Shirley……..1992 Galesburg Speedway2020Shirley……..1992 Galesburg Speedway

My daughter pictured here at Galesburg Speedway, in Michigan. This was my Championship car from 1989, and one David drove in 1990 and 1991.
Shirley had a busy season racing in 1992, with races that included trips to Michigan and a bunch at Flamboro Speedway.
Shirley did great her only season, racing 15 nights.
She would go down in Hobby/CVM history as the first full time female driver.
She would later race in 4 Powder Puff races winning all of them against other CVM women.
Her career was short but she made an impact both for herself and her children Gehrig and Lauren who held checkers in both Go Karts and Mini Stock. Shirley is married to Derrick Tiemersma, a very talented Super Late Model racer. She is now enjoying a busy but very successful career as a Service Manager.
So far Gary Elliott Motorsports has lost 6 races. Two at Petty Speedway, two at Scotia Speedworld, one at Riverside International Speedway and one in Ontario at Sunset Speedway with the Modifieds.
If we lose July, that will be the races at Oyster Bed Speedway and Riverside International Speedway, the IWK 250. They are hoping to get that race in maybe in August if it can’t be done for the scheduled time of July 18th. The biggest issue, besides large crowds is borders being closed, all the Maritime borders are remaining closed until the end of June. I will update any changes.
***Flamboro Speedway***
Flamboro Speedway will be having a race this coming Saturday with the Pro Late Models and CVM. Both classes have full fields registered. Gates open early, no fans, with races starting at 2pm. You can watch that race live on GFORCETV on YouTube.
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