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Our Late Model has been undergoing some minor repairs, nothing very serious in 2014 that meant we needed a major over haul. We could use an updated car, perhaps one of the newer Late Models, but that isn’t in the budget so we will make the Late Model I’ve had since I started, get the job done in 2015.
Ron Easton, o/o of Oakville Trailers is dong the body work and will have the car painted by mid April, then it comes home for pre practice prep.
The only parts we will need are shocks and springs, and valve springs for the engine.
Once the pre practice work is done, we will send the car to Steve Lyons of Creative Edge for lettering. The Modified will go first.
Though a little later than normal for having my cars race ready, we are still in good shape to be ready for practice day.
I will be posting our 2015 schedule soon and it’s going to be a busy season.
We are at 721 consecutive nights, and my goal is 800 in a row before I retire, so putting a bunch in this year wil let me reduce the number of races over the next 3 years. I do understand that I can’t do this without help, and without the grace of God to give me good health, a good crew and the continued support from my sponsors. I have been blessed and I am truly thankful for all I have been given. I love this sport, and all the people in it.

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