Buttons Always Wants To Be With Me2020Buttons Always Wants To Be With Me

Buttons and I have been together pretty well since 2013. We got her in 2009. She was a family pet until someone brought us 2 Chinese Crested dogs. They were suppose to be with us only a few weeks but they ended up staying permanently. What once was Buttons domain were now controlled by 2 rescue dogs, soon Buttons felt left out.
One day I was backing out of the driveway and she was looking out the window. My heart broke and I went in, brought out with me to go to town and we’ve been partners ever since.
Buttons has been such a great companion. The only time she was not with me was when I played darts one night a week. So we were together, and still are, 163 of 168 hours a week, although the past few months we are together 24/7 like most times. When I left the darts I couldn’t wait to get her and she got so excited.
She makes me laugh and cry and I thank God so much for her.
I will be posting soon an update on my new pit crew in Nova Scotia.
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