. But there is always hope from God. I talked to Jeff a few times, the last call was on January 22nd. I told him how much God loved him and that I loved him as well. Jeff asked me if I would put something on my car so he could race around with me and I said of course.
Jeff passed away on January 25th. I was heart broken, but glad that he wasn’t suffering anymore.
Jeff loved racing, helping both David and I at times He was also was a huge fan of the Hamilton Tiger Cats. His favortie player was #31 Sean Thomas Erlington.
Here is Jeff’s request. God bless Ron Warnes Jeff’s dad and all Jeff’s family and friends .
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